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  1. Spergburger - Scott Kidd (Deathmatch Appeal)

    I can promise that something like this won't happen again and I accept my punishment for the Breach of NCZ. The thing I'm appealing is the deathmatching charge, since as far as I and many other people are aware this isn't deathmatching. If it is then the rules need to be revised and people need to be informed of it, or else anytime a group attempts a prison break they'll get in trouble for it. I've seen many cases of this same thing happening, just outside of NCZ's, I've even seen them take place between a criminal and and cop played by an admin, and no accusations of deathmatching were thrown around, so if that's changed I'd like it to be clarified before someone else gets in trouble for unintentionally breaking a rule like I have.
  2. Spergburger - Scott Kidd (Deathmatch Appeal)

    Honestly in regards to the NCZ stuff I didn't really think it through, and I'll admit that it's a NCZ breach. RP'ly though it makes a lot more sense to attack them at the hospital than it would to do so at the prison since A: a prison has armed guards who would mow me down in a second IRL and B: I was by myself and there'd almost certainly be a prison escort with several cops who I wouldn't stand a chance against. I wasn't really thinking clearly and figured that was my best time to take action, so that's when I went for it. I was also sort of thinking that since I was continuing a previous crime in a sense it'd be OK, but I was obviously wrong about that and I'll admit it and accept the punishment for the NCZ breach.
  3. Spergburger - Scott Kidd (Deathmatch Appeal)

    Basically I drove to the MD and saw my friend there under custody of cops, I knew from previous radio conversations that he'd been in a chase and needed help, so I knew they were arresting him and taking him to prison. Naturally I stepped in, although doing it at the MD was not the right place to do it, I'll admit that. I was punished for the NCZ breach, but also was punished for deathmatching, which is what I'm appealing here, since I and many others don't believe it would be DM'ing.
  4. Spergburger - Scott Kidd (Deathmatch Appeal)

    The cops hadn't shot at me, I had no prior interaction with them. They had shot at Mike though and downed him, which is why he was at the MD. I'm not sure if it had been 30 minutes or not, I now know he was stuck at MD for a while because of a crash loop and because they were waiting for an admin to heal him. When I was there though they were keeping him in custody and were going to be transporting him as soon as he was healed.
  5. Account name:Spergburger Character name(s): Scott Kidd Admin who issued punishment: Lewis Langley @Lewis Date of punishment: March 19th, 2018 Reason given for punishment:Deathmatching. Initially he said it was because I didn't talk to the cops before shooting them, but when I showed him the rules and how they don't say "you need to have a conversation with someone before killing them" he changed it to me not having a good enough RP reason. Your explanation of what happened: Mike White had been apprehended by the police and was going to be transported to the prison. I'd been waiting for a while for a chance to try and save him but they didn't seem to be leaving MD. RP'ly attacking cops at a prison makes even less sense than attacking them at a hospital, so I attempted to break him out at the hospital, breaking the NCZ rule, which I agree to (although I think in this case it's pretty stupid but that's a different matter.) I got out of my vehicle and asked officer Liam Page for directions, and when he didn't respond I tried to get his attention by saying "hello officer" multiple times. I later learned he was in a paused rp but didn't know that at the time. Officer Marco Davis then pulled up and told me to leave the area. Since I was there to break out Mike I wasn't going to leave the area, and I wanted to give myself an advantage against the cops since there were 2 of them and 1 of me so I shot at Davis before he had a chance to get out of his car. Liam then came back and shot me, downing me. And then we waited for an admin to come and sort it out. Why should your appeal be accepted?: Because while what I did was dumb and not well thought out it wasn't deathmatching. The rules for deathmatching are: 6.1. Deathmatch, Vehicle Deathmatch, Revenge Killing, Kill On Sight 1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. 2. Examples, when you cannot attack another player: 2.1. Because they are severely injured and have extremely low health; 2.2. Without giving them enough time to respond to your demands; 2.3. For minor reasons, such as, an accidental traffic incident; 2.4. Because you are roleplaying a murderer or terrorist; 2.5. You cannot kill players who have complied with your demands; 3. Examples, when you can attack another player: 3.1. If they attempt to hurt you or damage your property intentionally; 3.2. If they report you to the police for committing a crime; 3.3. If they refuse to comply with your demands after being given a reasonable amount of warnings; 3.4. If they try to harm you, for example, they attempt to place you under arrest; 4. You cannot kill another player, because that player had killed you in the past. The new life rule prevents you from doing that. This is called revenge killing and is classed as deathmatch. 5. You are allowed to attack another player if they try to hurt you or damage your property intentionally, if they ignore your threats and attempt to resist or if they try to take hostile action against you. 6. You are allowed to kill another player on sight, if that player had tried to kill you in the past 30 minutes and if NLR has not been triggered. After 30 minutes have passed, you must engage that player in roleplay and make your demands, if the player resists you can kill them. The rules do not say I need to have a conversation with the people before I kill them, which is why he initially I said was deathmatching. After I informed him that he was wrong through discord PM he changed his reasoning to "you didn't have a good enough reason to kill them." The cops were trying to arrest my friend, and he'd called for help earlier, so I came to help. Obviously the only way for me to help him in this situation is to kill the cops, so I attempted to do so. The EXACT SAME situation happens at the prison all the time with prison breaks and it's not classed as deathmatching. A cop arresting your criminal friend is definitely a valid reason for a criminal to try and kill said cop since that's the only way to free him. If that isn't a valid reason and the rules have changed to where that is considered deathmatching then A: there's a serious problem and B: people need to be made aware of that because as far as most people I've talked to know, and as far as anyone who's ever done a prison break knows that's not deathmatching. Post any evidence or further details:This is the video that Tavi gave to Lewis when he asked for it, it doesn't include me trying to get his attention before Marco Davis showed up though: http://plays.tv/video/5ab010321b22e88cf5/check-out-my-video- I'll also include the PMs betwen me and Lewis
  6. Police - Chases

