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  1. Account name: Robbeaxe Character name(s): Jack Waters Admin who issued punishment: RedHot Date of punishment:8/10/19 Punishment received: Metagaming #1 Reason given for punishment: The reason I was given this punishement was due to me seeing the /ame of a cop pushing his panic button when I ran upto his car when he was stationed behind another cop in a traffic stop with their lights on. Your explanation of what happened: What happened was that ICly Roberto Sanchez was being pulled over by a cop, he called in for back-up and a cruiser arrived. Due to Roberto having a heavy on his back, we were stalling him getting out of the vehicle until we were able to get close enough to the cruiser without making them think we'd be moving in on them. I made my way towards one of the other Triads and waited until Roberto got out of the car, the moment he got out of the car, I started running towards the cop, about halfway there I saw the /ame reaches for his radio and presses his panic button. Now in roleplay sense, I would be able to see him reach down towards his belt, if that is where ICly his radio was stationed at. Which, in a mind of a criminal which has seen panic buttons seen pressed before, would rightfully think so that this was the case. From my perspective I was able to see directly over the window as I approached and saw the emote, by the time I had reached even closer to the cruiser, I'd have been able to, ICly see the cop either press or reach his hand back up to the steering wheel, since he never emoted having his arms anywhere else, they'd be both on his steering wheel. Then, another triad and I pulled out our guns once close enough and told him to get out when the others had the other cop under gunshot, I and the other Triad told him to get out of the car but I also called out that he had indeed pressed his panic button. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I feel that from an RP perspective I was able to see him reach, if not press his panic button, because if they press ctrl+P, they don't instantly press their panic button Icly as they'd do so as stated in the emote, reach for it, then press it, so I do not think it would have been metagaming of me to then take this into account in my roleplay as I had a clear view of the driver in the driver seat as his window was rolled down. Post any evidence or further details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=7HgmbcFp2WU Here is the cops perspective
  2. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    See myself corrected then. But, I have said all I had to say about my part and will not be responding as long as it is required of me.
  3. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    Just to clarify, I just re read the report and was PM'ed by the reporter. The radio was on the belt, which still, I was comming from the right with a more then clear view on the driver when he ICly would've reached for his radio there. I said Chest because from more then enough IRL sources, the radio they use to communicate, police that is, have their radios on ther chest on the left side and or plainly on their shoulder.
  4. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    Also, seeing as I am support staff, should this report go to the senior+'s?
  5. Robbeaxe

    ID 9,DM

    Hello, this is Robbeaxe here. I knew the panic button was placed because I do believe that when I am in a clear view, which I was, of the driver when approaching the car like that, can see his /ame, which I think is the point of the emote, it's not something that pops up in chat but above there head and from my perspective I would have been able to see the cop reach for his vest, radio and click this. I was approaching the cop from the right side of the vehicle when I already saw him sitting in the drivers seat and would I think logically see him go for his vest and press this button as I was also able to see the /ame which happens when cops press the button, hence why I was able to see he pressed the button.
  6. Plus I am quite sure that'd be highly unlikely as ICly, it would be their store and I'd not think that anyone would just let someone rob their own store. Part of any criminal gang or not, that'd not be good RP -IF- it were to happen which I think quite unlikely in my own opinion.
  7. The arms deal. The three brothers, Punani, Panini and Ponani had aquired themselves some "Fat stacks." As they do say so in the street. With these "Fat stacks" the brothers decided it was time to.. Expand their defensive operation, going to their very good friends the Triads more specifically, Lin Fang. Contacting him for a rather large order. Which ofcourse, they were able to fill accordingly. The make-over. After their arms deal, the brothers found it time to.. Rebrand themselves in some sort of sense, heading to the most nearest Suburban store and got themselves a bit more of a serious outfit all together.
  8. The clothes & the party. Punani and Panini both had had a few run ins with the police now and thought it would be best to set up in some new gear. They made it to the closest Suburban clothing store and quickly get themselves some new "drip" as they had been hearing others call it out in the city. After they were properly clothed once more they decided to make it back to the store where the Triads where having a small party it seemed. And the brothers were eager to join in. The hospital & the job. With every party there are a few accidents that can happen. This ofcourse happened to Panini as he had tripped over a bottle and found himself in a puddle of Punani's own making.. A fire pit. The medics quickly rushed the brother to the nearest hospital where Punani was waiting on his brother eagerly! At night though when the brothers returned it seemed like the two cleaners the Triads had hired had stolen some things from the store. This ofcourse left their Asian friends angry and Punani and Panini where there to guard the door fearsomely.
