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  1. Spergburger

    deadly weird bug

    It looks like the bike caught on fire due to it being very heavily damaged. Sometimes the vehicle is more damaged than the numbers let on as I've seen certain things reset the damage numbers and repair visual damage while the engine remains damaged, so people are driving a car that says it's at 800 HP or something and it catches on fire because in reality it's been destroyed.
  2. Spergburger

    First person

    If the game was designed with first person in mind then I'd say we should give it a shot but in reality the game doesn't really play that well in first person. Your character moves faster for no reason and is harder to control, lots of different actions are really disorienting in first person, and like others have said you can't use the rear view and side mirrors in cars in first person, so it can make driving more difficult than it needs to be. If this is being suggested to deal with people "metagaming" so to speak by using third person to look around corners or see stuff that their character shouldn't realistically be able to see I think that could be dealt with in a different way than a FPP lock. It was a good idea to ask about this but I don't think it should be implemented, for people who want to use FPP for immersion reasons the option is there, but those who don't shouldn't be forced to.
  3. Spergburger

    24 hour KOS time should be increased

    -1 24 hours already seems like more than enough time, people would just be getting killed for scenarios they don't even remember. People already try to game KOS by attempting to get it over small things so they can come and kill someone unprepared later, so having that be possible for even longer sounds like a bad idea. It's not as if you just can't attack or kill an enemy after it's been 24 hours, there just has to be some roleplay beforehand, which shouldn't be an issue seeing as how this is a roleplay server.
  4. Spergburger

    LSD producer's dream house

    $220,000 for a 1 car garage house? Holy, I should sell mine
  5. Spergburger

    Note drawing script

    BrainDed is trying to spread malware, please ban Femo for this rulebreak
  6. Spergburger


    Kerb boosting doesn't make you go that fast, I think having above 60 FPS does allow people to drive faster normally but they shouldn't be going over 300km/h unless there's some sort of bug.
  7. Spergburger

    Whelan's Used Automobiles [Updated daily]

    Would you be interested in buying a Rat Truck off of me for resale through your business?
  8. Spergburger


    Are you able to share an Eyefind Maps location of it? I'd like to come and look at it.
  9. Spergburger

    In Search of Used Bike

    Are you still looking for one? I believe I have a BMX bike in storage.
  10. Spergburger

    Rules against Sexual Harassment

    There was an issue like this in the past with a different gang and the admins took action on that, so it's not as if the admins ignore this kind of thing, despite what some of you are saying. Directly contacting senior and head admins and showing them evidence would almost certainly lead to results. People have been banned for this sort of thing in the past.
  11. Spergburger


    You two have an interesting relationship
  12. If their roleplay is shit then why should they be relevant? Just because they have a ton of people who don't understand the rules? This update will make criminals have to step up their roleplay, which can only be good, as a lot of groups have been seriously lacking. Quality over quantity.
  13. Spergburger

    Mafia RolePlay

    +1 Been thinking of doing the same for a while. But don't know if I have the time available to make/lead one
  14. Spergburger

    [Government Factions] Pay

    I agree that government faction employees should be making more than bus drivers, but I don't think that there needs to be a pay increase for them, bus drivers just need to have their pay fixed as it's currently broken. If criminals are doing things that require a lot of risks to be taken, whether the risk of ending up in jail, or being robbed/killed and losing all of your product, then they should be compensated well for that and paid accordingly. I do think that MD could use a pay raise in order to make it more appealing and attract more people, which would help the current problem of not having enough members in MD to deal with the server population.
  15. Spergburger

    [Government Factions] Pay

    You must be looking at very different criminal groups. The cars you're seeing in government car parks are from people who've been around for a very long time. There's all kinds of criminals driving high end sports cars and super cars, used to be even more of them. If you're seeing criminals driving shit cars they're either fairly new to the server or trying to uphold a certain kind of RP.