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  1. Texted in game already. 3961137
  2. 1.3m @Daniel_Underwood
  3. Looking to buy a house anywhere except vespucci. Contact me IG 3961137 or Email Uwu tony#[email protected]
  4. So with the implementation of the new Hunger and thirst bars, while simultaneously REMOVING everything from stores, and not allowing them to bulk order a bunch of items at once makes things really rushed, and everyone is just grabbing loot off of dead bodies in the streets. I'm no dev, and I don't know how long this shit would take to fix, but here are my reasonable suggestions. -Allow stores to bulk order hundreds of items. Make the deliveries pay more for the truck drivers. There's no in between. There's either people that own a store ordering a small amount of items, or there's truck drivers trying to deliver to them, only to go out of stock seconds later. -Restock the stores to a few hundred items a pop, depending on value. Obviously have a lesser abundance of expensive items. But food and drinks need to be obtainable. It shouldn't be a scramble. Revert Hunger- Revert hunger until the stores can stock up, and so can players. I got my shit stolen for being in the server an hour, which is 4 hours in game, because of starvation. Because of how sudden the update was, and because of the removal of all items from stores, EMS were getting 10s of calls at a time for people who are starving. It's irresponsible in a way that both updates were released at once. Hunger/Thirst and the wipe and sell stores update. -Reducing how much hunger/thirst you lose. Self explanatory. -Vending Machine's being used. A commenter stated that the use of vending machines (as opposed to water fountains because I don't think they exist as a texture in game) could be used to buy drinks. They're everywhere. Make a drink delivery service? Similar to the money transport? I know, it's a stretch, but it's smart. Something needs to change. There needs to be one or the other, or a revert until there can be balance. Because people have purchased the stores, it makes things difficult, I'm sure, but the two best solutions I can think of are removing Hunger/Thirst temporarily, or lowering consumption so people can have a chance to reasonably fill stores in bulk, by allowing drivers to deliver more items, and stores to stock more at a time. The bars are essentially a famine in ECRP, and players can't really focus on RPing, they have to focus on scrambling around trying to get food and water, and drinking water takes like 5 bottles to fully replenish the bar, which is SO unreasonable, considering that stores are selling them for 1.5-2k a pop.
  6. No Vespucci interior. I’m looking to buy a 3G house with the interior that ISNT Vespucci interior. Budget is big. Contact 3961137 if you’re selling! Serious inquiries only.
  7. Vespucci interior? Or the other one? If it’s not Vespucci interior, I’ll raise the bid to 995
  8. Interior? Is it Vespucci interior? If it’s the other interior, I’ll bid 1m if it hasn’t sold.
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