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  1. Varakai

    Breaking and Entering houses

    Okay so then make it the crowbar is super difficult to get somehow. Either can only be imported via warehouses or its extremely expensive to buy. Then make it so that the crowbar is a one time use thing so you can't overuse it.
  2. My suggestion would be for criminals having the ability to use a crowbar, purchased from a store, using it on a house doorway and being able to break into a house. They then have to look for the stashspot that is in the interior to loot items from it. A way to counteract this would be to purchase an alarm system for houses as an add on extra. If the alarm is tripped by forced entry then the police are notified via the 911 system. You could even buy a silent alarm upgrade, slightly more expensive. The use of bobby pins could also be a useful implementation for this. In the way that bobby pins take longer to open the door, like trying to pick cars, there is a chance you will fail.
  3. Varakai

    3 Car House for Sale/Rent

    Is this place still for sale? If so where and how much?
  4. Varakai

    Masks to show in inventory

  5. Varakai

    Photographics Feed

    Hey there everyone, Jacob Fellows here. Just thought it would be fun to see what else everyone else comes up with for some great scenery photos. I thought I'd show this great shot from the top of Mount Chiliad. Show us what you got!
  6. Varakai

    Truckers and payments

    Hi there my suggestion is about when you take jobs at the Truckers HQ it makes the suggestion to "use your own truck or a rental" however at the moment there is no "Rental" fee that gets taken out. My idea is instead of paying a "Rental" fee for the truck up front, when you use your own truck you receive a bonus of X amount of dollars per delivery, like a bonus. I have noticed a bonus already exists for $200/5 deliveries, I think this should stay for those using a private truck as it encourages a new workforce within the server. The "Private Truckers" bonus could be described it in-game such that the Truckers HQ doesn't have to pay for insurance on the truck because the owner already has. Most delivery companies in many countries use this method (in fact I got the idea from working for a pizza delivery company in Australia). I feel like this would work quite well for the in-game economy as I know HeavyFlow import the Hauler, Packer and Phantom in for $65,000 each. I would also like to suggest a rate of $200 per successful delivery as this means the driver has to complete 325 deliveries just to pay for the vehicle without modifying it. Let me know what you think and I can let my fellow truckers know who are also encouraged by the idea of a career in trucking in-game. Kind Regards Varakai (IGN: Jacob Fellows)
  7. Varakai

    Money Making Methods

    Okay, but also when you go to pick up a truck at the HQ it says 'rent' a truck from them. Where does this fee come from? Do you get a higher salary for using your own truck?
  8. Varakai

    Money Making Methods

    Can anyone tell me what is the benefit of owning your own truck to do the trucking jobs? Because apparently the performance mods don't work.
  9. Varakai

    Looking to buy Hauler vehicle

    Hi there, Looking to purchase unmodified or as little mods as possible for a Jobuilt Hauler for use in the trucking industry. Preferred to be a Jobuilt Hauler but if you are selling another make and model please feel free to contact me. Jacob on #5213334 or contact me via email ((Forums or discord @Varakai#9973))