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  1. Your admin logs are long with several bans and for having over 100,000 XP, the Fear RP rule shouldn't be new to you. It's hard to believe you can play for that long and not understand such a simple concept. You can try to appeal again in three (3) months from the date of this post. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  2. Linked accounts will remain banned until the original offender becomes unbanned. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  3. @xxGould, thanks for the appeal. Can you explain in your own words what you did wrong here and how you would react differently in the future if this situation happened again?
  4. All mansions are being rented but North Rockford Dr. 3 may come available soon.
  5. @BLUES7ARz, thanks for making this Punishment Appeal. Your record before your permanent ban isn't great but you appear to acknowledge that you did wrong and I hope you won't repeat this behavior. The rulebook changed since you last played so please read through it carefully before beginning to play again. Welcome back Appeal Accepted Locked & Archived
  6. We can all agree people learn from their mistakes but you don't even remember the VDM so how can you learn from that? You then go on to say that you learned that you get a permanent ban from being angry. You are not getting down to the root issue here so I am not comfortable letting you back into the server at this time. Please appeal again with more effort in ten (10) days from the date of this post. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  7. ChuckM

    Non RP

    After review of the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report. Car tires popping is a known issue right now and a staff member correcting this problem is not an abuse of his powers. As for the bike ram incident I can not completely rule out desync so no punishment will be issued. Report Denied Locked & Archived
  8. If you can't reckon playing at a friends house or letting a friend play at your house, then it's possible that happened and your friend got banned which means you got banned too. If you happen to remember what may have happened you can reappeal in 2 weeks. If not, contact a developer if it was a mistake. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  9. @zyrax, thanks for the appeal. Serthon is longer apart of the staff team so I will take this appeal. Unfortunately accounts that become IP linked will also share bans. The only way for you to get unbanned now is if your friend gets unbanned. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  10. Why are you only "pretty sure" it won't happen again and how can you learn from something you don't even remember?
  11. @nasser_ yaser, thanks for the appeal. After reviewing the report, evidence this appeal I found that you did break the Deatmatching rule by firing upon the vehicle when it was not stalled. I appreciate your honesty in the appeal and will take Dqniels recommendation to lessen the punishment. The punishment will remain on your logs but you will be unbanned 3 weeks after the date it was originally issued. Please take this time to review the rulebook Appeal Accepted Locked & Archived
  12. @Andrej_Krilin, thanks for the appeal. First off you didnt tell the truth in your initial post which was proven by Brawnkoh and then you finally admit it in the face of that evidence. Second you were complaining in Discord about your appeal being looked at when it hasn't even been a full day. Check out some pending appeals that are near a month. Using a crosshair is considered cheating and is taken seriously on this server. Due to all three things combined I am going to deny your appeal and let you reappeal no sooner than December 1st, 2019. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  13. @ubermarius, thanks for the appeal. Cheating and use of cheat engines while playing on the server is a major offense and not taken lightly. If you feel the ban was a mistake you may message a developer directly. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  14. @Dimitriy_Alexander, thanks for the appeal. After reviewing the statements from Bakmeel I feel like the punishment was issued correctly. Behind the store is not a NCZ and you didnt return after the restart. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  15. @Lexa Ross, thanks for the appeal. The logs show you were banned for extreme VDM and insults. Please explain what happened.
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