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  1. +1. 3-5k per IC hour is just a stupid amount to spend on food and water. more than most if not all jobs would give you. if you plan to cook you would need to buy more than what you would make during the cook.
  2. If by name you mean alphabetical, +1. It would allow people to use prefixes to sort contacts such as PD [name] Zetas[name] etc.etc.
  3. TheCanadian


    closed, found what i was looking for.
  4. I can't deny that, it CAN be a threat. But changing the rules to allow a blanket KOS on all backup to the scene would be stupid in my opinion. People would KOS on colours or just nearby vehicles after a radio call was made. This would vastly increase the DM in the server from misinterpretation of situations. Not to mention as @alexalex303 said KOS is no longer a thing.
  5. I understand where you are coming from, and im not saying you have an easy task on your hand. However, while you ask us to be "patient" for the very poor management of weazel to be improved you do understand you are hindering everyone experience on the server because of this. Sure, it is an IC issue to an extent. But bleets were removed because weazel was supposed to be a revived faction. How long as it been now? I could go back and do what OP for every single day with massive gaps in times where weazel are available. This lowers overall server interaction due to the lack of being able to bleet gatherings, car meets, sales, etc. and i do not think the entire server should be held back because of extremely poor management of a faction and its workers. There should be a way to self-serve bleets, possibly at a reduced cost. instead of 1k, lets say 500-750$ so it would both motivate weazel to be on duty to get all the missing income and also help active players get the service from an inactive faction. +1 op
  6. Hello @Fa1N, I believe i have said my side of the story well enough. The first time my vehicle and the elegy made contact i was turning to block it and it ran into me. The second was that i was backing up since i believed it was going on west highway back up into the city to try to lose us (instead of driving through the area with 10 or so people) so i reversed after which i realized he was in fact going straight forward, i lowered my speed to ram him but i could not stop in time fast enough so my vehicle nudged his, and then the elegy him him which caused him to hit me further. When i realized what had happened i drove up and to the left and did not engage with the situation as me hitting him was a genuine incident so i did not take part in the RP and robbery that came from it, my passenger got out once the saints were injured to scout, look around or whatever he wanted to do, i drove by to pick him up and then i left the situation. This was a very minor and unintentional hit i did not go for a pit maneuver or try some crazy ramming techniques, and i hope OP and the moderator handling this report can see this from my point of view and how accidents like these can happen without any malicious intent, it wasnt intentional. Side note @ShawnsBeard if you know the ID of the elegy driver/passenger i would gladly give them items they had because at the end of the day, accident or not i did make contact with them. If you want to PM me what they lost i will do my best to help
  7. -1, i think another form of a legal faction would be much more beneficial to increase RP like the one that comes up time and time again... a judicial faction.
  8. +1, dont know shit about coding but i imagine it would be fairly easy to change and a great quality of life improvement on the server.
  9. +1, i made a suggestion about this before and it just died off, glad to see another suggestion on this topic. It would add alot more interaction in the form of car meet bleets, get togethers at bars, the casino, etc. Right now weazel is a dead faction. The fact that it is not active should not be holding back everybody's RP experience on the server. Give players back bleets when no weazel are online until weazel as a faction is properly active and reliable. Once they are reliable i am not opposed to removing player bleets again, but they are extremely rarely online.
  10. Accidents happen, you can fall off your bike on a normal road as well if you are not careful, This was not some crazy stunt jumping. I will also wait for the verdict of the staff handling this report as i think i have provided more than enough evidence to prove our side.
  11. Considering you are not convinced by the 2018 forum report SS from Fluci. Here. this was screenshotted about 2 weeks ago.
  12. Are you unaware of how body armor works in the server? It is imported illegally, not obtained legally. Are you suggesting if someone is a felon they should not be able to use an illegal service to purchase body armor? I agree with Hoxton, -1 to this suggestion as he mentioned something I haven't thought of before, gunfights with body armor on top of desync would not be enjoyable for most people I don't think.
  13. You're right, i'm sorry. I am only quoting what previous head administrators have said and rulings given on previous reports and appeals.
  14. The developers have said themselves that if a vehicle can maintain traction while climbing hills, you can use them as such. Basically fair game to take any cars off road as long as the GTA V mechanics allow it. I am not sure why this is a report.
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