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  1. [Kick Apeal] Left Sharkie

    I can confirm that this jump(https://gyazo.com/d84337385b819957200d823717fe0ccf) is indeed why the non-RP was given. Pending judgement by higher-up.
  2. Problem about PD with chases

    brilliant, would love to see you try this in an efficient way like is possible IRL :)
  3. Rajj Sikyhar (Deathmatch and VDM)

    I had no idea what was going on as you did not communicate. I could not see why the ambulance hit Chloe and did not expect you rolling with them or vice versa. That is not important however, if you hadn't started deathmatching Chloe or had gone ooc about it, it would’ve gone differently. I was looking at getting to the injured officer when I suddenly see my fellow medic being punched and then run over after responding while keeping options open for you to explain it was a missclick. Because you didn’t and instead chose to RP it to it’s full extent I’m pretty sure that saying it was a missclick is just your defense for the report and not actually true.
  4. Rajj Sikyhar (Deathmatch and VDM)

    Rolling up on the scene, we saw an injured officer who we ofcourse wanted to help. Rajj then punched Chloe out of nowhere prompting a response as he did not go in OOC chat to say it was a missclick but chose to run to his vehicle and drive her over. That is when I started firing on him and apparently the other people on the scene were collaborating, of which I had no idea. When Rajj started finishing me off I gave some intel on the radio of MD and that was that. IMO the RP in this scene was absolutely horrific. They could have held us at gunpoint and told us to leave but instead random punches were thrown and vehicles were unnecessarily used as weapons.
  5. Problem about PD with chases

    I would love to see realistic pits and blocking in suspects, but it's impossible as there is no sync nor is it possible to pass a speeding criminal without them deviating course, or enough police to setup ahead of them creating a situation where this would work. there are also no slow pursuits where the police just chase a slow vehicle to the point they run out of fuel or start endangering people's lives prompting action. that is however something I would love to see happen and when I'm playing cop I usually try to follow someone for a while before taking action unless they are known suspects that prompt immediate action.

    Topic locked as to not have a punishment appeal become a discussion about an RP situation any further pending @InfamousFelix

    Mister Stevano_Wallace requested help from staff for having the apartment he rents robbed while having to relog for audio issues. When I got on the scene I told the people to put the stuff they robbed back and checked with Stevano if that were the correct items. He agreed it was similar enough and we resumed the RP in the situation it was left in. Stevano went into the apartment after conversing a little bit with Phil_McGee and asked in the ingame report that was still open if he could go to sleep. Because that would be combatlogging from the situation I said no and asked if that is what he would have done previously to have him think about his RP. He came out about half a minute to a minute later and got held up. He then failed to show proper fear for life by saying he'd rather die than give up access to the apartment. Since he didn't agree he refused to continue RPing the situation and logged out of the game. In my opinion he should have finished the situation and if he didn't agree with my judgment he could have taken it to the forums afterwards instead of ruining roleplay for 3 other players and disobeying a moderator. Pending @InfamousFelix for further review
  8. Triple Seven? More like: 13402556_256173148080938_2252497_n.jpg?i


  9. Fraction Deliveries

    I don’t believe the factions in Eclipse are weapon manufacturers and that weapons ordered would be delivered in parts in real life? How is it more realistic? It would give the factions more to do and that could be good, so it could be considered for that reason...
  10. Wishing you all a good farewell!

    Good luck youngster!
  11. Tavi, Felipe, Triple Seven (Metagaming, Powergaming)

    Alright, the day after the "robbery" I overhear Felipe talking to Tavi Patronus about how he was kidnapped. We pulled the CCTV footage, which is linked in the report and Tavi Patronus said he recognized both of them, Lewis Smith for sure because of his clothing and a previous interaction for his gang with Lewis Smith. I cannot possibly know if he is right in that because I wasn't there. Not sure where I am supposed to have metagamed at all in this situation.... CCTV install and angle proof Install https://imgur.com/a/1i4Pq Angles https://imgur.com/a/5r8z5
  12. Stevano Wallance, Non RP

    Okay, after reviewing the evidence, grabbing my own off-road bike and going to the scene, there is only one conclusion possible. This was not a place where you could drive down a steep hill, in fact, it is a cliffface. Stevano_Wallace will receive punishment for non-RP. Jumping, or as you called it, driving down that cliff in real life would severely injure or kill you and your bike would also be unable to withstand that beating. There was also a much more viable option to escape the police in that situation which was take the dirt path to the left. I included an album of screenshots to show everything described. https://imgur.com/a/0Dbjw report accepted locked/archived
  13. Stevano Wallance, Non RP

    Thanks for reporting, topic closed untill all information is taken in, then I might open it up for more specific answers.
  14. Unban appeal

    The ban was placed for toxicity in OOC. If police call you something over VoIP and you're angry about that you should take it to the proper channels ingame and keep it in-character. However, You fail RP'd with your friend and then after repeated reminders by the police officer in an out of character channel he called you an idiot once, prompting you to wish him dead in real life, as proven in the screenshot below. That is beyond all measure and is taken very seriously. Treat others with respect and they will you too. Last night on Discord you felt the need to call the admin punishing you an idiot. I explained to you that it was me banning you for the language in OOC channels ingame and it became apparent you did not know the difference between IC and OOC, basic terms in RP. I explained them to you and you interpreted them completely wrong and even called claimed you were roleplaying with me on scene when you called me an idiot. All evidence used for the ban and the Discord conversation can be found below. It is now up to another moderator or admin to judge on your punishment appeal. IMPORTANT: You were banned based on the screenshot evidence ("die in real life c*cksucker"), your friend for toxicity OOCly in an IC channel after being warned and disobeying an admin's request to stop using VOIP OOCly.
  15. Mask 3206_5644 FearRP and NCZ

    Alright, after watching the video evidence player Stevano_Wallace clearly broke FearRP by getting in the driver seat, not knowing if the keys would be in the ignition and never having enough time to avoid a shot from close range from both of the weapons aimed at him instead of complying as he should. At the PD he clearly broke NCZ by firing his weapon at the other player or the car, that doesn't matter, it's a crime in the NCZ. Player will be punished for FearRP and nonRP. Report accepted closed/archived.