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  1. Hi selling my maxed 9F Carbio, currently listed on High End for 300K. Contact: #2703005
  2. A very nice and detailed thread, enjoyed reading it
  3. Henlo I'm selling my maxed Pfister Neon with 2/2 turbo. In no rush to sell, buyout set at 900k. Can do cash at bank or via HE, tax is for the buyer.
  4. @FuzI was the Neon driver I was going approximately 80 km/h which is quite slow in GTA V standards, I was braking to slow down as well but I miscalculated. And yes I do value my own life and my car, but I do value my ally's life more as he was being directly shot at by the enemy standing right next to him so him dying was very likely to happen. After all I can take my car to Bayview or LSC to repair it again. And hitting the wall at such speeds shouldn't injure me severely, keep in mind 80km/h in game are not the same as 80km/h IRL.
  5. I wasn't being shot at as in my eyes and what can be seen in your POV is that you focused on the people in the Neon, that's when I called in for backup.
  6. Henlo thanks for the tag @JakeInnit_, I will explain my side of the story right away, I got in Braddocks where one of my fellow gang members was collecting supplies. For the memes I said hands hands to him, then I hear the same thing behind me so I thought it was another gang member joking with me. I look behind me and still for a split second I thought it was one of ours, I'm very tired at the moment and I withdrew my gun again and turned around to walk back inside, because I couldn't see the guns they were pointing. And for the backup call inside the shed, you were not near me, and it seemed like you were focused on the guys in the Neon. So I quickly told my fellow gang members that we needed backup. I see this happening a lot as well from your side, take a look at the DM report from LD against Carlos. Also keep in mind I had already been downed and had little to no chance to surviving anyways. For the not rp'ing injuries, I had not much time to do so.
  7. Mariaaaa


    LMAO you're the scammer here retard, I bought a 4g from Simon the other day with my then fiancee smh.
  8. Hello Valentina Salvatore here, I'm guessing I'm reported for hitting the wall after running over one of the reporting party's friends/allies. I will now explain what happened. We were chasing this white Novak with our allies, NLA, I couldn't keep up quite well due to the top speed of my Neon. However due to the call outs on the radio I wasn't far behind. When I approached the fight I saw they had initiated already. As I came closer I saw I had a clear spot to ram one of the enemies that was standing and shooting directly next to and at my ally with the intent to kill him. However I came in a bit fast and tried to brake to stop in time but I failed and hit the wall behind the enemy. I did RP injuries but after the shoot out was over I am sure the admins can find this.
  9. Hey I have an Exemplar for sale for 90k fully maxed!
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