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Found 13 results

  1. Welcome to my conveniently multi-categorized suggestion So anyways! Fast-Food Jobs! How can they be used, and is it worth it. How they can be used Obviously, Fast-Food Jobs primarily serve two roles. They exist as spots for RP, and a way to make cash legally. Well, unless it's a front for a meth business. That'd make for some good RP. As of right now, the Fast-Food areas such as Burger-Shot serve LITTLE purpose, both in RP, and in gameplay. Which is a bit frightening, as I worry they'll be removed as opposed to being worked on. The way I see it,
  2. Hi there! Not sure if similar posts have been made, but it would be really cool to see the fishing aspect made a little bigger. This could be done in a number of ways. Adding different size catches. Instead of them all being 2 lbs, you could have small ones like 1-5 lbs in land, and maybe 1-20 lbs for sea fishing. Adding names to the fish depending on if you catch them from the ocean or rivers. Catching Tuna in the deep sea would be worth a lot more than catching common carp in land. Adding bait that would increase the wait time for catches. Instead of waiting about 2 min
  3. Isn't this weird that we can cook drugs but we cannot cook foods, but still we can eat raw foods. So I am here with a suggestion for how to add cooking food in ECRP. It will not only boost RP in server but also make ECRP unique from other RP servers. I tried to make this idea/report flawless and simple with all my research possible. Every sink or tap furniture must be a source for water refill, it's funny that a person have a house but don't have water to refill their bottle or drink. Cooking UI: - Cooking furniture UI will be just like drug tables, but instead we cannot learn recipe, w
  4. Name : Pendrew Winters Age: 21 Ethnic Origin : United Kingdom Current Licenses : Drivers license -Obtained Tucking license - Obtained Firearms license - pending results Personal Statement: Greetings i have been in Los Santos for a short while now and its come to my attention that the current freelance jobs are not really what i need to excel in the field of labor. I am primarily looking for any forms of employment that might require extra hands, Delivery driving, Driving of said persons, manual labor, and hopefully adding protection
  5. I think the taco trucks should be able to sell drinks, lots of people I've sold tacos to also want to buy water, so I feel like it would be a good opportunity to make some more money in the taco business. It also doesn't make any sense that an irl taco truck wouldn't sell drinks. There's even a coffee machine in the trucks.
  6. Greetings fellow people of the Eclipse RP community! Currently my RP character is a bus driver because you know. New to town and all. And I quite enjoy it, driving around the city, occasionally (2 times in a few days) picking up passengers. However, the Bus Company has very little RP to it and it is kinda just there for new players to earn some money on. I was thinking that maybe it is time we make it a bit more professional and more RP-inducing for newer players that might be a bit afraid of approaching other people? And before I continue; no I am not trying to change it. It will
  7. Hi everyone, There is one thing that has been bothering me for a while. I mainly play civilian jobs and don't really enjoy running and gunning, sadly there is little depth for most of civilian jobs. I was wondering what if there was actually level progression for civilian jobs? E.G. Lets say someone is mainly playing postal job at first you gain 0.75X salary after making 10 deliveries your salary increases and you start earning 1X salary and if you work the same job even further (e.g. 50 deliveries) you advance to 1.25X salary. After quitting the job your level is reset and you have
  8. I'm confused on how much money i make when working as courier. It seems that the money is dependent on distance and does not increase with time spend working or deliveries made. So i was thinking maybe we could get a raise the more we work on one job.
  9. Job Promotions I like all of the jobs equally in their own aspects as they all pass time differently, and depending on how busy my day is going to be in real life it's extremely handy to have a bunch of jobs laid out that i can choose to do that will fit around my real time schedule. For example, if i need to head out at a certain time but have a couple of hours to kill, i'll pick something safe like fishing so i can turn the game off at any time without affecting my salary or worry about a bandit thieving my times worth in crops. If i have a whole weekend to myself, i'll choose to grind
  10. The current starter jobs are pretty good as is currently. This thread is only meant to be suggested adjustments to help the players doing these jobs have more interaction with players while doing these jobs. Bus Driver - This job has the most potential for interaction with other players naturally. The only improvement i suggest is adding bus stops to the map. Adding the route lines would be nice too but probably would clutter the map too much. Garbage Man - In order to improve this job some, I'd suggest developing routes similar to the bus driver job. Each route would have a f
  11. With the recent addition of parking pay stations, this opens the door to a potentially useful role in the police department, especially for new members as a trial. This role would be a meter maid essentially. The purpose of the meter maid role would be to help enforce parking standards in game while also exposing the new police department members to law enforcement in a less difficult way. While this job may seem a bit silly, I honestly believe there would be a lot of benefits to its existence. Here are some examples: 1. Creates a more realistic approach to handle minor violatio
  12. We absolutely need more legal factions. When I was invited here and after roleplaying since 2005 on rockstar franchize games I can tell you there should be more legal factions for people to pick between they make a little bit of money. So I truck around, get a bicycle, a wood cabin to sleep and then what? Join FD/PD/Criminals? Just as an example to what extent the engine of san andreas multiplayer could've offered: You could've had plugins in order to have private radios with real players playing songs if you installed it in your car or house. -Furniture companies (Newbie level mappers to
  13. Hey. Are there any criminal activities already added? Cuz I and my friend made a Criminal Faction and we don't know. We tried to search the forum but results weren't satisfactory. If I wrote on bad Forum, can an admin move my thread or just delete it? Greetings Redoooock
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