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  1. ChuckM

    Ban appeal [Alex Mathers]

    @zooke1, thank you for making this appeal. After reviewing the pictures I think it is clear that Peter_Zito was Metagaming by telling you to do things in an OOC channel. Can you tell me the context of this picture? https://postimg.cc/62xVmhnp Were you in the back of this cab? If so, did you then go to the DMV and get into the Tropos?
  2. Pending a response from @BallinByNature as he is the one who issued your permanent ban.
  3. ChuckM

    Ramin Hart - Ban Appeals

    @StrinGent, thank you for making this appeal. At this time we can not allow you back into the server. Ban evading for using an hack is unacceptable and will not be considered for an unban at this time. You may not appeal this punishment any sooner than (6) months starting from the date of this post. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  4. ChuckM

    Exodical - Lucas Daniels (Deathmatch Appeal)

    @Exodical, thank you for making this appeal. If you heard someone calling the police you are allowed to attack them right then and there. It appears that you didn't go far and that there was not much time between that call and you firing shots so I believe you were in line with the rules. However you did not have KOS rights, so you can not completely leave the area and allow a considerable amount of time to pass. Please read through the KOS and DM rules again to refresh your memory on what is and is not allowed. Appeal Accepted Locked & Archived
  5. ChuckM

    Tourelle4u- Joshua Henderson - FEAR RP Appeal

    @tourelle4u, thank you for making this appeal. It is clear from the evidence that you broke Fear RP. If a weapon is pointed at close range you need to obey the attackers demands. If you can not hear his demands over VOIP, you should probably say something in OOC so you both can RP with text. You claiming, which i believe, that you didn't hear his voice isn't a reason to try to get away. You can not under any circumstances just hop onto a bike and try to get away with a weapon pointed at you. Please read over the Fear RP rules again and you should have no issues moving forward. The warning log is in a way a reminder that you have been told about Fear RP and should at this point know the rules. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  6. ChuckM

    Shayan19, Shayan_Venom, ( Ban appeal )

    @shayan_venom, thank you for making this appeal. You are responsible for where your gun shots land. Firing towards an enemy and accidentally shooting someone else is still considered DM. Please be more careful in the future. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  7. ChuckM

    ProCeeD3210- Rick Debose (Ban appeal)

    @ProCeeD3210, thank you for making this appeal. Your demand for "hands up" was too soft in this video and I can give no fault to the victim because I believe he didn't hear it. He was already in route to the car when you made the demand and then you quickly opened fire towards him and the driver, who had did nothing wrong at this point. You need to make sure your potential victim can hear your demands and has a reasonable amount of time to comply. Report Denied Locked & Archived
  8. ChuckM

    NOTAFRAID - Rodney Ricks (deathmatch appeal)

    @RodneyRicks, thank you for making this appeal. I see no demands being made in the video which is a requirement unless you have KOS rights, which there is no evidence of. Please refamiliarize yourself with the KOS requirements. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  9. ChuckM

    Kieron_Reeves appeal

    @Kieron Reeves, thank you for making this appeal. Simply telling someone to stop following you is not enough of a demand to open fire at someone and there is no presented evidence of a previous interaction that would give you KOS rights. Please familiarize yourself with the KOS and DM rules and there should be no problems going forward. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  10. ChuckM

    Samo Monroe DM

    @samo, do you have any evidence proving that you had KOS rights on a masked person? How did you know who it was?
  11. ChuckM

    Samo Monroe DM

    In the video there is someone talking about someone else having their frequency. Can you elaborate on that?
  12. ChuckM

    Samo Monroe DM

    Someone must have footage of this supposed gun fight if lots of people were involved. @samo & @JayGamble please ask anyone involved if they have footage to submit.
  13. ChuckM

    Johnyx - Johnathan Allen (Ban Appeal)

    We both are waiting. Please be patient
  14. ChuckM

    Samo Monroe DM

    Do you have any footage of that?
  15. ChuckM

    Samo Monroe DM

    @JayGamble, could you please upload some more footage of the lead up to this shooting? Perhaps to where you first spotted him?