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  1. -1 I don't see how this breaks immersion.
  2. Hi. The founders reside in Lithuania.. its only sensible to base the server out of the EU to yield optimal speeds for the founders when pushing updates.
  3. Xypint

    Can't login

    Hey! Glad to see its fixed. Pending lock and archive..
  4. Xypint


    ((This thread was designed to be viewed in darkmode)) Company Logos - ~20-45k Banners - ~45-55k Flyers/Pamphlets - 70k (25k per addition page) Advertisements - 60k Custom Orders - Varys (( Forum signatures, profile pictures )) (( **DISCLAIMER: I WILL NOT DO ANY WORK THAT DOESNT PERTAIN TO ECRP EXCLUDING DISCORD PROFILE PICS! )) We will offer discounts on a case to case basis. To order, text the following number and follow the correct format: NAME: Adam Khan | ORDER: 1x Company Logo | AVAILABILITY: As needed --- CONTACT: Adam Khan 《Xypint#5612》 #2983127 Serious inquiries only!
  5. India doesnt speak english 🤔
  6. Hi Staff is here
  7. Nope. If you want to do tax evasion, take the risk.
  8. Hello and thank you for making this punishment appeal. Pending @MusketDeezNuts
  9. Pending lock and archive...
  10. Hey. Please contact and admin and ask to get Admin Jailed for being "Bugged". Link them to this forum post as well. This should fix you getting crashes on login. NOTE: The admin jail will stay on your record, but not as a punishment.
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