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  1. Thank you for putting up the effort to write up an appeal. Excuse the delay in my response that I must admit to, as certain things have gotten in my way in real life. I will be concluding the situation by following the steps below: Information beforehand Description of situation Aspects of situation 1. Sketchy response 2. Immediate shooting upon getting out of vehicle (reaction time <2sec) 3. Shooting into group of people Conclusion Information beforehand: - Punishment has allready been lowered to Deathmatching | Normal at the time of writing this appeal. - It took place at a paused admin situation, but more to that later. Description of situation: The situation took place at the house of the appealing party, certainly outside in the yard. Covered by fences and underneith a balcony. I myself were in a situation there as an admin responding to a report upon a rulebreaker occuring who lied in /do aswell as FailRPing, chatlogs having provided evidence on him for lying upon "locking a house door and him not possessing keys". Certain man was held gunpoint in her garden, him being her fiance/husband. I have been at the situation for over 40 minutes allready, when suddenly Olivia (reported party) turned up, got out of her car without saying anything, reached for her AK and shot into the group of players (Including me, a non-involved party) about in less than 2 seconds upon getting out. There was no attempt to get any information before shooting at all, in fact I had to run towards her and write several times that the situation is paused, not even able to see her nametag or alike, as she shot as us from certain distance (outside fence). Aside that, I am still confident her husband was in an area blocked in line of her sight, behind me and a pillar of her garden, though there would not be any direct proof at the time, so I decided against it. Besides her getting out immediatly and shooting, it seeming like metagaming at first hand, as there was nothing hinting towards the gunpoint-hold at first, and the ridiculous response time occuring. After she eventually stopped shooting, having killed 2 players and hit me as a non-involved party, I had a chat with her. Upon asking her in a serious manner upon why she just started shooting and "sprayed into us (usage of spray as I as an uninvolved player got hit aswell) her very first reasoning was "They were on my lot. I have the right to shoot.". At that point I was close to allready just banning her away Major as the situation was more than sketchy with the turning up perfectly time, blocked line of sight, immediate shooting when getting out and shooting into group mixed with the ridiculous response provided. I decided against the immediate ban, wanting to look into the case. I took care of her husband (rulebreak report that got me there) and had another chat with her. When asking her again, she responded with this: Then after me clearing her up on the KOS and DM conditions, her husband all of a sudden became the reasoning for her shooting. I than decided to punish her with DM | Major. I lowered it to Normal, as she did bring up her husbands reasoning, though the shooting into the group was clear enough reason allready, as even I got hit as an uninvolved party. Conclusion: Several aspects played into this. Let alone the fact that me, as an uninvolved party got hit, be reasoning enough for the DM | Normal. Add the fact that the shooting happened into a group, especially when: No gathering of information with parties involved or about the situation at hand | Being reason enough for DM when The incredible sketchy response that was repeatedly brought up, especially when talking to admins. The response was meant in a serious manner, as she admitted to it. Not taking a single second when getting out the car, all-in and no RP given at all. Things like this are not wished on our server either. The Higher Ups, may look into this case. Reasons above shall be alone to be standing the Normal Offence. I will respect the decision upon lifting the punishment if EVEN WITH all the above stated reasons, they focus on the pure statement of "husband at gunpoint", though me getting hit would be enough to counter that. If they wish to increase it due to shooting into masses of players without getting information beforehand, I will respect that aswell. Remember: Punishment has allready been lowered to Normal, though several reasons my raise it. Pardon for the delay again, I am in fact sorry for the inconvenience. Chirlon Admin - Eclipse Staff
