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  1. MusketDeezNuts

    UBER company / RENT-A-CAR company

    The citybee used to be a car. But was changed on the amount of VDM's it produced.
  2. MusketDeezNuts

    Kristukas1348 Permanent ban

    Pending @NobodyLTU please be patient.
  3. MusketDeezNuts

    87 ID 7.1 Fear roleplay

    Hello everyone. I shall now comclude this report. When your video was still up. I did nog hear you say that at all. Anyways report shall be closed. As @PeterZito got A permaban for another situation. @Malibu is cleared of all charges. -Musket
  4. MusketDeezNuts

    Peymanata ( Ban Appeal )

    Pending @Grape
  5. MusketDeezNuts

    Wrong amount received from house sale. ($1.000.000)

    Pending @Osvaldon for logs.
  6. MusketDeezNuts

    Namechange + Plastic Surgery to RESET alias

    Maybe an option to do so. But just for a name change no. As a name change does not mean a CK to everyone. Maybe he is going into witness protection. Or hes changing from criminal to civ. For a job. I also RPed a big accident and changed my characters face. It does not mean I would like my alias to reset. -1
  7. MusketDeezNuts

    Sinner - Fred Frederiksen (Ban Appeal)

    The person may be unbanned. I agree the evidence may be edited I apologize towards @Sinner for not doing more research and I take full responsibility for my actions with my position as a staff member. (I am also just human) Pending Senior Admin plus+ MusketDeezNuts
  8. MusketDeezNuts

    Banned from the discord for what?

    Feel free to appeal. Archived.
  9. MusketDeezNuts

    Jay Dawson- Jason Dawson (Ban Appeal)

    The report is rejected for advertisement on ECRP Discord. (for a second time at 20-1-2019)
  10. MusketDeezNuts

    LSC Rulebook

    Los Santos Customs Rulebook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N9XQLd8Nm2A6gl2oPcVuCidIRO2IZhdxRqK-0-qs7Lo/edit?usp=sharing
  11. MusketDeezNuts

    DonRider - Samo Granados - Ban appeal

    Pending @Grape and @Marco Davis
  12. MusketDeezNuts

    Ideas for future content to be added in BB

    Hey thank you for making a suggestion. Are already suggestions. Is already being worked on. I believe prison time will be increased a lot once SADOC faction is fully up and running. We shall also remove the AFK script from the prison
  13. MusketDeezNuts

    Titan95 - Randy Wolf ( Punishment appeal )

    Pending @Grape and @Marco Davis
  14. MusketDeezNuts

    Arshia2000 - Arshia Jaksun (Punishment Appeal)

    If you have read the MUST READ it says that the admin who issued the punishment shares his side first.