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  1. Sexiest and smoothest voice contest lol
  2. V good point, there's other items such as drug making supplies which also get in the way in the city. Maybe don't make them disappear as during large drug runs we often stack ingredients on the floor so maybe around the drug labs objects should not disappear but after 10 mins on the floor in the city the items should disappear as they were clearly dumped there and won't be used again (time frame should be sufficient to the point where the items are clearly no longer being used).
  3. Good to see that everyone supports this
  4. yeah only thing is I don't want it as a storage but a drop-off point
  5. Also I don't think it'd be difficult to implement, clothes can just be dropped off like ores at the foundry and drugs at drug sell points.
  6. People are just littering the entire city with clothes, pooping them out at the bank, at clothe stores, at MD, literally everywhere. The floating numbers and "press O to pick up" really get in the way and on odd occasions you can even stall your car on boxes of clothing in the middle of the road. Also it doesn't make for great RP just seeing clothes appear under people as you're talking to them. Therefore, people should have an incentive to put their clothes, or ones they find on the floor into a clothes bank, where you just drop a piece of clothing off for like $200 per piece, which is still much less than the original owner payed in the first place but would help with tidying the city.
  7. Reading the other comments I like the idea of changing the parking dynamic, by adding another spot or something like that but yeah NCZ would probably make matters worse. So a +1 to the general idea of improving the parking system, but not another NCZ.
  8. LSPD, biggest gang in LS confirmed.
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