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  1. As someone that spends pretty much all his time as a cop I would be down for some restrictions to PD. The idea of weapons being on a cooldown is good but with the few amount of officers that are actually able to deploy such weapons I don't think it would do much. What people forget is that a criminal can get his/her hands on a heavy weapon quite easily whereas a cop has to go through the training, months of experience for promotions and then they have very strict guidelines on when they can and can not use the weapons. I also think that people complaining about cops going in 1v3 or 1v5 or 1vWhatever is a double edged sword. If you are going to complain about that why do criminals often drive around close to scenes full of armed officers on bikes or park up in cars metres from the scene? sounds like your not fearing for your life. And from personal experience if you want to not have to face officers with heavy weapons all the time up your strategy. So many scenes where we have deployed heavy weapons have been because the criminals have extremely poor strategys for getting their friend back.
  2. Doubt its a hard drive issue as I have GTA V installed on a near 10 year old HDD and I don't experience issues. When you freeze, does the whole game stop including sounds or does the picture just freeze? And what type of internet do you have? Wi-Fi or ethernet and whats the speed? Because I know in more populated areas if your internet isn't the best the game may fail to load things in time resulting in the game freezing.
  3. As a PD member I feel that keeping DeathRP the way it is is the best option. I grant deathRP quite often as I am here to RP and have fun and not to win but quite a lot of people that ask me and other officers for deathRP that get denied are usually because they displayed a very poor level of RP in the situation. We all discuss deathRP when there is multiple officers on scene as well so its not like 1 officer can mean you do not get deathRP. Before suggesting the system be changed you should evaluate if the problem is you first. If your constantly being denied deathRP you are probably displaying poor RP in the situation. Even people I don't get on with on an OOC level I would never use that against them when giving them deathRP. If realistic injuries like the ones you described would grant someone deathRP the same should apply for any injury. A lot of civilians and criminals get injurys like the ones you described in your post and a quick trip to the hospital and they're good as new. Also I don't think you understand how law enforcement deals with shootings. The reason law enforcement generally does not aim for the head and instead the center of the body is because its easier to hit. And law enforcement will not stop shooting until the threat is no more which is what we already do. Also again if you are saying that PD should have better shooting RP criminals should follow suit. Not many gang members should be able to be able to shoot assault rifles, SMGs or shotguns very accuratly but on this server they seem to have military precision. To finish off while I don't doubt someone has probably denied someone deathRP because of their faction affiliation why should everyone else have to pay for that? It's like saying a guy from a faction DM'ed me so that faction as a whole are bunch of DMers. Your painting PD with a very broad brush which is pretty unfair.
  4. I think it should be added but like others have said highly regulated. You could also legally restrict it to the hunting areas or well vetted security companies could use them for their work.
  5. Player(s) being reported: ID 32 Date of interaction reported: 14/09/2019 22:00 GMT+1 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1568493901 Your characters name: Callum James Other player(s) involved: Other PD officers on scene and the player I was conducting a traffic stop on. Specific rule(s) broken: " 5. Hacking and Exploits Players must not have mods, trainers, or any kind of software installed that gives any advantage. Server bugs may not be used for advantage and must be reported on ECLIPSE Roleplay forums. Server scripts should not be exploited in any way to your advantage, e.g. circumventing AFK timer or adding something to your screen to replicate a crosshair. " How did the player break the rule(s)? I was conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle and while waiting for backup ID 32 walked up to my vehicle and somehow turned the engine off while he was outside the vehicle and I was in the driver seat. My car proceeded to fly down the street without me controlling it which I believe ID 32 was responsible for. Evidence of rule breach: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HjQKeN5PvWAKBw_1jN_Ux1i-gAUZdBWS https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ftJuJdn3IaLjjL7Dfbmq6P58JkbD_Ddy The second video follows immediatly from the first one but I recorded using shadowplay hence the two clips. (Also excuse the background noise on my discord. It was my friend waiting for me to log off so we could play Overwatch.)
  6. While in my time in LSPD I have never experienced anyone metagame using the MDC but I dont doubt that it happens and that really sucks for criminals. The system makes my life as a cop so much easier by having to not remember really obscure names once I find the persons name out IC through seeing their license. I see that a lot of people complaining about cops metagaming but they forget that a mask doesn't automatically hide your identity. For example I can identify quite a lot of Zetas when I interact with them just by clothes, vehicles and voice alone. And I don't know why people are bashing cops RP for. LSPD has a very high standard for RP as an official faction just like every other official faction on this server and to slander our RP in every forum post about the LSPD does a great diservice to the people in the faction that try their best to promote good RP.
  7. Could also create new underground businesses and allow gangs to run them out of shops. A gang that owned say a property registered as a business could launder money through that.
  8. Another thing they could do to make people want to get rid of dead bodies instead of just leaving them is to allow detectives to examine the body to figure out information about how they died. Such as a rough time of death and what weapon killed him.
  9. Looking for a buildable business property to start my own charity. Dont mind where it is located. #3991950
  10. Just to add a bit of clarification I was the officer that called in the robbery over the radio. I walked into the store and noticed someone in the back aiming a pistol (The back door was wide open so I saw you) I then ran out of the shop and back to the cruiser before you noticed me and then radioed for backup.
