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  1. Varakai

    ID 83 (DM, NCZ, Illegal Robbery)

    Very well, failing a no response from the reported player, I have no choice but to issue a punishment of NCZ Breach Thank you for the report
  2. Varakai


    Very well, with no response from the reported player I have no choice but to issue a punishment for OOC insults. Thank you for the report. Varakai
  3. Varakai

    109, 135 ( nlr, ooc insults )

    Thank you both for the swift replies to this topic I will apply a warning to @1Crown1's admin logs that you have been spoken to about OOC insults. Should this type of rule breach happen again, bear in mind it may not be dealt with as leniently. Thank you all for your time.
  4. Varakai

    ID 123 (KOS, DM)

    Okay, thank you both for replying in a timely manner. I will agree that had the officer had intentions on killing you he would have. It is common that officers may have the wrong weapon deployed. I will take this to the High Command of PD and will point out the importance of equipment management and handling. And realizing what weapon they have drawn. It is understandable that in the heat of the moment an officer may not have the right weapon deployed for the right situation. I will drop the matter and lock this report. Thank you both for your time.
  5. Varakai

    109, 135 ( nlr, ooc insults )

    @DominykasHDThank you for the report, @React16 as far as I can tell there is no NLR breach on your part. However there is the matter of the OOC insult. However you have acknowledged it. If you apologize I will drop that matter. One other thing I would like to point out for your future reference @DominykasHD is a minor FearRP breach you conducted. In the video, you drove off as 109 was ((Typing)), thus he has his weapon lowered. This is in breach of rule 7.1.2. point 3 stating "When the attacker lowers their weapon to write a roleplay response, your life remains in direct danger". As he was typing you started to drive away.
  6. Varakai


    @peymanataThank you for the report, From here Mike_Mitchell (Notified in-game) has 24 hours to respond to this report for his side of the story, before a decision is made. Kind Regards Varakai
  7. Varakai

    ID 23 & 14 (NLR & DM)

    Hello everyone here. I'm glad that this has been bought to a peaceful end without staff getting involved. Please remember though for future references. If you do die you loose all memory of what happened to you prior. You cannot return to a place to collect your vehicle and you cannot interact with you killers for 30 minutes. In this instance players ID 12/14 and ID 23 should have realized OOCly that it was very likely that the car would have been stolen and taken to a chopshop. You would not know that your car is missing and go about retrieving it until the 30 minutes are up, due to the fact that your killer is highly likely to be in possession of it. Even if you caught them in possession of your car AFTER the 30 minutes were up, you would still have to Roleplay in order to get it back. I will not take any further action on the reported players and no warning will be issued.
  8. Varakai

    ID 83 (DM, NCZ, Illegal Robbery)

    @angelababyThank you for the report, From here ID 83/ @Sunset Jesus will have 24 hours to respond, before a decision is made. If no response is made then a punishment will be made in lieu of a non-response.
  9. Varakai

    ID 123 (KOS, DM)

    Okay thank you for the report, From here @LukasMontana has 24 hours to explain his actions.
  10. Varakai

    18, 43, 29 (7.2.1)

    Very well. Without further proof I will have to close off this report. It is not clear whether or not your attackers had KOS on you or not. In future please provide as much evidence of interactions as possible. With the counter down the bottom left of the screen we can now determine time-frames between cropped videos. Without proof where your original interaction was we cannot determine if this was a rule breach or not.
  11. Varakai

    ID 91 (6.6, 6.8)

    Hi @Denni Thank you for the report. I went to the exact location where ID 142 was downed and determined that it WAS NOT within the No Crime Zone. As you stated ID's 68 and 42 may have been driving badly/desync. However I feel like this was no a malicious act, merely a "Wrong place, wrong time" situation. As such with ID 91 coming along and checking his pockets, again I feel like this was someone taking advantage of a bad situation. Every day there are Hit and Run's and every day there are muggings. Both incidents have IC merit. This post will be locked and moved to archive.
  12. Varakai

    ID 123 (KOS, DM)

    Hello @Xypint Thank you for the report, however your link to your video states that it is unavailable. Please correct this in 24 hours or I will have to lock the report and archive it. Kind Regards Varakai
  13. Varakai

    18, 43, 29 (7.2.1)

    Thank you @Mariaaaa for the report. From here ID 18/Egon_Loite/@Posty, ID 29/Henry_Goodman/@Saul Goodman and ID 43/Hugo_Valdes/@W2TEcYa will have 24 hours to reply to this report. I would also like to hear from ID 44/Michael_Panagiotopoulos/@georgegrz and his side of the story. @Mariaaaa Please find someway to upload the video with audio as well. As well as any other footage you may have of interactions at the Braddock Pass Drug Lab. Further note: Please do not start arguing with each other about who did what and when, I am only interested in your side of the story. Thank you
  14. Varakai

    (ID:57)(6.4 Powergaming + 2.3.2 Bug abusing)

    Very well, failing no footage provided from you @xxxJustTimmy I have determined that the taser DID NOT strike you and it could be conceived that it was desync. However I do want to point out that what you initially did was very much Powergaming. Had you not been corrected and then RP'd correctly this would be a very different outcome. This report will now be locked and Archived.
  15. Varakai

    bigjimstar - Jim_Starr (Ban Appeal)

    I have the footage available, however it does contain server staff commands and chatlogs. Therefore it will not be made public and I will share to a Senior Admin to make a judgement. They will be notified and, once appraised of the situation, be given the footage. A solution will be made from there. @Lewis @ChuckM Kind Regards Varakai