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Found 22 results

  1. Hey I am @bby.of.gta and as you should tell I like Gta. long story short I have been playing Gta for around 5 years, I actually started playing Christmas 2016. I play on Xbox and PC. 3 things I love besides Gta are: - Juice WRLD - God -Food Anyways have a blessed day.
  2. Hi all, Thank you for checking out my Post. My Name is Captain Ryan Holmes, ex-SAS serviceman in Her Majesty's Armed Forces. Although I am limited in what I can say about my time in the forces, I can say that I have participated in operations on every continent on this planet, as well as the usual hotspot's like Iraq, Afghanistan & Syria. Buy me a few Pißwasser's and I may share a few stories with you haha. After 10 Years service, I left the forces and began to work as a Fixer across the UK. I managed to develop a range of connections in varying industries and used them for my client's benefits. Read into that what you will. I also provided private security for many A-list Celebrities including Lazlow Jones, Cloe Parker, Jill Von Crastenburg, Poppy Mitchell & Tyler Dixon. Even after all of these career feats, I felt like I needed a new start. So I have moved out here to Los Santos to see what there is for me to make out here. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but I know it will be exciting. Ryan
  3. Introduction to Server { Theodore Marshall } Hi, Im Teddy
  4. TWITCH PROFILE: CLICK HERE - AIDANNNTV NEO KING MY STORY It all began in the year 1995 when I was born New York in America. My parents Tony King and Lucy King are both childhood sweethearts and have been married for 15 years. I grew up in the poor part of New York in poverty, I remember when I was a little boy at the age of about ten. I use to sit out on the street corner watching the police cars pass everyday. This is when I realized I wanted to help the crime ridding city. It was full over drug dealers and aggressive beggars. Unfortunately it didn't work out as planned due to me getting mixed up in the wrong crowd at school. I ended up being a little misfit spray painting cars and stealing, until one day. I was forced to move into Los Santos, as I had been given some unfortunate family news. Tony King, my father was killed in his duties as a front line soldier. 11 Years passed and it was at this time when I realised I wanted to make my father proud and started to change my life around in this new city of Los Santos. At a young age of 19 still living with my mother of course, I began studying the law hoping that one day I would be able to make a change not just for myself, but for my father and the streets of Los Santos. After two years of studying law I began working for myself., So here I am today twenty one years old and working in a very successful private business. This isn't enough for me, I want to make a bigger difference and that is why I am going to try and find the right pathway to join the police academy, and hopefully follow my true dream of making an impact in the crime ridden city of Los Santos. JANUARY 1ST 2021 So my life in Los Santos has gone very well so far, I'm still living in a hotel as prices of Houses here are so expensive! During my time here I have managed to obtain a trucking job. This job involves me driving armoured trucks around Los Santos to supply banks and ATM machines money so the general public can get their well earned cash. I have a couple of hobbies. One being fishing! I love fishing at the pier. I get to meet lots of individuals with great chat and banter. Fishermen are always rather nice and are always helpful if you need something. Well, they are for me at least. My other hobby would be going down to the local nightclub and playing poker in the small room downstairs. We have earned a good amount of cash since playing. Can't argue with that! One of my main goals have also been completed. I'm one step closer to helping this city by having the requirements to apply for the Los Santos Police Department. I'm really excited for that! I'm praying I get an interview to show off my skills. Whilst I'm waiting to hear back from LSPD, I decided to go ahead and apply and get my weapons license. I've noticed a lot of crime in Los Santos, so obtaining that for self-defence was a great little win for me personally. I feel much safer now. ((( OOC ))) MY ROLEPLAY HISTORY I have been roleplaying since Grand Theft Auto SA. Going back ten (10) years! I have only just realised that Grand Theft Auto V have got RAGE which we all know quite well by now. I have decided to get back into this whole thing again and It literally took over my childhood. I started as a newbie not having a clue how to roleplay [RP]. A year went by and I managed to get into LSPD. I later on got demoted due to my skills not being to a expected level. This didn't last long as I soon got better very fast! I then reapplied and later on after many attempts, became the Chief of LSPD. The life of a LEO Law Enforcement Officer is defiantly the road for me.. This role soon proceeded to becoming part of the NG National guards. Once realising I missed policing more than I thought.. I got in as an intern to the FBI. My Roleplaying didn't stop their! Many more years later I was runng the entire town as the Director of FBI! This was my most favourite time in GTA SA. This lead to having a lot of respect IC and OOC during the community on UGRP - United Gaming Role Play. My name was Leo King. Unfortunately I cannot get Leo King on here as its been taken, so if the admins are kind enough could we see if this Leo King is active? If not, may I get the name? Hehe. My career didn't stop as an FBI Director. Infact.. I was leaded to and ultimate life change as I was murdered IG.. and was invited to a top secret faction. Still to this day I cannot disclose what that was. *Hint hint, wink wink* I SHALL BE STREAMING FROM TIME TO TIME. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO INTERACT WITH ME! TWITCH PROFILE: CLICK HERE - AIDANNNTV I will update this post with proper images and clips when I get enough chance and remember how all the code index works again... its been a while!
