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  1. Your turnover is taxed, not your profit, this means you need to compensate with the gas price to the public to run a successful business. At $8 retail you're making $4.000 selling 20.000 liters. You can use the image below to check it, the calculations are quite simple. (This is exactly why it is beyond me why people would sell at $8, you're running a business, not a charity, you have costs, realistically beyond just importing it yourself.)
  2. First: We never agreed on the stuff you posted so you should be professional and keep that out of here. In fact it might be classed as leaking staff information. Let me add to that then because what I said, as a joke, in #general was: "Don't worry people you're safe, @PBAJ can still kick for VDM". This joke, (that involved her into the situation unrightfully, for which I sincerely apologized believe it or not) was not aimed at the person but at the fact that I partially got removed from staff because of punishing too harshly (following guidelines by the way), whereas we all know the party mentioned kicked for VDM instead of following guidelines, punishing too lightly. While this handling of situations was known the party got promoted to become a full on Administrator, after which I contacted you in PM's because in my opinion that is ridiculous and definitely not the way a staff member, lacking in following basic guidelines should be progressed. The same can be said of a recent support to moderator promotion where Pazz got removed partially for joking about doxing, and the support member that also did it, got promoted. The kicking for VDM is public information as anyone from the community that was online at those times, was able to see someone that apparently committed VDM was kicked. If my punishments were too harsh and you didn't like the guidelines I followed you could've brought that up to discuss it with the full staff, which you did not. Seeing as our founder was quite happy to permaban people for VDM whenever he played I didn't think the line for punishments would be somewhere in the middle, but I hoped and expected the punishments to become a little harsher in lights of the recent amount of people joining the server with bad RP standards. Your second reason for removing me from staff I'm not going to discuss with you because you clearly haven't got the first clue about my communication with players, because, and I maintain this from previous conversations about the subject, I always talked to players, I even have admin situations recorded that took over an hour, because I was checking records, logs and verifying stories. Talking to you about this is like talking to a brick wall so I won't say a word about it anymore, since you're not open to it whatsoever. In fact you work on preconceptions and are unable to discuss at all. Your ethos seems to be: "my way, or the highway.". This is portrayed perfectly in your going out of your way to get people within LSPD demoted, the same people that were already punished by removal from server staff. Your reason for doing it; because they "wouldn't be fit for a command position". To do it you elbowed your way past the Chief of Police. Ofcourse you found some gullible souls to "support" you, trying to force a strong person with integrity into doing it for you, which failed because they wouldn't fall for it. Your third reason to remove me from staff (noone else said a word so it must be all you), was the VDM report on me, which is of a voided situation that I fixed as a staff member. During the short conversation of it in Discord, you came across like you thought I was covering something up (preconveived opinion again) and you weren't open for my explanation of the event. Nothing was covered up, right after the vehicle hit happened, which I never intended to be so hard, the situation felt ruined and after the two were calmed down a bit (obviously angry about it, understandably) I offered to mend the situation by voiding and healing them and their vehicles, which they accepted. I called off backup and made sure the roleplay was fixed, not to cover anything up, but to make sure the players' experience wouldn't be harmed any further. As I said in the report made on the situation I don't see an issue if someone accidentally breaks a rule to use /report and have an admin fix it if the players mutually agree on that, so the roleplay can be fixed. The players did not complain ingame about the chosen route and I was surprised the report was made, expecting people to understand that it was mended and not covered up, as your preconception seemed to be. But ofcourse making a single mistake since April 10, 2017 is enough reason to remove someone from staff? Just gotta find fault somewhere else and make it a right old inquisition after. Then your fourth reason to remove me and others from staff (for the record and integrity of Pazz, she was forced to resign, that wasn't a choice); jokes made in an OOC conversation. A few friends were having a laugh over your ingame character. We joked about him many times, not just the conversation you heard, which, because you never even let us hear the recording, we have no idea about which one it is. We will have joked about VDM'ing, sure, do you really trust your staff so little that you felt threatened by it? I can explain why people joke about it: it's because they regularly deal with the subject and need a release, which they then smartly find in talking about it OOCly. If you're petty enough to take the jokes as threats, that's on you. Noone is remotely interested in you, your life and as such in executing a non-existing threat. Furthermore we might have discussed the way you're performing in your OOC position in the recording, again, don't know, but we might have, because we regularly did and we vented frustration on it. To be honest I would hope that would be your main concern: staff being unhappy with your performance and not feeling free to bring it up to you. It should mean DEFCON 1 that "your" staff thinks like that, but instead you just get them removed, much easier, get rid of the negative feedback. Remind you of anything? DING DING DING, a dictator. Most likely this is part of why many people refer to you as DictatorByNature (jokingly ofcourse, but the basis of the joke is clear) and the server as BallinRP. To this I'd like to add that the founders of this server should take the reigns back and reform the staff team to fix this. Split up tasks, divide them among capable people. (Legal faction management, Illegal faction management, Player Reports, Punishment Appeals, etc.) Then you asked in what way the community would benefit from my return to Discord. I believe you were the one taking my staff responsibilities away, so definitely not in that capacity. Over the past 17 months I've played the server I have gathered quite a good understanding of it, so I can still be of value. It won't be my task to answer questions in #i_have_a_question