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  1. Selling this amazing house! Only serious offers! I am not in a rush to sell it! Current highest offer: 1.2mil Contact me: 4016578 - Daniel Norrwood
  2. +1 on the idea but -1 on: 2. Only with serious reason gang could go to war vs another gang. (define "serious" I just don't like this suggestion the most) 4. All the gang members who are at war must wear their gang clothing/colors/masks. (some factions want to be hidden, why force them into clothing?) 5. To allow the player to take the turf minimum online members at that time should be 8-10. (Maybe a minimum active member count per day 10, but not at a time)
  3. yes (( but i'm a bit banned atm 😞 ))
  4. @MusketDeezNuts @Randyrandul Thank you both for quick responses. Randy, yes, I know yelling demands from a vehicle wasn't the issue and shooting his vehicle was ( but i wouldn't shoot with no demands at all, so I meant I won't be shooting with these kind of demands from a moving vehicle again)
  5. Account name: badboy Character name(s): Daniel Norrwood Admin who issued punishment: MusketDeezNutz Date of punishment: 4/29/2019 Punishment received: Permaban Reason given for punishment: DM #2 (Forum report) Your explanation of what happened: We saw an enemy faction member at Braddocks lab and went there. I yelled get out from the vehicle(Our car was going at like 40). I realised he might not of heard me so I did /do window status? (Which he ignored), then i proceeded to give him another demand before shooting his tyre (wanting to stall his vehicle, didn't want to treathen his life) Even though i even rply asked if the windows are open and shouted 2 times (he ignored the rp and then i shot at his tyre, which was my RP reason to stop him). Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because after last weeks punishment(this was my first punishment, this report was older) (V(DM #1)), I've reread the rules multiple times and I am way more careful. And it's safe to say if I get unbanned I won't be using /s from car to car yelling demands. Post any evidence or further details:
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