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  1. ID: 130 (Enoch Thompson) Speaking. I was never cooking at sea labs (logs should show this), I'd be very surprised if they even saw me picking. I was also wearing full black, on a black bike (gang colour is orange) you didn't know it was me/LSD until you took my mask off when I was on my knees. When you did frisk me you didn't even take the 10 plants I had picked, you weren't interested in them, you took my gloves and radio. I drove out of sea lab when I saw 2 russians at the bridge, as I drove passed they screamed "GET OFF THE BIKE" once I got over the bridge I had a head on collision with a russian sports car (it was an accident), I went flying off my bike and dropped to my knees trying to realistically RP my injuries I was then robbed by about 10+ mob members, ALL wearing armour, ALL using sort of class2 weapon or above. The amount of gear/weaponry they were running just to rob someone for a radio was a bit overkill in my opinion. I do not have POV but you can see how roughly how many people they had in armour with shotguns/micros in the 2 pieces of evidence provided.
  2. My character (Enoch_Thompson) was mentioned but I had nothing to do with the situation. Thanks guys!
  3. Name: ID: 51 (NRP) Date: 11/09/2021 Unix Timestamp: 1631359117 My name: Enoch_Thompson 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Non-off road vehicles may not drive up mountains or steep hills. LSEMS & Mechanics are exempt. ID 51 pulls into hole in a wall lab, and as soon as he gets out of the car I begin to drive off, I lose ID 51 that seemed to be chasing me. When I return to hole in the wall about 2 minutes later, he sees me and he immediately speeds up the hill offroad as shown in evidence in a luxury SUV (Rebla) (4:05 on the vid). I'd like to thank the staff team for all the work they do and thanks for reading!
  4. I was simply trying to locate my bike, I couldn't have taken it by force as I was unarmed. Police and criminals follow drift (LSD) around all the time, to my understanding it's not a chase until sirens come on or in a criminal sense, e.g. some kind of demands given I don't see how there could've been any criminal activity. You simply followed me to the bank (NCZ) and then used OOC to pressure me to leave, then gave more OOC pressure after being followed to parking.
  5. Firstly I'd like to thank the admins and staff for handling this case, and also for the swift responses for everyone involved. I've added the full 10 minute clip to this post, I wasn't attempting to tamper with evidence. I simply cut 3 minutes of the chase out of the video as nothing happened in the clip, but none the less I do apologise. At no point during this report was I trying to say I wasn't chasing them, it was stated in the video, it was also stated in my initial post. I wasn't "report baiting" (don't actually know what that is) or trying to be petty by making this report, I made it because I left the situation utterly confused as for the reasoning behind chasing me and the general lack of quality in RP from both sides, I seem to have broken a few rules that I wasn't aware of. I would rather figure out what rules were broken by both sides, in a small "petty" situation like this were essentially nothing was gained/lost, rather than something that's high stakes and much more important. I'm still teething with the rules and learning the correct way of RP'ing high intensity situations like these everyday. Such as saying NCZ and talking about the car park being a public area in character for this I have no excuse but a lack of familiarity with the rules, and just absolute confusion during the entire situation. The chase seemed unjustified and after some discussion with my allies I was under the impression that they could not chase me because I chased them. So once I pulled into parking I assumed they would just leave me alone, seen as they are still riding a stolen vehicle and had no reason to believe I had anything so valuable that it was worth robbing me in city parking. I wasn't even fully aware they were actually chasing me for any particular reason as there was no demands given IC. I only fully came to the conclusion it was a chase and not just being followed when they told me OOC they were chasing me at the bank and I couldn't stop at the bank. I was wheeling as they followed me to the bank as I wasn't totally sure what their intentions were or if it was even an actual justified chase. When I was chasing them, I was not wheeling at all and once I found out they were actually chasing me I was also not wheeling. Regarding someone joining my stream during the stabbing, I had begun streaming a few hours prior to this happening as my friends who haven't played ECRP in about a week wanted to see my new car and bike but I forgot to turn the stream off and only realised I was even in a discord server about 7 hours later when I closed my game. I have just asked my friends who joined the stream and it my buddy Trilz AKA Derrick Michaels on ECRP, he said he wasn't on the server at the time but an admin is more than welcome to join our server and check logs and take names to find out if anyone else was online on ECRP at the time or anywhere near the situation if that's possible. I can also share the full list of people in the server if that's easier for you guys. No one in LSD (the gang I'm in and was on radio with) are in the aforementioned discord or ever have been. As for the accusations on Non-RP by calling the EMS team, I only called them once I had heard one of them repeatedly say "don't finish him" and as they began to drive off, I thought the situation was over until ID164 came back to run me over mid phone call. Is there a timeframe that I should have waited or do I have to wait until they're all completely out of sight? If someone could clarify, is chasing someone who stole your bike a reason to chase them back without giving any demands a good enough reason to rob/kidnap someone in city parking because I still don't understand why I was chased, seen as there was no hostile motive RP'd in the situation until parking. Once again thanks for reading and being so helpful everyone, hope to improve my standards of RP and take this situation in stride as a learning curve.
