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  1. This house has been sold since last year, sorry!
  2. WoogeTV


    Take care, fam. Keep them grades up!
  3. There is not a way to give up and die. Giving up is never the answer, anyhow.
  4. You wont lose your game. It is only saying that it needs an activation key because you didn't download all the files and it thinks it's the hosts game still. If this does not work, Verify GTA 5 files to get back to your save so you can play and get rid of the activation code error.
  5. WoogeTV

    PD Cars

    this is not Minecraft Phil
  6. Date and time (provide timezone): 5:11 PM Central Character name: Happens to everyone Issue/bug you are reporting: Today there was an update to make chat go away with f7, however, if someone types the chatbox shows right back up making it nevertheless still pointless. You however can't type when you have f7 toggled. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Push F7 then wait for someone to type something and boom, you get the large text box on your screen again.
  7. Wow way to put my name down and not even inform me. Can this be wrapped up?
  8. I was talking about you stalling to drop your weapons, not my frisk. And already stated, i didn't even have to /do success but as you were not accepting it originally, I added it in. If you would actually read my report & the admin response, you would know that. I'm not the one who stalled. Why would I stall for your backup? To make this report? You're crazy bro. I noticed it was taking a bit for you to accept so I decided to add the /do which would be completely unnecessary. How many times did we tell you to drop the guns? Plenty of times and that's why you got reported. On a side where we know he broke the rules by stalling to drop his weapons for backup to come, -1. However, on a side of trying to get a better relationship between all factions I wish that the punishment would be voided. However, I don't want your weapons.
  9. bs man. We had peace, but you guys fuck it up somehow every time. They got the Turf because they had more members on the scene at the time. It goes by what faction has the most people, not by who gets the last tick.
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