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  1. 02/APR/2020 After an intense shootout with law enforcement at a drug lab protecting their own, Dray, Millie, Lexa, Johnathan, Apayo and Jay set out to rob some stores for pocket cash. After robbing a few stores, eventually LSPD and SASD caught onto them, trying to apprehend the thief's. This is when the following events occurred. After all of law enforcement has been dealt with, and all of our troops were treated, we came back to Grapeseed to tie off a loose end. Zoey Duel, an officer serving the LSPD was seen fleeing the shootout as her colleagues and friends were being slaughtered. Here in Los Zetas, we have no respect for those who abandon their allies.
  2. The Arcadius Business Center has been sold for 5,100,000 to an anonymous buyer.
  3. An anonymous person has given an offer of $4,700,000 via mobile. Shall they want their name known, they can identify themselves on this thread.
  4. Buyout price has been set at the door. We expect to sell it within the next 2 days.
  5. Property Name: Arcadius Business Center Business Type: Loan Company Location: Center of Los Santos Looking to Trade / Sell, offer what you feel is fair. Trading only for vehicles. Features: Private underground parking lot, helipad, maxed out loan capabilities (( business level )), private front drive-in and an interior with a bedroom and an office. Contact Information: #5702000 or #4007070
  6. Wish best of luck to you guys, hopefully the community sees you get official again soon. Based on my encounters with you guys from the past, should be in no time.
  7. No, you placed a bid of 7,500,001 and edited your post
  8. Time has expired, and nobody else placed a higher bid. Richman General Store is now sold for $7,500,000 to Rocky Rodriguez. Thank you to the other bidders for your interest. This can be archived.
  9. Current leading bid. Auction ends in one (1) hour. Minimum bid increase is $100,000
  10. Current leading bid. Auction ends in four (4) hours.
  11. No financial statements are available. During my time of owning it, it was always in stock and blip was up. Other then that, nothing was monitored/done to it. Reason for selling it is at the time of purchase, we wanted a second general store, so we bought this one as it was for sale. A few days later, Strawberry store went up for sale, so we grabbed that one as well. There is no more need for this store as we have two, and we cannot keep it much longer as we need to hold and manage other businesses we have. (( Problem with 2 businesses per character )) - Lexa
  12. Auction ends in 24 hours from now If someone bids near the end of the auction, the auction ending will be postponed by 15 minutes When bidding make sure to include your name and a way to contact you Minimum starting bid: 6,000,000 Buyout price: 10,000,000 Richman General Store sold to Rocky Rodriguez for $7,500,000
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