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  1. Xypint

    Michael Pedro (Assault Rifle, 100x Ammo)

    to further verify what I had in my inventory the report logs and my chat with Chrisy through /rm can be checked and verified I wasn't lying, because if an admin came and saw my inventory and I had no ak or anything I could be fucked.
  2. Character to be refunded: Michael_Pedro Date and time of incident: 12/17/18 4:55PM EST Requested refund (what and how much): 1 AK with 100x Ammo. Description of incident resulting in loss: I spawned in and I spawned underground with my bike on top of me and I died. I wasn't injured during my last session ingame. Evidence of loss: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=YC6z7k0w9wg&feature=share Comments: Some reason in the heat of the moment I didn't record my inventory... I hope there are logs that can confirm I had an AK in my inventory. I died as I spawned in, because the "You have been injured" screen popped up. This doesnt pop up if you logout already injured. You can test this. I died while spawning in. I had an AK on me and it is my first and only AK. I would really appreciate it if I could have this refunded. I didn't record my inventory becuase I went in the order of record last 5 mins>create a /report then instantly got in a conversation with the Support staff member @Chrisy. I hope there is something that can be done about this.
  3. Xypint

    Vehicle locks and alarm.

    What I was saying is admins dont control shit in that sense, the founders and devs do.
  4. Xypint

    Vehicle locks and alarm.

    Hate to break it to you, but admins dont control chop shops.
  5. Xypint

    Vehicle locks and alarm.

    Well, tbh, people IRL dont make bank off of scrapping cars... and the especially dont steal others cars and sell the parts to be crushed and recycled.. so this has nothing to do with nerfed chopshops but more people breaking into cars to steal shit.
  6. Hey. I'm writing here today to present an idea to developers, founders, and the general public of the Eclipse Roleplay Community. I would like to suggest the idea of implementing security systems. But not like there currently is. Right now by default all cars have a alarm system and locks. When cars are bobby pinned, it is randomly chosen how many attempts it takes. I suggest all cars come with a basic alarm system and locks, and these can be upgraded at LSC. So level1-4 alarm and locks, and the higher level security system you purchase, the harder or longer it takes to bobby pin your car. And maybe the better your alarm system, the faster you are notified your car is being stolen. Perhaps lvl 1 is 30 sec after a failed attempt, lvl 2 is 30sec after failed or passed attempt, lvl 3 is 10 sec after started and lvl 4 is when started. Let me know your ideas! -Xypint (Michael Pedro/Joel Stevenson) (Ignore my grammar, typed on phone)
  7. Xypint

    How to make new players stay

    As can be determined, I'm originally a rather old player I joined April 2017, under leadership of the original founders. I got in game spawned at the airport ran halfway up the highway and said "fuck it" and quit the server, before reaching even 100xp. Not to come back for a year and a half. This was because I didnt want to run to the city to find civilization. I suggest it should be more clear that there is a rental spot to get a vehicle. Amd maybe not speed limit these vehicles, and keep it up to the driver. Driving miles at 70km/h on a highway isnt pleasing as a new player. Citybees should be limited to 120km/h instead.
  8. Xypint


    Same. Try restarting your PC.
  9. Xypint


    Didn't work. Are you on steam or rockstar games?
  10. Xypint


    VPN bypasses firewall so 🤔
  11. Xypint


    So, replace file, block it in firewall, turn on vpn and connect and it works?
  12. Xypint


    Do you block connection still with VPN?
  13. Xypint

    Stranger 5397_3240 (DM, Non-RP)

    I'm an easily triggered person, So I'll respond anyway. If you read the rules before playing you would understand this: 6.8.1 A no crime zone (NCZ) is an area, where players must not commit crimes, that would cause harm to another player or their property. Players must not disobey orders of law enforcement officers but are allowed to run from arrest. A crime that does not harm another player or their property is defined as a victimless crime. I don't understand why you are veering the focus of this report. -- When you are saying something about me thrashing an interior, use a better word. Thrash isn't the one you are looking for and it hinders my ability to comprehend your sentence, (Keep in mind there were no players around. I checked out of pure curiosity and nothing more to it. ) - And once again, an area not explicitly stated as NCZ can be deemed as an NCZ under admin discretion. Therefore, NCZ boundaries are fluid. You continue to repeat everything I have already answered. I don't believe you are capable of defending yourself in this situation. I would like to request @Flucifial to expedite this report as @Killerder continues to meander from the focus of this report where the target is him, not me. - You are OOCly insulting em on several occasions such as hinting several derogatory terms like I am lying, indirectly calling me a liar. Asking "What are these half ars excuses." implying that I am trying to make excuses which is incorrect. You also refered to me as a "12 year old brat". Please choose your words wisely.
  14. Xypint


    Looking to buy a house, location doesnt matter. I have a budget of 300k, I'm looking for a 3car or more, and I prefer to have a driveway. Text me at #2983127 Make sure the text isnt sent anonomously!
  15. Xypint

    San Andreas Department of Corrections

    Fuck yeah baby. Hyped.