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  1. Use the correct format. Houses also get auto sold after being inactive for 2 months. We do not refund these items. Archived.
  2. I never heard of GTA 5 furniture going away. You got to build around them
  3. Roadside Application: Accepted Hello Thank you for applying for Roadside. After reading your application. We are happy to accept your application. Please contact the Roadside Coordinator or any Team-Leader+ to conduct your roadside training! The owner, Lucifer Marcello shall be notified and this post shall be updated with further information for you. Regards, Lucifer Marcello Owner
  4. hello and thank you for appealing. A support staff member asked if I could teleport and oversee your conversation. I noticed the support staff asking you multiple times in OOC to stop. Meanwhile, I was checking your chat history. This is your conversation towards the players: (In a public place, in the middle of PD with around 20 people around you) /b not gonna lie pls dont get mad but u sound like a girl who sucked dick whole day 😄 pls dont take /b take it to serious /b I said dont gat mad /b it mine opinion After being asked to stop by our support staff member in /OOC: /b Bro XDDDD i said its mine opinion /b and thats OOC reason to leave and then you got kicked by me for: Please fix your OOC attitude before joining back 1 minute later I recieve this on my discord: https://imgur.com/HvbUXTl I also believe that to be toxic. Reading your chat history even further back, Past June 12th I could see even more toxic behavior in OOC chat. Afterwards I banned you with reason: Very Toxic Behavior, Feel free to appeal. I would like to know the following: Why should we give you a second chance? Will you behave in any OOC chat, that being ingame chat, Discord, Teamspeak, etc. Pending review from Senior Admin+ also pending your reply @GhostlyVoltage ❤️ Musket ❤️
  5. Houses get automaticaly sold after 2~ months of inactivity. We do not refund these items cause you ware inactive. Archived.
  6. Your favorite friend in life. Lucifer Marcello.
  7. This was litterly removed like 3 months ago when they added the new phones. -1
  8. Hey bros and gals These are some improvements I would like to see for loan companies. Gas stations, Gun Stores and now General Stores had an update that truckers have to deliver the goods to the business in order for the business to supply its customers. I felt kinda sad to see no loan company update. So I got some suggestions that I believe are needed for the loan companies. New commands: /deleteloan [FName_NName] - this cancels the active loan of a person (Handy in refund request situations or if the company already has the collateral) /contract [ID] [Amount] [Interest rate] [Payback date] [Collateral] - This would spawn in a contract (inventory item) then can be handed over and signed by the other party. (like a notepad) once signed you click save. and the contract can be brought to CITY HALL for a repo job if payment is too late. This command will also generate a random contract ID to be used by city hall. Reworked commands: /createloan [ID] [Amount] [Interest rate] [Payback date] [Collateral] - Collateral can be a house name or vehicle license plate. /creditcheck [ID] - Would not only do a creditcheck but also show you a rough income estimate of that person, change payment for creditcheck from 1000 dollars to 2000 dollars. CITY HALL City hall is currently working on a repo job system, Where loan companies can request assets being removed from a person who's late on his payments. Using the contract signed (with the above command) this might make it easier. and with that said contract they would be able to remove an asset from the account of that said person. (Cheating protection) They would only be able to do so using the script, if the [payback date] has passed, and can only remove an asset from someone's account if that person put that license plate or house number as collateral. (Again anti-cheating protection) A command for city hall workers: /repo [ID] [Fname_Lname] [contract ID] [payment amount] (ID = Loan company owner, So he has to be online Fname_Lname = the person who has the active loan contract ID = the contract ID generated by /contract payment amount = Repo payment for the loan company owner. I suggest 5000 to 10000 dollars what is donated to the government treasury) STEALING A CONTRACT? The reason why the contract should be an inventory item is so it can be stolen. Its the responsibility of the owner of the loan company to keep the contract safe. (if stolen a person cannot remove someone's assets as only the Owner of the loan company + City hall worker would be able to do so, Again anti-cheating) IF stolen. City Hall would be unable to remove someone's assets, For criminal RP, This can be great as it enables great scamming possibilites. These are just some quality of life improvements for loan companies, Not only removes this the refund request wait-time for loan companies. It can all be done ingame without ECRP Staff, Making their lives and jobs easier. PS: Collateral signed should not be able to be sold at HE / LE / Scrapyard until the loan is paid off.
  9. Character to be refunded: Lucifer_Marcello (namechange) Date and time of incident: 11/06/2019 / 15:10 CEST Requested refund (what and how much): 300.000 dollars Princiap: $300.000 Repayable: $375.000 Remaining: $372.785 Description of incident resulting in loss: Player is late for payment, Extended the loan once, Contacted on discord again says he will be unable to pay back the money. Requesting his loan to be removed and my money to be transfered back to me. Evidence of loss: Contract: https://imgur.com/90AyXHu https://imgur.com/gscVU0s Current Loan Status: https://imgur.com/c7vZTcj Discord: https://imgur.com/gFK2Eed Last Seen: 27/May/19 05:43 PM Loan company spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10QZ1HUy77XOKFI5ZzcsFUEvXrz5RUMad9GDpIN0-39I/edit?usp=sharing Comments:
  10. I second this. That would be up to the senior admin team.
  11. Hey if you get no offers. Im willing to buy it for 1.000.000 dollars. Prices have dropped cause of new houses and properties that have been introduced by city hall.
  12. We issue forum warnings for situations where its a fake report on purpose Suggestion denied.
  13. Hello and thank you for appealing. As you know what you did was wrong. And its been over 2 months since thw punishment. My recommandation is to let you return to the community on a probation period. Pending senior admin.
