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  1. MusketDeezNuts


    Moved to discussions.
  2. MusketDeezNuts

    Jay Gamble (Ban Appeal)

    Pending @Lewis
  3. MusketDeezNuts


    You own a legal copy of the game?
  4. MusketDeezNuts

    Tom_Austin (Ban Appeal)

    Pending Senior admin+ I suggest the punishment to be kept in place and not voided.
  5. MusketDeezNuts

    Mickeytoolin- Max Rhoades (Deathmatch Appeal)

    Pending @Lewis
  6. MusketDeezNuts

    Tom_Austin (Ban Appeal)

    Hello @Tom_Austin and thank you for appealing. And thank @otilane for the tag. May I ask what you have learned from this and how you will avoid this in the future? As this is your third offense and your next VDM or DM offense may result in a perma ban. Also please explain to me the vehicle deathmatch rules in your own words. I will link the following video showing the VDM. The VDM would have never taken place if FearRP rules ware followed. Depending on the reply I might change my following statement: I suggest the punishment to remain in place and not to be voided. -MusketDeezNuts
  7. MusketDeezNuts

    Change Bleet colour

  8. MusketDeezNuts

    Taxes are way to high

    -1 I think the current system is perfect. And besides. Be happy. In my country its 51% tax of salaries đŸ˜‰
  9. Thanks for replying. @Dimitri_Kriskov and @CastorTroy both of you are aware. That driving in circles like that infront of officers falls under cop baiting right? And that when your in cuffs at the prison door. When the officer enters your forced to enter too. The prison gates. Who would RPly be controlled by prison guards would remain closed on a escape attempt. It is also a bug. Where the officer uses the /drag command and he enters the prison. That the /drag is stopped. It should have teleported you in. Most players are aware of this and thats why you cannot run away at the prison door itself. I shall await your responses. Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts ECRP Senior Moderator.
  10. MusketDeezNuts


    You say your friend won in both cars?
  11. MusketDeezNuts

    Mask 1366_8179, Mask 3396_8546 (NON-RP, DM)

    Accepted. Thanks to both parties for finishing this maturely.
  12. Hello everyone! @Lunaa Mask 1366_8179 // Luna Lei @Psychas Stranger 2015_8758 // Alexey_Alexeev Both have 24 hours to respond with a solid defense. As @Denise C had some video problems where she could not get her personal audio, she contacted me on discord and showed me the raw footage of the video. Please compare her video to this video: Kind Regards -MusketDeezNuts ECRP Senior Moderator.
  13. MusketDeezNuts

    Stranger 8637_1748, Mask 3129_8588 (7.2.1 Deathmatch)

    Hallo @Jbacon and thanks for making a player report. @patyna Stranger 8637_1748 // Patryk_Brown @Titan95 Mask 3129_8588 // Randy_Wolf Both have 24 hours to respond with a defense. Regards -MusketDeezNuts ECRP Senior Moderator.
  14. Hallo @Denise C Please upload the video anyways so I can review it. Many thanks Musket