  9. Loved the Triads from when they were started and still do! Only have had good experiences with them and I hope that we can have many more together!.. Wait.. Thats sounds odd.. AAAH
  10. The robbery The Patels were minding their own business, waiting for a mechanic to arrive to pick up Panini's car when it had mysteriously caught fire. Though after having looked away for one moment two LC's had stolen the car and had driven away with it. The brothers.. And sister, saw this happen and went to chase, though luckily they were able to catch the wrong do-ers and get them down on their knees, taking their valuebles before cops came and gave chase to the brothers and sister, sadly capturing three brothers and the sister. The setup After the three remaining brothers had escaped they had asked their friends the Triads to pick them up which brought them back to the place where they work at. After Punani had regained a weapon from their friends he asked if the Patels could help their friends which at the time where hunting the LC's. Seeing as how matters where the three brothers joined them in their hunt and in the end where able to join a set up arranged by Lu Wong to rob and knock him out.
  11. The deal. The Patels, now having found themselves on good terms with the Zetas, now saw a need to get themselves a bit more armed for if any of their friends' enemies would come after them. First they went to the Zetas to get themselves an AK and afterwards were summoned by the Triads for some talks about a job oppertunity. The job. After the meeting was done the Patels were now able to find themselves always welcome at the "WongDynasty" store, owned by Brian Koi and hangout spot for the Triads, as now, they were the cashiers and care-takers of the store. The Patels saw this as a good chance to once more get a bit more armed up, buying another gun. After the job. After the job the Patels had found themselves looking for a bit more money as they hit up another Drug lab, after this retireing back home. Though not before showing off their new toys to their sister whom joined in on the fun.
  12. Date and time (provide timezone): 8:17 AM 5/08/2019 (UTC +2) Character name: Emilia Consuela, Olga Ivanov, Cleetus Sanchez, Leroy Blackson, Punani Patel, Jack Waters, Robberto Appleworth. Issue/bug you are reporting: I can log into Eclipse RP yet when I press on play on any of the above characters I get the message "Your application has been received and is awaiting administrator approval!" Even though I have no problem with logging in and when I check my panel there is no Admin punnishement or anything placed which would be odd because this happened during the time the served had been down for maintenence. Expected behavior: Usually when I press play I immediatly load into the game which is now not working for some odd reason. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://gyazo.com/f8b319cbc516a26856e372e00290c4c4
  13. The Meetup. After having met up with the leader of the Rooks the Three brothers left with a satisfied feeling of being able to sleep a bit more safer at night knowing that there was no bad blood nor any soon to come bad blood between the Rooks and the Poppa-Ding-Ding's for which they were quite grateful. The bust. After quite a good day there had to be a fall and quite the fall it was. The boys had quickly stopped over for a mental break near LosZantos247 as a Detective had heard them speaking amongst eachother. Punani being Wanted had brought the Detective to think. "Hm, Indian man, we have an Indian man that is wanted" And called over S.W.A.T. Who overwhelmed the brothers by ramming into both front and back of their vehicle, taking down Punani and sending him towards Jail for a good while, leaving his brothers standing powerless against the S.W.A.T. Operatives.
  14. After cruising the town for a few minutes with their sister now having arrived into town they let her take a spin in the family heirloom car. Although this didn't go as planned as she not too soon after got pulled over for taking an illegal U-turn and driving without a license.
