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  1. Hello @Logan_Burgerson, Upon reviewing the footage I captured of the time I was interacting with you and from recollection, what myself and @Mickeyyy saw was a "/report 4 n*****f**" (Censerships used for respect). When the report was quickly denied both myself and Mickeyyy the TP'd to you to investigate your actions, to which you responded to negatively as well. As I was still asking why you reported profanity, you then seemed to not care at all what was going on and decided to continue on your way. You were then promptly frozen and asked to apologize for your behaviour. To which you did. As I went into invisibility mode and was about to release you so that you could continue, you said in OOC chat "let me go NOW". I took this as both inappropriate and as a threat, stating it sounded like a threat, Your response was "it was a threat". I asked if you were disrespecting me and you said "I mean IG if you want". This is a clear breach of OOC/IC mixing and IF you knew who my in-game character was, could be considered Metagaming. At this point I decided to let you carry about your RP and shrugging off your poor quality responses, unfreezing you and then going invisible again. You thinking I must have gone elsewhere, then said OOCly "fa$%ot" I then froze you for a third time and questioned your insult and complete disrespect towards a staff member. To which you replied OOCly "yessir", "sorry", "won't happen again". Your actions and attitude in this entire matter I found to be completely inappropriate, nor to the standard of how we expect players to respond to interactions from server staff. I find it terribly insulting that you would call someone by such a disrespectful name, furthermore, basically what you thought was behind my back. The video evidence I have has no VOIP from yourself so it would have been too difficult to determine whether your were: as you put it so politely in your appeal. After what would hopefully be a more sincere apology I will leave it for a Senior Admin or higher to decide your punishment appeal. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff (Pending review from any of the following: @FatherOsborn, @Lewis)
  2. Hello @hubbkezz12, thank you for making the appeal. As I investigated the report you were seen with no RP reason to engage in an attack on the player. As you could not provide any KOS from either yourself or accomplice, I had no choice but to issue a Deathmatching breach. I will leave this report in the hands of a Administrator to decide whether or not the punishment should stand. @MarcoD @FatherOsborn Can either of you weigh in please. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  3. Report Resolution _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Very well, without proper KOS, both ID 70 (Andrew_Myers/@k1xys) and ID 100 (Anton_Garcia) will receive punishments for Deathmatching. Please be aware that KOS now is only limited to 3 hours rather than the full 24 hours. Admin Logs to be added: - ajail Andrew_Myers 60 Deathmathcing #1 | Forum Report - ban Anton_Garcia 0 Deathmatching #2 | Forum Report You may post your appeals in the Punishment Appeal Section found here https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/3-punishment-appeals/ If you are wishing to make an appeal, remember to link to this report. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  4. Report Resolution _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Aaronward With no response from you, I have no choice but to issue punishments for both Powergaming and Out of Character insults. There is also clear evidence of sexual RP without consent from the other player reporting you. I warn you now, given your administrative log history of Non-RP, these sort of rule breaches can lead to a permanent ban from the server. Admin logs to be issued: - ajail Drew_Ward 35 Non-RP #3 | Powergaming | Forum Report - ajail Drew_Ward 60 Non-RP #4 | OOC Insults | Forum Report (To be added post previous sentence) Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  5. Report Resolution ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Rob_Darko Thank you for your swift response, I understand that real world problems can come about and I know all too well how difficult it can be logging into our server. However as you can understand, the circumstantial timing of your disconnection does raise some eyebrows. When other times it has been noted that you disconnect and reconnect almost immediately, there are alternative ways to contact server staff if you are having internet issues, namely utilising a mobile phone internet to gain access to Discord or the server forums for assistance. Given your history of Admin logs I have decided to impose a 10 minute Admin Jail sentence, due to be carried out of your next log-in. Please be mindful that this is the minimal amount of punishment that I can impose. Admin Logs to be added: - ajail Rob_Darko 10 Non-RP #2 | Combat Logging Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  6. Report Resolution _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After careful consideration I have decided to impose no punishment regarding Deathmatching on any player. I Would like to make special mention to @fatboy3288 - Charles_Johnston that whilst your actions may have been to "Bait" your enemy and to start an open firefight with them, you did intentionally swing your bat first. I would like to think this as a minor offence of Deathmatching, hence why I am imposing no punishment. On the accusation of FearRP I would deem it to be a breach. As you made no effort to RP a critical injury (Groaning in pain while using the radio), after being critically injured you would not go screaming down the radio for your boys to start shooting at them. You were succumbed from 4 to 5 gunshots at close range. Given your history of Non-RP actions in your Admin Punishment Logs, you will be receiving your second notice of Non-RP punishment. Your punishment will be a 15 minute Admin Jail to be served, please note that you cannot go AFK in Admin Jail. Punishment Script to be logged: Non-RP/FearRP | Offence #2 | Forum Report You may appeal the punishment if you wish by going to https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/forum/3-punishment-appeals/ This report will now be locked and archived for filing. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  7. Report Pending ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Danfrewer Thank you for the report Notes to point out: A Chatlog and server history was conducted to determine your logout and login time. I was found that you did not make an attempt to login for just over 2 hours. Questions for Rob_Darko (Notified In-Game) For what reason did you not return to the situation as per Rule 9 of the EclipseRP 2019 Server Rules: "In a situation where a player's game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the same advantages as they have had before they leave."? In this situation you had little to no advantage, however when you re-logged into the server, you had a larger advantage as your attackers were no longer around. Swift and detailed responses are appreciated. I am only looking for factual information only. No response within 24 hours from requested parties will result in other parties favour. Argumentative statements will result in the other parties favour. Responses from those not involved or not seeking a resolution will be punished via the forums. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  8. Report Pending ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @PlasmaFX Thank you for the report Questions for @Aaronward - Drew_Ward For what reason did you breach powergaming rule and decide the outcome of Leon's RP action? For what reason did you OOC insult towards another player not once but twice? Swift and detailed responses are appreciated. I am only looking for factual information only. No response within 24 hours from requested parties will result in other parties favour. Argumentative statements will result in the other parties favour. Responses from those not involved or not seeking a resolution will be punished via the forums. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  9. Report Pending ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Rycka40 Thank you for the report. Questions for @k1xys Can you please provide evidence of your KOS initial setup along with a UNIX code for reference? Can you tell me why you think that you cannot go to the hospital to pick up a friend that just recently died, while involved in RP with them? I would also like to get a response from ID70 - Anton_Garcia (Notified In-Game) Swift and detailed responses are appreciated. I am only looking for factual information only. No response within 24 hours from requested parties will result in other parties favour. Argumentative statements will result in the other parties favour. Responses from those not involved or not seeking a resolution will be punished via the forums. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  10. Report Pending ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @xxxJustTimmy Thank you for posting this player report Questions for @fatboy3288 - Charles_Johnston For what reason did you approach this group in the first place and have a backup ready to ambush from above? Why did you swing with only a bat on your person when you knew there was backup of your target in the area, that was armed with weapons and you were not? When you were critically wounded, you were still in close proximity to your attackers. RPly you would be fearing for your life and not reaching for your radio. For what reason did you do this? Questions for @xxxJustTimmy - Jacob_King Was there any recent incidents with this player for him to have a KOS on you? Is there further video that you can provide? Swift and detailed responses are appreciated. I am only looking for factual information only. Argumentative statements will result in the other parties favour. Responses from those not involved or not seeking a resolution will be punished via the forums. Kind Regards Varakai - Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server Staff
  11. Hello @Mos, Thank you for writing this appeal request. As you clearly can tell, we have had a crackdown on players AFK Macroing in order to bypass the kick timer. There are a few different ways but this is the most common. Standard procedure is to first see if you respond to external communications (e.g. text, fire warning shots around you), next step is to see if you would do a zombie walk (blindly walk off a high edge with no regard for safety). Your character did indeed do this twice. It was fairly obvious that you were AFK and not responding to in-game interactions. Macros are permitted in our server but ONLY for uses of a /me, /do or /my. They are not to be used for any form of financial gain, as is what this was by you walking in circles you are effectively earning both EXP and Base Salary. Your argument in saying that you were only going to the shops which is 1km away thought you wouldn't be long, the average human walking speed is still 4kms/hour. Meaning you would have been gone for no more than approximately 45 minutes (15mins to get there + 15mins to shop + 15mins to get back). I discovered you it was at 04:53:02 on the 2nd of April 2019 at 04:53:02UTC and the ban was issued at 04:56:16UTC. Subsequent logs and ban log can be seen below: https://gyazo.com/512b82cd62d6a2223d1fcbeb443344ff https://gyazo.com/3ea6fd7ededa478b51bd7150d3d91851 Further reading of your logs found that you checked your player stats numerous times before you may have suffered a game crash. One of which actually says D/stats (Possibly forgot to disable the Macro?) https://gyazo.com/99865d3cfa79e4e2f2cdab353f099b71 https://gyazo.com/c1b6adccf8875a82b89fa2eeed0b7f1f It is my suggestion that you have every intention of performing this Macro to avoid the AFK timer, not only to keep yourself in-game but to also gain EXP and Base Salary. However, considering the fact that it is your first admin punishment I would suggest a Temporary Ban of no less that 168 Hours (1 week) from review. I will leave the decision up to Head Admin @FatherOsborn to decide. Kind Regards Varakai Senior Moderator EclipseRP Server
