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  1. LOL Papa why you dont have rep ? 

  2. ( Bayview Vs Grove Street )

    Well you spouse to be in jail for long time :3 before You can attack me xD and next time will be no comply Straight pew pew pew
  3. ( Bayview Vs Grove Street )

    Well that was unfair you did not went to jail for some weird reasons xD We can do part 2 tomorrow if you think grove street gang can handle bayview!
  4. ( Bayview Vs Grove Street )

    No one mess with bayview! Big thanks to my homies helped me! Santos Mota my homie Scoutt Turf the ugly car owner Jason Gaylord ( He died RIP 1990-2017 )
  5. Ramon Carter Chief of Police Resignation Letter

    Madafucka i am very sad i did not have any chance to meet you face to face but i am very sad to see you go too, Good luck on your future. Bandar Jan AKA Ladies killer
  6. (18+) Sexy Indian dad looking for a fun time

    NO WORRIES I GOT YOU HOMIE Sarah haytam . Lowest price hooker available 24h Holly Sexy legs ugly face available 24h Low price James Eriksen Lovely face hot body blue eyes available 24h High price ( Gay ) Alisa savage transsexual Big $&*& Hot body available 24h For Free Dromda Perfect for VIP customers Available for 1h Weekends ONLY! Alexa Lovely girl shes not 18 yet 1 year then she gonna be available Ansta Vodka Russian woman work as mechanic Available 10h Weekends ONLY! Travis Palmer Long Tongue big mouth love to cuffs available for 24h For Free ( Gay ) Jean Pelletier Hairy french man available for 24h 50$ for 10h I have so many others, Womans , Gays ,Transsexual , Call me so i can send it to you, First 10 min is free! 2732286 BEST SERVICE AT LOS SANTOS
  7. King Zaki - How I became a 'REFORMED ROLEPLAYER'!

    Baby your sugar daddy is waiting .....
  8. Mask 857_1552 Deathmatching

    @Lord Pepe I send the video already to pepe and explained everything, Waiting for his action
  9. I did not understand a single thing but i agree anything help the server WE AGREE
  10. FailRp Stranger 5755_967

    Well we cant sell your car we can only use it to do crimes,drift, We cant sell it . and i accept your apologize :) you seems like a good lad. And no worries next time make sure your good with rules :3 Admins i accepted his apologize. Best Regards
  11. FailRp Stranger 5755_967

    Your player name: Turki Jan Player you are reporting: Stranger 5755_967 Rule broken: Fail RP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: So we point a gun on him and ask him gives key and hands up he /B OOC how ? when my friend explained how he jump in his car and run away while i was point the gun on him all time Time and date: 04/09/2017 03:06 pm GMT + 3 Evidence: Already informed the player about the report :
  12. Account name: Bandar Bomb Character name: Turki Jan Reason of ban: Kissing admin on duty >.< Administrator: @Lord Pepe Why should this appeal be accepted? I am sorry :3 it was my first day on the server and i saw pepe as i remember and i start kissing/licking him on voice him after he finish help me. as i remmber well this was back 2 month ago and i did not mean to mixed IC/OCC didn't even know what that mean back day it was my first day on server XD and it make me look like bad boy with that thingy on my name :'(
  13. Reporting - police station-

    But this gonna be fixed if more jobs gonna added to the city @Andor because right now me or you wanna be criminals okay ? what we can do?! rob farmers only xD so all farmers been getting robed 24h. i still dose not like him insulting OCC
  14. VDM 980_7695

    Injured and knock down is different things :3 Injured mean been used as deadly wpn Knock down is u hit me with little touch so i fall on the ground
  15. VDM 980_7695

    Owww ITS you the one who stole my dream car :) and took my warrner to the farming and 2 time i killed you 2 times :3 but you still wana still my dream car ? :P hmmmm i can give u a key for test drive... you have np dying 2 times for it and gose for 3th try xD But about your VDM u cant use car to defend your friend :) u can use ur car to knock him down and run not as deadly wpn :) You killed us both ^^