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  1. When people get arrested everything is taken off of them including food, GPS, radio etc... The problem with this is that when the person is released from jail most of the time their items have been destroyed by someone or the arresting officer is no longer online to hand the person their items back which means they're out of pocket. As a cop I make a concious effort to return items to prisoners after their sentence but there has been a lot of times where I have put their belongings to one side in the PD and come back to grab them to see them gone. Or if their sentence is a long time I am usually not online when they're out of jail so I am unable to hand them their things back. What I am suggesting is like the /pw menu cops have access to to grab things out of there should be another menu added in the PD, SD and DOC HQ that allows the person accessing it to spawn items such as GPS, radio food etc... So the person could go to the front desk, tell the officer what they need back and the officer at the desk can confirm this and then go to another room to access a locker that would then spawn the items for him. While this could be easily abused it could be restricted to certain ranks in the factions that have access to it. And it could require paperwork to be used such as when arresting someone the officer has to make a report on all items found. The person spawning the items to retrieve for the man could then check the report and make sure he man only gets the items on the report back. While in an ideal world it would be better for RP that we keep prisoners items safe for them to collect with the shear number of arrests it's just not feasable which is why adding this would be a good thing.
  2. I agree with OP that there needs to be new additions for things for criminals to do. I stopped playing my criminal character because outside of the spontaneous RP scenarios I found myself often quite bored. I didn't enjoy chopping or making drugs as they didn't really involve any RP and if it did it was through me being robbed. Stuff that could be added could be a script that allowed players to break into houses and steal items such as dvd players and TV's. (You would break into a house owned by a player but you would not actually be stealing from the player.) Then loading it in a truck and selling it at the docks. You could make the value of each item flucuate at random or based on volume of them being sold. I.E if one day loads of DVD players are sold they lose a lot of their value for a temporay amount of time. Not only would this system add scripted criminal RP it could add a really nice RP element such as someone loading up a van full of stolen goods and hiding it from the cops in warehouse until the prices are good. Or criminals buying stolen goods off other criminals to sell for a profit. Or the bigger gangs controlling the docks and taking a cut of everything. Another thing that could be added that I have seen suggested before is turfs for gangs to fight over. While some people will see them as just an excuse for people to kill each other I think it would be overall really beneficial as it would give the criminals something to constantly do which means civilianRP can develop as they wont be constantly robbed by criminals patrolling the city looking for people or just camping the mines or foundry. And it allows gangs to actually own hoods and let rival gangs fight each other.
  3. Account name: UrbanAwsomeman Character name(s): Michael Henway (Character that received the punishment) Callum James (Is my other character on the server) Admin who issued punishment: Jeremyy Date of punishment: June 5th 2019 Punishment received: DM #1 Reason given for punishment: Forum Report was accepted https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/20174-id-93-and-64-dm/?tab=comments#comment-100370 Your explanation of what happened: Someone was stealing my vehicle and when we went over it we found someone stealing it. When we got there I stopped to start typing commands and my friend used VOIP to tell the man to get on the ground as they were using VOIP themselves. They did not hear my friend and they ran before I could finish typing so we shot them then held them up. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Firstly I feel that this should be accepted because we made demands in VOIP however we were just outside of the VOIP range and attempted to make them via text. The demands were not made via text as the man ran away before I could finish typing. As we said in the report we thought the man was aware of us as he could of used his camera and his friends were telling him to run. Post any evidence or further details: The other person that was punished alongside me for the same report had his punishment appeal accepted. https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/20597-twistedwalker-john-thikk-deathmatch-appeal/
  4. If we make an exception that PD have to grant death RP if a guy is riddled with bullets from a police chase we would have to do the same for non PD gunfights. Because right now criminals just get shot up and just say in VOIP "Put me in the trunk and take me to MD" or call a medic when they have been lit up by an assault rifle when in real life theres no way they're surviving that. If we impose such strict standards on PD we have to impose the same standards on everyone else. And while the Judicial system sounds like a good idea on paper I have to give it a -1. I have played on a police RP server that had this system and it just ruined roleplay. Every arrest made on that server resulted in the person yelling for a lawyer and a dragged out court case where the officer is expected to record everything that happend or the guy goes scott free. While in real life officers have body cams and dashcams so this isn't exactly an issue it's unfair to expect every PD member to have recording software on 24/7 just to arrest people.
