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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to my conveniently multi-categorized suggestion So anyways! Fast-Food Jobs! How can they be used, and is it worth it. How they can be used Obviously, Fast-Food Jobs primarily serve two roles. They exist as spots for RP, and a way to make cash legally. Well, unless it's a front for a meth business. That'd make for some good RP. As of right now, the Fast-Food areas such as Burger-Shot serve LITTLE purpose, both in RP, and in gameplay. Which is a bit frightening, as I worry they'll be removed as opposed to being worked on. The way I see it,
  2. I can understand the thought process behind adding the new hunger and thirst systems, as it adds a little more realism and also, people have to spend money on things other than cars and businesses make money. Rather than just complain, I'm offering some alternative solutions. However, this system as is fails on a fundamental level because it doesn't add to the roleplay, it takes away from it. You shouldn't have to suspend your roleplay with someone, because you need to go and eat/drink or you die. This is a suggestion forum so here are my proposed changes. You should have t
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