  14. Hey. Thank you for appealing and thank you for waiting 2 months as instructed in your last appeal. My reply stands the same as last time. Pending Senior Admin+ for a review. ❤️ Musket ❤️ Previous Appeal:
  15. LSC opens apps for a limited amount of time. And we accept a max of 50 members. Although we are very strict on work hours and rule breaches. Salaries remain high. 50 members might not sound like a lot. But its the amount we can support with government funding. LSPD and LSEMS and DCC have a higher government funding then mechanic factions cause of the demand for members and activity.
  16. Hello and thank you for appealing. At 3:35:06 in the following video: You used ALT+F4 to close your game and start laughing saying something along the lines off: "I disconnected"/ "I logged out" While laughing. Then a viewer says, you need to log back in. You then selected RAGE and relaunched the game. You ware casually going to youtube instead of reconnecting straight away. You also laugh while pressing ALT+F4. Making you on purposely breaking a server rule. As I received many complaints from concerned players about your streams. I told all of them to make a forum report if they spot a rule breach. but I was getting so many reports I investigated myself on a stream someone linked me. (At this time I did not realize your stream was still on-going. as I landed at the very start and was watching most of it on my second monitor) I then found myself at 3:35:06 as someone in LSC realized I was watching your stream and he messaged me. asking to check that out. (By then I was around 2 hours myself, So I skipped ahead to 3 hours and 10 minutes~) I then witness the on purpose combat logging. I was going to issue it for just a combat log till I realized you only switched back on cause of viewers and cause you knew it was wrong. (and the laughing, Showing you did it on purpose) Later in the video at: 04:20:00 you had an interaction with moderator @Rodiz who helped me translate most of your stream among other trusted sources. You received a warning for this interaction as well. I believe it was a NonRP? These are just the examples I witnessed. But there are many "eligible" video's / reports out there of you breaking server rules on purpose. (Such as Combat logging and Metagaming) however, These are just eligible and it did not influence my choice to ban you. I told them all to make a forum report if they got evidence. I banned you for "Not here to RP / Purposely breaking server rules" You on purpose Combat Logged. Knowing full well what you did was wrong. Also Minor Metagaming offenses you did using /mp by giving IC information to people. I did not charge those, however, as I had those translated after the ban was issued. okay moving on to after the ban was issued. And me realizing my intentions ware right and what caused me even bigger concerns. at 07:11:12 in the video, You realized you ware kicked from the server. (this was cause the offline ban didn't ban you straight away. So I had someone kick you as I was not ingame myself) These are your steps, To sum it all up for the Senior Admin+ Reviewing this. Reconnects to check if he is banned. Realize you ware indeed banned Checks your panel showing the reason + twitch link with timer. Says: "I am banned guys" (what is a very normal reaction, Most people just freak out if they ware truely innocent) After some time You are silent for a few moments and then giving a big sight. (Indicating to me you know exactly why you ware banned) You continue to watch your video Says: "Well GG's" Starts the game: League of Legends While the game loads up... You rename your stream then proceed to say: "Not even going to appeal" (Again indicating you know why you ware banned) says to viewers: "There is no need to appeal" (again indicating you know why you ware banned) You said that as one of your viewers said: You proceed to search for the ECRP rulebook, What takes you a very long time. (At this point over 5 ECRP staff members ware watching, including moderator @BrockOlly who witnessed most of the events after the ban) You tried to find the rulebook for a couple of minutes. At this point, a member of our Quiz team and a support member saw that you ware trying to find the ECRP rulebook in the discord channel #I_Have_A_Question but they just missed you as you clicked away from the discord to check somewhere else for the rulebook. (The 2 staff members tried to link it too you, but you missed them by 10 seconds) You then had to check Browser history and you finally find our rulebook. You check the appeal from @Rodiz You could not find our combat logging rule. (Again clearly showing you don't know our rulebook at all) You say: "+when I disconnect I instantly reconnected" (In fact it took you 3 min to reconnect AFTER the stream told you too) you go back to the panel, Copy and Paste "Combat logging" and then proceed to go back to the rulebook and use ALT+F (search) to locate combat logging rule. (Showing me you do not know our rules/rulebook) (at this point, we ware already discussing this in the ECRP discord administrator chat, What can be looked back for extra detail @SeniorMod+) In total it took you over 20 minutes to locate the rulebook and then finally locate our combat logging rule) Proceed to say to viewers: "Nice, Soo when you play on eclipse you better not stream" Replays the exact moment he started laughing after he pressed ALT+F4 Starts playing LoL I am going to leave this to Senior Admin+ for a conclusion ❤️ Musket ❤️
  17. Character to be refunded: Lucifer_Marcello (namechange) Date and time of incident: 06/06/2019 / 15:13 CEST Requested refund (what and how much): $50.392 BUT Rather have his collateral: Maxed Baller. Removed from Anthony_Beneventi account Principal: $100.000 Repayable: $130.000 Remaining: $80.392 $80.392 - $30.000 (profit) = $50.392 Description of incident resulting in loss: Person is banned from ECRP Anthony_Beneventi permanent for Ban Avading. Evidence of loss: Loan Contract: https://imgur.com/z0myN91 Current Loan Status: https://imgur.com/fpQ02M1 Schlongberg Sachs spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10QZ1HUy77XOKFI5ZzcsFUEvXrz5RUMad9GDpIN0-39I/edit?usp=sharing Marked in red Comments: Like I said. Rather have his collateral then the money. Happy to wait for developer response.
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