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  1. :wave:

    @Triple Seven I explained in discord
  2. Hello aon you replied recently about 2 hours ago about my ban.

    you told me that i am fully able to play on the server but still when i try to connect it tells me that im permanently banned

  3. [Appeal] Asad_Shami

    Hi, thank you for the appeal. The character Asad_Shami isn't currently banned on our system. There was a VDM strike on 12/Aug/2017, which got you banned for 100 hours, and a VDM strike on 19/Aug/2017, which scored you a 48 hour ban. From what I can see you are fully able to play on the server. Keep in mind a 3rd VDM offense will result in a permanent ban. Report Void/Rejected.
  4. Payphones

    There's already a thread suggesting this here. I'll move this one to rejected
  5. Handheld Megaphones

    Voice distance (whisper/normal/shout) is on the list of things to implement. A megaphone is a cool idea, but not a priority. Rejected
  6. Not Having To Pay Cash At General Stores

    For now, this will stay as it is. Rejected
  7. hi, i'm trying to entry on server but a can't pass the quiz, i'm from brazil and don understand very well you language. i just wanna play online.

    the questions are so hard to reply


    please help me.

    1. aon


      Sorry, being able to speak English is a requirement to play on our server. If you can't pass the quiz, you won't be able to roleplay properly. 

  8. Handheld Megaphones

    Making your VOIP louder, is that what you mean?
  9. Non Lethal Weapons and GPS trackers

    Will not be implemented
  10. calling with voice

    Will not be implemented in the near future
  11. Cruise Control

    Will not be implemented
  12. Turbo

    Will not be implemented in the near future
  13. cars, break

    Will not be implemented in the near future
  14. Firefighters

    Will not be implemented