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  1. Hello @Einaras, Thank you for the report. Firstly, VDM is when a single driver attacks another individual multiple times in an effort to stop you from moving using lethal force. In the video evidence you submitted, you were hit twice by 2 separate vehicles. In no way was this deemed to be malicious in any way. It has been judged that the other vehicles were attempting to pull in front of you, in order to try and slow you down. Secondly, it has been deemed that you power-gamed your way out of a situation. Where you have written "sneaks out of the open window", you have failed to allow the police officer sufficient time to react to your RP. You should have followed the /me up with "would the officer notice?". As well as this, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that the rear window was even open in the first place. In real life police cruisers have multiple escape preventative features such as child locks, no door handles, even bars over the rear windows to prevent this exact thing. Also to "sneak" out of an open car window whilst cuffed would take a lot of time and effort as well as make a lot of noise. This thread will be closed shortly by a Moderator. If you wish to make a follow up report and still feel like further investigation is required, feel free to link this report in your new report. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Support
  2. Varakai

    Issue with Connection to Server

    Hey @CycloneDavid, This happens to players a lot more than you think. Give this a try, when you connect to the server, you will see a bald person standing on a street. You may see in the bottom right "Loading Packages", in the text box on the top left it will say "Connected to Eclipse Server". Once the "Loading Packages" in the bottom right has disappeared, keep an eye on the mini-map on the bottom left. As soon as the map icons load in, press HOME button to bring up the Rockstar Social Club overlay. Wait 2-3 minutes, then press ESC. If done correctly and at the right times, you will load the login box straight away. Let me know if this helps at all. If not we can take it further. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Support
  3. Player(s) being reported: Michael_Edwards/Stranger 6181_7259 Date of rule breach:06/12/2018 Time of rule breach:Approx 10:10am UTC Your characters name:Joshua_Fellows Other players involved: Dwayne_Donovan Specific rule broken: 7.1.1. FearRP How did the player break the rule?: After seeing a situation from down the road of the LSPD, where Dwayne looked to be on the ground after a gunfight occured, I drove past Dwayne to pull over the suspect and draw a lethal weapon on him to place him under arrest, this was due to him being a prime suspect. Having him at close range I did have the drop on him. He then drew his weapon on me and proceeded to fire. Unfortunately I did not have video recording of the actual rule breach taking place, however I do have video evidence of him admitting to it afterwards OOCly. Evidence of rule breach:
  4. Varakai

    Prison Overhaul - With details on how.

    Great starting point for Prison Faction. This is gonna be so good, my only point is that we will need some automation in regards to time frames. Still, every much +1 massively.
  5. terPlayer(s) being reported: Stranger 3520_8743, Stranger 781_4536 Date of rule breach: 10-Nov-2018 Time of rule breach: 10:50am Your characters name: Joshua_Fellows Other players involved: Paulo_Witherfork, Nigel_Dickons Specific rule broken: 6.6.2. (Non-RP/Cop-baiting), 6.3.1. (Metagaming), 6.4.1. (Powergaming) How did the player break the rule?: This all started out with Stranger 781_4536 timing out near the north of BoilingBroke Penitentiary while inside Nigel's police cruiser. Then Stranger 3520_8743 arrived and started asking us "what is going on" while we were waiting for Stranger 781_4536 to return. I was telling Stranger 3520_8743 in the Jester to move on when Stranger 781_4536 did return, Nigel re-apprehended him without fuss. The Jester then gave chase towards the entrance of BoilingBroke Penitentiary and proceeded to start doing donuts and burnouts in front of 3 police officers (Cop-baiting), whilst Stranger 781_4536 seemed to be stalling to get out of Nigel's cruiser. He then proceeded to get out of the cruiser and lead him to the entrance to BoilingBroke where Nigel stepped inside however Stranger 781_4536 did not enter. Stranger 3520_8743 then reversed up at the point to get his partner into his car where Stranger 781_4536 opened the door and got into the car with no RP while still handcuffed (Powergaming). All this was done with no visible communication between both parties as Stranger 781_4536 had his radio removed from him (Metagaming). Evidence of rule breach:
  6. Without evidence being issued we will be issuing a IC 5k Fine for Non-RP (Offence #2) of Stranger 4346_6732/Tyronquavisha_Jameson. This report will be closed shortly. Thank you.
  7. Varakai

    Stranger 8907_9281 PBAJ - Admin Abuse / Metagaming

    @2cannnn1 As far as I'm concerned there is no breach here. The Admin could have been dealing with a separate Administrative issue. Unless you have done something that was incorrect in your RP then you would not need to worry about it.
  8. Varakai

    Fear RP

    @Tjml_ and @senix_69, thank you for your responses. After discussion with the Senior Moderators and Moderator staff, we have decided that @Tjml_ Mask 9205_6726 will be issued a warning only for FearRP breach. In future, your character would still be fearful in the situation he is in seen in the video. Even though it is the briefest of moments that your assailant turned his back on you, your attacker still had his weapon drawn, however not pointed at you. @senix_69 please remember to fully disarm your victim before you turn your back on them. This report will be closed and no further comments or references will be allowed unless made by staff. Thank you.
  9. Varakai

    Fear RP

    @senix_69 Thank you for the report. From here @Tjml_ Mask 9205_6726 will have 24 hours to give their side of the story. In your response please provide any evidence that you may have.
  10. @lenx Thank you for the report. From here Stranger 4346_6732 (Notified in-game) will have 24 hours in order to explain their side of the story before a judgement is made. In your response, please provide any evidence you have.
  11. Varakai

    DM Mask 6674_9329 , Stranger 5797_8983

    Thank you all for responding, Regardless that you did not realize that the vehicle was stalled or not you still did not give the victim enough time to respond or comply with you demands once the vehicle was stationary. Shooting at him because he did not immediately stop the car is not a proper response to a non threatening command of "stop your car". The victim did say multiple times that he was going to stop and agreed. Once the vehicle was stopped and not able to continue to be used to escape, the threatening parties should have held the victim at gunpoint and initiated FearRP on the victim. To that end, only those that were seen shooting in the initial video will be receiving a 48 hour ban for 1st offence of Deathmatching, in breach of 7.2.4. The following will receive the above punishment. Mask 6674_9329 // Phoenix_Smith Mask 5516_5908 // Jeffery_Bieber An admin will lock this thread and impose the punishments soon.
  12. Varakai

    DM Mask 6674_9329 , Stranger 5797_8983

    Hello @Sten_Lohk thank you for the report, @Accardo Mask 5973_5589 // Rycka_White @[email protected] Mask 4100_2211 // Rex_Hyperactive @punched Mask 3524_8420 // Vince_Romano @Cman3803 Mask 6674_9329 // Phoenix_Smith Mask 5516_5908 // Jeffery_Bieber Has been notified ingame. You have 24 hours to give your side of the story before a decision is made. Please provide any evidence that you have as part of your responses. Thank you.