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  1. ImSuspensee

    Activity log for factions

    We asked about this when the Exiled were big and it was stated as quote "An IC Issue." It would help, though. Obviously if this person bug abused it would be one thing, but someone stealing money, according to the admin spoken to, is an "IC Issue".
  2. ImSuspensee

    Admin approval or OOC agreement to Faction Wars

    IRL government doesn't ban you for killing someone for no reason. Yes this my comment is sarcastic, this is a game with rules, no matter how the degree of "realness". I'd also like to point out that the government actually does approve wars, a single person can not just declare war in real life. But referencing criminal wars, a faction of 5 would not declare war on a faction of 50. Also, the cops would be making daily arrests with life sentences, and killing both sides of the gangs, the "government" doesn't just allow people to kill people. But to further that, I don't expect life sentences and things in game, but yet I also acknowledge its a video game. This comment is the least progressive comment I have ever read. The community shouldn't fight with each other. You may personally not mind them, but they divide the community. A quiz to create a faction would not stop the issue of people breaking faction rules. For example, a quiz to get into the server doesn't stop people from breaking server rules. Saying that "it will save admins time if everyone can just know the rules of factions." would better apply to server rules in general. If everyone knew and followed the rules, there would be no reason for a player report section, but sadly people either don't read them or don't care.
  3. It is sad that my server suggestion was not responded to, but it would have prevented all of this, and all of the other huge reports on factions getting turf with no reason.
  4. ImSuspensee

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    I have read very little of this post, just here cause I was mentioned. Spending a week away from the server helped me confirm that nothing will change, no matter what happens. Every comment, I assume (because I haven’t read them) are about some personal problem someone had/has against someone in the gut pushers. I personally don’t like the RP with them, and will make no effort to improve it based on the efforts we’ve (Exiled and Irish, along with come and go gangs such as The Firm and Order) made to make criminal RP more geared towards RP events that will make people want to continue to play the server, such as selling guns, allowing players into large factions, having meetings, making payment rewards, participating in server events as a faction, etc. The RP of the gut pushers and other factions was geared more towards singling out people and killing them. Long story short, moral is low when all you do is PvP on an RP server. Nothing was going to change, hence why 3 factions consisting of over 100 people disband. When you have those numbers, stories spread and people make heir own opinions. Sitting in this thread and fighting will change literally nothing, people have their opinions of each other already. I will not be responding further in this topic or similar ones if they are made. In the interest of others time, I suggest doing the same.
  5. ImSuspensee

    Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    Tavi's account is currently locked so here is his response: "All 4 of these phantoms are owned by myself @Lewis and i wasn’t the one being chased...that was @BFerrisTV I was one of the people who came to help him half an hour after they started chasing him away from the LS airport. The phantoms are the same ones ones you have had to come delete when they were bugged at my house. I own 3 red an one black"
  6. @Badger If any information was gained from the mouth of the person that I downed and talked shit to that would be FailRP because they RPed "having too many bullet wounds." They RPed death, and yet continued to talk shit and live after they typed the /do. Why would I RPly continue to shoot a dead body. Side Note to everyone: The stories all seem to be intertwined and nobody can stay on topic. One persons story contradicts another and questions are being left unanswered. Keep shit on topic if you are going to reply/comment make sure its valuable to a conclusion.
  7. @ants1992You pointed an AK at us. Was that not you initiated hostile RP? Just because waited 30 minutes until you were not expecting it doesn't mean we broke any rules. KOS rules state you have 24 hours to KOS if hostile action is taken against you. If pointing an AK at someone isn't hostile, I don't know what is.
  8. You dont remember pointing AKs at us at the entrance to the pier prior to that? Tell the whole story.
  9. When I killed you, you typed a /do saying that you RPed death. After that you then started talking shit after saying you would be too injured to continue.
  10. Factions are allowed to go to war with no previous RP with us because they become allies with a faction that's already at war? Seems like that would set up situations for wars just for turf.
  11. Player(s) being reported: The Lost Family, The Commission Date of rule breach: 6/15/18 (15/6/18) Time of rule breach: 9PM EST (2AM London) Your characters name: Sonny Lospecchio Other players involved: Tavi Patronus, Steve Doherty, Steve Ranchmen, Scott Kidd Specific rule broken: 6.7.4. A criminal faction cannot declare war on another faction without having a valid roleplay reason. Wanting to own a turf is not considered a valid reason to start a war. If your faction does not have a valid reason to go to war, you can contact the leaders of the other faction and send them an ultimatum with your demands. How did the player break the rule?: The only reason The Lost Family was at war with The Exiled was due to their inactivity in February, forcing them to give their turf up. https://gyazo.com/dd0c62dbb00876693419ebe4cae912fe After we were forced to declare war for their turf (Admin Approved by the picture) we then sent a peace offer. The Commission: Yesterday, I discussed the war that they declared with their leader, Demetrius Sanchez. After discussing, he took away the war. Today I received a PM stating that the war had been put back on due to us already being at war with The Gut Pushers, a war that was initiated over a month ago. This may not be in breach of the rules, but there was no RP between us besides a few shootouts due to stolen vehicles. https://gyazo.com/46bd778153d6b5d7aabb16efc415b592 Evidence of rule breach: Both pictures stated above.
  12. ImSuspensee

    Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    Guess Ill make a final response because "I avoided the questions" even though I answered them one at a time. Note: I had a tinge of sarcasm in my response and maybe swore twice if that? I also think the most insulting thing I said was that something was hysterical. I'd prefer if you didn't rage at me, claiming I raged at you. I don't even have a history with you. 5.3.5 - Vehicle Deathmatch: If my understanding is correct, this is for Vehicles vs. People. If it was not, why would it state "Tapping someone repeatedly to keep them in a ragdoll state or parking on top of them is also considered VDM." I am only speaking for myself when I state I did not hit a person out of a vehicle with a vehicle. 5.3.6. - I didn't. 5.5.1. - This is up for interpretation, clearly based on the responses. In my "criminal" point of view, you were outnumbered and failed to back off. Your cadets video shows up staying and running around in circles shooting at 8+ people. To me, this would be unrealistic. I believe all of my actions during this event, if you take into consideration the number of people there, firepower, and situation, were realistic. - His whole goal was to distract you. He indeed baited you, with a reason. The police fell for it long enough (20 minutes) To allow us to complete our job of exporting. It would make no sense if we were able to unload all our ammo and hear the bait on the radio and go "well, we have 8 people, but he's only one person, so we won't save him." If he would have gone to jail while we were exporting it would have been one thing, but the police took way too long to make efforts to stop him, allowing us to finish one task and move to another, which was saving him. - Ramming was Necessary. The vehicles were not destroyed or used in a way that would render them broken by server scripts or RPly. (When I state Vehicles I am only referring to the trucks.) Our vehicles are considered "designed" for ramming. No super cars were used for ramming. 6.1.2. - "your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate danger most importantly but not limited to when an attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will." We were all in vehicles and outnumbered the police by double the numbers. We also had superior firepower based on what was being used against our vehicles. Nobody was in immediate danger until I saw a cop up on a hill pointing his gun at two trucks that were stuck. In the video you can hear me yell on the radio, "That cops gonna kill that guy in the truck. Kill that fucking cop on the hill." That is the only time the criminals should have had feared for their life. Other than that, the reporters video shows someone crashing into a sign and being swarmed, but staying and fighting. This may be a stereotype, but I believe some cops are reinforced in their mind that just because they have Kevlar doesn't mean they have to fear. If you know nine people are going to try and murder you, and you know you only have two or three other people on your side, get the hell out of there. "(1)This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, (2)where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly, (3)or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death." (1) - The only "close range" interaction was when we were on foot chasing the police up the hill. Obviously besides us ramming them, but they can't "hold a gun to my head" if I'm driving a truck. I will restate again, when I saw someone in the position of almost having a gun at their head, I told everyone to get the fuck out and kill the cop doing it. https://plays.tv/video/5b20715c5b39258ff7/curb-your-report (3:09) (2) - We were driving so I don't feel this applies. The sections on foot were "distant" gun fights with vehicle cover. (3) - In my eyes, my life was not at danger. Someone shooting at me is not an uncommon thing, we are criminals. The same can be said about police. You don't see a report on the forums every time police run towards gunshots, its Their Job. Nobody questions it because they "protect and serve." But are you stating that because we don't get paid to run at gunfire we aren't allowed to? We are brothers, similar to the cops, and to state that it is breaking FearRP because we dont run from gunfire is a biased and uneducated decision. I rest my case your honor.
  13. ImSuspensee

    Exiled Gang (VDM, Fail RP, Fear RP)

