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  1. Just use a drag. If you cant lose PD when your on a drag your doing something seriously wrong.
  2. 2 short videos with not much context behind them. One of them involved an admin as well and im inclined to believe they try to uphold a high standard of RP. I can post many clips of crims or civs doing questionable RP with no context behind it but that would be dishonest as context is key. Also if your claiming those clips are non-rp wheres the forum report? You should be reporting them if you think a rule was broken and let the staff team decide instead of making a thread here.
  3. This seems like something to bring up to the staff members managing PD/SD than just posting a complaint on the forums with unsubstantiated claims
  4. ID 7 here. I believe context is extremely important here so I am requesting the reporting party include the full video of the entire situation instead of just one interaction. This scene in whole lasted about 30 minutes leading up to the arrest and I will explain. (I dont have any recording as the only time I was told to save POV was in the cells which was about half an hour after the start of the initial scene) A red hellfire is being chased by Tyler Rogers and we pull it over to speak to the owner. Tyler Rogers in the rapid GT as well as man in the same clothes as the reporting par
  5. Are you the guy I arrested earlier at the beach for reckless op because you thought driving down a steep staircase in a vehicle was a good idea?
  6. UrbanAwsomeman

    PD RP

    As cool as it would be to see behind the scenes of IB it would probably be metagamed and used to evade them so its probably a good idea to keep a lid on how they operate.
  7. As a person primarily RPing a cop I think this rule adjustment would overall be a good thing but I think the rule would have to be really thought out. For example there should be a clear list of clothing that cops and other people are allowed to RPly see a gun and a list of clothing that we should treat as RPly hiding the gun to avoid any confusion. I also think that maybe another avenue could be taken where as the .50 is the best pistol and the weapon of choice for most criminals to buff the other pistols make all of them invisible on a person like the heavy. That way when your decidng what w
  8. I am Callum James from the scene I would also like to include the pictures of 73 insulting me and especially in PMs saying I am ruining this server. This OOC behaviour especially from someone not involved in the scene is simply unacceptable. If the staff member dealing with the report requires anymore information from my please do tag me and I am happy to provide details.
  9. Tezhi makes a good point. I would be all for criminals getting more deathRP but in return they have to let gang members die in gang v gang shootouts. Because i've seen people get sprayed down by a swat member just for their buddy to come over slap a gauze with a /me and then /cpr which is frankly piss poor RP. If you guys want realism in PD shootouts I want it in every injury.
  10. I don't want the Admin dealing with this to have to read anymore so I will just answer your points and leave it there. Your life wasn't at risk nor was I actively arresting you so I don't see why you fled. You could have shut the door to avoid running me over or given me a demand to move out of the way. It is not my job to ask if what you did was an accident. Once you saw me get ran over you could of stopped and in ooc said it was an accident or when I PM'ed you to tell you to save your POV you could of said there it was an accident. But seeing as you did neither im inclined to belie
  11. Player(s) being reported: ID 159 Date of interaction reported: 29/06/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1593457646 Your characters name: Callum James Other player(s) involved: None directly involved Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper roleplay reason and interaction. Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property. • If they report you to the police for a serious crime. • If t
  12. PD members are held to a high RP standard and are suspended if they dont follow with it. For example I was suspended from PD for non-rp early into my time in LSPD which I rightly deserved. What I did to get suspended was perfectly allowed within the server rules but was not the standard of RP that LSPD wants so I was punished for it. If you feel that an officers RP is poor submit an OOC IA against them. The system really does work as the people running IA are actually making sure officers are following regulations and punsihing those that dont. But remember that if your not happy with an
  13. I said good RP interactions not just good interactions. But before you start waving your finger at PD look at yourself first.
  14. Maybe if all you have are bad RP interactions with PD you are the problem there.
  15. +1 but as the suggestion says it should only be allowed to be used in the event of someone crashing.
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