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Found 3 results

  1. ((Do not MG any information about Elena Pierce given in this thread. And real picture taken from Goggle.)) ((I hope you guys enjoy this song while reading story. Rip Chester.)) PERSONAL INFORMATION FIRST NAME: Elena LAST NAME: Pierce SEX: Female AGE: 24 ETHNICITY: Iranian PLACE OF BIRTH: Guilan,Iran. CURRENT RESIDENCE: None HEIGHT: 5'5 WEIGHT 160 lbs HAIR COLOR: Blond EYE COLOR: Amber Relationships; Parents: Claudia Pierce(Mother), Joseph Pierce (Father). Siblings: Cloudy Pierce (Brother). Children: None. Marital status: Single. Miscellaneous Known Languages: English, Persian Favorite Color: Green Favorite Sport: Swimming Handedness: Right EDUCATION: Rasht High School. GPA: 2.33 Bachelors Degree in Criminal Law and Forensics, NY national college of Law. GPA: 3.89 Likes and Dislikes Likes: Hanging out with friends, Energy Drinks, Extreme Sports & Rock. Dislikes: Drama, Racism, Overconfidence, People who are too strict, Liars, Cheaters & Murderers Elena Pierce was born in 1996, raised in Guilan, a city in north Iran. Elena comes from a moderate-wealth background, raised by both of her parents until the age of eighteen, where she met her departure to Ireland, stationed for three years in the Iran military. Elena's parents have always been supportive of her when it comes to making decisions, but never when it came to putting her life on the line. She has always been determined to pursue the Law Enforcement dream, but was encouraged to strive for a degree in Law, by her parents. She has completed the majority of her studies in a Catholic school based in Guilan. The bond between her and her parents began to soften as she was stationed in Ireland, her situation began to go downhill. Her brother, Cloudy, was there for consulting and advice. After three years, she was left with nothing, where the American dream had only hit her. WELCOME TO LOS SANTOS Elena no longer held any connections with her parents, she flew down to Los Santos for bigger career opportunities, and a place to start her new life. Little did she know, things were far more different than her hometown. Upon arrival, she settled in Downtown Los Santos, making preparations to embark on a new American journey. Elena studied Criminal Justice in the University of Los Santos, and was able to achieve excellent grades. She had no issues with the English language, as she held a bilingual atmosphere in her hometown. She was far too ambitious to strive for a career opportunity within the Law Enforcement agencies, where she found herself most fit in the Los Santos Police Department. She had sent in her application, where she went through several courses and completed her academies, where the journey had then began. After several weeks of hard work and determination, Elena managed to pass her Field Patrol Course. The Law Enforcement was Elena's foundation, she was prepared to throw her life on the line, and do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the people, and enforce the law accordingly. She was already familiar with the State's penal code and regulations, and took it very seriously. The Law Enforcement built itself a foundation around Elena, it's all she was left with. She was prepared to take a bullet, and take her own life to save one another. She had only committed a huge sacrifice, and devoted her life to the department. She pursued the Traffic Enforcement Unit, as she took the traffic laws and regulations very seriously. Driving was a daily routine in her life. She believed that enforcing traffic laws on the citizens should be taken very seriously, as vehicular accidents are a common death factor, and her position could potentially save lives out on the road. On the other hand, she was also determined to pursue the SWAT unit to join, she grew up along with a German Shepherd, and adapted very quickly along with her best friend, Marshal Rias. Making significant progress in the future. But one day something happened and her career end up by kicked from Police Department and her friend resign from Los Santos Police Department. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE Elena has not very stable ever since got kicked from Police Department also her brother passed away , and has been dragging herself away from everyone around her. Considering close friend Kent Silver and Marshall Rias was the only people left, she felt rather empty. She was seeking an end to her life, and follow Brother's path. It had only hit her that consuming cyanide pills was a sensible idea. However, Kent found out Elena was on the brink of taking pills and committing suicide. Elena had a mental breakdown, and decided to part away from Kent for a while. She decided she needed a break, which caused a lot of stress and pressure for Kent, as a result. She currently sleeps in an old house located in East Los Santos, having the temporary space she demanded from her friends. after while she decided to left town till next recruitment application get open then she could apply again and prove them wrong. ((More stories will be add by the time))
  2. The Ballad of Mark Winterfield Mark Winterfield at the San Andreas Department of Corrections. Rank: Commander | Badge: #05 Warning: This thread contains explicit adult content. Viewer discretion is advised. Abstract Follow the story of Marcus J. Winterfield and his journey through the streets of Los Santos. Engage in his battle with crime, drugs, sex & women as he struggles to stay on top. After all, he can't disappoint his family. Prologue Mark Winterfield was born on April 17th, 1991. Currently making him 25 years of age. He was born with thick brown hair, and bright blue eyes. His nose is fairly straight, but it may stick out a little too far. His mouth meets his nose almost unnaturally close and his cheekbones rest in the middle of the two. Mark has stood for a few years at 5'11''. His body shows it too, although his legs may be a bit stronger than his torso. Mark grew up in the busy business city of St. Louis, Missouri. During his childhood, Mark had (and still has) both parents and lived an upper-class lifestyle alongside his now deceased sister Megan. Being the older brother, he often looked down on her and their relationship was a bit shoddy because of it. One of Mark's biggest regrets in his life is not being there more for his sister before her death. Growing up, Mark was very spoiled and heavily favoured over Megan. Albeit to this day he does not want to admit it, deep down he knows it's true. As a handsome, young attactive teenager, Mark was definitely a "ladies man". His willingness for approval mainly came from the women he associated with in high school. Mark needed the approval of others in order to function. He sought for it daily. This led him to make poor decisions in order to stay relevant, call it "peer pressure" if it please. Mark ended up with a charge and spent a year on probation to get it wiped off. These qualties carried onto college, which he chose to move to Liberty City to attend. During this time, Mark spent his time studying business and criminal justice. College changed mark quite a bit. He is a self-admited, but fully functioning alcoholic because of the amount he drank while he was in college. Luckily, Mark avoided unplanned pregnancy and stayed out of jail. After college, he got a job as a data analysist. This is where Mark began to mature into the adult he is today. While still keeping his bad alcohol habit, he learned to manage his finances with his degrees. He was still distant from his parents but he started to appreciate everything that he had when he was growing up. He stayed at his job in Liberty City for about a year until his sisters death. After that, he moved back to Los Santos to be closer with his family. A few years later, he had landed a job with his best friend Damon Bando as a correctional officer. And this is where this story begins. Character Development Character Development Character Stories
  3. Names Denis Fisher, I flew in from the United Kingdom a few months ago. Back home, I worked as a response nurse. It was okay, typical bulls**t, National health got smashed after the Brexit vote, if you didn't work for longer hours for pennies, they found a convenient excuse to make you leave. I moved here to see if private healthcare is any better. Currently doing some UK to US conversion course for my medical training. I'm keeping myself a float with some part time courier driver work so most likely you'll see me on the road shouting through letter boxes to get someone to sign for these conspicuous packages. See you around.
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