  5. BRIEF Eben Here! One of my played games is GTA V and GTA V Online, but not almost everyday since I have a day job and amid this crisis it's pretty hectic but making the most part of it. After a stressed up day, I release my stress by playing games with my friends online...so all my gaming experience is all about online games. Recently, a friend of mine told me how I've being missing out this great fun in role-playing, at first I thought it was similar to GTA V Online but it's a whole lot of different experience. He sent me this YouTube video link to check it out and as funny as it was, I felt like I was in the game . I asked him about it then he went on explaining about different communities, then he told me about ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY and I'm so glad to join this community and I can't wait to enjoy and have fun in this community and server. I genuinely think ECLIPSE ROLEPLAY is the ideal ambiance server and community to have this great experience. #staypositive #staysafe
  6. ((Hi guys! This is my first time doing a GTARP and I'm really nervous and insecure about my voice so please be gentle, im a soft bean, In Character starting now:)) Hey all... My name is Lily Ross and I've lived here for a while... I don't think you guys have heard of me because I'm quite shy... Uhm, anyways... My therapist told me I should get out more, so uhm that's what I'm doing! I look forward to meeting you all, I hope you are nice and don't make fun of me... I think... maybe... think I should post a selfie? I don't know...
  7. Hello Everyone, My Character is named Darrel Fitts. He is a young man from the mid-west looking to explore city life in Los Santos. I am fairly new to roleplay on GTA, but I hope to learn a lot and make some friends. I'm looking forward to seeing where this community takes me.
  8. Hello Everyone! Frank Gallaway from Vice City is looking to meet you in the streets of Los Santos!
  9. Greetings and salutations, Call me Paves! I have a lot of experience roleplaying and have been my D&D group permanent Dungeon Master for two years and six long term and too-many-to-count one-off and short term campaigns now, so you can imagine all the amount of characters I've had to slip in to. I was in the Navy for four years as an Aviation Electrician's Mate fixing all kinds of electronic stuff from wing tip lights to refueling systems on FA-18, de-ice to flight assist systems on H-60 (Sea Hawk and Black Hawk) and random things that broke on the ship, too. I have a lot of fun stories from my port visits all over Asia. I'm looking forward to playing with all of you soon! o7 Paves BTW... I lost the game.
  10. Hello everybody, new player here still waiting on quiz results. This is the my first serious role-playing experience and I am very excited to get started. Hoping my Italian roots serve me well. PS. I know this isn't really the place for it but if anyone sees this and knows the answer to this question an answer would be cool. I created two characters on the menu already and I'm wondering if I will now have to use one of them or will my character page reset once I pass the quiz? I don't mind using either since I get one free body change but wouldn't mind another chance to get the look I was going for before starting. See you all out in Los Santos!
