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  1. Yeah, it should be easier to reach out to loan companies. Many new players ask about how to contact them.
  2. O.o never heard of such a thing as "Illegal mods" in real life.
  3. I do 100% support coffee/fast food shops. When I was PD in SAMP, we used to hang around at coffee shops, chat around for 10-15 minutes. Was great fun. Would add RP to restoring your health aswell, since now it's just rolling up to a shop and clicking a button a few times.
  4. Too much room for metagaming, I don't agree
  5. I agree, more functions for houses
  6. People from their streams will mostly just try to interact with them/get their 5 minutes of fame by streamsniping or trying to DM them. Now of course, that's not going to be the case every time, but this has happened pretty much every single time a famous streamer/youtuber joins the server.
  7. The server isn't dying. The players that left were mostly players who couldn't keep up with the level of RP the server was/is moving towards. For me, it's always quality over quantity, I'd much rather play on a server with 80-100 players than 160 when the additional 60 don't know how to RP properly and are not willing to learn, or there is a language barrier. I do however agree the server needs more content for the non-government side, and I hope the new faction update will bring a fresh wave of players, or bring back those who left because of the faction fracas.
  8. 704_5236/Michael_Tysons hasn't responded in 24 hours. I will be making a decision based on the evidence provided. The player will recieve a punishment for VDM. Report Solved/Locked.
  9. Disagree, there's not enough cops in the city as it is
  10. Hi, thank you for the report. Player 704_5236/Michael_Tysons has 24 hours to respond with his side of the story. If you see them in game, please make them aware of this report.
  11. Hi, thank you for your report; 6213_9555/Ethan_French (The Driver) has 24 hours to respond with his side of the story. I wasn't able to locate his forum account, if you see him in game please make him aware of this report, you can do that by using /id Ethan_French every hour or so, if he is online, please /pm him.
  12. Hello, It appears Stranger 3449_9004/Abdulz_Jaksonz and 4489_6825/Mikel_Ahmed already recieved their punishment for major VDM by admin Masony. Thank you for your report. Solved/Locked
  13. I should let you  know  that  I am Tanner Colletti and not @BRAYDEN my dude


  14. Hi, Thank you for putting in a lot of effort into the report, I especially appreciate the timestamps; The new player obviously joined the server to troll, he will be banned for VDM. Report solved/locked.
  15. It's just the fact it's currently the only job where you can steal people's work - in the future, when other similar jobs are added I think it will balance out. But yeah, at it's current state it's kinda ridiculious.