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  1. OBEY 9F CABRIO (MSRP: $246,500 - $250,000) This sexy and sleek Obey coupe drop-top is beautiful and reaches top speeds of 213 km/h. She is packing a V8 5.2L engine that pumps out 430 horsepower to the rear wheels at 7000 RPM! This car was not daily driven and was kept in pristine care. This 9F is fully upgraded in both engine and transmission for high performance. She is painted in all black metallic paint and has a white LED underglow. The dealership price for this beautiful car is about $247,000, I am selling it for only $200,000! So if you are interested please text or call me at 5236686. Attached below will be photos of the vehicle:
  2. MrFluffy02

    Supreme Racing League Media

    The First Car Meet The first car meet was a blast, pretty small turnout but the cars and people were awesome. Here are some pictures of the meet. Make sure to read the announcements for the next meet up everyone is invited!
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    Little scared to post mine Here it is tho Squad Grrraaaaa!
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  7. My suggestion is that you guys should add advertisements and phone numbers. By adding phone numbers it eliminates having to pm out of character. With advertisements, you can advertise that you're selling your car or whatever else you advertise. The adverts should be within the chat for the whole server to see. They should have a 3-minutes cooldown and cost around $500 to post. With private or personal car purchasing you should be able to do /sellvehicle [amount] where ever you need or want to. This can be beneficial if you don't want to or can't get to the selling lot. Also for private businesses. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions