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  1. Varakai

    Bank Transfer system.

    Suggestion is for the ability to have bank account numbers so that you can set up transfers to other players that are offline. This would make payments that are required to those that are not in a financial company a lot easier. The receiver wouldn't even have to be online, it would be something that they can review and pick up when they receive their salary. The bank account number could even be the stranger ID or something like that.
  2. Varakai

    Make pursuits more real.

    Then somebody wasn't doing their job properly.
  3. Varakai

    Make pursuits more real.

    I would like to point out the R.O.E. for police during police chases: 1. Police cannot fire from a vehicle if they are within city limits or townships. They can only fire upon tyres on highways/interstates. 2. Police cannot fire upon a vehicle unless they are in turn being fired upon. 3. The amount of occupants in the vehicle increases the threat to the police officers, therefore the must do what they can. 4. Police will almost never fire upon the vehicle within city limits unless they are authorized from an LSPD High Command.
  4. Varakai

    Government Faction {HOTEL}

    +1 However it cannot take away from the Legion Square Parking system of $500/parking
  5. Update: #11 is currently under contract. #12 is still available
  6. Hello prospective renters, Looking for that quality home that is located in the beautiful Vinewood Hills suburbs? However you cannot afford the higher price tags? Been spending it all on those car upgrades from LSC or Bayview? Then do I have the solution for you! I currently have a home available for rent in area of Vinewood Hills. #12 South Mo Milton Drive. Features of this beautiful house include: > 3-Car Garage Parking, > Spacious interiors (enough for 2-3 occupants), > Full extra storage for your extra belongings, and > Short travel distances to LSC, LS Bank, Tequi-La-La, as well as many other famous locations around Los Santos. Prospective applicants will have to have a current LS Drivers license, moderately clean criminal record ((I say moderately because lets face it, it is Los Santos)), not be associated with any major gangs, as well as being able to maintain a neat and tidy dwelling. Applicants must understand that the property will be inspected on a monthly basis. Any illegal paraphernalia found will result in your lease being ceased immediately and reported to the police. Prices for the properties are $1,500/week and will be collected on Friday to Sunday ((Understandably timings will need to be discussed)). You will also require a $3,000 bond for deposit which will also act as a two week buffer. The deposit will be returned to you on vacation of the property should you decide to leave at any time. Those interested please request an application from Joshua Fellows, #5213334, or email me directly at Varakai#[email protected] Map: https://gyazo.com/9c4321377b7b5ca037e9bf21271814cc #11 South Mo Milton Drive: https://gyazo.com/8507682e989702fda37449f5efd5cc89 https://gyazo.com/04841dc4d759e2d90cb2e3031b47fa4d #12 South Mo Milton Drive: https://gyazo.com/c3842da9252b823b7b9f471441d28b56 https://gyazo.com/5dbc8deb16d5e1bee7f82f36c42531da Kind Regards Joshua Fellows Phone #: (215) 5213334 Email: Varakai#[email protected]
  7. My idea comes from what police currently use as a Mugshot and Fingerprint system. The idea is that when we process a suspect before jailing or placing them in prison, we go through a RP process of taking their photograph and taking down their fingerprints. They then place a $0 ticket on that persons record that reads ((Fingerprints and Mugshot on file)). This is so that further down the line if we see someone who may be in handcuffs and refusing to comply with providing details, they can look up their ID in the MDC, and if this record is on their file, then the officer is allowed to know the characters name from the MDC, meaning that the police cannot Metagame your character name. My suggestion for a realistic fingerprint and mugshot system so in some way the characters stranger ID (Stranger 1234_5678) must be entered into that characters record during processing. As this 8 digit number is unique to the individual character, this would be used for both mugshot and fingerprints. The second half if this suggestion is a way to test firearms to see a few different statistics about the gun. Similar to /analysewounds information recieved, you must have a fingerprint kit inside your inventory for it to work, you the look in your inventory and right click on the gun in question. With an extra button coming up that would be "Test Firearm". Results would appear in the text box like with /analysewounds showing stats like: - Who has held it recently, ("Recently held by John_Citizen") - How long ago it was last fired. ("Fired approximately 15 minutes ago") Both of these pieces of information can disappear after a few hours in game. If the person who held the firearm last, does not have their fingerprints in the added to the MDC, then the text would come up "Recently held by Unknown_Stranger", however if the person who held it last fingerprints ARE in the MDC then it would read "Recently held by John_Citizen". You could still check a firearm without a fingerprint test kit however the only information you would receive is how long ago it was fired. Obviously the only other thing to this suggestion is that police are the only ones who can test a firearm.
  8. And that's a huge different between stealing cars that are more high end in the server than the accessibility of phones. I'm not saying that your own car is any less valuable but its the ease of access to the cars that are parked at these NCZ's, therefore the whole idea is to stop the rule breakers.
  9. Varakai

