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  2. LeftSharkie

    Radio Distortion

  3. LeftSharkie

    Low Fuel Indicator

  4. LeftSharkie

    Los Santos Vagos

    Looks like a really good faction idea, and well-made forum post. I used to be in Vagos on a SAMP server, so looks familiar :D. Please don't let this die out and try to recruit!
  5. LeftSharkie

    Cox' Delicious Wieners

    Hello people! Visited Cox' Delicious Wieners last night and I gotta say, this is some quality stuff. I recommend getting the small wiener, as for me it was the most delicious one, on top I would put some pickles, mustard, and ketchup. My final rating would be 8.3/10, as the buns did feel slightly stale, and Ketchup wasn't my favorite. Overall still very good! Happy Customer, Alex Keller
  6. LeftSharkie

    More Turfs (with maps)

    +1. Well done
  7. LeftSharkie

    Collected Experience From The Players and Suggestions

    -1 Criminals shouldnt have it easy for them just because criminal RP is hard, those who do criminal activities in real life are either in prison or dead, only a very small percentage of people get somewhere with those methods, which is exactly how it is on the server. Those who created big organisations and led them well did get successful, but those who just simply rob people on the daily might not have and ended up going to prison etc.
  8. +1 to this suggestion. Would make RP better, and prevent metagaming. Not putting masks on duty for factions like taxi, mechanics etc. could be an IC faction rule.
  9. LeftSharkie

    Amend the Downtown Cab Co. Salary Check Requirements.

    +1 If all I do is hop on just to train people for promotions, I do not receive any money at all as to train drivers I need to be the passengers.
  10. LeftSharkie

    New cars with supers being removed.

    +1 Would be amazing if were added.