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  1. -1 i don't give a fuck if they're faster than speed of light they can't beat my Futo.
  2. This could add activities in the rivers and Alamo lake for the Sheriffs Water Patrol. +1
  3. clickclack


    This is one great example of how fucked up it is (robbing mentality) https://streamable.com/ffyia
  4. clickclack


    Facts! I've been holding off for a very long time about this, you did it better. I once got paranoid that I would just rob them first before they rob me lol wtf going crazy.
  5. clickclack


    I agree with this one change comes from the individuals. I tried other servers and I've rarely been robbed. Maybe it's how the way it started to be. It's even hard to find criminals there cause they're very discreet. I chose to stay because this is where (ECRP) I got accustomed to.
  6. clickclack


    Yea I gave up Joo's Anti robbery tips: -Don't bring pocket moneys -Don't bring anything except a note with a dick drawed and "Fucku" written below No one's ever gonna rob you again.
  7. I lost one extended clip and flashlight attachment with this bug before, I thought it was because of the server restart so didn't bother bug reporting it.
  8. Ya'll talking about XP it's just numbers, when you should be focusing on how skilled a roleplayer is. How he/she portrays a character, react to certain situations and how frequently they use detailed /me and /do when doing simple actions. We got sleeper roleplayers here they got 1k experience but hardcore roleplay skills. Heck I encountered someone with 200-400k XP all they can do is "Hands!" /me pats mans down
  9. Alright it works, thanks alot man I think this is it. Close and archive.
  10. Does it work with both adding and removing?
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