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  1. you should defo be able to fit a body in a car like a schafter, the IRL comparison of that car has a massive boot!
  2. alright yeah this suggestion is bad but no need to troll
  3. Kinda seems as if now it works perfectly with everyone until it hits a point where suddenly no one can hear you and at that point you have a to relog, its much better now though as its only 1 person who has to relog whereas before it used to be that everyone in the group you were with would have to relog.
  4. this just doesn't seem like a logical way to obtain weapons, you'd probably lose more weapons in the shootout when the swat come and IRL i dont think gangs would raid the PD to obtain weapons, maybe add illegal buying spots around the map which change like the chop shop were anyone can buy guns on the cheap so you dont have to rely on bigger gangs to supply. But raiding the PD doesnt seem like a good idea. also it would have to be controlled like stores, that if a certain number of officers arent online then you cant do it because for the sake of RP you wouldnt just stroll into the PD and pick up some guns, and there would definitely be a few cops around and a swat team available. so sorry but gotta be a -1 from me.
  5. big +1, that way you don't have to be factioned to get somewhere in life
  6. my problem is that people can implying that im retarded for posting this, and damn i just dont want that kind of discussion
  7. that is fair thank you for an actual explanation rather than just mocking this suggestion like others did, cause I post a lot of stuff here which Im not 100% behind either but these are just suggestions and I dont mind when people disagree but at least tell me why not just "-1 LOL"
  8. also this is an RP server and not a gang simulator and since this would happen IRL then it should happen here as well? I'm not trying to be nasty towards criminals cause i rp as one as well, I just want the Los Santos laws to be as close as possible to IRL rules. Cause right now I don't feel like I have anything to lose, which is bad in my opinion. I have a house stashed full of shit and if a cop pulls me over and I have an active warrant then damn i'll put the handcuffs on myself so I'll get like a 30min sentence and then ill be back to doing gang stuff again?
  9. i just searched it up and it seems that you can definitely make a phone call from prison (IRL that is) under the supervision of a prison guard you could have a code word or phrase for this situation
  10. also before going to prison you're allowed to make a phone call right? so it would add another bit of rp where your friends/gang members would also have a set of keys and would have to clear your house of evidence before swat got there? and if lets say you live in your "cousins" house then the house wouldnt be under your name and police would have no permanent residency under your name? But it seems that everyone just hates this idea
  11. i suggested that if you get caught for murder or with a large amount of drugs, that your house should be searched
  12. idk i just thought it would be more realistic
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