    MC helmets

    What could be even more immersive is if you had the option to put a helmet on or not. Then a new law comes in: Riding a motorcycle without proper protection.
  10. Because we like to drive to and from work to our houses with the sense of immersion. Plus the car park is meant to be for staff only, with the odd visitors that stay for 5 minutes, however a lot of people abuse this and leave their cars here for an extended period of time. When they do leave their cars here it's for hours on end making it look cluttered and unrealistic. There are at least 2 parking yards that are within 1 block of the PD that people can use to park the vehicles away from prying eyes. Also, a lot of people don't realize, but it is perfectly legal to park on the side of the road on the curb as long as, 1. You are not in a red zone, and, 2. You are not up on the sidewalk. I understand a lot of people will probably complain about the lack of 'proper' parking about the LSPD when they do come to pay fines or inquire about other legal matters. However this is more about stopping rule-breakers from stealing cars within NCZ's. A lot of PD staff have stated that while they are out on patrol in the middle of an incident, they get a notification that their alarm has been triggered and it can become quite distracting to juggle between a rule-breaker and the criminal in front of you. Furthermore, this is easier to create than to write a 'NCZ script' preventing things such as drawing your gun, lock picking cars, mugging, people, attacking, or vandalism. This combined with the fact that sometimes police will have to draw their weapon within NCZ's in order to detain/arrest a suspect. Okay, may I ask what type of vehicle do you have? Because the value and difficulty to move a stolen car onto another buyer in the real world, compared to what happens in the server with the value of what some cars are and how easy it is to get money from them is like night and day. The other thing is not a lot of people will try to steal a car from an underground parking lot when there are cameras rolling everywhere. Where-as, the NCZ's are meant to be a 'simulated' heavy surveillance zone. However as previously mentioned, players ignore this, and 'surveillance' can only be obtained when there is another person there recording.
  11. Hey guys, So here is my suggestion. We need secure parking for LSPD and LSMD as these are NCZ's, however players still choose to ignore this and are constantly breaking into cars here in an attempt to chop-shop them. This wastes valuable time for not only the Administrators and Moderators, but if there are none available it falls to the LSPD to try to recover these vehicles before being chop-shopped. This would also clear up a lot of parking congestion that occurs at LSPD. There is plenty of parking available to civilians in Legion Square. Where vehicles are fully secure. The Parking at both these locations are intended for staff only. The mechanics for this would be fairly simple to set up, as the mechanics already have something similar setup being /gatemech which opens and closes the front gates to Bayview or the staff parking at LSC. Pictured below is a rough idea of what could be setup. The control for the gates could be /gatelspd and /gatelsmd respectively. I have had multiple members of LSPD/LSMD comment that this is needed. However after talking to a few other people about it, DCC and Weazel News are also asking to have their staff carpark secured. Most of the government jobs (if not all) usually require their staff to be away from their HQ, providing a service to the state. A little peace of mind that your personal vehicle is secure while you are out goes a long way.