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  1. Player(s) being reported: ID 159 Date of interaction reported: 03/JUN/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1591237526 Your characters name: Alex Keller Other player(s) involved: Specific rule(s) broken: Hacking and Exploits Players must not have mods, trainers, or any kind of software installed that gives any advantage. Server bugs may not be used for advantage and must be reported on ECLIPSE Roleplay forums. Server scripts should not be exploited in any way to your advantage, e.g. circumventing AFK timer. How did the player break the rule(s)? Man was zooming like he was in a rocket Voltic with what seems like all his tires popped, and then vanished. Im not too concerned with the random ramming. Evidence of rule breach:
  2. this actually looks sick. Best of luck to you guys.
  3. To the criminal faction leaders out there, did FM let you know why the cap was introduced? (out of curiosity) Personally, from a PD perspective, when I got online recently (before the new cap) it already felt difficult finding gang members to RP with (from a Detective standpoint). Lots would have their phone off, some would simply be offline, and others would be doing normal things like working at toll booths. From my understanding the factions are not required to kick the extra 20 they have now; however, they cannot recruit until they get under 40. To me, lowering this (already somewhat low) cap severely reduces my role play experience even on the law enforcement side, as there will simply be much less people to RP with (1/3). On the panel we can see that just LSPD alone is at 150 members. Together with LSCSD, thats slightly over 200 people. Currently the ratio between legal factions and criminal factions (excluding The Rooks) is slightly higher then half. There are around 120 members together in Los Zetas + LS Triads, and as previously mentioned 200 members in the LSPD + LSCSD side. If the ratio is slightly over half and it is hard to find RP for me as a gangs detective, then when those 40 members go and the factions are at 40 members each, it will be worse. It is definitely possible that there is a good reason for these lowered caps, but at the moment I don't see it, and I am against them being lowered. As for everything else said on the thread, I agree with some of the points. I took a break from PD for around two months recently. The first month was a blast most nights. It was refreshing again, and there was stuff to do (mostly it was a blast bc of the people), but the second month, it became a little stale (drug update helped it a lot ngl). Then the war with WCA came around. The IC part was somewhat fun, but a lot of player reports and other OOC things came with it which took a lot of that fun away for people. As for the new robbery rules, I'm gonna remain neutral with that topic.
  4. Wow guys very epic leadership group you got here except that Dumbar guy, I heard hes English. Congratulations to Elena and Alex .
  5. LeftSharkie

