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  1. ChuckM

    [Buying] Mansion with four car garage

    Upwards of 4 million depending on the home and location.
  2. I am looking for a mansion, with four car garage, in either Lake Vinewood Estates, Richman, Rockford, Chumash or Tongva Valley.
  3. ChuckM

    Downtown Cab Company (WIP)

    Downtown Cab Co. strives for a open and fun atmosphere not just with our employees but our customers too. Making small talk and keeping the client entertained is just one aspect of our busy job. Our taxi drivers can be a wealth of knowledge and will be happy to assist you with any question you might have.
  4. ChuckM

    Downtown Cab Company (WIP)

    Many people apply for employment at Downtown Cab Co. but few are chosen. We select only the best candidates for interviews because safety and professionalism are our focus points. > Chuck Mangione sifts through a pile of applications and carefully reads through them all.
  5. ChuckM

    Andy [ Power Gaming Warning ]

    @Afigenas2, thank you for making this Punishment Appeal. Everyone who is taught to use CPR is instructed to use at least some roleplay prior to using the /cpr command (even if it is not the entire and proper sequence of /me and /do's). Using CPR on someone without knowing their injuries (or using it on an injured person that doesn't need it) is Powergaming and /cpr is not considered a forceful command. Your warning will remain in place. Appeal Denied Locked & Archived
  6. ChuckM

    Stranger 8600_8131 6.6 6.6.1 6.6.2

    @collesssin, thank you for making this report. @Appelgi Benjamin_Specht | Stranger 8600_8131 will have 24 hours to respond to this report. Why were you ramming with your sports car?
  7. @wildee, thank you for making this report. @Paul Ghost Pete_Stanley | Mask 4235_1896 will have 24 hours to respond to this report. @JamalBratan, Jamal_Debose | Mask 8024_7779 which friends are you referring to?
  8. ChuckM

    Andi Carja (Assault Rifle)

    @revo, Thank you for this Refund Request. At this time it has been chosen to accept your request for a refund. The granted refund includes: 1x Assault Rifle For the bug that occurred when trying to equip two of the same rifle. Please contact a Senior or Head Administrator via /report in game or PM them to schedule a time where you could receive the refund. This refund is valid for 30 days and will be archived if not received.
  9. ChuckM

    Anton Volkov (Asault Rifle)

    @MativezZ_, thank you for making this Refund Request. Can you give your thoughts on what happened with this situation? @Tobias van Dam
  10. ChuckM

    Bondas - Yao Jacky (Ban Appeal)

    @Yao Jacky, thank you for making this Punishment Appeal. Thank you for your patience as I have been out of town for the last few days. I appreciate your honesty in game (though it took some coaxing) and your thoughtful response in this appeal. VDM is not taken lightly on Eclipse Roleplay and is punished heavily to deter those from trying it again. I will recommend this ban to remain in place but am looking forward to your return to the server because it sounds like you are going to take the rules more seriously this time. Your next VDM punishment may result in a permanent ban so please read through the Eclipse RP Rulebook again before your return to the server. Pending a response from a Head Admin+
  11. Now Recruiting Entry Level Positions. Click the link above to apply. Make sure you meet our requirements before filling out the application. Applications will stay open until all available positions are filled.
  12. So if I understand this correctly, the driver of the red & black muscle car had robbed someone (Castor_Troy) so your passengers shot the people on the bikes?
  13. ChuckM

    Dale DM

    After reviewing the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report. I do not believe you can clearly hear Dale_Manning making the demand for Darryl_Monroe to get off of his bike. I have to turn my PC to maximum volume, concentrate on the audio and I can just barely hear it. There is no way Darryl_Monroe could reasonably hear the demand, however he was baiting this group of people by driving his bike through the crowd of what I can assume are enemies. If you are on a bike and a gun is pointed at you, and a demand is made for you to get off the bike, you should comply. With all this being said, I am not going to punish anyone for the actions that took place. No fault to Darryl_Monroe for not hearing the demand and no fault to Dale_Manning for giving a demand to get off the bike and watching him speed off at gun point. Report Denied Locked & Archived
  14. ChuckM

    Stranger 7156_1476 Stranger 3221_495 DM in NCS

    After reviewing the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report. Rick_Constantine stole a car from a No Crime Zone and then Donny_Trekker and David_Quattro started to shoot him for the theft. All three players are in breach of the No Crime Zone rules. Donny_Trekker | Stranger 7156_1476 will receive his 3rd NonRP punishment for his 2nd breach of a No Crime Zone. David_Quattro | Stranger 3221_495 will receive his 2nd NonRP punishment for his 2nd breach of a No Crime Zone. Rick_Constantine will receive his 1st warning for breach of a No Crime Zone. Report Accepted Locked & Archived
  15. ChuckM

    DM report Mask 8697_7478, Mask 5421_4283

    After reviewing the evidence and allowing the reported party enough time to respond I will conclude this report. Jeremy_Stones started shooting the reporting party before giving them enough time to respond to the demand (which he did comply with). Jeremy_Stones | Mask 8697_7478 will receive their first punishment for Deathmatching. Report Accepted Locked & Archived