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  1. Hello @Emulsify , The only reason why I proceed to drive off it's because on my screen, something else happen. I drove off when I see his intent of getting back from bike, his gun was aimed at me when I was away from him. Due to desync we had different things on our screens. I never had the intent to break the FearRolePlay rule. Here is my point of view: https://youtu.be/JZ9fyL6dAYc - Thanks for reading -
  2. @Mickeyyy i'm so sorry but Auction closed
  3. 1. It happened accidently and remember most of our family are in iran and the internet of iran had a bad situation these days and you can understand it from tct.ir(internet organization) and also you can see our timeout during the days. 2. First of all when i came back to the game i saw the officer standing faraway from me and when i turn to rightside i saw my friend was runnig, i called him through the radio and said him come and take my staff (in voip) and all members of our gang knew that. 3. I did rp broken leg because at first he ram me with car and you can watch that in video, and it damaged me very hard. 4. I liked that the rp be continued but when i came back before 15 min no one was there and i was pretty sure that i didnt break rules. 5. No but you can check all the information in logs. Moderator, YuSoHelpful thanks for respond to report and check it! Have Good Day / JacobJordan
  4. Hello, ID-74 Here so let me tell the whole situation so first my friend told me that my bike is being bobby pined so we went there and catch the guy and told him to put his hands up as we did this police found us and i started to run in the street as i was running some police car rammed into me and VDM so i got injured then at the same time that i asked about death rp my game timed out so before 15 minuets which my game was crashing multiply times i got back into the game i saw a police man in front of me and my friend who is runnig away so i told him in radio to pick my gun up but instead he picked me up and police saw us so he put me on the ground and ran away and police started to chase him after this my game crashed again so i reconnected quickly but there was no one there and i even stayed there for 30 minuets and admin can check the logs when i call the medic and other... And + i was talk with officer Karl Suptic about that. Have Fun | Jacob Jordan
  5. First of all follow the rules of the furom when you didnt tagged on post dont reply anything+there is no sounds of any vehicle on video. Dont forget the main subject(combat login) Your speeches wont help this report so dont interfere. If anyone wants to answer this report it should be the person who has combatlogin Have Fun | JacobJordan
  6. This report is related to me,admin and rule breaker.you can not say anything in this report and stop lying because its useless This report is because of player 93's combat loging And pay attention that whenever no one has tagged you,dont say anything Its crystal clear this account is fake ! Cause you dont have any post or something.and it seems like a new account If someone wants to answer this report,it should be player93.
  7. Yes we was speaking about you breaking fear rp and combat logging. I believe that I can use discord to talk about OOC things and speak IN-GAME about IC. And about combat logging it's not hard to remove Internet cable or turn off WiFi but I guess there is no way to prove that.
  8. Player(s) being reported: ID 93 Date of interaction reported: 8/14/2019 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1565787531 Your characters name: Jacob Jordan Other player(s) involved: N/N Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Players who disconnect during roleplay must reconnect and inform other parties in order to resume roleplay. If you are unable to reconnect it may be excused after providing proof. How did the player break the rule(s)? we came for raid his house - i gave him demands ( Hands up) but he don't listen to me and loged out from the server and i wait for 16 min but he didn't came back. Evidence of rule breach:
  9. Hello so i understand what was the situation so, I wasn't on the full speed of the bike i was going to stop at the top of the hill but i lost the control and didn't want to do a jump there would be no reason for me to jump no police was chasing no one was following me or anything, i just tried to stop the bike at the top of the hill but it didn't stop also in the video after i land on the ground i turn around and come back to the top and one more thing, i also tested out the hill by even 80-90 km and still you will go into high air with only 80-90 km here is the video that i tested: https://youtu.be/WP-RzSeymz4
  10. Can i see the evidence because I don't know about what exact situation you are talking.
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