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  1. Sorry my english is low,but i can understand all words and write the main words which we use in role play situation on the server.I want to play with my friends again,they will help me in RP situation...pls unban me

  2. Hello everyone, Before you create a guide, please make sure you follow these guidelines: Your guide must be written in English, full sentences and punctuation is expected. It must be clear and to the point, no rambling. Provide images / videos where necessary. No offensive language or sexual themes. Before your guide is made public, it will be review by staff. Any changes that are needed before publishing will be made clear by the member of the staff. Thank you for helping contribute to this ever growing community!
  3. Chains on shining, you can see me riding

    Cocaine lined up, secrets that I'm hidin'

    You don't wanna find out, better off lying

    You don't wanna cry now, better off dying

    Chains on shining, you can see me riding

    Cocaine lined up, secrets that I'm hiding

    You don't wanna find out, better off lying

    You don't wanna cry now, better off dyin'


  4. Excuse me Masony, you are legally obligated to PayPal me $465 because actually, the package you sent to me wasn't well received actually, and since I didn't receive the package I would like a refund. I ordered 8 Zemalia Male Masturbators Sex Toys 3D Realistic Vagina and Mouth Masturbator with Teeth and Tongue Masturbation Cups and 27 Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant, Water Based Lube, 8 Ounce Bottle from your website masonysfunsurprises.com over 3 weeks ago and it still hasn't come. You better get your shit together buddy boy because uh, the hammers coming down. I call the Better Business Bureau and they're pissed. 



  5. Unfortunate news but I am also glad you are moving forward in life/career in a positive direction. Reminiscing the good ol' days at LSMS, Biggs, and Bayview together where we ran the show at night. You have done a ton for this community as PR and as Senior Admin, so thank you man, truly it has been a pleasure. I'll catch you IG for sure before you go. InvalidSun I appreciate you man. Truly gonna miss your sweet insults.
  6. Masony? More like Ma is my daddy and I love him to pieces but when we get into admin situations I dislike him a little because I'm salty about the situation and I need to learn to take responsibility for my actions so I don't get banned by him in the future and take down songs that I make for Bayview and fight with him in discord because I feel like he gave me a false punishment but really he didn't and the punishment was fair to the situation I was in and he probably deals with enough player bullshit and me adding onto that doesn't help him so I'm trying to not get into trouble so I can please my daddy sony

  7. Hello, thank you for reporting. The 5.3 rule of deleting the faction clearly indicates that the owner of the faction would not be upheld by this ruling. Seeing as @Shalami relinquish his ownership of the faction willingly to begin with. No action will be taken. Report rejected/closed.
  8. Thank you for reporting. Based upon the Fear RP rule of 2.3, Wayne_Breezy was in the middle of typing a response after having a gun aimed at your head. As for the meta-gaming accusations there is not enough evidence to support such. Reported party will receive an admin warning. Reported accepted/locked.
  9. Thank you for reporting, After reviewing the video evidence, both reported players will be punished for breaking NLR. Report accepted/locked.
  10. masony

    Fail Rp

    Hello, thank you for reporting. After reviewing the video evidence, it seems there was confusion on the communication going on between @fawaz and the other players involved. First, typing the /friskapprove was not done properly, however there are issues with the mask hiding the stranger ID as the script for /frisk does not show the mask ID. This can be avoided by properly observing which player is nearest to you or asking in /b which of the players is frisking to avoid uncertainty. As well, the reported party should have notice that the player was responding by typing /frisk rather then /friskapprove. Letting the player know in OOC chat would have been the best course in guiding the player during that scenario rather then just demanding the same thing in VOIP. This is an example of an RP scenario that was spoiled, I believe both parties have fault in this. However, no action can be taken as there was reasonable time for the player to comply to the demands. Reported rejected/closed.
  11. @playeronesvk please use the correct format found below.
  12. masony

    Mike Lost VDM

    Pending @Badger's response.
  13. No refund can be issued unfortunately. Locked.
  14. This is due to GT-MP server sync, the solution will be coming soon, hopefully. Locked/Archived.
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