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  1. Hello, Others above me summed it up pretty well, we got orders from the higher ups to get strapped and group up near Stab City to eventually roll in together. I just did that what I was told to do. Valentina Onizuka.
  2. Application Submission Hello [email protected] I am writing to you in regards to my roadside application I have just submitted. I feel I have the qualities to perform said duties, and the ability to learn any duties assigned to me during training. I will gladly wait patiently and can not wait to receive a reply. Regards, Valentina Onizuka
  3. Mariaaaa


    Was a pleasure being with and alongside Aztecas, will never forget.
  4. You could obviously not see my weapon, yet. We didn't hold you up for a $500 citation, we're not retarded. "It wouldn't have been an escalation to cop killing if you would've complied with the demands given, knowing there's a second person in the car of which you don't know if they have a gun or not." You were given demands by 139, what I meant to say is you chose to return fire while there was a second individual (me) in a vehicle of which you don't know if they are potentially armed or not. It wouldn't have to be a "senseless cop killing" if you would've complied. I'll le
  5. I pm'ed you a bit after, same ID and seemingly the same EXP but I got no response, however you know now that you're being reported. I'll do so if the admin handling the report requests it. You had no idea what I had on my person or in my glovebox/trunk, knowing PD you would probably have searched the vehicle after you saw the .50 on my back. And yes this is an assumption, but I'm pretty certain you would've arrested me because you could've seen on my license that I have a suspended firearms license. Regardless if I would've gotten one or two charges for the firearms I would've
  6. Player(s) being reported: ID 34 Date of interaction reported: 17/1/2021 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1610894377 Your characters name: Valentina Rodriguez Other player(s) involved: Sam Onizuka Specific rule(s) broken: " 10. Powergaming (PG) Powergaming is playing unfairly through not allowing other players a chance to roleplay responses and their own actions, unrealistic actions, or non-factual statements in /do. Forceful commands should be used after RP or the party is unresponsive for 30 seconds. Government funded faction membe
  7. Hello Valentina Rodriguez here, We had a shootout prior to this with our enemies when an SED Kamacho chose to involve themselves, at that point my family started to bother me as well and I lost focus which resulted in me getting injured by the SED officers as we were getting shot at from multiple directions at that point. Then when they tried to roleplay with me I kept getting distracted and due to the chat clutter it took me longer to reply. At some point I had to tab out for a few seconds as well to google something for my family and this eventually led to me bleeding out while I was wr
  8. Hello Valentina Rodriguez here, The reason why I came to laugh in Steel's face has been addressed numerous times above; he keeps trash talking all of us when we get pulled over etc. So I took a spare 5 seconds out of my time to write "Hahahaha" & "Jason Steel" and leave again while the rest of our 50+ people were attending the very few casualties we suffered. Then we heard on the radio that the National Guard had been called and we made a safe escape while our injured were already evacuated from the scene. Best regards.
  9. I wish cops started talking more like cops instead of boys trash talking like it's some competitive game.
  10. Player(s) being reported: 203, 28, 187 & 112 Date of interaction reported: 05/12/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1607199639 Your characters name: Valentina Rodriguez Other player(s) involved: Other Aztecas & LFM Specific rule(s) broken: " 13. Fear Roleplay (FRP) Fear RP is showing appropriate care and concern to preserve your character's safety and life. If a player's life is in direct danger they must RP adequate fear and comply with demands. If an attacker lowers their weapon to type, victims which were under fear RP
  11. Can I ask where the second guy is? And I'm sure admins can check damage logs if he is "hidden" because on my POV I don't see anyone but you and ID 64 or I'm blind.
  12. Hello, not directly involved but maybe this helps. Carlos and I got shot at Sealab were ID 31 was baiting together with a friend, after I got out the car he gave demands in chat which I didn't see at first as I wanted to go rob the bald guy. He then landed three perfect shots while I was in motion and I got downed as a result which is fine but I do have suspicion that he's hacking. In the second clip below Carlos can also be seen getting shot in the middle of his torso just like on my POV. Here are two clips of the encouter with ID 31 at Sealab: https://streamable.com/vwykhg & ht
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