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  1. [Kick Apeal] Left Sharkie

    Account name: LeftSharkie Character name(s):Lexa/Emily Dagaslov Admin who issued punishment: Triple Seven Date of punishment:3/12/2018 Reason given for punishment: Non-RP Stunt Jumping Your explanation of what happened: It all started with a cop chase. I was driving an off-road vehicle (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/348697531196375052/423218679702880266/unknown.png) which gave me the impression I can make a jump like this without the car taking any major damage. After I made the jump shortly after I was kicked for Non-RP behavior Why should your appeal be accepted?: It was not Non-rp, because a car with a suspension which is meant for off-road can handle a jump like this. The landing was pretty smooth, meaning most likely the wheels wouldn't be too damaged if this was to happen IRL. The only reason people buy cars like this is to go off-road and do things normal vehicles cant, making it easier to get away from the police. Post any evidence or further details: https://gyazo.com/d84337385b819957200d823717fe0ccf https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/305775676374384640/423227200456884224/unknown.png
  2. spenny113 - Mike White (Ban Appeal)

    Mike said this to me, so I think i can respond. This is really not a reason to ban someone, since it was only a suggestion that he made which was I believe said on radio and discord. Even if I did listen to him and locked the car (which I didn't because i knew no-one had the intention of stealing my car there) this would not change the rp scenario in any way for Lewis Smith OR anyone else. Please let Mike off with a warning if you think it is truly needed and unban him/void it in his alogs if the 24hrs are expired.
  3. Lexa Dagaslov And James Eriksen (335,000)

    I unfortunately do not have it but I can guarantee you the loan was given. Eriksen was there so as a Senior Admin he can confirm. @Eriksen
  4. Character to be refunded: Lexa Dagaslov OR James Eriksen Date and time of incident: February 9, 2018 ( I think ) Requested refund (what and how much): 335,000 dollars Description of incident resulting in loss: The person was very active on the server and part of the exiled, so we gave him a loan of 335,000 for him to buy a new vehicle he wanted. Around the time that the Blacklist came around the guy went inactive. We tried to contact him oocly multiple times but he keeps ignoring. Proof: The agreement was mostly made in voip oocly, but its the basic loan agreement stating " I will pay off the loan fully, failing to pay it back will result in your assets worth as much as the loan with interest being taken away" I do have proof him stating he wants to give part of the loan back but I told him it was okay to pay it later. Evidence of loss: And finaly this is the screenshot of me giving him the money Comments: IF you need some clarification let me know. The person who took the loan is Johnny Gambino @chapster29
  5. ArcadiusBusinessCenter-GTAV-Logo.png

    Looking for a loan? Contact us today on our website!
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  6. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    He is an awesome person! How dare anyone not like InvalidSun!
  7. LeftSharkie - Lexa Dagaslov (Discord Apeal)

    I do have evidence* AND I don't have to pee
  8. LeftSharkie - Lexa Dagaslov (Discord Apeal)

    Why is that still there
  9. LeftSharkie - Lexa Dagaslov (Discord Apeal)

    I have to pee.
  10. Account name:Leftsharkie Character name(s):Lexa Dagaslov Admin who issued punishment:Daddy Nobody Date of punishment:Februrary 10, 2018 Reason given for punishment:i tagged him to apologise for tagging him. Your explanation of what happened:I tagged him because the work around file didn't work. He said " stop tagging me :reee:" and then I tagged him to apologise for tagging him Why should your appeal be accepted?:I just wanted to apologise :( Post any evidence or further details:
  11. I can confirm that in another role-play scenario with me and @Andor he acted in a similar way
  12. I might be wrong then,sorry. All I can say someone at some point told me icly.
  13. The moment when Stefanie was exposed for having that car and having that outfit was exposed way earlier. Even Ana West told me ICly it was Stefanie.
  14. Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

    What Brainded and Smith said. -1 For now.
  15. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Once again. You made me fucking cry. Thank you for BaeView, thank you for not banning me, thank you for playing with me, Thank you for all the fun times, thank you for the anime (i will ask for more) and thank you for the Sharkie role. I'm very happy for you, that you decided to take this step in your life because most people that struggle usually don't. I wish you all the best with the career and best of luck on the road. P.S. Thank you for the Plastic Memories reference. 😢😢 InvalidSun Love you Sharkie, take care of yourself!