  15. Poppa-Ding-Ding's is a want to be Indian restaurant chain started by two twin brothers, Panini Patel and Punani Patel. The dream of this restaurant has gone far and wide as many other members of the Patel family have joined the two twins to take over Americas culinary culture. With this also came dreams of becoming American King Pins. As many days have passed since the brothers have arrived, more and more Patels have come to the city in hopes of being able to sell their "Curry" which would either be their lovely dishes or the hard synthetic drugs that the boys and girls of Poppa-Ding-Ding's love to create inside of their special kitchens. The main goal of the Poppa-Ding-Ding's is to purchase their first restaurant to then use for importing and exporting drugs. Panini, Punani, Ponani and Pusi all came from the poor area in India called Dadra and Nagar Haveli. There was a poverty percentage of 39.31% And thus they mustered all of the money they had and worked as hard as they could to get two tickets to the U.S.A for Punani And Panini. They decided to come to the beautiful city of Los Santos. Here they became Curry cooks in a run down Indian restaurant which soon after they started working there got shut down. Now on the street with only curry recipes and their will to make their own family run restaurant they went down to the street to get money by any means to realize their dream. Soon after they had mustered enough money to get two extra tickets for Ponani And Pusi to come over to Los Santos to join them realize their dream. Though Punani And Panini had discovered the true gold of the city which was "curry" though not any Curry. Hard. Drugs. The two brothers had found thier way to fund their restaurant, cooking and selling drugs. And there was no way of stopping them now with even more of their relatives coming to Los Santos. Like Panini, Popadom, Punjabi, Param and many more to come to help them in the art of cooking, importing and exporting curries of all kind. The goals of Poppa-Ding-Ding's is the manufacturing, importing and exporting of any existing form of syntethic "Curry" they can make and to grow their family and to have a good standing with it's existing gangs that are currently running the city. The current status of Poppa-Ding-Ding's is that they are currently finding their place in the city. Trying to find new allies and gangs to be neutral with whilst making sure to stay away from those that their newfound allies are currently on bad terms with. The members of Poppa-Ding-Ding are also currently looking for a new living situation and somewhere where they can safely stash and protect all of their good curry and their valuables that they have smuggled over from their home in India though they aren't many. They are also attempting to get themselves sorted money wise for any up-comming payments for houses and/or weapons they might need during their house search. What the members of Poppa-Ding-Ding also need is a set place on where they will make their famous curry kitchen which they hope to open sometime soon in the future. Curry Master: The curry masters are currently Panini and Punani. The curry master rank means that they are the leaders of Poppa-Ding-Ding. The Curry Masters are the ones who understand the true meaning of spice and heat when it comes to the recipes of curry and thus carry unknown information and skills used in their sacred curry recipes and thus are the best of the best the Poppa-Ding-Ding's have to offer. Spice Master: The spice masters are currently Ponani and Pusi. They are the underbosses of Poppa-Ding-Ding. The Spice Masters are quite good when it comes to mastering the spice and heat from the curries they make. Being able to follow close-by the Curry Masters steps when it comes to cooking techniques and taste of the curries they make. Spice Guardian: The spice guardians are the Officers Poppa-Ding-Ding. The Spice Gaurdians are there to protect all the spices under and above them. They also are tasked with finding new useful Young Spice's. Making sure that the Young Spices added to the ranks of Poppa-Ding-Ding are just correct and not too much. They must select the Young Spices with upmost care and thus are a valueble asset to the Poppa-Ding-Ding group. Spice Vanguard: The Spice Vanguards are the top tier foot soldiers of Poppa-Ding-Ding. The Spice Vanguard. What can I say? They are the most trusted foot soldiers of Poppa-Ding-Ding and get the respect they deserve from it from the higher-ups. These men and women have fought and defended the curry mulitple times and have shown great interest in becoming the best of the best when it comes to curry cooks. These people are what Poppa-Ding-Ding strives to have working for them. Prime Spice: The Prime spices are the more advanced soldiers in Poppa-Ding-Ding, just one below Spice Vanguard. The Prime spices, The perfect form of spice. They are well trained and aged spices that are carefully taught as to slowly make the perfect curries as the Curry Masters have shown them and taught them in old days. These members are most trusted already and have a good chance of making it quite high within the ranks of Poppa-Ding-Ding. Aged Spice: The Aged Spices are the now trusted newcomers to the Poppa-Ding-Ding restaurant family. Aged spices of the Poppa-Ding-Ding restaurant family are the former, now well aged and trained, Young spices. They are tasked with making sure that all of Young Spices and curries that we have set upon the streets of Los Santos stay safe and that everything remains peaceful on our part of town, only acting in violence when disrespect has been brought towards our family or out of their defense. Young Spice: The Young Spices are the newcomers to the Poppa-Ding-Ding Restaurant family. The Young Spices of Poppa-Ding-Ding are new people that have just joined this curry family and are very carefully selected by our team of Spice grinders and Spice Guardians. Making sure that these Young Spices can maturely age into the Aged, and then Prime spice's they are ment to become, slowly but surely growing in both spice and heat of their soul, but also in the ranks of Poppa-Ding-Ding. If you would like to join Poppa-Ding-Ding you need to posses the following. - A minimum experience count of 5000xp (Exceptions can be made if you show very good roleplay.) - You must have a Drivers License.
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