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  1. Triple Seven

    Ban appeal

    Appeal denied, you committed DM and admitted to it. Him being a thief IC does not excuse you breaking serverrules.
  2. Triple Seven

    Ciro Johnson [ Ban Appeal ]

    Footage reviewed, ban is fully justified, that behavior is unacceptable. ban will be adjusted to make sure both the first and second offense of VDM are fully served, that means a new ban of 172 hours will be started. Appeal denied
  3. Triple Seven

    Ciro Johnson [ Ban Appeal ]

    Thanks for appealing, by the looks of the second ban is from a forum report and needs an adjustment to make you serve the full duration of both bans. Pending @PolarBlunk
  4. Triple Seven

    Boris Putrin ( Non-Roleplay )

    Reported party will receive a non-RP strike, eating an entire sandwich during a gunfight is unrealistic and since it has health benefits non-RP
  5. Triple Seven

    Mask 3284_1838 - DM

    Player has been punished for DM archived.
  6. Triple Seven

    Mask 7019_6032 (6.3.1 Robberies)

    Player will receive a non-RP strike, @Puolejas Being inexperienced at the time does not excuse this.
  7. Triple Seven

    Boris Putrin ( Non-Roleplay )

    @PooXino How were you involved in this situation?
  8. Triple Seven

    Gooch - Mick Finnigan (Punishment Appeal)

    Us too, please fix it.
  9. Triple Seven

    Vecyslav- Vecyslav Zakharov (Ban appeal)

    Founder mentioned it was a bug/glitch. Player has been unbanned.
  10. Triple Seven

    Viruss - Virus Vicious - (Punishment Appeal)

    Hello there and thanks for appealing. Sadly I have to point out you’re lying in this appeal as you weren’t roleplaying being in a lot of pain, nor were you going offline as you metagamed in /b about being picked at the hospital. I have footage of the situation at the ready for the admin dealing with the punishment if so requested. As it contains staff chat no doubt I will not be posting it here.
  11. Triple Seven

    Boris Putrin ( Non-Roleplay )

    Thanks for reporting and @Boris Putrin yes you do, please give your side on it.
  12. Triple Seven

    JackD248 (Harassment, Threats)

    After seeing the "evidence" and both your past behavior between eachother on the forums I can do nothing but advise once again to just stop communicating with eachother other than in actual ingame player reports that require a response after an admin started a timer or asked you specificially. @JackD248 stop doubleposting and being toxic in general on the forums. @Kay133 Stop seeking out JackD248 and ignore any OOC between eachother. Thanks for your time, have fun. Archived, nothing was punishable, it's just lack of manners.
  13. Triple Seven

    this person completely broke every rule he could have

    Player Caddi_Vladka will be punished for: VDM #1: 48 hours DM #1: 48 hours Script abuse #1: 24 hours Metagaming #1: Warning Fear Roleplay #1: Warning New Life Rule #1: Warning Player Billy_Anderson will be punished for: Metagaming #1: Warning Players Markus_Lei and Laquand_Deandre will be punished for: DM #1: 48 hours Voided
  14. Triple Seven

    Stranger 9674_9593 (VDM, Fail RP)

    Anthony_Bestro will be punished for VDM