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  1. Kuruma2 to counter the police force

    As I claimed before: ramming unrealistically should be classed as fail rp. using very expensive cars to ram your way out of a blocked situation? fear rp, you would value your car or your life being crushed under a cruiser. Criminals need to know when to give up (drug effects are no reason to then pull suicide by cops to evade prison), police need to know what is realistic and what isn't, apart from that police indeed use protocols to control their power.
  2. Motorcycle License Suspensions

    good point, it is not clear in the penal code, but i believe it is handled as the drivers license if used, or at least always intended to be such
  3. Jeff Zed / Mask 4050_4565

    but then he would've been able to assist in the situation, so you abused him not being there to your advantage, clearly
  4. Jeff Zed / Mask 4050_4565

    No @Pazz, I do not have video. Yes @BigJeff you had a valid IC reason, but that doesn't mean you abuse a client crash of an officer to do so. also, this solidifies my point that I will never let anyone be taken away by medics again in a similar situation, since you are 100% guaranteed to be killed if you do. Server needs rules regarding this imo.
  5. Jeff Zed / Mask 4050_4565

    Your player name: Brian Oconner Player you are reporting: Jeff Zed Rule broken: FailRP/NonRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Police officer was talking to him and his friend in their car, black tailgater, police officer and his buddy both timed out, instead of pausing RP he gets out of the car and instantly assassinates me. (In previous situation he rolled onto BayView lot with his buddy, tried to assassinate someone, got downed by mechanics, cops didn't respond so he got back within minutes) Time and date: 11-12 14:51 CET Evidence:
  6. Phone tracking

    When the tracking system came out I was heavily against it, because it could be spammed. Even though this was the case, one of the best experiences I had as a criminal, was when a detective silently rolled up when I was at a dead drop, a wanted man, not realizing I had a phone on me. He remained in his car and when I saw him I walked away slowly as to not attract unnecessary attention. I got caught, with my entire gang, except for the members that died in the following shootout. So even though I technically "lost" I still had great fun. Now I doubt that parking garage story of yours is something that really happened or something you're just throwing out there as a possible situation (I have not seen a detective use phone tracking on a fresh case without investigating for a while recently, and what criminal on Eclipse is spending his time hiding in a parking garage doing nothing) tl;dr: yes the system has its issues and needs finetuning in the future, but it gives RP and since the faction that can use the command has heavily toned down use and is I believe barely using it at all, there are more important things to work on right now.
  7. Phone tracking

    detectives ARE the only ones able to use it. And obviously they can use radio to relay the position, it's 2017. Also, I have not seen a single pursuit that was guided by a detective spamming the phone tracking, it simply does not happen. Detectives can set up a perimeter if they want to but I don't think that has happened before at all either.
  8. Phone tracking

    cops know the current system isn't as wished and therefor hardly use it and it is restricted to detectives I believe. Think it's mostly fixed by the faction using it after reconsideration with community feedback on it.
  9. Definitely played a big part in the decline, next to the end of summer break for people the fact that you can't be a naughty boy on the server with any reward takes away from the RP experience.
  10. right now there is no criminal roleplay that nets you any money. in theory factions should be able to make money on selling guns and drugs if they own a warehouse, but there isn't enough money in that to make it pay off.
  11. A few Christmas suggestions

    male christmas sweaters, please!
  12. Dispatch Factions

    If this even were to be a thing in the future, it would definitely be on teamspeak because of the bind support and addon support. I think this suggestion is drawing at straws for a problem no player has. Even if it was, we need the player in the server as it is, to increase population, people without the game will be extremely rare to even be looking on this forum, let alone try and find something to do without playing the game itself.
  13. Dubsta 6x6

    the car, in the past, has been used for nothing but failrp, driving onto roofs and over walls it should get stuck on. the sandking xl has a much different suspension setup and let's be honest, is just slower, a lot slower and with that more realistic for the "trialing" moves. On top of that it's broken in physics in terms of how heavy it is compared to other vehicles and therefor used for little else than ramming. Now obviously people should value a car that exclusive and expensive more. So if we can solve it with the current server rules: great. Otherwise I think it should stay out and remain exclusive like it is now. Refer to the other topic for more information. I believe we shouldn't make multiple topics essentially about the same thing, that topic isn't set in stone, the idea is that people discuss and it's been a very popular topic in the past, sadly it's not added to the list yet, which makes me think that come RageMP, credit store might be back for cars.
  14. Good ideas, just missing the reliable moneymaking for criminals that will actually work. I mean bank robberies should definitely be a thing and indeed should be restricted to number of cops on duty, but the criminals cant keep robbing banks all day and therefor need some more options to make money, I think the faction update should focus on that first now, then focus on adding more possibilities in the bank robbery/business front. lmao ;)
  15. Add all vehicles to normal import

    *bump* I think this is still a wanted change