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  1. I think it is balanced, in my opinion, there is not in balance here
  2. +1 I like the idea of adding more marine vehicles
  3. biggg +1 im coming for that kalahari!
  4. Payn

    Forum Name Change

    Issue Being Reported: Forum account name change Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 30/03/2021 17:48pm UTC+1 Your characters name: Stephany Reeder/Stephen Reeder Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: Id like to change my name from just one of my characters names to just 'Payn' if possible as this is what id like to be known as! Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. I understand where your coming from but some people may just have garages to store there cars IRL that's why I suggested
  6. When looking around for more car storage for more slots , the only thing I can think of is buying a house (That I probably wont use) and then just using the garage from time to time. I think by adding new garages people wont have to go through the struggle of paying so much for a house they wont even use and are just able to buy a garage somewhere to store some cars. This could also been done by building large storage unit facilities somewhere for not only cars but storage of personal items as well. I think these would be used a lot as sometimes people may just want a garage and not just a ran
  7. I was cruising looking for houses and seen in mirror park that there is a whole estate section that is just empty. I see a lot of potential for new RP here, such as builders that could build houses here and expand the market, or just some new houses in general would be great. I am saying this as I think this is just space being wasted when there is opportunity's for it not to be. As you can see in the images below, there is so much space to work with. As you can see here, there is full plots of land that can be renovated and used rather than sit there and waste space.
  8. I agree, I think it will need to be something I just build up myself
  9. +1 as you said this would increase the variety of jobs and bring in a new aspect of RP
  10. In response to this, I believe the government faction limit should stay the same but make a separate category for non-gov such as maybe club or just simply non-gov type factions. I think this would be a good way to go about it so then there are three factions categories, Government Criminal Non-Gov and you would be able to be in 2 from either Crim and Gov, and one from non-gov
  11. +1 I totally agree, It holds you back from working for multiple factions, and potential with great RP within them factions. For example if you wanted to work for say MD and SD and then be in maybe the Burnout nation faction, you wouldn't be able to, unless you could make a new faction category for say none job related factions, maybe a class called a 'Club' as these are not jobs so I don't see why working 2 jobs should stop you from joining a factions as such!
  12. +1 I think this gives laptops more potential
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