    I think the cop cars need to be slowed down a bit since currently they're ridiculously fast. I get that the police can't properly pit due to desync so I won't talk about them hitting people in the side and stuff, but one thing I have seen them do which is completely ridiculous and breaks RP entirely is attempting to ram a suspect head on to stop the chase when both them and the suspect are going very fast, since it would certainly kill them both. It's happened to me before and it launches me out of the windshield and kills me, and the same would happen to them too.
  7. Not unless the people in the sports cars who started the shooting were recording
  8. Fix the Rapid GT Classic

    As of right now the Rapid GT Classic is pretty overpriced, and also is glitched or something where it doesn't have customization options. If someone is able to fix this and change the price to something more reasonable like it costing the customer roughly 300k instead of 450k, and having customization options I'll give you the good succ and I'll donate
  9. Import cars from Doomsday hiest

    +1 I want the 190Z and Yosemite so bad
  10. I'm looking to buy a Rapid GT Classic as it's my dream car, but apparently you can't import them anymore. If anyone has one please contact me as I'd love to purchase it from you, price is negotiable. My phone number is 3886525 and I can be emailed at Spergburger#9381
  11. I'm looking to buy a Rapid GT Classic as it's my dream car, but apparently you can't import them anymore. If anyone has one please contact me as I'd love to purchase it from you, price is negotiable. My phone number is 3886525 and I can be emailed at Spergburger#9381
  12. Impound

    I've seen them use the gated parking area at LSC as an impound lot before when Steve Doherty didn't have his license, but +1 having an actual impound lot would be nice
  13. You clearly don't understand what an insult is
  14. You can continue RP if it goes THROUGH there. You started a whole new shootout in what would be a heavily populated area with security guards and possibly police. That wouldn't happen in real life, but it's not like roleplay is supposed to be like real life is it? Also that is the full video of the incident so if you have video of me ramming the truck then by all means post it