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    Eclipse Staff Roster

    Team Update: The following Support Staff have been recruited: flow SoloSmith Marsh Trident40 DemonChild Randyrandul TeamSpeakUser NoewUH LiveTrash PerfectArc has been removed from the Support team.
  5. Thank you for your report. After watching the video it is clear that player Tee_Papillis (5742_2094) was violating the Vehicle Deathmatch rule. For this the player will receive a punishment. Closed/Resolved.
  6. Thank you for your report. However after checking the admin logs I can see that he was given a permanent ban from a different administrator, due to this I will proceed to reject this report. Closed/Rejected.
  7. Glubu

    Jessey Carter (6552_106) - Quit to avoid RP

    Thank you for your report. After looking at the admin logs Jessey_Carter has received a permanent ban from a different administrator, due to this I will go ahead and reject this report. Closed/Rejected.
  8. Glubu

    FEARRP 678_3339

    Thank you for you report. After watching the video and reading the explanation from @MaximusMillipede I have come to a conclusion. The officer, Katherine_Bowman (678_3339), did violate the fear role-play rule as stated below. Even if the reporting party was cop-baiting before this situation it does give the right to violate a server rule yourself. If he did indeed violate a server rule then this should be reported as well. Katherine_Bowman (678_3339) will receive a punishment for violating this server rule. Closed/Resolved.
  9. Glubu

    [Stranger-297_7978] Quit to avoid arrest.[Fail-RP]

    Thank you for the report. Due to Mike_Jonson not replying he will be admin jailed for failing to continue the role-play. Closed/Resolved.
  10. Glubu

    Jester killing me as soon as i log in.

    Thank you for your report. Looking at the video you can see you are in an on-going turf war; look at the location UI, "Industry" is coloured red. Considering you were on a third party communication program and chose to stay in this location, not using the teleport option, it is difficult to believe you were not involved in this. No rules were broken here, when a turf is under attack they have the right to defend it. Closed/Rejected.
  11. Glubu

    2626_4766 and 1209_3630 [Report]

    Thank you for your report. After watching the videos several times I have come to a conclusion. @xeater you were given several warnings to stop, but you denied to comply so they had reason enough to kill you. Even though your voice volume made this slightly unclear a hint would've been them chasing you and eventually shooting at you. Whether it is power gaming to hear you talking on the phone to the police is questionable and a bit of a grey area. Due to desync it is hard to determine whether the window was indeed broken or not. Our server rules are not clear enough to punish @Joe Narco for this. Due to this I have decided to not take action against @Joe Narco. Closed/Rejected.
  12. Glubu

    Stranger 2011_4265 - Fail Roleplay

    Thank you for you report. At this point Ben_Rucks (2011_4265) had two options; resisting or complying. Resisting meaning to jump off a building which would mean immediate death. This is a violation of the Fear role-play rule we have, specifically the quoted part mentioned below. You must role-play to show value of your life. @BroskiBen will be punished accordingly. Closed/Resolved.