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  1. Fuck yeah, cant wait to try all this new shit out.
  2. Account name: RightSharkie Character name(s): Alex Keller Admin who issued punishment: Toby Vintage Date of punishment: 15th of May 2019 Punishment received: NonRP #1 - Warning Reason given for punishment: Non-RP Your explanation of what happened: We were chasing a person that kept abusing the agility of the bike over a span of days to evade from law enforcement. I used the taser which is a very hard tool to use because of a lack of crosshair, very low range and desync issues, and I managed to hit him when he had just came out of a full turn (so he was at low speed) and our car was in a full turn (also low speed). I was very close to his bike, and managed to land the skillshot. The person in the report said it's Non-RP because it would make it into a lethal weapon, but that's an IC matter. Moderator Toby failed to provide ANY arguments for how it is Non-RP, or why he thinks it is Non-RP, he simply stated it as fact. I would like an explanation for how using a taser against a vehicle that is travelling at relatively low speeds, when we are almost within touching distance and our vehicle is driving at slow speeds is Non-RP. It might be unsafe, but that's entirely an IC issue. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because I don't believe this falls under Non-RP. You can call it dangerous, or possibly against IC protocol, but it is not against OOC rules, which is what the judgement should've been based on, instead of whatever logic Toby used to reach the conclusion (We don't know, because he didn't argue it). Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/19665-id-54-alex-keller-non-rp/
  3. Hello, and thank you for responding. That is an IC issue, not an OOC one. -Sharkie
  4. Hello, and thank you for making this report. The window of the cruiser was open both RPly and scriptwise (with the use of /window) which means everyone around us that was careful enough to notice would've been aware of the chance of us leaning out of the window (Screenshot of Window). The man has been evading the LSPD for several days, and has been abusing the agility of the motorbike. In this situation he made a mistake by making that huge turn which ended with his character right next to the car at slow speeds and thats when he got tased from a very short range (Screenshot #2). I don't think this is NON-RP or unrealistic. -Sharkie
  5. Best of luck, whatever path you choose in your life.
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      Thats soo cool sharkie!

  6. It is a sin!!!111!!!1!!
  7. This is a Christian server.....
  8. Ey very nice. I'll be there
  9. Used to be a Team Leader at DCC, great company that I'm happy to see still operating well! A picture from around January 2018, with James Eriksen and I in it.
  10. "Ta anklene hans for svarte faen" - Eriksen 2k18

  11. As a loan company manager who had to deal with some of these issues in the past, its a +1
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