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  1. Stranger 7786_9460 and others Multiple Rule breaks

    Not excuses just facts. In your horrible rendered audio video and video frames you OOC insulted us. https://gyazo.com/b0024d74a86d95e45cb97ed77c6f2c5e I'm not trying to derail the subject, just very petty of you.
  2. Stranger 7786_9460 and others Multiple Rule breaks

    Okay buddy maybe you DID miss my point. If I were to get in the van, I would of certainly died EVEN quicker as I would of been in front of the COVER of Leron and in the CROSSFIRE of him. I would of certainly of died quicker; that would of been the last thing I should of done. The van was probably stalled aswell from the beginning fire. Those things stall easy and I was not going to sit there and take it from two people.
  3. Stranger 7786_9460 and others Multiple Rule breaks

    Can you please elaborate more on maybe who you were shooting at as you were bugged on the ground in the ladder animation for me? Like I know I said I would reply anymore but let's just make it as clear as possible so when the admins wake up tomorrow and we can cut to the chase on if it was justified or not. Thanks. Also do you have video? I Don't have video as I was not recording at the time.
  4. Stranger 7786_9460 and others Multiple Rule breaks

    Yeah that's all I gotta say about this too and I also made some major edits if you wish to check them out. No problem.
  5. Stranger 7786_9460 and others Multiple Rule breaks

    Firstly, my ID is 811_8056 pal. Okay buddy, If I turned around, I'd be shot, if I went right, I'd be shot, If I went LEFT, I'd been shot. You get my point. I would of been ( should of been) dead either way but I didn't die. In this report here, you can see that this man was able to Fear for his life by fighting and in this case, it is very similar. Here is a quote from what Noah the admin said about this: "After Liam's cruiser had been flipped, Liam responded with the proper roleplay of fear for his life. His character would have known that Deshawn was attempting to kill him. In his situation, placing his hands up would have been a certain death due to the fact that he would have been shot instantly." You can watch the clip here of what happened before I explain how this is similar to my case here: Okay so, Phil knocks over your man (ID 55) with his bike causing him to fall over. ID 55 then presumes to get and start shooting in my direction and stuck in the ladder animation AND is on the ground in a ragdoll glitch not giving a sense of clue who he is shooting at. Now, with all hope left in the dust, I rush the attacker, as Liam pulls his gun out as their is no hope left, and go down a hero. In my case however, the gunmen runs off. " Although the common belief is that a player should always throw his hands up the second a gun is pulled, the first statement in the rule is that a character should roleplay fear. I believe that Liam had shown a fear of his life through the immediate last-minute attempt to put down his attackers." If I were to put my hands up again, and go down to my knees, I would of surely been killed. This was my last attempt to actually escape with my life with attacking the attacker because like I said, there was no other way to escape. It was in the middle of a gunfight with people shooting everywhere so if I were to just stand there, I would of surely been executed. This situation is a parallel to Liam Paiges just with different weapons. However, my gunmen runs off and I grabbed a gun, hid in a bush, then went back out when I was armed.
  6. What type of reply is this? This is not about Leron or Phil; its about you accusing me of false VDM. You don't know what the driver of the car was doing and I don't even see it as VDM as he never hit you. You seem very desperate right now.
  7. "A vehicle cannot be used as a weapon to repeatedly hit your opponent to keep them knocked onto the ground, it is also prohibited to park your vehicle on another player to kill them. You will not be punished for knocking down your opponent once, but abusing this GTA V mechanic will be classed as fail roleplay and will have you punished accordingly." Okay, so this was actually explained to me on my first day too. I can understand the confusion. Let me explain what I was explained... "A vehicle cannot be used as a weapon to repeatedly hit your opponent to keep them knocked onto the ground, it is also prohibited to park your vehicle on another player to kill them" Okay so I only hit you once and I also did not park on you. 3. Examples, when you can attack another player: 3.1. If they attempt to hurt you or damage your property intentionally; Okay so did you not attempt to kill me there or were you shooting the flies around me? This is a pretty basic concept. You are allowed to hit someone once, if it was twice then it would be VDM.
  8. You just shot at me. That is legit a IC reason. This is not an act of fearRP either as you stopped shooting. I'm not going to let one of the gang members of an enemy gang escape so easily. I simply only hit you once to stop you and it downed you. I saw you getting into the car after shooting and was just trying to make that not happen as I wanted to kill you.
  9. [FOR BET] Pfister 811

    Due to not really knowing when supercars will be removed or to know if they even are, I will make this a betting offer for everyone due to supercars being out of market Starting bet / offer at 750k! https://gyazo.com/b72c1166eee25fd8df13ade968f8a432
  10. 9139_2978 OOC Insults

    Look sugar, I was referencing the whole war. I was on Scotty Turf at the time, my Goverment character, meaning I don't commit crimes. Also, if you want to talk about you boxing me, then your whole group would get in trouble for damaging my property without reason. I'm not reporting them for that though, only you for your horrible behavior and toxicity. And there is no rule about going to NCZ, so don't derail this topic and making up a rule.
  11. 9139_2978 OOC Insults

    just got around to it today agreed, just take a chill sometimes. please don't derail the topic of you being a toxic player. If you feel as we should be banned a long time ago, provide some evidence. I am sorry that you can't take a beating once in a while in a game but that's just you as we have seen your attitude. Also keep in mind that if you want to talk about metagaming, lets talk. Also, don't say we should of been banned along time ago like you were here before me or them. sorry we can defend ourselves better than you can. We abide by the rules and follow them pretty much clearly.
  12. 9139_2978 OOC Insults

    Player(s) being reported: 9139_2978 Date of rule breach: 5/5/18 Time of rule breach: 7 PM Central Your characters name: Scotty Turf Other players involved: The Irish / Gut Pushers @BallinByNature (told me to tag) Specific rule broken: Any kind of out-of-character offensive language, threats or racism is prohibited. You cannot make death threats to live people, death threats aimed at live people will result in much harsher punishments. How did the player break the rule?: He called me and my boys "Cunts" . He was mixing OOC and IC and was being very rude. Evidence of rule breach: https://gyazo.com/ff3b18dcb4856dec708dbc244d5b3a92 https://gyazo.com/298eb9f85f3a8bce5b5ce9af98a29d7a
  13. Chopshop Campers

  14. Line up girls!

    +1 !
  15. Dudes RPing Women.

    You will not tell me what gender I shall be.