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  1. Your player name: Maverick Cunningham Player you are reporting: Mike Onfroy ; Jens Winckler Rule broken: FailRP Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Walked up to the scene and Jens Winckler (Mask 2220_1780) was allready hitting on the radio. The radio is known for killing someone immediatly. He was aware of the situation, however claimed that "he thought it was patched". He worked at that place once aswell. And just after Jens Winckler died due to hitting the radio, Mike Onfroy (Mask 7757_4291) hit onto the radio aswell. Knowing his partner literally just died to it he was aware aswell. They also aimed at it with lifted hands via Right-Click which is awareness proof. Time and date: 06.01.2018 | 22:00 UTC Evidence:
  2. deleterino

    You will always stay in my heart. <3 Even though I would´ve forbidden you to enter the lot!
  3. On a scale of 1-10: How much of a dick is Eriksen?

    1. Well... the answer is as simple as it sounds... an easy 9... out of 7!
    2. 10?
    3. Why the fuck am I reading this post right now and why am I wondering what the answer is gonna be?

    The answer is as simple as it might sound. James is not a dick. He is a pussy!
    And that is exactly why he is my ICs best friend and one of the best buddies to talk too OOCly...
    My IC is gay... and Eriksens IC is... probably mentally unstable or stupid or retarded or what do I know...

    So we can just do so much bullshit together. Badass!

    On a scale of 1-10, about why he is so awesome, he reaches the 9...  ´cause he cannot count any higher!


    (Let´s see how many people thought that the purple 9 is the answer to my question... and they were right...)