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  1. SteScotland

    Cops and Robbers the end?

    There's lots of RP on ecrp.. Sometimes, yes you've gotta go out and find it, or create it yourself.. And with criminals/gangs robbing you, if you actually RP with us (the bigger gangs etc) it can be fun and lead to many different scenarios..rather than not complying and get killed..
  2. SteScotland

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    Still waiting for this evidence of us apparently chasing you from warehouse to legion square, it's simple, you do not have it as the scenario above stemmed from you witnessing a store robbery. Had you complied and stopped, as soon as I had found out it was you i would've told everyone to back off. You and I both know that. We simply wanted to talk to you in regards to what you had just witnessed. If i knew it was you from the offset we wouldnt have even bothered trying to talk to you as we're both crims. The funny part of it is, i offered you an alliance just a week or two ago. Thus far you haven't provided ICly evidence of anything, nothing to support you declaring war and of course no demands/ultimatum etc. Lets await admin judgement.
  3. SteScotland

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    Provide your evidence please Leron, let's not derail.
  4. SteScotland

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    That's lies lol, when you were chased down that was after you had watched countless people rob a store, at this point icly we didn't even know who the driver was and we still weren't sure who it was, but as far as i recall you had countless bullets put into you. Only once have i saw you near grove warehouse, you were on a white bike and i literally spoke to you in a friendly way. Do provide the evidence please Leron, because you're talking trash, not once were you chased down by myself from the warehouse to legion square. & regardless of anything above, this still wouldn't be a valid reason for jumping in and declaring war.
  5. SteScotland

    SteScotland - K.O.S Punishment Appeal

    Update: Not long after I uploaded this appeal the reporting party deleted his video evidence - guilty conscience? Fortunately I was one step ahead, and that same video can now be found here; https://youtu.be/lHxNy1kZbCY
  6. SteScotland

    Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) 6.7.4

    Player(s) being reported: Leron Davis (Gut Pushers) @Dashingly Date of rule breach: 05/08/18 Time of rule breach: Late evening Your characters name: Steven Patronus Other players involved: The ViKINGS Security Specific rule broken: 6.7.4. A criminal faction may not declare war on another criminal faction without a valid roleplay reason. The reason given must involve actual members of the faction with which you are going to war with. A faction must be able to identify the character name, mask ID, or stranger ID of the individual(s) of the faction they have interacted with so that it can be verified and discussed. How did the player break the rule?: Since creating the faction as far as I know there's only been one run in with leron davis. This was when he was masked, and all our men were masked; A larger number of our faction was robbing a store when a black vehicle witnessed what was going down, the vehicle was then chased down so we could talk to the driver in a bid to ensure that what he had seen didn't go further; we used /me aims gun at man in vehicle. We demanded that he stopped the vehicle, he chose not to comply. He was then shot up and we believe he died. I think Leron was under the impression that we were trying to rob him which was not the case, we didn't even loot his body as that was not what this was about, shortly after War was declared by the said faction. RPly there was never any demands prior to declaring war and so on.
  7. SteScotland

    SteScotland - K.O.S Punishment Appeal

    SteScotland - Steven Patronus (K.O.S Punishment Appeal) Account name: SteScotland Character name(s): Steven Patronus Admin who issued punishment: FatherOSBORN Date of punishment: 07/08/2018 Reason given for punishment: Metagame / KOS Your explanation of what happened: I was standing outside grove warehouse where a larger number of my faction members were gathering for various different reasons, that i won't go into. Moving on.. A taxi appears and drops off a faction member, at this point I'm observing from the warehouse door. Now this is where the important part comes in, the important part which FatherOsborn for one reason or another seems to have missed... At approx 00:24 from the reporting partys "evidence" you can hear (via VOIP) he is told to leave, and also told to leave via text by another member Move along a little to 00:26 the taxi driver can then be heard saying yes yes or something alike. He drives away not even 2 car lengths away about 30ft and for whatever reason thinks that it's a smart idea to rat us out to the cops. You can also quite clearly see from his own footage that he spoke over VOIP which would indicate that his windows are down. He then stops using the N key at about 00:29 At 00:31 you can see that I start walking towards the rear of the vehicle as i knew he was going to call the cops. On his video, when he makes his call to the cops I'm standing just a number of feet away from the back of the vehicle, he cannot see that as he is looking ahead. After he made the call, he was quickly killed. After being downed the reporting party then uses VOIP yet again. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Far to much crucial information has been disregarded by the admin whom handled the report. FatherOSBORN has said that I metagamed the information that he was calling the cops, which is absolutely not true if the evidence had been listened to and watched properly this would be very clear. Taxi driver used VOIP before being killed, and also AFTER being killed. Post any evidence or further details: Reporting partys video evidence can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMWLyCpLOPw And a like for like rejected/concluded report can be found here which i was also involved in https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/7615-stranger-6204_5071-mask-3206_5644-51-mg-53-deathmatch/ Link to the releveant report https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/9191-1685_190-metagaming-dm-kos/
  8. SteScotland

    1685_190 (Metagaming, DM, KOS)

    Sometimes when you're hot headed you forget the crucial parts, Like the guy who told you to leave holding an AK. You decide to move less than 200ft away, which would be not complying. Funny how you heard him, but we can't hear you? Great logic.
  9. SteScotland

    1685_190 (Metagaming, DM, KOS)

    3. Examples, when you can attack another player: 3.2. If they report you to the police for committing a crime
  10. SteScotland

    1685_190 (Metagaming, DM, KOS)

    /low is an option in the game for a reason. You've been hear long enough to know that. These claims are absurd, you come to our warehouse drop someone off, then make the genius decision call the cops because someone had a weapon, you should've went around the corner to make your call if you didn't want to be killed, or of course use the functions on the server that are there... (/LOW) There is insufficient evidence to support metagaming nor deathmatching in this situation IMO. If you had've used a /do windows are up. then i guess it'd be a little different, but you didn't. I'll respond further, if required to do so by a mod/admin.
  11. Pretty simple. In ECRP as we know, when we take a vehicle from a garage/house we're still standing at the door, please automatically spawn us in the vehicle. +1 if you agree -1 if you disagree Happy RP'n
  12. SteScotland

    Auto /me For cell phone when expanding

    It's all about improving the experience, but I guess you don't get that.
  13. SteScotland

    Auto /me For cell phone when expanding

    You don't see the point? It's pretty simple. Lets simplify a little more.. IRL>> Person takes phone from pocket. We see this, one would notice it.. IG>> Someone takes there phone out, do we see them do it?.. With ame we would, it's automatic. Saying that it'd be mroe forceful spam is just outright ridiculous.
  14. SteScotland

    Nerf PD

    Its actually nothing to do with skill, a huge issue on this server is people playing from overseas (overseas in relation to where server is hosted) they have 120+ ping, most game servers would reject people with a latency over 100 for this specific reason. IT may just be MS, but it's very significant when it comes to gaming.
  15. Very very true. I'd say over 70% of people refuse to RP after being downed, they dont accept frisk so we cant get name, cant figure how much cash they got on them and so on. Even on a downed body, I pat down with a ME then use a /do any reason i couldn't? - But they just don't reply, it's sad. We then /report and wait 2+hrs for a reply sometimes. Don't make it worse for us than it already is, just ask any criminal. -1