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  1. OBEY 9F CABRIO (MSRP: $246,500 - $250,000) This sexy and sleek Obey coupe drop-top is beautiful and reaches top speeds of 213 km/h. She is packing a V8 5.2L engine that pumps out 430 horsepower to the rear wheels at 7000 RPM! This car was not daily driven and was kept in pristine care. This 9F is fully upgraded in both engine and transmission for high performance. She is painted in all black metallic paint and has a white LED underglow. The dealership price for this beautiful car is about $247,000, I am selling it for only $200,000! So if you are interested please text or call me at 5236686. Attached below will be photos of the vehicle:
  2. Thank you for making a player report! With the evidence, you provided the player you are reporting clearly broke the NLR. When I answered the report in-game I did not witness anything but him driving off. But now stated in this forum report with evidence of him coming back to the place of his death. As stated in section 6.2 in the servers rules - "Once a player dies, they cannot come back to the area of their death for 15 minutes and they cannot take hostile action against the party responsible for their death for 30 minutes, they also lose every roleplay reason to take hostile action against the party responsible for their death.". As you can see in yellow I highlighted to the first part of the rule you're broke, you came back to your place of death to retrieve your van. In green, I have highlighted the rule you may have broke, as I was not there to witness it, but did see that they were missing wheat or crops. In conclusion, the player being reported will be punished accordingly for breaking the NLR, and the report will be marked resolved and closed.
  3. Thank you for making a player report! After examination, these players did not break any rules. As stated in the rules section 6.7, part 3, it gives examples of when you do not need to fear for your characters life. As for the VDM, they have valid in character reason to run you over with their vehicles. This report will be marked as closed and rejected. For more information on the Fear RP rules
  4. Thank you for making a player report. After examination, the player you are reporting has definitely broken some of the rules. He will be talked to and punished accordingly. The report will be marked as locked and resolved.
  5. The First Car Meet The first car meet was a blast, pretty small turnout but the cars and people were awesome. Here are some pictures of the meet. Make sure to read the announcements for the next meet up everyone is invited!
  6. Well, I had banned Jocky for very accessive server disrespect towards the players and the server staff. I was originally going to ban him for VDM but then he started to insult both me and the server. His insults consisted of something along the lines of "This server is shit and is going to shit" and "fuck this admin abuse". He, later on, continued to say in VOIP, after I told him is IC only, he said something like "Fuck you pussy admin, this server is shit" and then he quit the sever. The way that you behaved in the situation indicated to me that you really didn't care about the server. You had VDM'd a player with no valid reason and continued to disrespect both me and the server. Awaiting response from a Senior or Head Admin.
  7. Thank you for making a player report! Aubrey will have 24 hours to respond to the report made on them, please make an attempt to notify them about the report.
  8. 6yuAGsE.jpg?1

    1. FatherOsborn


      Cuffs don't fucking break by grinding it against a pole. Jesus Christ.

    2. RaidenRising


      Still rped it but ok.

    3. RaidenRising


      Its up to fluffy so can you please stay out of this

  9. Thank you for the report anyway.
  10. Thank you for making a player report! Unfortunately, you do not have enough evidence to prove that he did VDM you. I will give you 24 hours to provide sufficient evidence.
  11. Thank you for making a player report! Vladimir has 24 hours to respond to the player report with his side of the story. Please contact him for me if you can.
  12. Denied for using an improper unban request title and format.
  13. Thank you for making a player report! As it is very clear that Jason did attempt to VDM I would like to hear his side of the story. He has 24 hours before this report is closed.
  14. Thank you for making a player report! As it is very evident that you were robbed in front of the PD, the player Peterson Cinmeton will be warned for Non-RP. Report Closed/Resolved.
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