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  1. Current offer is 1.8M Anyone want to throw in a better one before I remove this from the market ?
  2. +1 Plez, injured too many times from shenanigans on my keyboard
  3. I bought this Buffalo S from Joe. The deal was done with ownership transfer and Joe fulfilled the deal without any issues. I'm Tom Moretti (Former Whelan) CEO of SecuorServ and Del perro financial and I can recommend Joe Millions to anyone.
  4. Wild Oats Dr. 63 TWO pools, one in the front and one in the back. UNIQUE 2 WORKING garage doors NEW interior Price: $2.000.000 Or send offers Phone: 311 79 48 Email: [email protected] ((badZanta#4027))
  5. @Ohad Sure give me an offer
  6. @XposeD You still interested in the house?
  7. We're currently looking for security guards. Requierments: No violent felony Gun license We are currently in active operations and we need people available 24/7 Apply today at: https://tinyurl.com/securoserv
  8. Page updated with application URL
  9. Thanks for replying 🙂
  10. I did not set any specific acceptable reservation-price. There's a starting bid and a buy-out price, that's it. I did mention that I would accept 2.5-ish some where in the discussion since that felt as a decent value for the house. I believe it's worth alot more but since I couldnt bother to sit and wait for weeks I thought a auction would give the possibility for someone to pick it up for a decent price would be great for both parties. That means that I could accept any offer above 1,5 if I want to but I don't have to.
  11. Guessing you havent been to many real house auctions. You rarely know the minimum price until the seller picks one, There's a starting bid and a buy out price. But if ya'll find it offensive I'll just close the auction and keep the house, no problem.
  12. Do you still have this Warehouse ?
  13. Yes, its still for sale.
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