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    ID 148 - VDM

    Hello ID 148 here, ID 150 was aiming and about to open fire on my allies, I was left with just a few options either make a U-turn but have a chance of Cowell blocking me in as he was facing me, and then getting shot by ID 150 or hitting the gas and possibly hitting ID 150 which is what happened. I do not believe I broke a rule here, I didn't run over players multiple times nor circled back in the active shootout. I found a spot to get out and started shooting. My pov: https://streamable.com/thdzxc Image of what I thought would happen: https://imgur.com/Krq0a9G
  2. Hello ID 225 here, first of all too bad we couldn't resolve this through PM's. It was a genuine accident and wasn't targeted. We were checking labs to get some action not to rob a solo guy without a gun. I was having issues apparently as seen in my pov below, we switched drivers. While we were leaving via the outside dirt path ID 321 wondered where you had gone so quickly, so we went inside once more to try and find you but without luck as you were hiding in a bush. The reason ID 321 went through the bush is because the weed plants to the left of it are indistructable and often stall/damage your car. So you have to go partly through the bush, I do agree this could've been done more subtle but neither of us three expected you to be in there which you can tell from their reactions. When we saw you got injured we carried you out and called MD for you, we had no ill intent with the ram, we were looking for some action after all as we had heavy guns, not to run over randoms. However it may seem to you that it was targeted but we didn't care about your character as he didn't have a gun on him so we wanted to leave, only bad luck you were in our path. My POV: https://streamable.com/60w48s
  3. Hi I'm selling my Schafter V12 for 200K cash, it's fully maxed with 2/2 turbo.
  4. too lazy to make a post myself, selling an apartment for 650k at Integrity Way 4, floor 28. x
  5. Not true. In all my time I played Eclipse I've never witnessed anything like this nor reported anyone for using godmode. All of our factions have been in Eclipse for a long time, especially Los Zetas and Los Santos Triads. And all of our members are very experienced and can take a loss as we are here to roleplay and not to win every situation. It's just that things don't make sense regarding the way we lost this time so we took it to the forums for further investigation.
  6. Well if you did you should know that playing in other communities before joining Eclipse doesn't give you any knowledge about "IC stuff" in Eclipse as that is completely different than understanding the general concept of roleplay.
  7. +1 but definitely needs good prior agreement in /b as sometimes during large scenes with PD involved one officer says A and another says B.
  8. Not trying to accuse any of you here but things seem a bit odd if you look at the whole picture; all of you basically created your forum account about a week ago around the same day, your EXP levels were also quite low when we checked. And you all seem to have a lot of knowledge about IC things (getting heavy guns, gangs, labs) and general understanding about desync as well. The fact all of you have been reported and can be seen doing sketchy things unsure wether it's desync or another cause, it just seems a bit odd. Also as seen in the video that Carlos_Rodrigueez provided, multiple shots actually did hit him from a distance while he took off, again could be good aim but a Hakuchou Drag is very agile and very hard to hit in my opinion. Just because someone drives in that could possibly be their backup doesn't grant you DM rights and you still have to give demands before engaging. We didn't start looking for reasons after we took a loss, we take losses often, but at the time all of us were confused as to what we just witnessed. And because it wasn't just one or two of us that were surprised and most of us at that scene are long time players in this community, we felt the right thing to do is to take it to the forums for further investigation by Eclipse staff.
  9. Hello I am ID 38 I will give a quick explanation of what happened. So today we got a backup call from a few Triads, some of us responded, upon arrival of Carlos_Rodrigueez (ID 44) they opened fire on him without any prior engagement of RP (his DM report will follow up). I arrived a little later after he did, Carlos opened fire on the Seven-70 and ordered the Trophy Truck to get out the car which they didn't. We opened fire on the Trophy and we both shot ID 7 a lot of times, I combat rolled twice as well to avoid the desync issues. But yet we both got injured and ID 7 was still standing. Then on Diego's POV the same thing can be seen, Diego_King (ID 170) shot at ID 169 a lot of times but ID 169 did not get injured. Again desync could play a factor but I would like to see their POV's. Also we checked their EXP levels and they were all very low at the time, could possibly also mean something.