    Let me open with this: Sure, RP may not have been the greatest on this attack, but I dont see any server rules that were broken. I'll explain each claim in order and go into more detail after I give context to the situation. CONTEXT: The Exiled did roughly $400k of imports today, and this was our final one. Some how Phil and Leron seemed to have found every spot we were at and contacted the police to our locations. Not sure how they contacted the police, but for the record Phil was/is a felon and for them to accept a phone call without interacting with him should be some sort of FailRP or a real shit job on the officers end (again, not sure how they did it but would love to know). After dealing with the police at Bennys, we then regrouped and went back to the airport. While at the airport we get radio'd that there are cops coming into the airport, but our shipment hasn't arrived yet. Our four trucks break off, two the right, one left, one center. Our center truck ran distraction considering the value of the ammo we had (2000 Micro SMG). One person going to jail for 100k worth of contraband is worth it, and the driver of that truck even agreed. After leading them on a 20 minute police chase which seemed to be very successful as we were able to wait for the drop to come, grab it, and fully unload it with plenty of time to spare, we weren't just gonna let someone get arrested. I radio'd a plan after getting his updated location and it seemed to have worked pretty well considering the outcome. Accused Rule Breaches: Death matching: We had a reason to kill you, easy as that. Vehicle Death matching: Triple stated on discord that "Actively being shot at and returning to scene is VDM." If you would like to think of it the reasonable way, 8 people with fully automatic weapons driving four ton trucks should not be scared of one cop who just plowed into a sign, only using a pistol to shoot tires. It literally makes no sense. Non Role play: Don't wanna take digs at the server, but the whole server is decreasing in "Role play experience". If you think that the number of people we had and the vehicles we used was non-role play, all of those vehicles were owned by The Exiled, and you were fucking with a big gang :shrug: Sexual Roleplay: This may be a mistake of copying and pasting because I don't see anything of that nature here. Fear Role play: We sell guns and drugs for a living. We have gang fights and shootouts pretty normally, but just because police shoot we have to all of a sudden run away? The whole point is to be all in and survive together, if we outnumber someone by the amount we did there, it is YOU who feared RP by stopping on the side of the road and continuing to shoot at 9 people who are trying to murder you. There was one officer who hauled ass up that mountain and deserted the other two, but that was the right call in YOUR situation, outnumbered and outgunned. We shouldn't be forced to run and leave because of gun shots, have some strategy and common sense. ADDRESSING THE COMMENTS: "This is just a small example on what us police officers go through everyday on this server, and we get accused of being the ones manipulating and powergaming, this should prove if anything that this server is severely one sided when it comes to Cops vs Robbers." This comment is actually hysterical. You admit yourself in the discord that half the people involved in this have a PD alt. I believe you lost the situation and simply got upset. There are a few things I typed here that I'd like to say but it seems they are just arguing or complaining, so I will keep it restricted to what was stated above. "If thats realism, then this is not considerd america, more like mexico, where the cartels are in charge with heavy weapons and police are bribed off and scared because they cant do shit." If this is realism why are you chasing a fucking semi truck in cruisers. To further that, why are you chasing FOUR semi trucks in cruisers. Bribery also is not a factor in this, and for the statement of "cops cant do shit", you rambo'd 9 people and died. You tried to do something, just failed. "If this was america, it would deffiantely be the opposite, and in cities like Detroit and chicago officers are equiped with Carbine Rifles and heavy pistols, but meh, what do I know?" I have no clue why the "if this was America" statement is even being brought up. This is a videogame where people have fun. There are scripts that allow us to do illegal activity, and we aren't bound by "America". I also don't want to educate you, but there is a handy division called "S.W.A.T." where you can get all your nifty Carbines and Sniper rifles, you know, those .50cals that all the local Detroit cops carry. Also, just giving someone a Carbine isn't quite how America works. You get trained to use a gun of that firepower, and the people involved in this were two cadets and you. Why would a cadet have a Carbine, but what do I know? FINAL THOUGHTS: Apologies about the sarcasm in the last paragraph, but responding to this report annoyed me very much. You messed with a large faction and paid the price. RP wasn't top notch but we are all people who make mistakes, and in my eyes there was no server rules broken if you take into consideration any slight hint of common sense. I feel like this community is confiding to a report happy "admin for everything" state, and its kind of annoying. Get admins for what you need, but every major interaction with people doesn't need to go on the forums because you aren't happy. VIDEO: Just incase you wanted the last part from my perspective, take a gander. https://plays.tv/video/5b20715c5b39258ff7/curb-your-report Thanks for reading boys, stay sexy.
  14. ImSuspensee


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