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  1. The Best kidnapped scenario

    this is weak. No yelling no sense of worry in your voice, no good acting.
  2. Let me get this right? Someone builds a mod and releases it for free and others make money on the mod of someone's work and does not abide by the EULA? If people are hungry for money i think that a job in the real world would pay more then donations for ingame pointless vehicles. i mean i work hard for my money to donate 100$ bucks for a ingame car. id rather give an honest donation of my choosing and not expect anything in return. But then again money is money...

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    2. RaidenRising


      At the end of the day EC-RP violated the EULA simple as that and got blacklisted. Any side points of reasoning to why they did violate the EULA, whether be allegations of GTMP stole code or what not is irrelevant.

      You cant violate an EULA and then get blacklisted then say oh hey we changed it can we get off the blacklist?
      lol doesn't work like that not on here, not in the real world, not ever. When you violate something and wanna test peoples will you get punished. Eclipse played with fire and got burned. Sucks cause the server was the best one out, now with no new players doesn't seem to be fun anymore.

    3. RaidenRising


      Also, GTMP did not steal the code. What happened was when they were developing the code GTMP thought to take the mod one way and GTA:N thought otherwise. SO, they split. Both contributed to this mod. unless you worked with them then you cant make an assumption. What really happened is a team of developers split thats where GTMP came from. They all coded together and this isn't a real company its GTA:N has no legal rights to its work because its not copyrighted and or contracts given to there developers. Hence, it becomes open source for anyone to use. If you dont protect your "Ideas " they can be used by other people simple as that. Reason why we have laws. Anyways, GTMP and GTA:N were taking the mod in 2 different directions both equally contributed to the code. Then when GTMP became its own they did alot more development then GTA:N.

    4. NobodyLTU


      Seems that people don't like developed servers and prefer playing on freeroam ones.

  3. Warning Removal

    (I am not sure where i would post this) Account name: RaidenRising Character name: Jin Raiden Reason of ban: wasn banned just given a warning post on forums Administrator: Aubrey_Schnitzel Why should this appeal be accepted? I only posted one time regarding to an event that happend to my friend. I did not spam and only posted one time my opinion on the matter, many other people post in player report threads and do not receive a warning. I would like for the warning to be removed as i didnt spam or do anything wrong but simply commenting on an event that had taken place. 1 Spamming Deathmatching, Fear RP - Aubrey_Schnitzel Warning issued by DutchProjectz July 22 Penalty Given 1 points which will never expire. Note for member Posting on a topic you're not involved in.
  4. why would you give me a warning for posting on a forum post that regarded my friend. Like so many people do that and i posted one time i didnt spam. if admins didnt want other people to post then dont you think it should be a PM instead of an open post. this is pity.

    1. RaidenRising


      Also make no sense to get a warning point for spamming when i could have deleted it if you told me to.

  5. Deathmatching, Fear RP - Aubrey_Schnitzel

    no weapons drawn so you can throw fear RP out of it, the officer was holding a taser there are so many videos online showing people not fearing tasers like this one. death matching? hitting your car against another car is not deathmatching(No way of actually killing someone like that.)however the guy didnt touch your car... only thing i see is cop baiting. but the bystander guy did RP that he wouldn't hit the cop car and then he did. So clearly the RP was set as a dare. my question is why didnt the cops arrest the guy when he obviously broke traffic laws before leading up to the /OOC statement of cop baiting. This is just another craze moment when people rush to the reports. RP the scenario and know that some people wont always have good RP. In my opinion this is a poor report. Thats my friend so i have to side with him.
  6. 6yuAGsE.jpg?1

    1. FatherOsbornHD


      Cuffs don't fucking break by grinding it against a pole. Jesus Christ.

    2. RaidenRising


      Still rped it but ok.

    3. RaidenRising


      Its up to fluffy so can you please stay out of this

  7. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    We hope the government supportss new competition
  8. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    ((Remember this is an rp ic forum so please use ic tone when posting. Also any ooc talk should be done just like i did right here))
  9. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    You are our competitor sure we must come on top. This isnt personal but business. Daily Globe takes an agressive stance sometimes when in topics of competition. ((Deep down you dont want the devs to create this faction for biased reasons, let it be. It will bring better RP))
  10. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    This newspaper is way better then the little weazels you hired in your faction. Remember we will win this news race. Prepare to be shut down.
  11. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    I specifically state that those allegations and speculations were never proven true. Its a bio and in his bio he was never convicted and charged with any criminal activities. It was all speculation. He went to a hearing which found him innocent of these allegations. Stop trying to create false allegations, he isnt a criminal and has a clean record.
  12. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    This isnt the official first issue but just a sample work of whats to come. I happen to disagree, in the newspaper anything goes.
  13. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    I appreciate that sincerely. You are a good person.
  14. Daily Globe: Special Edition

    Thank you guys i am looking forward to the official Issue on Monday as this was just a taste/sample of my work. If i am going to write a newspaper i want it to look good. Feel free to share your suggestions. Also since ill be the only one writing these articles i may publish 2 or more a week. It all depends on how much spare time i have. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I love making content.