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  1. f you missed it, here is a little recap
  2. WoogeTV


    Take care, fam. Keep them grades up!
  3. WoogeTV

    Is there a way to give up when dying?

    There is not a way to give up and die. Giving up is never the answer, anyhow.
  4. 🔥straight fire🔥
  5. WoogeTV

    GTA 5 was auto-updated to 1.49

    You wont lose your game. It is only saying that it needs an activation key because you didn't download all the files and it thinks it's the hosts game still. If this does not work, Verify GTA 5 files to get back to your save so you can play and get rid of the activation code error.
  6. WoogeTV

    PD Cars

    this is not Minecraft Phil
  7. WoogeTV

    Rejected and Approved Reports

  8. WoogeTV

    The Port Report Episode 1

  9. WoogeTV

    4 Car House For Sale [bought]

    For a cheap price of only 610k, you get everything you paid for! Front view of the house an amazing looonng driveway. Great for kids to play with some chalk https://gyazo.com/5535ad7b77c57411e3e1d307eed5a14f Here is the pool. Nice and built with an amazing place to diive right in. https://gyazo.com/78dc3d62635f645599ea27f60599a4c2 Here is the back. Nice and decky. And also more place to have fun with chalk. https://gyazo.com/c3c5959b41c8e36eb039afa688e16cfb Here is the location of the house if you are interested. https://gyazo.com/1220e0c127c592493bd46e1639e26002 My contact information is wooge#[email protected] ((discord wooge#4920))
  10. WoogeTV

    Disabling Notifications

    Chat is always spamming with something that is unnecessary. Players who are experienced don't need to be reminded what VDM is. Here is my suggestion on how to make it less spam. Of course, this could all be done by the f7 command to just get rid of chat in general like it used to, because f7 is still pointless because of the chat in the way. /disablenotifications - This would disable the notifications for things such as this - https://gyazo.com/b0d1eb26231c53820cc32ff20a8a6016 This could also be experienced based. Maybe after you hit 10k experience it automatically turns off. /disablebleets - This would disable bleets and weazel news advertisements. Many people don't really care about it and justs a chat spammer when used improperly and with many people spamming the same thing sometimes it gets annoying.
  11. WoogeTV

    Add some new buyable guns (legal and illegal)

    Jeez @Phil McGee lets add the railgun while we are at it then.
  12. WoogeTV

    [FOR BET] Pfister 811

    Due to not really knowing when supercars will be removed or to know if they even are, I will make this a betting offer for everyone due to supercars being out of market Starting bet / offer at 750k! https://gyazo.com/b72c1166eee25fd8df13ade968f8a432