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  1. Mask 131_2092 (6.7. Fear Roleplay)

    I would also like to add this report in that was denied by Felix and is also very similar to mine.
  2. Mask 131_2092 (6.7. Fear Roleplay)

    @NoewUH Yo I sent it to you over discord as it was sent to me by Felix over discord and don't want to show his PM's even though nothing was personal on it and same with the video as it is his and not mine as I did not upload it he did. Thanks for responding so soon, Wooge
  3. Mask 131_2092 (6.7. Fear Roleplay)

    Maybe this is a little hard for you to understand and it was for me to when I first almost reported someone for it. I'll help you xd "currently the rule states if you're in a car, you can drive off" Okay so, I was in a car right? Nowhere does it state it can't be stalled by the way. I began to boot the car up, and drove off. I did drive off as I turned the car on and accelerated xd.
  4. Mask 131_2092 (6.7. Fear Roleplay)

    I feared for my life by ducking and driving off as you guys were shooting at me already. I was going to report Felix Hernaz for almost this same exact reason but what @BallinByNature said, you are allowed to drive off in vehicles if you have a weapon pointed at you. I feared by driving off and getting away for a short bit. If you didn't read the screenshot, the Head Administrator stated "currently the rule states if you're in a car, you can drive off" meaning I did nothing wrong bud as it's not in the rules yet. I agree it should be and he said it will change in the future but for now i'm doing what I am allowed to do.
  5. Mask 131_2092 (6.7. Fear Roleplay)

    Don't claim what I would do or not do. If you would of done it I would of let it happen but ya didn't. There is no rule stating that you can't drive off in the car no matter how close, I pointed a gun at a officer point blank and Ballin said it was fine, as seen as the SS below. Good day. https://gyazo.com/e4b3c1ba29112ace5ff708c8a4d8d5c3
  6. 339_776 Fear RP

    Player(s) being reported: 339_776 Date of rule breach:3/17/18 Time of rule breach: around 1 PM central Your characters name: DeShawn Davis Other players involved: 3371_6776 Specific rule broken: 2.1. You are on foot or cornered in a building when a firearm is aimed at you at close range; How did the player break the rule?: Okay so the FearRP is pretty obvious. Nic told the man to put his hands up and the man said I am not and took his gun out. He broke FearRP and its obvious. Evidence of rule breach:
  7. @ItsPazz No if someone had it it would of been posted already surely.
  8. Import cars from Doomsday hiest

    +1 but probably wont happen before Rage.
  9. Did the cop say block them and make sure they don't come in? Did the police say risk your life for us so we can arrest this man? Did the cop tell you to block them so they can't come at me in a NCZ? You do the right thing and inform him and not act on it in a NCZ and shouldn't even do it anywhere as an MD. When do you see an ambulance blocking a person in the middle of the street because they THINK they would do something. In IRL, you would of been fired and who knows, you might be. Firstly, do you know how many things are out that way? The farms, a gunshop, a gas station, ect. Does your character not think of that? Its a highway that leads to multiple things. Crazy right? We've came so far in the world with roads! You would not know ICly where I went as you did not follow me there. What do you know about me and my character? So you think I'm going to break someone out of custody and be geared enough to do so, but you choose to come at me in a NCZ and not think of precautions? Real smart. Haha yes, ride your bike on my car and not get arrested because your corrupt cop friends got your back. Fun!
  10. How does it sound stupid? They saw you blocking me and telling me to leave and they obviously wanted to fuck with us before hand so they acted like heros and protected you. They didn't just pull up and shoot either. They pointed there guns at us but I don't know what was said, then began shooting. 13 minutes ago, Spergburger said: We were around MD and you saw us aswell. If we wanted to go in we would of but we can't because it's not allowed. Leron is my brother ICly and I watched him get downed. Are you saying if your brother or anyone were to be injured you wouldn't go straight to the hospital? We showed no threat towards you and we're being civil until you came behind us and started the whole thing bud, and we're not talking about the shooting here. How do you know we were? We did not once say we were that you would know of. You can't just come at us in a NCZ because you think I'd try something, especially as a medic. I was not even wanted at the time and showed no hostility before hand to Tavi or you. Keep in mind that I didn't even interact with Tavi or Leron after this incident. So in conclusions with this, You simple don't know what the hell our plan is. We didn't once mention it and what you did was completely ubsurd and horrible RP. So, in a heavily populated place as the NCZ rule states, you made the wrong move by playing the role of the hero. Using your vehicle as a tool in which you were still in and proceed to block us off is entirely your fault and you caused what happened to happened and then report everyone else for your revenge because we killed you yesterday and what happened at LSC.
  11. Now why did you do this that probably provoked the whole situation? If the sports car didn't even show up, you would of been breaking NCZ by driving behind us and moving your vehicle in a way so we couldn't go anywhere. How the hell do you know we were going to break Leron out? Like it states in the rule, RP it as a public place and lots of security. Buddy, you broke NCZ and admitted to it because you blocked us without a reason you knowing and the only way you would know is if you metagamed hearing me on the radio from inside my car and a crossed the street.
  12. There will most likely be no video that shows the beginning. Do you think the guys who aren't even responding to the report about them and the guys who broke the rule first will show it? It would only be you if anyone would have it and you possibly don't so we are getting nowhere in this. You did ram into me and did it multiple times. The other times might of been Desync but the first time was intentional. Maybe not at speeds, but you did get in my way. In the video it shows you chasing us for a little but guess what, we will never know what happened before that because we keep telling different stories and unless Rajj(highly unlikely xd) and the originally people who started the attack(also unlikely) have it, we will never know because we both have not stated we know, but that we think so without evidence from what started it this little bit of video is not valid in my opinion as Ballin said you can continue driving through a NCZ.
  13. We did not know what these guys intentions were. We thought that they had a valid reason to be attacking us and possibly protecting the medic that was telling us to leave, but you can see that it was not the case. We had just reacted the way they they did to us. There was definitely probably confusion throughout the whole scenario but it was quick and at the end of the video, you can see I stopped chasing them and returned to my original spot.
  14. The people who were attacking us infront of MD I had no idea who they were. I know that they shot at Phil for no reason somewhere and they probably saw us roll together so simple attacked us. I'm not sure if what happened with Phil happened somewhere else but I was not sure at this point as all I heard Phil say is that he was getting shot on the radio by the guys in the white exemplar. You can see in the video that Rajj said what are you doing and fuck off as simply they just pointed there guns at us while in there car and told us to either leave or exit the car at the intersection at bus depot. You were right next to us when that happened Mr. Kidd, what did you hear as its not on the video? @Spergburger
  15. Hello. Why don't you provide the full video. You know the part where you were helping them ram us? They came at us first, which you also didn't show the recording and being biased. You were involved with this aswell, so before I go any farther, provide all of the video Mr. Kidd @Spergburger