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  1. Inquiries can be sent to me, Cleetus Walker, at #437-8182 Modern and costumized interior Built out garage which can hold up to two extra cars or multiple bikes Starting bid: 1,500,000$ Minimum price increase: 100,000$ Interior pictures: Exterior picture:
  2. I've had quite a few incidents were cars were broken and wouldn't start without a mechanic showing up and when doing /mechanic it says there are 7 mechanics on duty yet they probably aren't trained because they do not respond. I would think that adding a repair kit to the stores or a scripted place somewhere in the mechanic shops where you can buy these so that, they do not lose the revenue they would get from going out and doing the job themselves.
  3. Hello, I am selling a Maxed out Jester with 2/2 turbo and a custom license plate: "Dippin" Contact: #4378182 - Cleetus Walker
  4. Selling a 1G Appartement in Strawberry. Has extra storage places.
  5. I am [Selling] 2x 1G appartements in Chamberlain Hills. Willing to take offers. Contact: #4378182 or at Robbeaxe#[email protected]
  6. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    See myself corrected then. But, I have said all I had to say about my part and will not be responding as long as it is required of me.
  7. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    Just to clarify, I just re read the report and was PM'ed by the reporter. The radio was on the belt, which still, I was comming from the right with a more then clear view on the driver when he ICly would've reached for his radio there. I said Chest because from more then enough IRL sources, the radio they use to communicate, police that is, have their radios on ther chest on the left side and or plainly on their shoulder.
  8. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    Also, seeing as I am support staff, should this report go to the senior+'s?
  9. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    Hello, this is Robbeaxe here. I knew the panic button was placed because I do believe that when I am in a clear view, which I was, of the driver when approaching the car like that, can see his /ame, which I think is the point of the emote, it's not something that pops up in chat but above there head and from my perspective I would have been able to see the cop reach for his vest, radio and click this. I was approaching the cop from the right side of the vehicle when I already saw him sitting in the drivers seat and would I think logically see him go for his vest and press this button as I was also able to see the /ame which happens when cops press the button, hence why I was able to see he pressed the button.
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