  5. I have a cop and criminal character and have personally never had a problem with the police in the manner that people have been describing in this thread. While the jail time changes are quite significant it will in my opinion make Criminal RP better. On my criminal character the only time I got caught was when I was doing downright stupid crimes such as robbing in broad daylight. People complaining about reckless driving charges don't really have any basis to complain. The law is easy to abide by as theres only a handful of cameras and everyone knows where they are. I personally have dozens of Reckless driving charges on my criminal character but I don't think the jail time change is unfair because I did the crime and now I suffer the consequences. I know that for me personally a lot of my reckless driving charges are because I was already wanted and im going to go to jail for 2 hours anyway if I get caught so why follow the law now? And realisticly no one is going to be serving an 11 day sentence or something stupid like that. Most criminals when they get caught are going to be serving a few hours. And I find that a big complaint here is not actually at the jail times itself but the LSPD faction. While I have personally never experienced or witnessed any of the accusations people are saying in this thread this has no impact on the jail times. If there is actually a problem with cops stacking charges thats a problem that needs to be fixed instead of bandaid fixing it by capping jail time at 2 hours. Saying that I would be in favour of a cap at say 10 hours as a good middle ground. But the majority of criminals on this server aren't going to be serving 10 or more hours in prison. It's just the few odd ones that took advantage of the 2 hour limit to commit as many crimes as they like because they know theres no consequences.
  6. Thank you for the kind words.
  7. I pretty much agree with what Walker said above ^
  8. @jeremyy I will let ID 64 post his video but we were aiming guns at the person picklocking my car for a solid couple of seconds so you shouldn't of ran. (The people in the car were fine to run as they were in a vehicle with an engine on as well as a decent distance away from us) I was also in the middle of typing a /shout when you started to run. Hence why I stopped moving on the platform. I also gave you time to surrender when you tried to run away and get in your vehicle where we told you to put your hands up. You were also stealing my vehicle: Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to arrest or hurt you, an ally, or damage your property I will apologise for the initial shooting however. On my screen we were pretty close so I assumed you saw me and the other guy with our guns aimed at you. But as your stream shows you were facing away from us. And because you were using voip to communicate with your friends we thought you would of heard our voip as well. I would also like to mention that in my PoV you did not get in your car straight away. You were standing next to the door you tried to get in in that truck and it was then I typed "HANDS" in case you didn't hear my voip. But as your PoV shows you hopped straight into the vehicle so I think my PoV had an animation bug. (Unfortunatly I cannot prove this as I don't record my gameplay) Again I would also like to say again that you ran well I was in the middle of typing a text demand to put your hands up. While your stream PoV shows you were infact not looking in our direction so you may of not known we were there I do not believe we commited DM. I also thought you were under FearRP for my PoV as we had a gun in close range pointed at you. But again your stream shows you were looking a different way so I understand why you ran. And for the lack of RP in the robbery I thought you had broken fearRP so I didn't think you would of done a full on RP scenario. Plus after the gunshots we didn't fancy sticking around for long. Thank you.
  9. ID 167 in the video here. I was the guy who shot at you two. The reason I shot was because before you guys held my friend up you hit my bike with your car (as you can see in the video my bike has been knocked over) then went over to my friend so I was watching you two. When I saw you both pull guns out and point them towards the ambulance which I knew my friend was standing next to as I had dropped him off there prior to the video it was obvious you were attempting to rob him. Below will be what the person who you claim broke FearRP says. (ID 155) I am just posting on his behalf (If the admin dealing with the report requires it in his own words I will ask him to post his side) I had my hands up and was complying with your demands. You asked me to pull my weapon out and drop it. Before I dropped it you were looking towards the person shooting towards you. Seeing as you were no longer facing me I did not believe I was under fearRP as you were facing my friend and not me and I also had a gun in my hands so I shot you. Thank you.
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