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  1. ImSuspensee

    New tax system (Petition)

    And just for a quick example from PD, Anyone with a higher rank than SLO, meaning they have been around and play enough to be in this "35% tax bracket" now less per hour than a cadet. In my opinion that is just silly. I'd like to find a police department where the chief of police gets less than a cadet.
  2. ImSuspensee

    New tax system (Petition)

    Taking away 100 real hours of work with no heads up, kinda wild.
  3. ImSuspensee

    Stranger (9870_9173), Michelle_Len - 5.3 Deathmatching

    Let me just address somethings quickly: (also sorry for the shitty video quality, it randomly shrunk itself) 1) Metagaming claim: https://plays.tv/video/5b93f83801444da963/no-mg?from=user 2) "Once the officer claimed I was being charged, a bullet from his girlfriend hit their vehicle." https://plays.tv/video/5b93f8d6585d9a22b0/full-dm?from=user I said: "Thank you for confirming your identification" (1:34) Then a gun was pointed at the cruiser. Your friends showed intent to kill me before I mentioned any charges. Furthermore, you claim "Once the officer claimed I was being charged, a bullet from his girlfriend hit their vehicle" but they can not hear me speaking, nor can I hear them speaking."In our recording you can hear Thrax speaking to his girlfriend ingame that they're "going to shoot" previously before firing." There was no text /s or any voip RP initiated before opening fire. You assuming that you were BOLO'd is not a reason to kill a cop, just as a side note. To me, it seems you and Michelle killing me was based on an assumption. Recap: "Once the officer claimed I was being charged, a bullet from his girlfriend hit their vehicle." - Your friends could not hear me talking. (if they could I would like to see the video from their POV) "In our recording you can hear Thrax speaking to his girlfriend ingame that they're "going to shoot" previously before firing." - No, they did not, or if they did it was out of VOIP range or they used the wrong Push to Talk and were talking elsewhere, or on the radio. "1. Who confirmed the BOLO matched my vehicle when we had bodied the ONLY cop that was on scene? Senior Lead Officer Bozzuto might be metagaming." - https://plays.tv/video/5b93f83801444da963/no-mg?from=user "2. How did the officer know my name so easily when the back of my vehicle doesn't even expose my character? This seems a lot like metagaming. " - I scanned your plate | https://plays.tv/video/5b93f8d6585d9a22b0/full-dm?from=user (1:20)"
  4. ImSuspensee

    Stranger (9870_9173), Michelle_Len - 5.3 Deathmatching

    Someone came to PD and gave a description of the vehicle, and actually a name of a girl. Also, police have MDC’s. I ran your plate and said the name. If you were to have said something like “that’s not me” it lets me know the car is most likely stolen. It’s strategy, not meta gaming.
  5. ImSuspensee

    Peter Larson (205_7465) - Non-RP

    I didn’t take anything you said OOCly because none of it was directed at me. Even if it was I don’t really mind oocly, cops get a lot worse said to them on the server. Also, from my point of view you just rolled up, did what happened in my video and left without using the radio. If you have a clip of when you were planning on murdering us I’d like to see it just to confirm, thanks.
  6. ImSuspensee

    Peter Larson (205_7465) - Non-RP

    Player(s) being reported: Peter Larson (205_7465) Date of rule breach: 05/September/2018 Time of rule breach: 8:18PM EST Your characters name: Enzo Bozzuto Other players involved: Enzo Constantino, Elena Agent, Stranger (9275_7289) Specific rule broken: " Cop baiting or purposely trying to create a chase or provoke cops for no reason is not allowed. Advertisements by news agencies or bleets should not contain illegal or offensive information. You may coerce a news reporter to post a legal ad if they have the money on hand however you may not coerce them to create illegal ads. " How did the player break the rule?: While conducting an evaluation on a Cadet and we pulled over a vehicle that was speeding and recklessly driving. While conducting an arrest on the driver, a pink zentorno being driven by Peter Larson pulls to wrong side of the road and sits there next to the cruiser and car being pulled over. He the continues to go into detail about "shoving an emu up her asshole" while sitting in the wrong side of the road, next to a traffic stop. After the comments finished, the cadet asked them to "please keep it movin' folks" where Larson responded "mo.. mov... okay" and then tapped the gas pedal for 10 seconds, before slowly backing up again, and repeated this movement. I then made a /report 3 where I said he was cop baiting, and an admin came. The passanger then said "oh look a dog" so they pulled over to the side of the road, and Mr. Larson got out of the vehicle with a shotgun on his back. When he got out he went "oh no!" and got into the zentorno and sped away from the situation where the admin and police were. I'd like to conclude this with a screenshot of the first sentence of the rule book. https://gyazo.com/a8c4d8c63588752ae55998e7190e5bf7 "Eclipse Roleplay is a Heavy voice roleplay server" I don't personally know too many people who drive onto the wrong side of the road to yell profanities at police officers, inch forward and backwards, and pull over to get out of their car with a shotgun around their back and speed off. Evidence of rule breach: Whoever claims the report will receive the video via Discord due to the support chat.
  7. ImSuspensee


