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  1. Cleetus Sanchez, the sexiest copper around, as you know.
  2. What is shown above is ID 5 Attempting to blackmail me into getting the report removed by threathening me by doing so by reporting myself for the case as you can see in the video which is me speaking in TAC a IC police chat that we use in TS. The reason I speak in there without pressing N to use voip is because my push to talk in TS is ALT and my push to talk IG is N. I couldn't reach the N button when speaking and I only gave the officers in the chat IC information as due to us being shot at and being RAMMED quite frequently. I spoke to MarcoD before posting these screenshots and he told me to do so because this is a clear example of indeed Blackmail. As I said before, I couldn't speak in game without going to crash my car all around which would have made my character ICly drive recklessly which I wanted to avoid and keep atleast a somewhat steady drive as I was being rammed into. I however started using N again after exiting the vehicle when our tires were popped and I was able to start doing so once more.
  3. Look at the armour, besides, you can clearly tell she got shot due to the hitmark which is shown from the edges turning red as the shot is fired.
  4. Hello, I'd like to request to change my Forum account, I made this account a few months, nearly a year ago when I joined this server and would like to change it into something more "appropriate" for the normal forums.
  5. After obtaining a new "whip"from the local High End, Jack made his way to Bollingbroke to go pick up Aira. After this had happened, him and Aira met up with Brian Walky to go and round up their imports.
  6. Seeing as now the legislation of fishing anywhere in the city, Aira and Jack thought it would be nice to have a peacefull evening fishing in a hidden cave.
  7. Sometimes.. All a man needs is prayer and bikes.
  8. "And there we sat, watchin' the city streets from atop the multi roofed parkin' lot, lookin' over for any potential loot we could score." - Jack Waters.
  9. When there is nothing to do, why not help the city a tiny bit by delivering MOST of their packages safely too them? Be like Jack, Jack is helpfull.
  10. Your response was definatly right, but ID 125 didn't respond to the stabbing at all and when he did it in a poor poor manner of rp as well as when you "clapped" her, he just didn't bother rping at all being injured which is non rp
  11. Yes, here is my proof of him doing so + Him not continueing to rp being wounded. :
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