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  1. The vending machine idea is good, I've rp'd using one before, but it would definitely be cool to have them actually work. You can use vending machines in single player and online, so there's already animations and such in the games files.
  2. This update looks really cool. Can fish be cooked and sold to the butcher as meat?
  3. +1 sorta, taking action at the poker table, like betting, checking, folding, etcetera should prevent the AFK timer from showing up the same as walking around does.
  4. Robbing NPC houses would be impossible/not beneficial to roleplay since there aren't NPCs on the server, and NPCs don't roleplay. -1
  5. For one there's no way you've been waiting that long without a response, since that'd mean you applied around March 13th, and they're already well past applications from that date. Secondly, paying to be able to get in faster isn't a good idea or healthy to the server at all. We're looking for people who are interested in roleplaying well, and that's who we want on the server, not people who fork over money so they can get in quicker because they saw a streamer play. Giving people a priority queue for paying just screws over the people who don't pay, and makes it seem like they're not valued on the server. Plus you'd have tons of people who pay money and then get their application denied and lose their shit about it. It's not worth dealing with the problems this would cause, and it'd be disrespectful to the players who have been waiting patiently to be treated like they're unimportant because they didn't give the server money.
  6. With the way prison RP is currently and the lack of any sort of judicial system I'd have to say -1 for now. The most I could see it reasonably being increased to as of now is 3 hours, maybe 4 tops. Looking at things in the long term, I could see increasing jail time to 8+ hours once there's more to do in a prison and there's been a justice system worked out. Players could create gangs in prison and have quality RP that can keep them occupied for hours, but due to the currently low amount of hours a lot of people would rather just watch Netflix or something since there's either not much to do, or not enough time to really engage in some good RP, since it'll be cut short within 2 hours. It'd also be unfair to have people imprisoned for hours and hours when there's no court system or legal system, since players can't really defend themselves from being wrongfully charged or imprisoned, their only option is to get reimbursed long afterwards by filling out an IA report which may not even end up helping them. I played back when we had the 10 hour prison time before DOC was implemented and it was terrible. You were essentially getting an OOC punishment, except you had to still "play" the game to serve it, you couldn't do something else like you can with an extended kick or short ban. I'd hate to see things go back to that. There needs to be a development focus on helping DOC get to where it needs to be before a change like this can really be discussed, but I think an increase to 3 hours could be a solid short term solution. It'd help prevent people from serving max time over relatively minor crimes, and would hopefully prevent every traffic stop and arrest from turning in to a shootout. This could potentially provide better RP on the server, and the added time could be used to gauge how much the max sentence should be increased to in the future.
  7. I haven't been shooting much due to me being a government employee, so I haven't really been able to test the change out, but I thought it was strange that the aiming reticle was removed, since it's not just an OOC dot on our screen. Realistically, when you're aiming down the sights of a gun - whether in third person or the clunky first person - you're aiming with either the iron sights or some other kind of sight on your gun, and using that to predict where the bullet will go. The aiming dot in third person is just a representation of what our character would be seeing the iron sights line up with, so I don't get why it was removed. It's not like the dot is pin point accurate either, there's weapon bloom in the game, so shots don't always land on the dot if you're firing quickly. Like others have said this is going to favor "spray and pray" weapons that criminals use, while making it so people with pistols don't stand a chance. It's also going to make it so that people who shoot a lot in game (criminals) will have a big advantage over people who don't, like government employees, which disregards roleplay. If someone has past roleplay that should make them a good shot, or RPs going to the gun range, or other potential RP scenarios, their character would be a good shot. The dot removal potentially ruins that character RP, because now that they can't OOCly see roughly where their bullets will go - despite the fact their character can ICly - they're going to shoot like shit. It also opens things up way too much for exploitation to give others an advantage. Realistically how many people do you think are going to get in trouble for having a third party crosshair? The only way to be caught is to be stupid enough to upload a video of you using one. Most people aren't going to be that dumb, and will be able to continue using these crosshairs without any sort of repercussions, while rule abiding players are put at a disadvantage. If first person was usable then I'd probably be okay with this change, but first person view in the game is incredibly awkward and not at all like how people actually see the world. I think the crosshair should be brought back because of these reasons, and if it's really such a big issue then there could be a change made to it where it disappears if someone is firing too quickly, since if you're shooting as fast as possible your aim will be thrown off due to recoil, then people with automatic weapons would have to fire in short bursts in order to maintain accuracy, like in real life, and people with pistols wouldn't be able to spam fire them as fast as possible while remaining accurate despite using a 50 caliber hand cannon. +1
  8. -1 It's pretty unrealistic for gangs to be attacking police convoys like they do in the first place, especially considering how often it happens. Having a change like this would just embolden them to do it more and decrease the RP on this server. Instead of trying to constantly fight the cops anytime something happens why not try to avoid them in the first place, by keeping your criminal activities more lowkey and hidden from the world, you know, like in real life. I imagine if people weren't robbing others anywhere that isn't an NCZ in broad daylight, participating in high speed chases through the city, and getting in large shootouts between gangs or cops then you wouldn't have to worry about breaking each other out and whether or not SWAT are OP in a gunfight, because realistically you shouldn't be having gunfights with SWAT, and realistically SWAT should beat the shit out of some gang members in a fight, because that's how the world works.
  9. Cops are limited. They don't have tanks or other weaponized vehicles. I don't know what world you're living in where gangs drive through downtown LA in tanks, but it certainly doesn't fit on an RP server.
  10. Criminals are shot more often than they're arrested because criminals usually get hostile. Due to the way that prison times are currently worked out on the server a lot of people will shoot cops over minor crimes they're being arrested for since they figure the small amount of time added on to their sentence is worth the risk if the reward is getting away, so they're thinking about prison on an OOC level instead of ICly. People's characters should never want to potentially go to prison for killing a cop, because in real life you'd probably never come back out. How often do you see criminals actually surrender to police on the server? Majority of the time they'll either try to shoot their way out, or run, whether on foot or in a vehicle. That's also why cops often don't allow death RP. People will start shooting and force cops to use lethal force over minor infractions, so that they can be killed and hopefully get out of their prison sentence. It's unrealistic.
  11. Most of the ones that aren't solved are because the cops didn't arrive to the scene. You're quoting something about investigations and using it to make an example about fights between gangs and police. There's also tons of other crimes committed in the US besides armed robbery. Generally in real life if the police show up to a scene, especially if they show up with guns loaded ready to fight, you're probably fucked. Police are supposed to be avoided in real life, and people should be more careful about avoiding them on the server, instead of just committing crimes without much thought and then immediately running or shooting at the police when they show up.
  12. The application is already about as short as it could reasonably be while still being an effective quiz. It takes a long time to get through the applications because of the massive amount of them, not so much because of the length. There's thousands of applications, with more and more coming in all the time, Pretty sure when the craze first started there were days that had 1000+ apps just in that day.
  13. The voice chat works differently in this than in GTA online. Are you sure you're pressing the right keys? It's N for regular VOIP and M to speak over your radio if you have one
  14. You're offering to pay way too much, people will take advantage of that
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