  11. Hi all! Guess I'm the new kid on the block here at the moment and I just wanted to introduce myself. By my online handle I go by Buju3000 and I'm a "dadbod" gamer from way back. Like a lot of other people I started getting into RP a lot when it first rolled around on Twitch. I played a good bit of ARMA III RP "Altas Life" but fell off long ago. With the recent surge in popularity of GTA V RP over the past few years I figured I would give it a go and I feel like I have something to offer to an RP community. Anyways, I look forward to interacting with a lot of you IC. Thanks for the invite to the server and I'm excited to get my characters life in Los Santos started! _Buju
  12. Hello people of the forums, I just thought I'd drop by and say hello. I'm the new guy - I guess one of many. I've had a longer break from GTA RP and kinda missed it so I looked around for new servers and stumbled upon eclipse. Liked what I saw and applied. Well, someone was foolish enough to let me in and here I am now. Jokes aside: I've been playing for quite some time on 2 different servers. Did a bit of civilian RP and ended up playing a "by the book" cop. When things started going down south on the last server I played on I just kissed GTA RP goodbye and never thought I'd be coming back. But here I am now. When it comes to the unimportant IRL things: EU citizen, legal to drink and drive all over the world. Guess that's the important things. :D
  13. Have you found yourself in a juridical quandary? Give em the Byrd. Are you tired of the more lawfully ambiguous aspects of your chosen career path getting in the way of your financial planning goals? Give em the Byrd. Maybe you need someone to help arbitrate your neighborhood disputes or disagreements with other like-minded entrepreneurs? That's right. Give em the Byrd! Record label screwing you over? Need representation for that big contract negotiation? Call your friend Walter and give em the Byrd! Injured in a car accident? Come on. Say it with me now: GIVE EM THE BYRD! Whatever your legal needs, Byrd Law can help you. Oh? Hello- didn't see you there! I'm Walter Byrd, Esquire. I've recently moved to the area and I'm looking to earn the trust and business of the community. Too often, I find, the laws that govern this city are used as a weapon against its citizens, taking advantage of the poor and ethically diverse. That's why I'm here: to help you fight back when you need someone on *your* side who knows a thing or two about legal entanglements. Do you need to know how to make that pesky real estate dispute go away in a manner that will minimize its likelihood of coming back to haunt you? Or maybe you're navigating a complex urban profession, and you want to take proactive measures to ensure that you (and your investments) are as secure as possible before you make that big business play..? Looking to expand or build upon the name you've built for yourself? Sounds like you need an attorney who isn't afraid to get down in the trenches with you... someone who will really get his hands dirty for his clients and make sure that all parties involved come out squeaky freakin clean! Sounds like you need: Walter Byrd. As the new guy in town, I'm looking to build my business and make exciting new contacts in the field. That's why, when you mention this ad, you'll receive 20% off my normal fee! And remember, the first consultation is always free! So let's get down to business, or heck! Let's just grab a drink and have a wild night on the town, because when things get a little *too* crazy, somebody is gonna have to talk to the cops! So instead of giving them what they need to put you behind bars... reach into your back pocket, pull out my card and Give em the Byrd!
  14. Introduction of who I am, how old I am, and which country I'm from, and favourite colour. Name: Iain ( iain, pronounced like ian.) I know it's weird, it's Scottish. Age: 21 Country: Scotland Favourite Colour: Purple When did I join Eclipse RP, and The Forums? I joined Eclipse RP on the 25/12/2018 I joined Eclipse RP Froums on the 25/12/2018 What do I do in my spare time when I'm not on GTA V? I play football for fun. I go on long walks I listen to music (Alot) more on what I listen to below. I work in a store, usually my hours are 2-9pm (GMT) I work a lot on my car, whether it's cleaning it, or polishing it. I like learning languages, currently learning Dutch. However I know 7 others. I also do photography, and loving it. I play other video games, mostly simulation games. I am also a part time DJ, it's pretty cool. What kind of music do I like? I'm not too picky when it comes to music, I like it all really. Favourite Genre of music is rap. Personal Information. My favourite movie has to be: Happy Gilmour! Favourite Book: Anything that I can languages from. Favourite Food: Chilli, extra hot. Favourite Car: Toyota Supra MK4 Favourite TV Show: Simpsons, always will be. Watched it since I was 6. Favourite Youtuber // Twitch Streamer: Bay Area Buggs Favourite Game: GTA V pr Rainbow 6 Siege. What I want to achieve from playing on Eclipse RP I would like to achieve meeting new people, and friends on the server, and on the forums. I would like to expand my knowledge or RP further, and I feel like this is a great place to learn/do this. I would like to join a faction Finally, guys. I look forward to seeing you, and getting to know you guys, on here, on the forums, and on the discord server. Until the next time. Keep it real, guys!
  15. Hello a lot of you may have already met me, I've been in Los Santos now for about 3 - 4 days and I thought I'd formally introduce myself. The name's Robert Forkman - I am a certified psychological professional and mediator in judicial and extrajudicial matters as well as an entrepreneurial consultant. As some of you may already know, I am quite the card-shark. I am a survivor of 4 gunshot wounds, and an overall good samaritain who tries to intervene during crimes. I would like to personally thank the woman who helped save my life last night after I had been shot 4 times. I'm glad the medical staff were able to resuscitate you.