  2. Maverick Cunningham | #2578948 Offer for Zentorno: $3.500.000 , may contact for proper business talk.
  3. The report that built up the situation of this refund request has been approved and situation concludes user @Adrian Johnson did lose his inventory. In the video the MicroSMG, knife and bag can be seen. Other objects will have to be decided on by the refund request handler.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to write up this appeal, @Adrian Johnson. I will be taking this report over due to being able to understand german, making sure there is nothing done wrong in the communication OOCly. To evaluate, the communication via discord is about "not shooting because he is typing", certainly OOC communication, aswell as the other content not having affected the case. The shots could clearly be heard ingame anyway. No metagaming on Johnson's side. About the situation itself: You took out your gun and shot the person, typing clearly visible, while being at gunpoint. This certainly being against the so called Fear Roleplay rule we have, you have broken this rule. 2nd off, you asked in /b (OOC-chat) yourself, and not even having awaited that response, aswell as immediatly abusing the situation that built up to the FearRP. If you require script advice, you may ask and they are supposed to answer. In fact, they even said "Don't shoot, he is typing" as you asked it. This even seemed like a case of baiting you to type to shoot you, but that is not garanteed. However, you shot as they were typing, immediatly having taken the gun out and benefitting from the situation. Due to not even awaiting his response as you went OOC yourself and were AWARE they were gonna type, you have taken a benefit of that and abused the situation. This certainly broke the metagaming rule, even benefitting you. Possible scenarios after your OOC question: You were aware they were either gonna respond or shoot next, shooting would not be allowed as you didn't get to respond yet, but requested help, so only one possibility was possible, them going to type. Reasoning clarifies the metagaming is broken, beneficial towards you. Additionally, we are certainly aware of your edit up there, but that will be seperated and given over to the head admins. What exactly I am referring to, will be brought to you soon, otherwise I will message you personally, if the case is forgotten. Summary: Player @Vofka_Shiskin has broken the FearRP role, having shown no regard towards roleplaying fear while at gunpoint. Therefore, due to it being the 2nd punishment of FearRP, you will be receiving the following punishment: FearRP | Offense #2 | Normal. The reported party has neither obided the rules of metagaming, the first offense being placed on your record, receiving Metagaming | Offense #1 | Normal, normal due to benefiting of the situation, a scenario question above clearing other scenarios out and clarifying awareness. Note for the reporting party: @Adrian Johnson's refund request will get a approved report mark, this not garanteeing the refund request, but proving the story atleast. Evaluating the case will be up to the head admins. Topic will stay locked and will be archived. Chirlon Senior Moderator
  5. Maverick Cunningham Phone: #2578948 Offering: $3.000.000 (Contact for possible dealing. May go a little higher, if needed.)
  6. Maverick Cunningham ( 1055_4665 ) Let's start low with $1.250.000.
  7. As I happened to be involved myself, I will and would like to add the following: Your microphone was certainly not too loud. You held it INSIDE your throat on purpose, sir. Screeching your soul out, even after having been told off. And even rejoined a 2nd time, not to mention. It was more than reasonable and I would've acted the same. However, it is @Tobias van Dam judgement call here.
  8. Will be locked due to being taken care of. Have a lovely day 🙂
  9. Hello there, Maverick Cunningham here. I will be throwing an offer in, not too much below your expected price.. not at all actually. But if you need a spontanious sale because you need the money urgently, or wanna take your time, feel free to hit me up. $1.600.000 Contact: Dr. Maverick Cunningham | Phone: #2578948 |
  10. Chirlon

    Ace_Vigo (3.3.2)

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this report up! @Chrisy has indeed sent me the footage and I have reviewed it carefully. I have come to the to the conclusion that player Ace_Vigo has indeed used offensive language in OOC context, ingame in the Out-Of-Character chat. Insults like "fuggu queer" and "baby boy" after a contextless microphone shouting, with the microphone as close to the mouth as possible, surely does count into that. The offensive language will be punished with a warning on your record: Offensive Language | Minor | Offense #1 I will not go further into the mic spamming and not punish that additionally or increase the level of the offensive language one, however, I will ask you to avoid doing that in the future by any means. If a similar case was to be reported in, this would be brought back in aswell. Report will be locked and archived. ~ Chirlon
  11. Due to it having been a missunderstanding I will personally unban you off the discord. However, please mind your choice of words in the future. I understand your intention with the question, but this made me missunderstand the intention. Topic locked and archived.
  12. Thanks for writing that "appeal" up. The reasons you stated also had absolutely nothing to do with the ban. Reason for the ban was to dissolve an on-going discussion that did not seem to find an end. And an attitude was displayed in general. The "anger side" was not directed at you. I indeed thought you were the party that did the claims. Missread the name. Also the wording could have been changed. "Good admins?" "Hmmmm" Quote from the discord: "and still eclipse rp is a "good" server? i dont see this. im having difficulty understanding how. lol. is humanity not part of RP? i thought humanity was something humans have... my bad" and good admins? hmmm Though I do have to apologize, with the 2nd account story. From an earlier conversation I thought you were one of the allready banned parties. I thought you "Created a second discord account" in that context, therefore I thought you were discord ban evading. I scrolled up, saw the choice of words aswell and banned it, as I warned to stop the conversation, which I thought you were part off and DID NOT STOP. (Thought you meant a separate story). Missunderstanding, my bad. If the choice of words is changed in the future, an unban is more than reasonable. As said, related to the ongoing discussion at the time, I thought you mean "make another account" to discord ban evade, so I banned you.
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    Thanks for listening, mom. @Osvaldon ❤️
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