  11. Im not ID 77 but I was the person that added charges to your record after ID 77 spoke to me about what happend IC so I would like to chime in if you dont mind. The next day when on patrol ID 77 mentioned you made criminal threats against him and he knew what car you were driving and told me what he remembered you wearing so we went looking for you. As the car is blue we figured we would find you at the Zetas store and ID 77 pointed your car out to me about an hour into our patrol. After sticking around the area for quite a long time and questioning a bunch of people at the store that knew you IC (I wont disclose what they said as that was part of the reason I charged you but I can PM an admin with it if they need) I determined that it was enough evidence to place a charge on your record and impound your vehicle. He didn't know it was you he only knew the vehicle and the clothes you were wearing. While looking back on the situation as the officer investigating what ID 77 told me I should of gathered more evidence before placing charges. But at the time I was pretty confident it was indeed you who did the cirme.
  12. When people get arrested everything is taken off of them including food, GPS, radio etc... The problem with this is that when the person is released from jail most of the time their items have been destroyed by someone or the arresting officer is no longer online to hand the person their items back which means they're out of pocket. As a cop I make a concious effort to return items to prisoners after their sentence but there has been a lot of times where I have put their belongings to one side in the PD and come back to grab them to see them gone. Or if their sentence is a long time I am usually not online when they're out of jail so I am unable to hand them their things back. What I am suggesting is like the /pw menu cops have access to to grab things out of there should be another menu added in the PD, SD and DOC HQ that allows the person accessing it to spawn items such as GPS, radio food etc... So the person could go to the front desk, tell the officer what they need back and the officer at the desk can confirm this and then go to another room to access a locker that would then spawn the items for him. While this could be easily abused it could be restricted to certain ranks in the factions that have access to it. And it could require paperwork to be used such as when arresting someone the officer has to make a report on all items found. The person spawning the items to retrieve for the man could then check the report and make sure he man only gets the items on the report back. While in an ideal world it would be better for RP that we keep prisoners items safe for them to collect with the shear number of arrests it's just not feasable which is why adding this would be a good thing.
  13. I agree with OP that there needs to be new additions for things for criminals to do. I stopped playing my criminal character because outside of the spontaneous RP scenarios I found myself often quite bored. I didn't enjoy chopping or making drugs as they didn't really involve any RP and if it did it was through me being robbed. Stuff that could be added could be a script that allowed players to break into houses and steal items such as dvd players and TV's. (You would break into a house owned by a player but you would not actually be stealing from the player.) Then loading it in a truck and selling it at the docks. You could make the value of each item flucuate at random or based on volume of them being sold. I.E if one day loads of DVD players are sold they lose a lot of their value for a temporay amount of time. Not only would this system add scripted criminal RP it could add a really nice RP element such as someone loading up a van full of stolen goods and hiding it from the cops in warehouse until the prices are good. Or criminals buying stolen goods off other criminals to sell for a profit. Or the bigger gangs controlling the docks and taking a cut of everything. Another thing that could be added that I have seen suggested before is turfs for gangs to fight over. While some people will see them as just an excuse for people to kill each other I think it would be overall really beneficial as it would give the criminals something to constantly do which means civilianRP can develop as they wont be constantly robbed by criminals patrolling the city looking for people or just camping the mines or foundry. And it allows gangs to actually own hoods and let rival gangs fight each other.
  14. Account name: UrbanAwsomeman Character name(s): Michael Henway (Character that received the punishment) Callum James (Is my other character on the server) Admin who issued punishment: Jeremyy Date of punishment: June 5th 2019 Punishment received: DM #1 Reason given for punishment: Forum Report was accepted https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/20174-id-93-and-64-dm/?tab=comments#comment-100370 Your explanation of what happened: Someone was stealing my vehicle and when we went over it we found someone stealing it. When we got there I stopped to start typing commands and my friend used VOIP to tell the man to get on the ground as they were using VOIP themselves. They did not hear my friend and they ran before I could finish typing so we shot them then held them up. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Firstly I feel that this should be accepted because we made demands in VOIP however we were just outside of the VOIP range and attempted to make them via text. The demands were not made via text as the man ran away before I could finish typing. As we said in the report we thought the man was aware of us as he could of used his camera and his friends were telling him to run. Post any evidence or further details: The other person that was punished alongside me for the same report had his punishment appeal accepted. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/20597-twistedwalker-john-thikk-deathmatch-appeal/
  15. If we make an exception that PD have to grant death RP if a guy is riddled with bullets from a police chase we would have to do the same for non PD gunfights. Because right now criminals just get shot up and just say in VOIP "Put me in the trunk and take me to MD" or call a medic when they have been lit up by an assault rifle when in real life theres no way they're surviving that. If we impose such strict standards on PD we have to impose the same standards on everyone else. And while the Judicial system sounds like a good idea on paper I have to give it a -1. I have played on a police RP server that had this system and it just ruined roleplay. Every arrest made on that server resulted in the person yelling for a lawyer and a dragged out court case where the officer is expected to record everything that happend or the guy goes scott free. While in real life officers have body cams and dashcams so this isn't exactly an issue it's unfair to expect every PD member to have recording software on 24/7 just to arrest people.
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