  16. Well i thought i'd say hi to the community. First time RPing on GTA V however it's not the first time i RP'ed ever. Came from a RP server on GMod called nebulous. Hope to have a great time with you all and i'll see you all in game!
  17. Howdy, My name William, I am new to the GTA V RP community I hope i can be a part of this community Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Soft-Hearted_Devil/
  18. Hello there, Starting off with my origin, I'm Russian but I speak fairly fluent English, I like to consider my self easy to get along with but I have my moments of toxicity(but hey no one's perfect right?), I also speak 4 languages, which are Russian(Caucasus), Turkish(Just the basics), English and Arabic. When it comes to hobbies I spend most of my time gaming, but I also like skateboarding, dirtbiking and pianos, so there's a general idea about me. I'm not the kind of gamer to play all kinds of different games though, unfortunately I tend to be very competitive instead of enjoying the game, other than GTA I only play Playerunknown's battlegrounds and Fortnite for now, most of my childhood was spent playing SA:MP, which is what brings me back to this, I've only tried playing this RP for one day and it seems pretty confusing and fairly different from SA:MP so it'll take me some time to get used to it, if anyone's curious about the SA:MP server I used to play on, it was LSRES mainly, and then they shut it down and started another one, I forgot the owner's name but I do remember the co-owner, Eastside_boy, enough about that. I'm looking forward to a good gaming experience and meeting lots of hopefully cool people, see y'all ingame!
  19. Hello! I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Elli or 3lli. I'm not new to roleplay, but I haven't done it in a long time. I've also never really done roleplay in a video game like GTA, so this is a new experience for me--I'm ready to learn, though! Just thought I'd say hi to the community and get a feel for who I'll be roleplaying with. :)
  20. Welcome to my introduction thread. The following is my introduction to EclipseRP.--Hello there, and thank-you for viewing this thread. My name is Alex_River as per the forums and my IGN on the GTA5 Server. I am a Live Streamer from Twitch and I have joined this community to jump into the likes of RP. I have been playing this server for three days now and I have had great experiences thus far. As a streamer it is my job to create quality content and to do that I must listen to the stream. Prior to streaming GTA, I was streaming a game called "RuneScape" and I was only streaming Duel Arena staking videos. IC Bio: Alex River (born June 25, 1993) is a Canadian-American actor. River is best known for his active role as the host of the live stream "Pandaofark" on the long-running platform Twitch. Along with live streaming on Twitch, River is well known for his portrayal as a detective on the long running LS television sitcom "Detective, at will" Alex River was born in Ontario, Canada. His mother, Roxanne Lady, is a Canadian detective and former officer of the RCMP, and his father was never around to support the family. River was raised by his mother in Ontario, Canada and was enrolled at Queens University. While growing up, he took a keen interest in law and acting. Alex River moved from Canada to the United States in 2017 in search of his father. River has been capturing his movement on camera for the live stream he has been hosting, it's his goal to find his father to ask him the one question he's been wanting the answer to his whole life. "Why did you leave?"
  21. Hey all, real name is Travis but in-game is Trevor because irl people mistake me saying Travis for Trevor all the time lol. I'm 21 (22 in a couple weeks) and from MN in the USA. I played an hour or so on the server and so far everything is great! I did however already get robbed and shot lol. I work part time and go to school part time for Law Enforcement. I am also hopefully starting as a Police Reserve Officer here pretty shortly. I look forward to getting to know everyone and to have some great interactions! If you ever want to play just send me a message and we can meet-up! Thanks everyone and glad to be here!
  22. Hey. My name is Victor I'm 18 years old guy from russia but i live in finland. How i found eclipse: i was playing samp and watching some random youtube videos at the same time then i came across video of GTA V rp server, i was like *Whaat* and i decided going straight to the steam market and buying gta v for pc so i can play on RP server. i downloaded GTA network and came across this awesome server. I like to play all kind of rp servers, before i started playing eclipse i was playing on SAMP:RP Server called Diamond RP Amber. And also i have played decent amount of Altis life RP in arma 3. You can find me ingame by name *Victor_Morton* (Sorry about my english )
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