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  1. :wave:

    What kinda fail shit is this, at least explain
  2. Richman House - 3 car garage

    Price lowered to 274,000
  3. Blowing up cars to get 1000hp

    they don't. it is based on the class of the car. A warrener will cost like maybe 300 bucks to fix when it's like 500 hp. supercars will then be around 7-8k
  4. Blowing up cars to get 1000hp

  5. Hitman -> Black Market

    would make it so much better. Should come right after the faction update
  6. Server money revamping

    Good luck!
  7. Server money revamping

    That is already in existence and doesn't help enough. Right now (if you don't believe me, try), it is impossible to play a fulltime criminal character that has a proper bank account and doesn't need to grind to get a fresh weapon after it being taken by the police and having paid fines and spent time in prison.
  8. Firefighters

    fire isnt synced I believe plus we have general server improvements that are necessary, -1
  9. The fall of OsamaBigLag

  10. Server money revamping

    there shouldnt be jobs for criminals, criminals need to rp their own jobs, that is why they need passive money, because those jobs right now don't pay shit. You can deal drugs, but noone is interested in buying. Can get some weapon deals but people will not need those every day and the profit isnt that high.
  11. Make The Bus Driver Job A Government Faction

    They are really good for VDM though
  12. Car Selling Economy 🅱️roke.....

    Been saying this for a while. +1
  13. Server money revamping

    Maybe people that think 3k an hour is too much have never played a criminal character. Surely the police isn’t just into doing traffic stops on hard working citizens. I hope they want to RP with criminals as well. As it stands criminals have to do manual labor that is already badly paid or depend on welfare that is quite low. Police say weapons trading worked before for one person that hardly ever got caught. All well and good but it’s not like that market isn’t saturated with maybe two guntrading gangs. Drugs are hard to sell and make a profit on. In short, if we want criminal RP (and I hope everyone does), there needs to be better money-making opportunities for them, or higher welfare to passively support them. I hope the faction update that will be coming out will address this problem too and give criminals missions to complete that net a higher profit based on risk.
  14. Advanced /cruise

    We have to make sure the setting doesn't work before you're under the speed you're toggling then. Good idea apart from that