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  1. Congratulations to Eric Demarco on receiving one of the September 2019 Employee of the Month awards at DCC. Biography "Eric Demarco was born and raised in Vice City before moving to Los Santos to start a new beginning to his life. Upon arriving in the city Eric worked as a miner briefly and then did extensive work at Go Postal but did not find these jobs fulfilling. After seeing several of his friends join the Downtown Cab Company he thought joining could be a good opportunity to help the community. Since joining he has found great pleasure in assisting people in the city especially for those who have just arrived in the city and are in need of guidance. Eric also strives to foster a positive community by volunteering as a member of the Snow Peas who help people, especially at risk youth, to steer clear of drug use and gang activity." We appreciate all the hard work you put into the company that helped make September such a success and the management team would like to present you a bonus for $50,000. Regards, DCC Management
  2. All mansions are being rented but North Rockford Dr. 3 may come available soon.
  3. ChuckM

    Non RP

    After review of the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report. Car tires popping is a known issue right now and a staff member correcting this problem is not an abuse of his powers. As for the bike ram incident I can not completely rule out desync so no punishment will be issued. Report Denied Locked & Archived
  4. ((I dont think that's right. When you withdraw money it's your revenue (profit+your expense on the item), the treasury has no way of differentiating or keeping track of what was pure profit and what was overhead. You could sell everything at cost and you end up with 0 profit but still have money in your treasury. The money you withdraw is revenue and is taxed so you are actually paying taxes on your profit, which is correct, but also your overhead which isn't quite right from an accounting stand point. That's how I understand it atleast))
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but taxes are only taken out when you withdraw money from the treasury, which is your revenue, not profit. It's a flawed system but easy to track.
  6. ChuckM

    Non RP

    PLAYER REPORT PENDING RESPONSES Thank you for your patience while this report is under review. After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, I have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. The following players will be required to provide their side of the story from this situation within the next twenty-four (24) hours: Abilio_Fresh | ID 9 @Ourballs If the players above fail to respond to this report within the next twenty-four (24) hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. Regards, Chuck
  7. Thank you for your patience as this was under review. I believe the contact from ID 152 was incidental and not enough to be considered for a rule breach. While we can see in hindsight that the ram at 0:30 was an accident it may have appeared to be an attack so I will give the benefit of the doubt for the players who saw this ram, gave demands and then shot at the vehicle. Everyone who witnessed that ram should have been able to tell it was an accident based on the speed and his reaction to reverse after hitting the motorcycle. I don't think ID 214 saw the ram due to his viewing angle and he didn't hear any demands that were given based on the distance he was at however I am going to give him a MASSIVE benefit of the doubt here based on the ram. I do want to comment on his RP at the end where he shoots down this player who is in full compliance after his car stalled. Notice how no one else is shooting him and without ID 214 engaging this player directly at all he immediately guns him down. Looks to me like you just want to gun people down and win instead of trying to RP with people. This player was actively trying to RP by surrendering and you eliminated everyone's chance to RP that situation out with him. Report Denied Locked & Archived
  8. So you are generating roughly $100,000 net income every week and if you value the property to over 10 million then that's a 1% or lower cap rate. In simpler terms, it would take over two years to make your money back and pay off the gas station. However, if one is able to sell the gas station quickly, then it's a free $100,000 per week which is great. I dont know what a great cap rate is in Los Santos but in my experience it should be around 2-5% depending on location as a gas station in the city limits that generates $X per week will be worth more than a station in the middle of nowhere that generates the same amount. Best of luck with your sale, it's a great property. Note: I've redefined cap rate as net income per week instead of year as things just move faster in Los Santos then back home.
  9. I can agree that the rule does need tweaking. In my opinion, the rule is worded like that to prevent people from trying to rob others in cars because it's so easy to disable a car with a single gun shot (not realistic at all). If the rules were flat changed to allow a robber to shoot at someone in a car, then there is 0 opportunity for someone to legitimately escape if cars are disabled so quickly. As soon as the gun comes out the other party has no option and the "hands up rob" mentality will only get worse. To combat this, I think we would see civilians (and some criminals) fleeing for their lives as soon as they see anyone remotely getting near them (does this already happen?). I understand Los Santos is a hyper violent city but closing this "loophole" will further make civilian life worse and they shouldnt have to be watching their back 24/7 even in the pseudo safety of a vehicle. I dont want to prohibit people from robbing others but chain crimes/robberies and broad daylight/public area robberies are low RP but not necessarily NonRP. On the other side, Fear RP rules state just some examples, not all. If someone is completely boxed in and has no where to flee, it's time to give up whether your car is stalled or not.
  10. How much money are you generating per day and at what fuel price? The store's net income should factor into it's worth.
  11. Steele Way. 3 mansion is back on the market.
  12. When I looked in your recent activity I didnt see that player report, only a player report that was denied due to not using the formatting. This will now be pending further review and asset removal from the scammer. Please remain patient as this is handled.
  13. Player report removed by reporting party's request. Locked & Archived
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