but every now and then I might anyway. My suggestion of it being useful to be inthere for LSEMS development would also benefit the server as a whole I believe so there is nothing selfish about that, apart from it being smoother for me. Being able to report to people that I did not combatlog during a crash is also beneficial to them, since they then know what the situation is. I fail to see your claim of selfishness here. The only selfish bit is that I'd be enabled to talk to members of the community which is an aspect I enjoy, usually. As a final point I'd like to give you some constructive criticism that I know you won't enjoy, but is healthy to receive every now and then. Transparency is invaluable so I've chosen to do so publically. (Sorry that some of this information might not be fully public, but it will not contain anything people do not know or can take an educated guess on) Over the course of my being in the staff team I've noticed your way of communicating is very ineffective and never contains proper positive reinforment. Recently you got back from a long LOA and immediatelly you contradicted a statement I had made about not always having to give a reported party 24 hours to respond to a report made on them if the evidence was clear and overwhelming, by saying that is only meant for cheating, hacking and the like. Contradicting the guideline surrounding it by using your own interpretation as the right one, even though there is or was no mention of it being only for those offenses. Instead of saying: Good job, thank you!" to staff members for working hard on the number of reports on the forums you demotivated them as per usual. Rarely did you contact me or any staff member I know well with a positive message, saying thank you or complimenting them for something good they did directly. I can say that during your LOA the staff team was working together well and unobstructed, I'm speaking for myself here: it felt like everyone was relieved from the chokehold. A new punishment guideline document was drafted up during this LOA, which does not leave room for interpretation, unlike the documents you have written in the past. Documents you write up usually leave a lot of room for interpretation and you seem to think only your interpretation is the right one. How is staff to know what your interpretation is? Even the rules, after having been rewritten are multi-interpretable in some occassions. Longer ago you drafted a new staff rule about not being allowed to play on different communities, subsequently starting your own ARK RP server. Hypocrisy much? Apart from this you seem very biased to North American staff, which you will undoubtedly counter with the recent promotions of Osborn and Lewis. I expect this post to enrage you in such a way you will permaban me, but I do not believe there to be anything bannable discussed. @BallinByNature @NobodyLTU
  3. You maybe banned me because of a screenshot, but i still love you ma big boi ❤️

  4. Player(s) being reported: Mask 4606_9544 Date of rule breach: 10/09/2018 Time of rule breach: Around 12:45 UTC Your characters name: Morpheus_Daniel Other players involved: Joshua_Fellows, Angel_Lopez Specific rule broken: 6.6.1. Players are not allowed to disconnect from a roleplay or combat situation that could have negative in-character consequences. If your game crashes, you must reconnect to the server and inform the parties involved with you before the crash and ask them if they want to continue roleplaying the scenario. How did the player break the rule?: Player either left or crashed and did not return within 15 minutes. Evidence of rule breach: PM for link, contains a tiny bit of information about staff.
  5. Haha, just hurts the hotdog business huh? But yes, it seems the script for weather, once it rains, has a hard time recovering to dry weather
  6. Ay man what happened? wtf why u not admin 

  7. Account name: Triple Seven#0477 Character name(s): N/A Admin who issued punishment: N/A Date of punishment: 09/09/2018 Punishment received: Ban on Discord Reason given for punishment: None Your explanation of what happened: I was removed from staff, then made a wrong choice of tagging an Administrator when voicing my opinion. It was never meant as a personal attack and I hope she didn't take it as such, I'm sorry for doing that @PB-AJ. I admit I made a wrong decision in an attempt to voice my opinion about something related that I should have kept private and kept you out of. I sincerely offered my help when you asked not too long ago. Why should your appeal be accepted?: As a player, when my game crashes (likely because of RageMP) or my internet gives out (not likely), I want to be able to tell the people involved in the RP I'm having, that it happened and that I'm trying to get back into the game. I also quite like most of the people in the community and would like to be able to communicate with them on an OOC level. It might also help when discussing development for LSEMS and with contacting community members for purposes like that as well. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.
  8. Mike_Oxsmall will be banned for a week for Major VDM
  9. Player was driving a bus, as far as I remember all the others were asked for an explanation when they appealed. @JamalCrown If you can please explain what you think you did wrong after seeing that report it will probably be a quicker affair. @BallinByNature
  10. Alright, because of having a plausible story for the disconnect I will not punish you for combatlogging but you will receive punishment for lying in /do which will mean a nonRP strike. You'll be able to see the punishment and the note explaining it on your adminrecord that you can find on the panel located at: https://panel.eclipse-rp.net/
  11. Thank you for your honesty. Any particular reason for not contacting someone about the the issue on Discord (mobile)? And why did you lie in /do?
  12. @Conner Mike_Oxsmall has 24 hours to respond and explain what happened, in detail.
  13. deathmatching includes property, the van or whatever it was will be classified as his property until he no longer rents it from the farm he is working for. @BallinByNature
  14. @Einaras John_Einaro is clearly seen failing to RP properly by locking the car (NonRP) while under the effects of FearRP he ignores by not only asking to be killed, but also failing to comply to commands. He is metagaming by using VoIP OOCly and breaks the New Life Rule by returning and following his killers. This will total 2 hour adminjail, a nonRP strike and a warning. Vlad_Jusmanov insulted the the player OOCly and will receive his second offense of Offensive Language. @stfuNerd You felt it necessary to place "I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people with IQ level below 10 are allowed to play in this server. I thought it was illegal to be that stupid." in your report. You will receive forum warning for this. Archived
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