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  1. Great store, great location, even better owner.
  2. Hi, sorry - I've retracted this now as I don't believe it'd be beneficial for both parties.
  3. Pending @Chebbidy, please be patient whilst this is reviewed.
  4. -1 for the well explained reasons above.
  5. +1 for this, I enjoy the idea of having to go to the DMV too. I'm assuming it's just an item that when the "use" button is used it will basically do /licenses into chat.
  6. Pending @Varakai, please be patient whilst this is reviewed.
  7. I am unsure if this is going to be implemented in the new Inventory System that has been shown by NBDY within the ECRP Discord, however, in the case it is not I would like to suggest the ability to un-equip a weapon whilst sat in a vehicle and not having it out. I'm not certain of how it would work but I have the idea of it but I'd like to see the weapons shown in this menu similarly to the clothing menu on the side, however a command that un-equips all weapons could also be a viable solution but could be a bit of an annoyance. The benefits of this to un-equipping system is for during a felony stop, you can un-equip your weapon and hide it inside of the glove box and RPly hide it somewhere in the vehicle and it will just introduce a lot of quality of life things. I'd like to hear what other people think of this and how their method of un-equipping the weapons could work too as I'm sure there are plenty of ways to actually do it.
  8. I also thought of this when I was flying, it would be super useful and convenient, not really a necessity but a great feature that could save a little bit of time. +1.
  9. Hi I'll be in contact with you shortly with a trade
  10. I currently don't have any pictures but give me the vehicle you'd like a picture for and I'll get it for you when I'm next available.
  11. +1, along with this I'd hope to see an /ame appearing above their head too.
  12. Extremely well made suggestion with some small but great changes, +1.
  13. A very neat faction, everyone is passionate about it and want it to go on and continue to grow, everyone is friendly and from what I've seen great people all around which really gives the faction some great potential, keep it up guys - Great character stories too.
  14. Hey! this looks great, is there any art work that you could show-off before I decide on making my purchase at all?
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