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  1. Bandar been kidnapped by Chan Gang! ( Part 1 )

    I have to marry Maria Fast Luky it may turn really bad with this crazy chan gang,, So at least she have my babies if i die,, ROFL
  2. Little story before you watch the video So Chan gang one of worst and fearless gangs on Los Santos and Bandar already fuck up by flirting with leader Girl Hayley Chan So the boss dose not like him ANYMORE!!! Please wait for Part 2 ( Bandar REVENGE Vs Chan gang )
  3. Metabolism system

    Daaaaaaayooooooooom my boss always smart Good idea +1
  4. Little story of Prince Bandar looking for Moon, his dad died in middle east and he take all his Oil Money and now he try found his moon special thanks for all who helped to make this beautiful story
  5. The server is Dying

    i used to come and play with youtuber with more then 50 players with him plus he has 33k subscribers but they had fight with sane and didn't want to come back :( because misunderstanding. the thing is YouTube and streamers gona come and wana have fun and it may sometime break RP rules as meta gaming because you talk with the viewers and your friends know where you are from the stream too
  6. The Best kidnapped scenario

    Okay mr hollywood movie maker
  7. The Best kidnapped scenario

    You can watch more stories at
  8. The Best kidnapped scenario

    the edge every slipy
  9. The Best kidnapped scenario

    Happy that u had fun too watching it
  10. Meta Gaming 1891_9812 (10)

    i know but he supposes to die next to his friend on farm but the medic told me lets try to get PD take care of him better then u make ur hand bloody so after saw no PD online he have to die THE ONLY reason i let him get revived cus the medic wanted to have PD involved But i respect ur upon .. i may over acted abit @InvalidSun
  11. Meta Gaming 1891_9812 (10)

    Your player name: Bandar jan Player you are reporting: 1891_9812 (10) Rule broken: Meta gaming using TS/Discord + FailRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: my mech got kidnapped by his friend back at farm so he start screaming HELP HELP HELP on the radio and told me where he was so i went off duty and rush over there i saw green van same detail my friend say it on radio i parked behind him i saw my friend dead i took my gun out and start saying PUTS UR HAND UP admin shows up with medic to know whats going on we explained everything to the admin ( aongrant ) then i told admin if threes no PD on at this time i may do it by the old days BULLET TO THE HEAD ( as soon he make sure everything going by RP he give me the green light )so mr medic start saying please no we talk to PD to get him on jail I said ok i give him chance.........then this guy who ran me over at the hospital start ruining away i run behind him and my gun out STOP STOP but never did then so i gived him 3 bullet To head so ( HE DIED AT THE FARM ) then i went with the medic to the hospital then we waited for 10 min no cop at all 0 COPS on duty so the medic told me i am gona do my job i told him as soon as u release him i am gona give him a bullet to the head so he stop kidnapping my mechs and u can see the rest of the video 2th video 4 guys comes and start shooting eljah and killed him and start walking away with theirs friends :) Time and date: 08/04/2017 05:47 pm GMT+3 Evidence: You can ask the medic 989_547 (26) he saw everything plus his freinds comes in 4 cars shooting my mech and killed him and just left with out saying a sngile word or was involved in the RP
  12. Itali GTB Custom

  13. The Best kidnapped scenario

    i been kidnapped by 3 gentlemen wearing purples i had amazing time with the scenario not because they had 1 idiot ( who fall from the cliff ) So i am sharing it with u guys today Its how they talk before shot they take ur battery so u dont call the police and they threat ur family if u call the cops i wish other players start doing some amazing scenarios like this and stop the CS:GO going in the server xD i mean as my experiences at the server i meet so many guys some ppl just OOC in voice in kidnapping .... but some they do that u even having fun while getting roped xD i give 5 stars to this boys Big thanks to our lovely staff who take care of the trolls <3 (DO NOT TAKE THIS VIDEO AS EVIDENCE ITS ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT I HAD NO PHONE TO RECORD WHAT HAPPENED *THEY STOLE IT*)