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  1. Love everyone in this faction, every interaction with them is better than the last.
  2. No, I will not be considering purchase offers for either of these properties at this time. Currently not using them so i am leasing them out, but i intend on keeping them.
  3. 4G Beach House below Chumash Address: Ineseno Road 3 Rent: 50,000$ Monthly ((OOC week)) Status: Not Available 2G; Cozy Near Bank Address: Gentry Lane 4 Rent: 20,000$ Montly ((OOC week)) Status: Available For Rent The payment is expected to be wired in full, only after will the keys to the house(s) be given. Can accommodate multiple people for each house, keys will be handed out to as many people as necessary Renting for the asked prices, or best offer. Contact: TheCanadian#[email protected]
  4. TheCanadian


    400k, starting price listed. can do it as soon as you need
  5. sorry, doesnt meet the criteria
  6. Looking to start up a boat related business, so access to water is a MUST. 2-3g preferably, looking for reasonable prices. TheCanadian#[email protected] Or text 2132018 with offers (Prefered method of communication is emails with a picture of the house, or post images here). Thank you for your time!
  7. +1, there is no animation for it. It should be an AME similar to PD/MD's panic button. Otherwise on the other player's end they can have 1-9 keybound to different frequencies and change between them 2 feet away from you which you should be able to notice RPly. I think the ame should say "Reaches for their radio and changes frequency" or something along those lines, it shouldnt say the frequency they change to.
  8. Exactly. 50 heavy pistol rounds wont weigh 15 LBS/kg/volume. All of the volume system with the new storage needs to be tested and re evaluated. you should be able to fit more than 2 aks w/ ammo in a bag before you can no longer carry it on yourself.
  9. +1 obviously. suggestions similar to this one nearly a year old, all with very positive feedback, and never a single word given from the developers if this will be added. Can we get an answer? Save future suggestions from being made and no longer give people false hope its something that might eventually be implemented if it won't be. It's just annoying at this point...
  10. +1 hate when my bag with 3 radios gets taken and I can't get it back
  11. The suggestion am making is to have it toggled when you drive at a certain speed and the cruise control holds it(like irl). Unless you are talking about them modifying the speed limiter, then I wouldn't be opposed to your suggestion as long as you can set it to whatever you want (79kph to avoid speed cameras) and not just 70,80, etc. Only if it is applied with my suggestion, so people have the option to pick
  12. Instead of making the cruise control a toggle that you still need to hold the acceleration and it limits how fast you go, I think the cruise control would be better as it is IRL. You are at a set speed, you toggle it and let go off the acceleration and the cruise control maintains your speed. I think this would be a great improvement as it would be instant, you will see if the cruise control works. No hopping on and off your bike, thinking the cruise control still works and then I bugs and toggles off making you get a ticket. But I think the biggest reason this should be added if for driving and chatting. If you are a truck driver on a stretch of the highway and you want to type something in the CB radio, currently you will slow down as you type. But this obviously applies to everyone. I believe it would be a great quality of life change to be allowed to type in chat and if your cruise control was on you would maintain that speed, allowing you to chat on the stretches of the highway without slowing to 30kph while doing so.
  13. +1, logged on to see 2.5k/500 for one of my vehicles... that was after i sold most of my heavies. i cannot imagine what some peoples inventories look like.
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