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  1. Rajj Sikyhar (Ban Appeal)

    Account name Rajj_Sikyhar Character name(s): Rajj Sikyhar Admin who issued punishment: PBAJ Date of punishment: 04/15/18 Reason given for punishment: Death Threats Towards a Staff Member Apparently Your explanation of what happened: I was looking around the forums and came across a closed report on me for hacking. I watched the video and saw that a player said, "He's not fun to play with" and PBAJ replied "I'm aware" As a joke I screenshotted it and PMed him on Discord "I'm gonna shoot you gun emoji" I joke alot like that with players and staff friends, I thought it would've been a quick laugh for both of us. But for some reason PBAJ took it as a real death threat. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I meant in no way for it to be a death threat, at all. I've played on eclipse for almost a year now and have recently come back after some moving trouble. Eclipse was pretty much the only server I played on, I've had hours of fun and met a lot of really cool people on it! Eclipse gave me the best RolePlay experienceI ever had, I've donated multiple times. I can promise that something like this will never happen again, BallinByNature went over what I did wrong and I let it all sink in for about a week now. Post any evidence or further details:
  2. Vishal Sikyhar 2957_4936 (5.4. No Crime Zones)

    I would also like to point out, how is it realistic to be ramming someone with multi-million dollar cars? Doesn't seem like something you would do in real life with a Rolls Royce Ghost, Pagani Huayra, or Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.
  3. How much questions right to get into the server?

    "How much questions right" There is literally a post that gives you all the information you need on the forums, look a little harder next time.
  4. Vishal Sikyhar 2957_4936 (5.4. No Crime Zones)

    They continued to ram into us even after we were at the PD 00:13 that's where they should've stopped but they continued to ram into us. The black Dominator continued to ram into us when we were literally in front of the PD (He could've for sure stopped way before) that made us think they weren't gonna stop and gonna keep trying to kill us there so Vishal fired a few shots at the Dominators body out of impulse. If the admin does decide to accept this then he should warn all of them too because they continued to ram us even after we were in front of the PD. 00:21 "They cant continue shooting" I don't think you can continue ramming either bub
  5. I would also like to mention that we had no other choice, we were trapped and it was either jump or get murdered by the people in the 5 cars behind him. What other choice did we have? There wasn't any other escape for us. What would you do if you were about to get murdered and had a chance to escape the only way you could. I'm 90% sure you would take the only route you had.
  6. I love how the Specific rule broken isn't even in the rules.pdf at all. It may have been posted somewhere else but I only check the PDF to make sure I'm following everything right. As you can see in the image below I searched up "Water" to see if the rule would pop up because it should, but it didn't. Don't try to be slick and have them change it right away before this is over because I saved a copy to my SSD and my Drive. I remember getting into a chase back on GTMP and tried to escape in the river, The admins told me I couldn't do that because of the desync with GTMP, so basically, the "Rule" was put in place because there was no way to catch them due to desync. We switched to Rage now and it has no desync at all, you can actually catch up to people now. I found Vishal shortly after we escaped and I wanted to see if I could somehow catch him. I got a few punches in on him as he was swimming (I wasn't trying to kill him just testing if it was possible to get stabs in on him) so if I were to have had a knife he would've been dead. If you guys had knives and followed us you would've killed us no doubt. This "Rule" is ridiculous to even still have since the reason it was made is gone. I was told not to do it because of desync, there is no proof of the rule existing in the Rules.PDF so I assumed we could start doing it again since there isn't any desync anymore. @InfamousFelix I am currently speaking for both of us as he would just repeat the same thing as me. If you really want him to make his own reply he can but it will only waste your time.
  7. Rajj Modding Godmod/Healing/Speedhacking

    Also, I would like to add, how are you going to put my car to all of there supercars after we did nothing to them. They had no reason to try to kill us we were just talking, never said anything bad. By the way, my car is fully upgraded so it's decently fast, not speed hacks. They were counting down and as you saw and they started shooting us when we were leaving before they even got to 5.
  8. Rajj Modding Godmod/Healing/Speedhacking

    Yeah, back after months of not playing and recently getting 100k to start my mafia back up I think it's a good idea to use a trainer/mod. I respect roleplay and the rules that come with it, I see no reason to bring in hacks and ruin the game for other people. This is pure hogwash, Rage is full of bug's at the moment, also I play with a VPN on so I may have lagged because of that, but I was never cheating in any way. I was trying to get away from them after they killed my cousin and they stopped and killed me.
  9. MFW you plan to get dinner but @Eriksen playin games

    my dad.jpg

  10. Police - Chases

    +1 fuck the police coming straight from the underground, a young nigga has it bad because im Indian
  11. Chains on shining, you can see me riding

    Cocaine lined up, secrets that I'm hidin'

    You don't wanna find out, better off lying

    You don't wanna cry now, better off dying

    Chains on shining, you can see me riding

    Cocaine lined up, secrets that I'm hiding

    You don't wanna find out, better off lying

    You don't wanna cry now, better off dyin'


  12. Rajj Sikyhar (VDM and NCZ)

    I'm guilty, I was on drugs in-game and also forgot hospital was NCZ. One of my homies hit me up on the radio and told me they saw one of my black boys at the hospital being arrested, I got there too late as he was cuffed already. I can't explain the VDM part though, that was just me being a real doofus thinking I could get the cop on me and my black boy could escape. I will accept my warnings now.
  13. Plus I meant to spell artistic, dang autocorrect, my apologies homie
  14. There, now you insulted me so we cancel each other out.