  12. Hi there @detailbrah, Thank you for making the appeal. Firstly your argument is that you were RPing as a drunk driver and OOCly decided to "roleplay as an intoxicated UPS driver would be a good idea", however this is a common occurance on the streets of the U.S., the problem is you still made the decision OOCly. If a driver is drunk at the wheel and commits a hit and run, it is still a hit and run. Sure, SOME people may have laughed at the fact that you hit someone in a NCZ, however I had 3 separate reports in the space of 30 seconds. I can assure you they did not find this particular RP to be funny. I then proceeded to revive the downed individuals and check the kill logs to find out that you indeed run them over. I then retrieved you and your immediate response what "What did I do now??", implying that you had been spoken to by server staff previously. You also stated that they were in the middle of the road and that "yes it was intentional, he was in front of my car saying he's calling the cops", "I'm drunk driving, ofc I'm going to run (Drive) away". Going back through your chatlogs from 02-Apr-2019 I can see the kill-log at 08:54:26, then at 08:54:49 you wrote "/me appears to be drunk at the wheel" with a subsequent "/me smashes the gas pedal" at 08:55:15, with the next kill-log at 08:55:18. Not only this but I could also see that the player you ran over then PM'd you stating "Reported NCZ", to which you replied "What Crime", thus implying you knew what a NCZ is. An inventory search was conducted on you as well, it was found that you had not alcohol purchased nor consumed any alcohol from the time you logged in to the time of the incident. I then was going to issue you with punishments of a warning only for NCZ breach as it was your first offence of that category as well as a 60min Admin Jail sentence for Deathmatching for the VDM. It was at this point that you said "I didn't DM though", "I had an RP reason", to which I said "are you going to going to argue with me?". Then you said "Jail me for the right reason at least, commiting a crime in the NCZ", before I could even say that what the warning was for you then said "Ya I don't really care, I'm just trying to RP and it's just a bunch of virgins wishing they were black". Also you said "How do you roleplay when the whole server is a NCZ" I then warned you to apologize for the comment you made about the players of the server, to which you then logged out. Message read "** Player 50 has left the server. (Left)". It was at this time that I then issued the ban with the message "/ban Paul_Maddox 0 Not here to RP, Arguing with server staff, OOC insults, NCZ Breach, VDM" As for a suggestion on what I feel would be a suitable punishment from here I would say a short temporary ban. I will leave this decision to @FatherOsborn. Kind Regards Varakai Senior Mod EclipseRP
  13. Hello all, From what I can recall from this RP is that there was a substantial amount amount of OOC chat and powergaming from the times that I was around. I observed this when you thought I wasn't there in invisible mode. FatherOsborn made some excellent points about you facing outwards of the car that the officers would still be able to take you by the arm. As well as the quality of glue that was purchased to glue your mask on. However, I also would like to factor in the fact that, who in their right mind would want to superglue a mask to their face to the point where it is physically impossible to remove without chemicals. To me, this seems like it was over the top in order to avoid being identified and an effort to avoid jail time. I find it also extremely poor sportsmanship when this whole scenario took over 1 and a half hours to complete because of the RP as well as the back and forth over OOC chat arguing. Then when it finally come to the point that the police were able to ID you and place charges on you, you complained that the officers were delaying RP and taking their time to process you. As your alternate character was a member of LSPD you should know that the police must adhere to a higher level of RP in order to make it feel more real. Even still you should know how it can be highly frustrating when a criminal is non-compliant in both IC and furthermore OOC. Proper procedure for a failure to identify a criminal when they will not identify themselves is usually to keep them in holding until identified. In the universe of EclipseRP that is obviously not possible. And therefore officers will not give up until you are identified. It isn't a matter of "Oh well, we can't identify you, lets just let him go." Your argument stating that the RP was lazy I find most concerning when of the RP that wasn't powergaming on your side was actually fairly in-depth. I also went back to review some of the screenshots that were sent to me, one particular image stood out with Jason Steel using a /do to say "There would be no handles from the inside" and "The windows would be reinforced", to which you replied with a /do of your own stating "he already knows that". I feel that this /do is in very poor taste as number one, a /do is meant to be for a reaction RP, not a thought of a player. And number two, the comment is overly sarcastic and "in-your-face". Your argument then later on was you were tasered but you then were still standing. As FatherOsborn has stated previously with the video on what can happen to your body after being tasered, I agree that you would most likely be on the ground considering you would be trying to RP having cancer, you would have very little success in trying to resist. I find it highly concerning when I was contacted as a server staff member not once but three times during this whole ordeal. In addition to all of this you also asked to be taken to BoilingBroke so that you could go to bed, that is why I granted permission for you to be immediately transported to prison via the /prison command. You wanting to explain yourself at that point had become tiresome as you had already been arguing you case for quite some time in OOC. After all of this it is therefore my opinion that the original punishment of Non-RP/Powergaming remain on your record. As for your dismissal from the LSPD, that is not for me to decide, thus I have no weight on opinion there.
  14. Hello @Tom Gorgan, From the footage I gathered during the whole interaction with you, the other player in question says that you were honking your horn at him in a Non-RP fashion. The other player then proceeded to draw his gun on you and tell you to stop. Admittedly this was not the correct course of action on his part and was why he also was sent back to the quiz. The reasons you were sent back to the quiz also was that you performed Non-RP by spamming the horn, deathmatching, NCZ breach and new player attack breach. The incident was also reported to and discussed with @MarcoD. In my opinion I feel that re-taking the quiz will give you some more insight into understanding our rules, and that you will come back with a better understanding of how RP works in our server. The rules are in place to make sure our players have a safe and enjoyable experience within our community. I will however, leave the decision with Admins or Senior Admins to decide what shall happen from here. Regards Varakai Senior Mod Eclipse RP
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