    Price Reduced $200,000.
  8. ImSuspensee


    Price is $1,250,000. $1,050,000! Price Dropped $200,000! Feel free to send offers / negotiations to 2593006. **SOLD**
  9. ImSuspensee

    Activity log for factions

    We asked about this when the Exiled were big and it was stated as quote "An IC Issue." It would help, though. Obviously if this person bug abused it would be one thing, but someone stealing money, according to the admin spoken to, is an "IC Issue".
  10. ImSuspensee

    Admin approval or OOC agreement to Faction Wars

    IRL government doesn't ban you for killing someone for no reason. Yes this my comment is sarcastic, this is a game with rules, no matter how the degree of "realness". I'd also like to point out that the government actually does approve wars, a single person can not just declare war in real life. But referencing criminal wars, a faction of 5 would not declare war on a faction of 50. Also, the cops would be making daily arrests with life sentences, and killing both sides of the gangs, the "government" doesn't just allow people to kill people. But to further that, I don't expect life sentences and things in game, but yet I also acknowledge its a video game. This comment is the least progressive comment I have ever read. The community shouldn't fight with each other. You may personally not mind them, but they divide the community. A quiz to create a faction would not stop the issue of people breaking faction rules. For example, a quiz to get into the server doesn't stop people from breaking server rules. Saying that "it will save admins time if everyone can just know the rules of factions." would better apply to server rules in general. If everyone knew and followed the rules, there would be no reason for a player report section, but sadly people either don't read them or don't care.
  11. ImSuspensee

    What better RP would you like from The Gut Pushers?

    I have read very little of this post, just here cause I was mentioned. Spending a week away from the server helped me confirm that nothing will change, no matter what happens. Every comment, I assume (because I haven’t read them) are about some personal problem someone had/has against someone in the gut pushers. I personally don’t like the RP with them, and will make no effort to improve it based on the efforts we’ve (Exiled and Irish, along with come and go gangs such as The Firm and Order) made to make criminal RP more geared towards RP events that will make people want to continue to play the server, such as selling guns, allowing players into large factions, having meetings, making payment rewards, participating in server events as a faction, etc. The RP of the gut pushers and other factions was geared more towards singling out people and killing them. Long story short, moral is low when all you do is PvP on an RP server. Nothing was going to change, hence why 3 factions consisting of over 100 people disband. When you have those numbers, stories spread and people make heir own opinions. Sitting in this thread and fighting will change literally nothing, people have their opinions of each other already. I will not be responding further in this topic or similar ones if they are made. In the interest of others time, I suggest doing the same.
  12. ImSuspensee


    SOLD Features: Quiet Road, Infinity Pool, Hot tub, Backyard upper deck, Beautifully tiled backyard & Nice view! Contact: 3666380
  13. I believe that an admin approving a faction war would stop a lot of the random wars that are currently happening. When you go to declare war, you will be required to fill out what RP reason they have to declare war. If this were to be implemented, when going to declare war, it would be set as “Under Review”, similar to when you send a peace offer it says “Peace offer sent”. An admin such as Eriksen, Pazz, and Ballin would be required to approve or deny the requests. This would stop reports for breaking the turf rule from happening, sitting there waiting for days active in a war we shouldnt be in, for an admin to make a conclusion on the report. If this cant be implemented, then make it so the other faction leader has to OOCly agree to the war. It would be similar to the way peace offers work. Second to Last point: I don’t think that declaring a war should be as easy as it is right now. I also think there should be some rules set on what can start a war. In my opinion I dont think someone robbing someone of $200 should justify 50 people fighting, but thats just an exaggerated example. Final Point: I think there needs to be some forced end to a war. If a faction fully kills all active members of a faction, the war should end. It makes no sense for it to continue if nobody had knowledge of the war. Thanks for reading, hopefully this wont just get brushed off, please give feedback and discuss in the comments, id love to see other peoples views on this.
  14. ImSuspensee

    New cars with supers being removed.

    big ole +1