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  1. LaCocke - Georg Miller (Deathmatch Appeal 24h)

    @LaCocke This is a forum, not a chat application, patiently wait for responses, thank you.
  2. Stranger 8847_8810 (5.2.1. Powergaming)

    Player report archived, reported party was indeed permabanned. @iSeeYou please do not respond to reports you're not involved in again. Next time you will receive the proper warning for it on the forums.
  3. Add bald as a hairstyle option

  4. Deepweb

    no, you'll need a head admin to approve such I believe
  5. Request granted, report closed and archived.
  6. Deepweb

    IC information on Discord servers will be phased out as much as possible in the future, meaning new Discords with IC information will simply not be allowed/approved, find a different solution for the market and suggest that. Most likely something like a hard to find url on an ingame CEF browser, which would need development
  7. Deepweb

    This topic is derailing, keep it about the suggestion
  8. nateX - Claude Floyd (Metagaming Appeal)

    Player metagamed using factionchat and got punished accordingly by the guidelines. I do not see any reason to excuse it, he was warned for minor metagaming. @BallinByNature
  9. 911 call number QoL improvement

  10. Deepweb

    If you’re looking to display a catalogue you don’t need discord. Discord is a social app, if you just want to show “dumb” information like prices and numbers, why not try and get a simple webpage approved for IC use and add a server suggestion for an in character web browser ingame?
  11. Currently, calls to 911 get a number that keeps counting up until server restart. because of text commands and radio communication becoming more difficult that way it would be nice if the call number would go back to 0 or 1 once it reaches 99.
  12. Mike Jenson & Mike Onfrory ( Non RP)

    After deliberation in staff, the cars are both not designed for what they were used for and the only realistic way to flip the Zentorno and get it back in working condition would have been by using a mechanic to RP it. Crashing and flipping it like that just means you should have given yourself up. You will both receive a nonRP strike Mike_Onfroy @kris783c and Mike_Jensen. Report accepted locked/archived
  13. Mike Jenson & Mike Onfrory ( Non RP)

    @ItzKnight How was the situation on the ground, at the end the police came in from the dam side?
  14. This is a great idea, hope the damage model in RageMP allows for it