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  1. Reduce the prices of consumables from the general store. In my opinion the prices of the consumables are way too high. They add to RP, however because they are so stupidly expensive no one really bothers with them unless they just want to heal themselves and they can't find a medic. It would allow players to have cheaper/easier parties with lots of alcohol etc. without going absolutely bankrupt. Reduce the prices of the consumables by a large amount, I'd suggest 50%. A hotdog should not take 1/5th of your welfare in my opinion. (Slightly biased suggestion from a hotdog saleswoman who wants more RP)
  2. Glubu

    Cox' Delicious Wieners

    Thank you dude! I promise you only the freshest buns though! Also I take sponsorships right now, if you want to be an official Wiener Sponsor hit me up on my phone! ~S. Cox
  3. Glubu

    Cox' Delicious Wieners

    Cox' Delicious Wieners (Picture taken with a camera and tripod) If you have been in town the past six weeks you will instantly recognise the title; Cox' Delicious Wieners. I am Sophia Cox, I am a 33 year old succesful business owner. Many of you may have already met met at my city famous hotdog stand, others perhaps have not. For those that have not yet, I will explain it a bit to you, dude. As I mentioned, I am Sophia Cox, nice to meet you dude. I started my hotdog business about 6 weeks ago. I used to work at Bigg's Motorsports as a tow trucker, I even have my trucker's license. My code name used to be Rubberducky, just a fun fact, you can forget about that now dude. I enjoyed working at Bigg's thoroughly, however due to some mental health issues I eventually left Los Santos and moved near Sandy Shores. I did some self discovering there, with some mind expanding substances... After 4 years I felt like I finally was in a good spot to move to Los Santos again, to the big city life. Well let me tell you, it was very stressful to be back, but I had always had the dream to become a succesful business woman. After my grandfather, Harold Cox, died, I landed on a pretty juicy inheritance. I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a business woman and I bought a Hotdog Stand. After talking to several wiener dealers I eventually found a dealer that sells high quality product at a high price, but quality over quantity, dude! Anyways enough about me! I have received my Business Licensing Document from the government Commissioner from the Los Santos City Hall, so everything I do is completely legal dude! As you may have guessed, dude, I sell hotdogs for a living from this stand. Business is really thriving and recently I even bought a pink van to start doing deliveries! If you ever wonder if my hotdog stand is open, just keep an eye on Bleeter, I bleet quite frequently when I am open. I look forward to many more customers and friend, dude! Pricelist: Includes all toppings such as; fried onions, sauerkraut, pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce and relish. - standard hotdog $500 - XXL hotdog $550 - XS hotdog $500 (it's not about size) - delivery of hotdogs $600 (minimum of 5 hotdogs ordered) Officers and Paramedics get a 25$ discount upon showing their badge! (Prices are based on the import price of hotdogs which is currently 450$) If you need to contact me you can text me on my cellphone: 5731218. SPONSORED BY & AutoRepairs
  4. Glubu

    Less rain

    It's terrible! 😧
  5. Glubu

    Less rain

    As the tittle suggests. It rains way too often at the current rate, in my opinion. I'd love to see it be reduced significantly. Not much else to add to be honest.
  6. Glubu

    Bank Transfer system.

    +1 Hell yeah
  7. Speaking of reality. You want police to chase you in your multi-million vehicle that will end up getting damaged during the chase? Sounds unrealistic. -1 from me, cars are already being driven like maniacs, no need for even more speed.
  8. That escalated quickly 

  9. Oh... you're THAT guy!

    1. Chirlon


      THAT guy

    2. Serthon


      Hey Joey, I like you a lot. I think you're really cool.

  10. +1 Hell I'd even go on fishing trips off-duty every now and then.
  11. Glubu