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  1. So I don't know if this is possible since it'd require an overhaul of the current inventory system, but this is the ideal inventory system in my eyes. Personal/On Hand Inventory 1) It'd use a Diablo/Escape from Tarkov style inventory system where different items take up different amounts of squares (i.e. a pistol takes up a 2x2 section of the inventory and a donut takes up a 1x1 section, I'll add visual aids at the bottom.) This would help improve realism by making it so there's a more finite amount of items that people can carry, it'd prevent people from carrying enough weapons to arm an entire platoon, and making it so different items aren't measured the same in terms of inventory space. It doesn't make sense that 30 donuts take up the same amount of space as 30 AK-47s. 2) Either lower the current amount of space we have in our on hand inventories or make it so that stuff (big items especially) takes up a significant chunk of our inventory. For example if you're carrying a large weapon like an AK, SMG, or shotgun in your inventory that'd be about 80% of it gone. You'd have room for a pistol, radio, and a burger or something (this is just an example.) 3) This one might be controversial, but bring back visible weapons. I don't think it's necessary with pistols, or maybe not even the Micro SMG, but you should no if someone is carrying a shotgun, AK, or SMG on them without them pulling it out, otherwise where are they hiding it? This would provide better RP as people would have to keep their heavy weapons in a bag if they want them to stay hidden, which means they'd have to do some level of RP to pull it out, and that you can't be surprised by someone pulling an assault rifle out of thin air. All of these changes mean that bags and vehicle inventories would have more use, and it would help improve the roleplay of the server while preventing people from running around with mini arsenals of weapons despite having no means to carry them. Vehicle Inventories 1) Make two separate vehicle inventories: the one accessible from the interior would be the glovebox/center console/whatever you decide is holding the stuff, which would be the smaller inventory, and the trunk, which would be the larger inventory. You'd have to go to the back of the vehicle to access the trunk and whatever you have stored inside of it. The interior inventory wouldn't have a ton of space, maybe room for a pistol or two and some drugs, biggest weapon it could hold would be a micro smg, and the trunk would be where you'd keep bigger weapons, or large amounts of drugs. 2) Make it so different vehicles have different trunk sizes. Super cars/compacts/motorcycles (motorcycles would use the saddle bags or whatever they're called/under the seat there's a compartment sometimes) would have the least space in the trunk inventory, then sports/sports classic, then sedans/muscle cars/coupes, then vans/suvs, then trucks, then transport trucks. This makes more sense roleplay wise and might diversify the vehicles we see on the server some more, since people who need to transport a lot of goods wouldn't be able to do so in a super car or sports car anymore. Those are my ideas, I might add to them/edit them if I think of anything new, but feel free to comment what you think. Idea of what the inventory system would look like:
  2. When you call the police they trace the call, so the current system is already realistic, making the police search for where the call came from inside an area code would be detrimental to roleplay and gameplay
  3. Spergburger

    More detailed bank system

    +1 I'm scared of seeing where all of my money goes to
  4. Spergburger


    When you're moving shipments of stuff that you've imported it comes in crates, and different vehicles do have different capacities for those crates (suvs, trucks, and transports have a much higher capacity than cars.) But I think this is a good idea for the regularly accessible inventory too. It'd be cool to see the car have two separate inventories like the glovebox which would be small and maybe able to fit some drugs and a pistol, and then the trunk which could hold bigger weapons/more stuff.
  5. Spergburger

    Vehicles in NCZ

    +1 Good idea if possible but I'm worried people would just push the car with their own until it's out of the set boundary so they can pick the lock
  6. Spergburger

    How do i play gta rp im new

  7. You can't do that on a phone, and it's besides the point. The range people can be heard while speaking normally using text chat is too high in comparison to the VOIP range. I shouldn't have to whisper to someone so that someone down the street and outside of my car can't hear me.
  8. Also I think that being in a car muffles VOIP so it'd be cool to see something like that with text chat, whether if the person is in a car there's a lower range on how far away you can see the chat, or it could be "muffled" so that you only see some of what they're saying, as if you can't quite make out what they're saying ICly
  9. So the changes with VOIP and range it can be heard are all very nice and are helping to prevent people just cranking their voip volume so they can metagame stuff, but it'd be nice if something could be done about text chat to give it the same range. As it stands now text chat can be seen from quite a long distance and used to metagame stuff. I've seen multiple reports about it where someone called the police and people heard it at impossible distances and used that knowledge to gun the caller down, and I've even seen it happen first hand to me. By lowering the range that text chat can be seen it'd help reduce the amount of incidences where this is happening, which would also help to reduce the reports on it, freeing up time for admins to work on other stuff. It'd also help improve roleplay in general and give more reason for people to use /low /s /w and /carwhisper.
  10. +1 Inb4 cops take longer to respond to poor areas/areas inhabited by minorities just like in real life
  11. Spergburger

    Add more range when robbing stores

    You're taking the money out of the cash register, of course you have to be close to it. Also why do you have a whole gang bang of people on that poor cashier. Must be hard for all of you to put your hands into the register at once.
  12. Spergburger

    [Buying] One car garage house in the city

    I found one, this can be deleted
  13. Spergburger

    Please fix the taco job

    Make it so that customers can buy them with bank money instead of cash, I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to buy a taco just to realize I don't have cash on me, or had customers not buy them because they don't have cash.
  14. I'm looking for a 1 car garage or apartment in the city, if you have one for sale or know of one for sale please contact me at 3163639. I've got a lot of money for anyone who can get me one I like
  15. Spergburger

    Looking to get a 1 car garage house/apartment in the city

    I've got a lot of money for anyone who can get me one I like