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  1. LeftSharkie

    Collected Experience From The Players and Suggestions

    -1 Criminals shouldnt have it easy for them just because criminal RP is hard, those who do criminal activities in real life are either in prison or dead, only a very small percentage of people get somewhere with those methods, which is exactly how it is on the server. Those who created big organisations and led them well did get successful, but those who just simply rob people on the daily might not have and ended up going to prison etc.
  2. +1 to this suggestion. Would make RP better, and prevent metagaming. Not putting masks on duty for factions like taxi, mechanics etc. could be an IC faction rule.
  3. I have already provided all the evidence I have, so i do not have a video of the full interaction.
  4. Hello once again, @xencobra That conversation had nothing to with "calling my buddies" to help me out. It was just a casual conversation which took place in the support chat which is not relevant to the report. I do want to apologize for the two admins which are in the picture for getting them mixed up into this, but one of the rules is I cannot edit footage but only clip it. I can tell you right now no buddies ever came, and Kyle came there by chance, seeing that there was a medic helicopter he decided to see what happened. I can guarantee you no metagaming of any sort happened here. If you still do not believe me, did anyone ever come to save me? (Other then the medics I called for) answer is no. This will be my last reply unless an admin requests any further proof or clarification, but this reports seems to be going nowhere to me as these are just words backed up by nothing. Kind regards, LeftSharkie.
  5. Yes, that would indeed be correct. The man was running from the officer, so I simply bumped him with my bike once so he would fall over, not with the intent to kill him by ramming.
  6. Hello, and thank you for reporting @xencobra First of all, I would like to point out the reason to why I had KOS rights on you. At about 3:00PM EST( cant remember the exact time ), you stole my supercar while I was downed on the side of a highway. This is completely fine, and nothing is wrong here. When the medics came on the helicopter, Kyle drove up to me and I informed him about the man stealing my car. He could not trace the vehicle he left behind, so based on an educated guess he went to the chop shop. This is the evidence that what I said took place : Player taking my car: https://gyazo.com/8c9212d43f433cd9282fcfcfda5cdb17 Proof Kyle came up to me, and I survived: https://plays.tv/video/5b4815b0e36bfb5f8d/proof-that-survived-kyle-knew-was-going-on- This right here is also the evidence that the vehicle was fully chopped: The above should prove that I did in fact have a reason to take hostile action against the individual. When I hit the man, I was on the bike and hit him once to knock him down because he was running from the police. I then got off my bike, held him at gun point while the officer attempted to cuff him. He ignored the cuffing RP and started running again, and got on my bike. It could have been stalled as he didn't speed away right away, but I feared he was going to get away so I went ahead and shot the man on the bike so he does not escape. Later I attempt to get away from the officer, but end up getting arrested as well. And finally, the response to the bellow statement is the following: I refuse to admit that I used any sort of racial slurs OOCly, breaking any of the above listed rules including "Scarring me away from reporting". The man made the forum report made an in-game report right after, which I responded to saying he could go to the IA of the PD, and report the officer there. ( I cannot recall if I said anything about reporting on the forums, but I believe I did. ) If anymore clarification is needed I will be pleased to do so. Kind Regards, LeftSharkie
  7. LeftSharkie

    Amend the Downtown Cab Co. Salary Check Requirements.

    +1 If all I do is hop on just to train people for promotions, I do not receive any money at all as to train drivers I need to be the passengers.
  8. LeftSharkie

    Stranger 5500_7352 5.3.1., 6.2.1.

    Hello, and Thank You for reporting @Badger I was involved in this situation on the Lost Family side, so I think I could say my opinion on this. I could see how Steve would get confused and would open fire on Moe, and the rest of us there. Prior to Moe's arrival, there was plenty of gun fire going on between The Exiled and our Lost Family. As it can be seen in the video we all wear similar outfits, drive mostly same cars, and have our cars painted white with grey. I do not recall if we were taking turf at the time (I think not), but I do remember us exchanging gun fire. In my opinion the way to solve this is just to tell Steve to be more careful next time there is a major shootout, as Moe was not completely killed and no assets were lost. That is all I have to say. Many Thanks, -LeftSharkie
  9. LeftSharkie

    Mask 8891_1195 ( DM )

    Player(s) being reported: Mask 8891_1195, Stranger 9539_7765 Date of rule breach: 01/07/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 12:30 EST Your characters name: Alex Keller Other players involved: N/A Specific rule broken: 5.3.2. Examples of invalid or poor reasons to kill which would lead to a punishment: ● Without giving them enough time to respond to your demands How did the player break the rule?: The person gave me 3 seconds to accept the frisk, which I did but after a few seconds I realized I made a mistake because I forgot to put his ID, by this time he already started shooting me. I then attempted to type it in with the ID but by that time I was dead. Evidence of rule breach:https://plays.tv/s/LnZ48LzafdEP
  10. LeftSharkie

    New cars with supers being removed.

    +1 Would be amazing if were added.
  11. LeftSharkie

    A Phone # For Application?!

    +1 kappa
  12. LeftSharkie

    [Kick Apeal] Left Sharkie

    Account name: LeftSharkie Character name(s):Lexa/Emily Dagaslov Admin who issued punishment: Triple Seven Date of punishment:3/12/2018 Reason given for punishment: Non-RP Stunt Jumping Your explanation of what happened: It all started with a cop chase. I was driving an off-road vehicle (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/348697531196375052/423218679702880266/unknown.png) which gave me the impression I can make a jump like this without the car taking any major damage. After I made the jump shortly after I was kicked for Non-RP behavior Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was not Non-rp, because a car with a suspension which is meant for off-road can handle a jump like this. The landing was pretty smooth, meaning most likely the wheels wouldn't be too damaged if this was to happen IRL. The only reason people buy cars like this is to go off-road and do things normal vehicles cant, making it easier to get away from the police. Post any evidence or further details: https://gyazo.com/d84337385b819957200d823717fe0ccf https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/305775676374384640/423227200456884224/unknown.png