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  1. Hello and thank you for making this punishment appeal! @aminel I would like to invite you to a one-on-one voice conversation with me over discord, so that i am able to assess and determine if your english skills are suitable enough to play on the server. Please reach out to me on discord at your earliest convenience and we’ll schedule a meeting, this punishment appeal will be automatically denied within five (5) days if no attempts at contacting me has been made. Please add me at faiN#8065.
  2. Hello and thank you for making this punishment appeal. @DanielAlford You were permanently banned for using Sandboxie cheats. Can you please explain your reasoning for having that open while playing on the server? Looking forward to your answer.
  3. Fa1N


    Archived upon request.
  4. Fa1N

    Barbers bug.

    Date and time (provide timezone): 19:30 31/MAY/2020 Character name: Lukas Montana. Issue/bug you are reporting: You cannot confirm the changes on your character in barber's store. Expected behavior: Go to barbers, change whatever you want, you can press on the price, but when you have to press confirm it doesn't let you confirm it. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Go to barbers, change your characters look and press confirm. Video is available at request. Vehicle license plate number*: N/A.
  5. TRANSFER REQUEST ACCEPTED Thank you for posting this transfer request. After reviewing your transfer request and the reason for it, I've decided to approve a transfer of the following item(s) to Jack_Ryder from Vince_Williams. Selling of 3G House, Imagination Ct 21. to Jack Ryder It is your responsibility to make this transfer happen and staff will not be interfering or assisting with the transfer. I also recommend that you do not make attempts to transfer any asset(s) outside of the approved asset(s) listed above, the transfer will be monitored through server logs. You are also not allowed to post a transfer request for another 14 days from this post. If you attempt to request a transfer prior to this deadline you will be muted from our forums temporarily. Regards, Fa1N.
  6. Fa1N

    ID 741 NCZ Break

    Archived upon request.
  7. This punishment appeal is accepted however the punishment will remain on record. This goes without saying, but this type of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable and not in accordance with someone whose main focus is on providing good roleplay and a positive experience to other players on the server. It is quite frankly detrimental to the roleplaying experience of several players within this server and i find it concerning that no remorse was shown until you were caught doing this and subsequently punished. I will allow you back, however it goes without saying that anything close to what you did will be punished with possibly no chance of returning. Welcome back, faiN.
  8. Hello. You have to have a content creator tag on discord.
  9. Team Update: Jones42 has resigned from the Support Team.
  10. Team Update: Flucifial has stepped down to Support.
  11. Team Update: Chebbidy has reinstated as Support.
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