  10. Player(s) being reported: ID 68 Date of interaction reported: 02/06/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1591126745 Your characters name: Valentina Barr Other player(s) involved: Gabriel Barr (ID 385) & ID 320 Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If they are not in compliance with plausible demands, attempt to escape, or call backup. A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands. A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand(s). Vehicles cannot be used to attack a player on foot more than once, including a failed attempt. Vehicles cannot be used as a weapon in an active shootout unless it's unavoidable when fleeing an active shootout. Killing a player that has obeyed all orders and demands during a roleplay situation is allowed, with roleplay, only within 3 hours of: Severe hostile or criminal action is taken against you, e.g. someone is robbing you at gunpoint. (Excluding police aiming a gun at you.) Someone is attempting to take your life. Someone is attempting to take the life of your close friend or ally, or if you have witnessed it happen. You must explain your reason to kill to the player IC and have OOC evidence proving your reason. How did the player break the rule(s)? It's pretty straight forward: ID 385 and I (ID 13) were talking to ID 320 when all of a sudden ID 68 comes up to us, reverses back towards the bank and then charges into us. We literally did nothing but having a conversation. Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/7ot3oi (Provided by ID 385)
  11. Very interesting discussion to start off with. I've been on both sides, I've played as a regular citizen and as a full time criminal as well, all on the same character may I add. Recently I joined Aztecas, this was right after the new rules got introduced to which I cheered at at first. As a civilian I was quite relieved to know some random on a BF400 with a shitty pistol couldn't rob me of my GPS anymore. Whenever I played as a civilian I was looking around while refueling making sure no one would roll up on me etc. Same with clothing stores, hiding in a corner with a drawn gun incase someone tried something on a friend shopping clothes. Or storing all my belongings in my car at bank and run down to the clothing store or barber with an empty inventory. From a civilian stand point I really do think a part of this rule should stay in place as to where clothing stores, gas stations, stores, furniture store, and just heavily populated areas like the pier for example should stay an unrealistic place for a robbery in broad daylight. However to add some realism I do think the rules should alter a bit during night times, perhaps make it so that like less populated areas, stores and gas stations should become a dangerous place for civilians at night where a robbery should be able to take place. As in reality I'm actually afraid to go out by myself or even with a few friends at late hours, however a way for civilians who do want to shop during the nights is perhaps going out with less valuable items on you, because again in reality you wouldn't walk with expensive jewelry or bags on you at 2am in a huge city like Los Angeles. Now to move on, from a criminal stand point: like I mentioned earlier I joined Aztecas, this was after the new rule change. So it was the first time for me experiencing the criminal side with the new rules in place. And I don't know how I feel about it to be honest, at all times I'm now recording everything I do, everytime an opportunity arrises I'm thinking "If I do this, will I play by the rules and/or will I get in trouble for this most likely?". I catch myself ruleplaying a lot and I'm disgusted by that, I hate ruleplaying but in some way or another you are just forced to, because you're afraid to get punishments which will result in a ban eventually, which no one wants of course. A short example from a day or two ago. A person pulls up to our gang's HQ, this person had been trash talking me personally and I believe also a few others of Aztecas. I can't recall the exact situation so I will keep it short, anyways this person should face consequences for their actions yet they are protected by OOC rules so we can't do anything to them. Literally a person could walk up to our HQ call us a retards 24/7 and we still couldn't teach them any lesson because they are standing on the pavement of a populated area. Now of course you could say move your HQ to a more secluded area, but even there people will jump to /b and say it's a broad daylight robbery because the line is just too vague. And I do agree rules should be interpreted at some point and not all black on white to avoid ruleplay but this rule needs a rework for sure. Right now there is not a lot to do for us criminals, the only interesting things happening are around chop shops and drug labs which are almost abandoned anyways. Outside those aforementioned areas it just feels like playing in an NCZ. Whereas earlier you could hope the person being chased would run out of gas is now completely changed. As you can only sit with them and look at them refuel at some remote gas station because it's considered a public area. Eclipse is still fun to play don't get me wrong, but I would prefer to play without having to worry about possibly getting a punishment.
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