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  1. Testing something don't reply 

    1. Spookie


      Testing something don't reply 

  2. This is why we need the Straightn't role back on discord
  3. Looks very good, I hope to meet you in game under friendly terms
  4. You can rent out a room and garage space in my house in Vespucci Canals, we work together. 3886525
  5. I can buy it outright right now if you'd like
  6. I'll counter offer $490,000
  7. I was hoping it had the new interior I've seen in other houses. I'll keep it in mind
  8. Spergburger


    Someone had just sold a 2 car garage house in the same neighborhood for 250,000 earlier that week so I don't think I was ripping him off. I looked around at prices to figure out what was fair before I sold it
  9. Do you have any pictures of the interior of the Vespucci Canals house?
  10. On the topic of potential VIP advertisement boards, what if we could edit billboards to put our own advertisement on it? Not sure if that'd be possible but it could be a cool perk for VIP. Just replacing bleets with some other global ad is a bad idea in my mind though as then it would lead to the same problem that's being dealt with now, where people just use the VIP ads and Weazel has nothing to do
  11. Custom phone numbers sound like a good idea too
  12. Free parking in parking lots sounds fair, maybe something like no charge to sell your vehicle at a car lot (although tax would still be included.)
  13. While I don't necessarily agree with being able to gun someone down in an NCZ, I think people shouldn't be able to flee to an NCZ to avoid the consequences of the crime they commit. Someone robbing someone else and then running to the cops when his friends pull up makes no sense, since in reality you'd just tell the cops/security guards/whatever that he stole from you, and they'd take action. The problem with this is that while RPly that security is in NCZs there isn't actually someone there to do anything about it, so despite being a thief the player who ran to the NCZ has nothing to worry about from security or guards, or even cops a lot of the time since they're usually not at the PD
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