    Los Zetas

    The Great Escape As the war between The Council and West Coast Assassins continued, tension has increased between the two groups and shootouts were occurring left and right. After a specific incident which occurred at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station, the Aztecas leader, Carlos Rodrigueez found himself captured and injured at the hands of the Sheriff's Department. We quickly received information that he was facing some serious time, so a quick decision was made to try and get him out of the law enforcement's custody. This is where the following events took place: As seen in the video, Lexa and James successfully got the Aztecas leader out of the Sheriff Department's custody, the only thing left to do was to treat him without being found by law enforcement again in the process. Carlos was suffering from a gun shot wound which was a gift to him left by the Sheriffs. Lexa did not have any medical supplies on her, which left her with no choice but to use her own mask as a bandage to buy enough time for them to get to the hospital and have Carlos properly treated. Lexa and James then decided it would be best to ask Liam Gunarr, a Los Zetas Lieutenant for help with transporting Carlos to MD. They have taken two crucial steps which made sure the operation was a success. The first is ditching the Hellfire and using another car as a transport for Carlos, and two, having James switch clothes with Carlos so that they do not get spotted once inside the hospital. Just as planned, minutes later Liam Gunarr pulled up to the said location in a Novak, and we all headed our way to the Central Hospital of Los Santos. Carlos was properly treated by hospital staff, and we all got to live another day, awaiting our next battle.
  6. Yuki just finished a drawing I requested and its epic. 10/10 recommend.
  7. Added the video evidence to the main report, thanks for the footage. I also added the possible solution of replacing the warehouse interiors. @CallumMontie
  8. Date and time (provide timezone): 27/APR/2020 | 06:53 PM (UTC) Character name: Lexa_Eriksen Issue/bug you are reporting: 1. Warehouses are not lockable from the inside. 2. You lose all property permissions upon relog to a warehouse. 3. There is a chance you will get teleported to furniture store when exiting a warehouse. Expected behavior: 1. You should be able to lock any warehouse you own/have access to from the inside. 2. You should not lose property permissions upon relog to a warehouse. 3. You should not be teleported to furniture store by random chance. You should exit wherever the exterior of the warehouse is consistently, 10/10 of the times. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: 1. Warehouses are not lockable from the inside: Quite self-explanatory, if you have access to the property or you own it, you should be able to lock warehouses from the inside. Currently this is a big flaw, since people store prized possessions inside these warehouses (thats what they were made for), and if you go inside to retrieve them, if you cant lock the door behind you it becomes a big security risk. It makes no sense RP wise as well, since why wouldn't you be able to lock a garage/door behind you. To replicate, simply go inside a warehouse you have access to or own, it will not let you lock it by pressing E. 2. You lose all property permissions upon relog: Self-explanatory again, have someone give you /AddPropertyPermission [ID] BuildProperty, then relog. You will not be able to build at the warehouse property. Same thing goes for AccessProperty, and ManageProperty. They all reset to False. This is extremely inconvenient if anyone but the owner uses the warehouse regularly, as each time the permissions need to be given again. 3. You should not be teleported to furniture store by random chance. You should exit wherever the exterior of the warehouse is: The way to replicate this, is go inside any warehouse, and start exiting it over and over. I'm not sure what the odds are, but eventually you will be teleported to the furniture store. This is extremely game braking, and very risky, pls get it fixed asap. Imagine you just grabbed a carbine rifle from your warehouse, go out, and get TPed to furniture store with it, which is right next to PD and MD, and get arrested with it due to the bug. Ruins the game experience greatly when happens. Possible Solution: change the warehouse interiors to this warehouse interior (source), should't be too hard as its already in the RAGEMP database. This way it wont conflict with the furniture store interior as they are the same ones as for warehouses. Video Evidence (thanks to Bruce Wong): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rys-VrZDp_0 Old bug report made in September 2019:
  9. Hello, ID 38 here, I did not act on anyone's order/request, it was my own free will so Lewis and Dray can be excluded from this report. What happened here is you took part in a shootout, where our own Manager for the Motorsport Dealership and a gang higher-up, Hoxton Curry was shot and killed by you and your friend. You got clapped, and started stalling RP (which would have been seen if you provided a longer clip of the whole RP), which is where people started taking your belongings. My character hates you for killing my manager, so I take your clothes because it was the only thing left on you. As far as I know, this is just like taking any other item off your inventory when you're injured, so no RP is required, neither is it PG as you are in an injured state. I am subscribed to the rule handbook change log thread, I didn't see any posts there after the update so all rules must be the same. We intended to keep you alive so we could properly search trough your apartment, it was in our interest for you to not respawn at MD, this can also be heard 20 seconds into the clip by ID 393.
  10. LeftSharkie

    Los Zetas

    02/APR/2020 After an intense shootout with law enforcement at a drug lab protecting their own, Dray, Millie, Lexa, Johnathan, Apayo and Jay set out to rob some stores for pocket cash. After robbing a few stores, eventually LSPD and SASD caught onto them, trying to apprehend the thief's. This is when the following events occurred. After all of law enforcement has been dealt with, and all of our troops were treated, we came back to Grapeseed to tie off a loose end. Zoey Duel, an officer serving the LSPD was seen fleeing the shootout as her colleagues and friends were being slaughtered. Here in Los Zetas, we have no respect for those who abandon their allies.
  11. The Arcadius Business Center has been sold for 5,100,000 to an anonymous buyer.
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