  6. ID 164 (NRP, VDM, RDM) ID 138 (NRP) ID 88 (NRP) ID 121 (NRP) ID 42 (NRP, RDM) Date: 06/09/2021 Unix Timestamp: 1630940159 My name: Enoch Thompson Specific rule breaches I believe were broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. 14. Deathmatch (DM/VDM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostile activity against them or an ally within 3 hours. Non Roleplay The video evidence provided begins with me chasing ID 88 who was riding my stolen bike, once I realised that there will be no way of retrieving my bike as we were out numbered and did not have firearms, I chose to stop the pursuit of my stolen bike and let them continue about their business. They then begin to follow me without giving any demands, any words exchanged, or any interaction whatsoever. I drive away and go to the bank as I believe it's not a legitimate chase because there was no reason to chase me seen as they already have my bike and they didn't give any demands or say anything when I was chasing them. They then tell me OOC that I'm abusing the no crime zone there (ruleplaying) so for fear of ruining the RP, in case their chase/following me was legitimate. I ran out of fuel passing the parking area so I pulled in, and parked my vehicle and they proceeded to what I can only assume is rob me in city parking. Deathmatch As the chase was for illegitimate reasons to my knowledge, I don't believe the robbery was justified either, they had no motive to rob me. I was also injured as I stopped and began complying with their demands. They killed me too fast for me to even go down to my knees after I had stopped running. I was then run over by ID 164 with his bike while I was injured and he said "Get fucked!" as he ran me over, showing without a doubt it was intentional. I was also finished while injured while I was being revived by EMS, this ruined the RP for both me and the medic. I was finished by ID 42, who was given instructions to do so by ID 121. I know for a fact ID 42 is a much newer player with less experience and ID 121 is someone who should know better. I could've RP'd the situation a lot better, I was mixing ooc and saying NCZ out of sheer confusion and frustration, I apologize for this, this isn't typical behaviour from me.
  7. Player ID: 121 Date: 01/09/2021 HUD Timestamp: 1630526787 My name: Enoch Thompson Non RP Stole my bike while refueling, didn't say a word just got on and drove off while it was unlocked. Evidence:
  8. I talk to a friend for a few seconds she says she's leaving to go to paleto, pause Peep show on netflix, see his brawler coming directly from the hunting blip and then flip. He logs out as soon as I say step out of the car or die, you can see his player number disappear on the video, I carry on counting because I didn't realise he had logged out until I walked around to the other side of the car. As for it being an "appropriate area", I believe so, we're on uninhabited roads, just next to the hunting blips on the map, so it's safe to assume he has valuables on him also cops very rarely come down that road.
  9. Player's ID: 14 (Combat Log) Date: 21st August 2021 Timestamp: 1629554423 My name: Enoch Thompson Combat log He flipped his car making him completely immobile, I pointed a gun at him and told him he had 5 seconds to get out of the vehicle or die, he just logged out instead.
  10. Only response I've got is someone saying fuck n-words about 30 times in the comments, and an admin's finally put my car in mors and I'm being charged for it.
  11. Players: ID 22 (Powergaming) Date: 21 August 2021 Timestamp: 1629502315 My name: Enoch Thompson Powergaming Random guy got in my car and drove off while I was was refuelling with no prior role play or exchange in an attempt to steal it. He didn’t succeed as I shot my own car’s tire out so it spun out and he ran off. My car is now stuck in the water. (I’m unsure if it’s Powergaming or ruleplaying)
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