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  1. MusketDeezNuts

    Stranger 1342_3839 VDM

    Report will be locked for review. Please only comment once and stay proffesional. (So no emoji's) -MusketDeezNutz
  2. MusketDeezNuts

    Remove criminal record?

    Hey. This is a In-Character problem. Please make a IA report at: https://gov.eclipse-rp.net Keep in mind that the IA report is In-Character. If you need to speak OOC in it. Please use ((text)) Report locked and Archived -MusketDeezNuts
  3. MusketDeezNuts

    Kevin Rose - Ban Appeal

    Pending @Marco Davis Would also like to say. If you cant login. Post a message in the eclipse discord. Or message any admin. There is a ton off way even the roleplay quiz points out you should do. We can check the logs that tell us the moment you log out or crash. The wait time is 15 minutes after that its combat logging. MarcoD does not have to supply a video as it would contain staff chat and stuff people outside the staff team are not allowed to see. This appeal is about you not about Marco abusing power. If you think he abuses power make a player report. This is your appeal. So try to appeal for your punishment. MarcoD follows our guidelines we as a staff team all follow. Now if this appeal is about marcoD abusing power it shall be closed. this is about you. Not him. -MusketDeezNuts
  4. MusketDeezNuts

    Robert Queen (7.2 Deathmatch, 7.4 Kill on sight)

    Report locked untill a fellow staff member can take the report. -MusketDeezNuts
  5. MusketDeezNuts

    Veuin - James Teller (Ban Appeal)

    Hello @JamesTeller and thank you for appealing. After reviewing your appeal and got confirmation from multiple sources that you indeed had a valid KOS. I will suggest: KOS | Offense #1 To be voided. NCZ | Offense #1 to remain. You had valid KOS. but that did not give you the reason to murder someone inside a NCZ. I hope you learned from that mistake and it wont happen again as you stated. Report is pending on @Lewis or @BallinByNature or @Toony Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts
  6. MusketDeezNuts

    Carwyn Realestates.

    A Trusted Realestate Company. A home changes a person. And we are here to help with that. You got a old crappy place noone wants to buy? We might! Selling Quality Homes for the right prices. Never pay to much! www.carwynrealestates.com ((https://discord.gg/TqvsyAA))
  7. MusketDeezNuts

    Stranger 8479_3370 LEFT when he heard his prison sentance.

    Hello @Tyrone Biggins and thank you for making a player report. I happen to speak ingame to @Tyrone Biggins and actualy checked his chat-history and there was a big pause in his RP activity between the moment @edgyl1lboy logged out and 15 minutes after while @Tyrone Biggins was waiting for him to join back. @edgyl1lboy Stranger 8479_3370 // Vinson Garrall will be punished for Combat Logging | Offense #3 Additional he will recieve a 105 minute jail time for the prison time the officer was going to give him. Report Accepted and Archived Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts
  8. MusketDeezNuts

    Mask 8666_1333 (6.8 NCZ - RDM too)

    Hello everyone Thank you @edgyl1lboy for making a player report. @JamesTeller Mask 8666_1333 // James_Teller will be punished for: KOS | Offense #1 NCZ | Offense #1 In no right reason can you shoot someone inside a no crime zone. You not even allowed to aim your gun. Please read our No Crime Zones Rules carefully again. Report accepted and Archived Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts
  9. MusketDeezNuts

    Stranger 3454_9698 NCZ

    Hello everyone After hearing both sides off the story, Watching the evidence given. and talking to a few staff members. I have come to the following conclusion: @stfuNerd Stranger 3454_9698 // Philip_Malfitano will be given the following punishments: Vehicle Deathmatch | Offense #2 NCZ | Offense | #1 In the video you started to drive and stopped for a small second and then started to drive again. this shows that you in fact knew he was standing infront off the car. There was also multiple people blocking the mule. Report Accepted and Archived. Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts
  10. MusketDeezNuts

    Actual prison clothes.

    Hey small suggestion. Ever since the update clothes can be in your inventory I had a small Idea here it is:. I suggest that you actualy pick up prison clothes when you are taken in by police. And it forces you to wear it while in prison. The clothes automaticly disapear once you leave prison. Could increase a bit off RP
  11. MusketDeezNuts


    -1. Currently you can actualy get a pilot license within LSEMS and LSPD but aviation itself I would not like to see in eclipse. As it will be abused. And staff members can never teleport to a player who is flying.
  12. MusketDeezNuts

    ItzCryptonized - Thomas_Creasey (Punishment Appeal)

    Pending @PolarBlunk
  13. MusketDeezNuts

    Puolejas - Juan_Sandres unban appeal

    Pending @Flucifial
  14. MusketDeezNuts

    Edvinas Nendre (7.2 Deathmatch, , Insults in OOC)

    Hello everyone I will close tihs report. as the player has already been punished for this rule breach in another report. Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts
  15. MusketDeezNuts

    Edvinas Nendre (7.1.2, 7.1.3 Fear RolePlay)

    Hello everyone After watching the evidence thats no longer here cause @Putka_Vladimor deleted the videos and refuses to reupload. I will explain what happend and come to my conclusion. In the video you can see @Putka_Vladimor playing his character Mask 7645_8205 // Edvinas_Nendre He ran towards a drug plantation to rob @Harry Dumbling Mask 6169_3000 // Harry Dumbling Where Jim_Statham aboyed to all demands that ware given. after a attempted frisk using a /me from @Putka_Vladimor Mask 7645_8205 // Edvinas_Nendre Player @Harry Dumbling Mask 6169_3000 // Harry Dumbling got a bit confused and asked in /b "No frisking without roleplay?" (what is actualy fine as /frisk is a forcefull server command) then @Putka_Vladimor Mask 7645_8205 // Edvinas_Nendre replied with /b "Moron I did" witch is a OOC Insult. At that same time player @Matriks Mask 1304_2167 // Jim_Statham Shot a few bullets from the hill in the general direction off @Putka_Vladimor Mask 7645_8205 // Edvinas_Nendre where he reacted by shooting and killing @Harry Dumbling Mask 6169_3000 // Harry Dumbling even though he did nothing wrong. Then we come to the forums where I was busy reviewing the evidence and about to comment on it. when all the sudden the video's are deleted and a reply war has started in the comment section. After I asked @Putka_Vladimor Mask 7645_8205 // Edvinas_Nendre to re-upload the video he refused and broke two rules by Disobeying Administrators and hiding evidence. I have come to the following conclusion: @Putka_Vladimor Mask 7645_8205 // Edvinas_Nendre will recieve the following punishments: Deathmatch | Offense #1 Disobeying Administrators | Offense#2 (and a note on your record about hiding evidence) Offensive language | Offense #2 (OOC Insults) Please in the future. Do not disobey admins. You will recieve a note on your admin logs so if you hide evidence in the future. the punishment will be worse. Report Accepted, and Archived Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts @Matriks Mask 1304_2167 // Jim_Statham