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  1. Account name: Spergburger Character name(s): Scott Kidd Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: Friday, May 25th, 2018 Reason given for punishment: Metagaming Your explanation of what happened: My gang was involved in an incident where we were trying to rob/kill someone who had fled to PD. The victim was completely unaware of me and my affiliation with the Exiled because I hadn't been involved in the chase that had lead to the PD. I was sitting about a block away and stated over discord that I had a plan on how we could kidnap him, by me saying I'm there to save him and then taking him somewhere where my gang would be waiting for him. I was saying on discord that I wanted to kidnap him so I could see if we had enough people to do so, and if they have enough time to do it, as kidnapping situations can take quite a while and that's an OOC matter. I was punished for this for metagaming. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My appeal should be accepted for multiple reasons. The first one is because the reasoning that Ballin gave for my punishment was this: "Planning out what to do with a robbery victim whilst robbing him in the game is not allowed as he would be able to hear you planning unless you did it before hand." as I stated in the report I wasn't robbing him when I said it over discord, I wasn't even involved in the robbery. He also wouldn't have been able to hear me because A: I was a block away and in my car, and B: I was planning this out before hand. This means that the reason stated would be invalid since I didn't do what he's saying I did. I think Ballin misunderstood something in my report, or was confused by the video and thought it was taken from my perspective when it wasn't. I was involved in something else entirely. The other reason why my appeal should be accepted is because the evidence provided against me is not only really bad, but also presented in a biased way. The video shows Jessica Rawler robbing a man at gunpoint, and was made by Jessica to show that that man was breaking FearRP. I think Ballin misunderstood what was shown in the video and thought it was me robbing the man, hence why he said I was using discord while robbing a person. In reality I was involved in an entirely different situation that isn't shown in the video. All you hear in the video is me say something over discord, without any context given for what the in game situation is. Because of this lack of context the evidence is really poor and shouldn't have even been accepted in my opinion. The evidence is also biased in the sense that it doesn't show what happened after I said that over discord. If I were to go through with the plan I had on discord I would've relayed it to everyone in game over the radio. The video conveniently leaves out that part so it looks as if I'm using discord in lieu of in game communications. The evidence isn't necessarily tampered with or edited to show anything that's false but the way that it's presented is biased and misleading. Post any evidence or further details: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/6468-scott-kidd-jessica-metagaming/?tab=comments#comment-31516
  2. How hardcore RP is this server?

    The server would look down on that for sure. He broke multiple rules. You can't forcefully move someone to a new location unless you have 5 people, and you can't murder someone in a robbery who's complying with your demands. The rest of it might not necessarily be breaking any rules, but it's not very good rp and wouldn't be condoned. If you have video or the incident I'd suggest you report it since like I said, they broke multiple rules.
  3. Add more turfs

    Grove doesn't get anything now :cryingpepe:
  4. Add more turfs

    As of right now there's too many factions and not enough turfs, and it's causing wars to be fought strictly over turfs. This is a problem. Adding more turfs would help solve this and would also open up more rp situations, with factions holding the turfs that fit with their RP. It would also open up more reasons for lesser used areas of the map to have more people visiting them. If this gets accepted I'd even be willing to help map out turf areas and their capture points and stuff. I can't do any actual coding but I'd be willing to help out with every other part of it.
  5. Weapons Are Way Too Weak

    Is there anyway to change the damage though? As of now shotguns are useless since they take the same amount of shots to kill someone as a Pistol .50 and are only usable at point blank range. Also the amount of bullets that people can eat up has caused some involuntary FearRP since people aren't afraid of getting shot a couple times anymore because they'll be fine. IRL you wouldn't want to be shot at all. This has also caused a problem with police acting as one man army's due to the amount of shots they can take because of their Kevlar.
  6. New in town - no place to sleep

    If restaurants are possible to implement and that happens I kinda like the idea of a hunger system, as long as food isn't stupidly expensive
  7. +1 - 1 I don't think it should have to be Rp'd with pistols using /mes since they're small and can be easily pulled out about as quickly as they are in game. The main problem I have with this is that if you and your opponent are both gonna pull guns on each other the winner of the gunfight would probably be whoever can type out the /me faster. It doesn't seem entirely fair for typing speed to be the deciding factor in situations like this, which is why I don't entirely agree with it. I do think there needs to be more than people pulling AKs out of thin air and stuff though, so some way for people to know that the person is carrying one would be nice, like if large weapons were visible like they used to be on GTMP. I think that Micro Uzis could stay invisible like pistols though since realistically it could be concealed since they're not much bigger than a pistol.
  8. Make the End of the Pier a NCZ

    Agree with @Dashingly the pier is the perfect place if you're pickpocketing people, but since you can't do that in game they have to do full on robberies. In broad daylight it's kinda iffy rp, but from what I've heard IRL at night when it's not crowded you want to stay the fuck away from the pier and any other touristy areas since that's where all the crack heads and homeless people go.
  9. Admin approval or OOC agreement to Faction Wars

    +1 to everything although I'm not 100% on the killing everyone ends the war thing as a faction could just play dirty and wait until there's only one person online and whittle the numbers down that way or find some other way to exploit it. I'm in complete agreement with the need for approval of wars since with all the brand new groups randomly declaring war (one of them declared war on every faction) damage can already be done before an admin sorts it out.
  10. What the title says, I'd love for it to be added.
  11. PD reviving injured at hospital, when no LSEMS online

    +1 to this
  12. Vehicle property control

    You can give people keys to your vehicle, use /givekey (ID)
  13. New cars with supers being removed.

    Don't think they've said it's being removed, as it's needed to take on criminals in high performance sports cars that completely dust regular cop cars. Like when they gave you a little ride through your windshield when you were running away from them in the elegy retro custom.
  14. Add more criminal related jobs

    Just have it so that bank robberies are a planned out thing, so both sides can make sure that they have enough people if the police are alerted, that way there's no one doing bank robberies when there's only 1 cop online or something. Or make it so it isn't doable unless a minimum amount of online officers is met, like how you can't repair your car in the garages if there's mechanics online.
  15. New cars with supers being removed.

    That's what the high speed unit is for