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  1. Well what happened here was he came in through a side door which I was unaware about. Thought there was only one door to enter into the room. He didn't use voice so I didn't know he was there. I was in the crafting window the entire time and didn't notice the text box until after I was shot. I was confused and was like "why did I just die?" Asked him to use voice chat when he does things like robbery and all that. Guess it was my fault though. I should've been paying attention to the chatbox which I tend not to do. Not used to reading chatbox since most of the players I usually RP with use voice and like 90% of the server uses voice. He didn't make his presence known to me through any sound cues or anything so I was oblivious to him even being in the room.
  2. I wanted to know if it was possible to open up a gym in the city somehow. I think it would be a great idea since it hasn't been done. I noticed the casino has been opened recently and it got me thinking of other places of businesses that can be open as well. Things that aren't yet in the city. This is just an idea I have thought of since I work at a gym IRL. It would be delightful for me if you guys could reply to this post with some ideas and guidelines on how I can make this happen.
  3. At the end of the day, whatever happened, happened. You were caught in a crossfire. When the guns came out, you should've left the scene, not ask someone who is carrying a heavy rifle why he is shooting. In a real world situation, if you saw a bunch of people with heavy guns, you wouldn't put yourself in a bad situation and stay around those people. Especially if you have no weapon drawn. They realized they were wrong and offered to replenish the items you lost (if any). Handle the matter with the player first and try to fix it rather than report report report all the time. The staff members want to handle real reports on people that are knowingly breaking the rules.
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