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  1. I thought the whole point of Fight Club is that you don't talk about it
  2. Forget this bum, I've wanted that house since the first time I saw it. Text me at 3886525 or email me at Spergburger#[email protected] if you're thinking of selling it.
  3. Hello, the house was sold at a buyout price. Thank you to everyone who made a bid on it, I hope you all find a house you like.
  4. Thank you Andor, very cool! Scott Kidd: 3886525 Spergburger#[email protected]
  5. I can have $1,000,000 within the next couple days and I could take out a loan for more if need be.
  6. Hi, I recently was out of town when the new properties were put up for sale, and I missed out on buying the house I've wanted for ages now. I'm looking to buy a ranch or farmstead outside of the city, whether it's in Grapeseed, Sandy Shores, Paleto, etc isn't important to me. Please contact me either on this post, or by email at Spergburger#9381.lsmail.com or by phone at 3886525. Here are some of the houses that I'd especially like to own, if you own one of these houses, or a house like them, or know someone who does please get in contact with me! This one located out in the Grand Senora Desert, near the Prison https://imgur.com/a/qtGzSNA This one located along the way to Sandy Shores https://imgur.com/a/BHAdJRC
  7. The house is still for sale, I will be ending the auction at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time on the 15th of June. Please get your bids in before that time.
  8. Hello, I am selling my 3 Garage house located in the Vespucci Canals. It is a large house, and it is near every business you could need (gas station, general store, high end car lot, Bayview, gun store, clothing store.) Starting Bid is $600,000 Minimum Bid Increase is $10,000 No set buyout, but if you give me an offer I like I will probably take it. Here are some pictures of the house: Location of the house: https://imgur.com/a/op7efrO The house has a little side dock, perfect if you own a boat or want to fish or swim in the canals! https://imgur.com/a/aTH3Frz The house has very large windows, which let in lots of natural light! https://imgur.com/a/kp7YzFz The house is fully furnished, with a kitchen full of every appliance you need! https://imgur.com/a/lHdP5pc The living room has a nice entertainment set up, with views of the beach! https://imgur.com/a/qyA8LNQ A small study area, right beside the entryway and kitchen https://imgur.com/a/Y0rb727 Tastefully furnished guest bedroom https://imgur.com/a/jUvzDBX Bright and cozy master bedroom https://imgur.com/a/6A1pjIq Full service bathroom, complete with an inflatable friend! https://imgur.com/a/RcPC60T
  9. The vending machine idea is good, I've rp'd using one before, but it would definitely be cool to have them actually work. You can use vending machines in single player and online, so there's already animations and such in the games files.
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