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  1. Alright, understood.
  2. I pass with 245K 270K and we have a deal.
  3. HighJack

    There's no more peace to DECENT players

    If you would see, farming job has significantly improved from how the job works, how you do the job, the UI it gives, and it really doesn't bore you. But the fact that every second is like a survival out there, man that's some fucked up shit.
  4. The least I could go is 285,000. That's it.
  5. HighJack

    Lower the price of clothings

    And there's a lot of rulebreakers out there taking your earned cash from you. I just got robbed 3 times in 2 hours in farming. Great, right?
  6. Today, I am just plainly doing jobs at the farmer. Now, I was about to sell my wheats, and this bunch of "newbies" in their "Supercars" (maybe 5 of them) started robbing me. Then I gave them my Speedo, but still shot me down. There's no more peace to players who are trying to get their way through the city. I don't know what is the problem here. A lot of players who have earned so much in their stay are the ones who are robbing people off wheat, and shit. I mean, come on. Be professional and do something good with your selves. You maybe rich but their RP is so fucking poor. I already ran away and fucking shot me to dead just so they can fucking check my inventory and shit. I am telling this in order to give peace to decent players, by discussing if JOB AREAS SHOULD BE GREENZONED. I just don't get it the point of this non-RP robbers who are rich already and still stealing off on players who are striving. And the most fucked up part is that, they are bunch of non-RP'ers. Sad. Sooner or later, this server might lose NEW players, just because they can't have PEACE and DECENT RP with their selves because of this non-RP'ers who are fucking them up. Just sad. Three robberies in TWO fucking hours. Great play time right? People will say; "It's the police job, it's the police job." If only we have A LOT OF LSPD, SHERIFFS, and SHITS, SURE. But no, we only have LSPD and they are few in numbers, and they cannot cover ALL TIMEZONES for each players. So do not tell me that it's the police job. I am telling here is some OOC shit. That players should have PEACE in whatever they are doing in their IC jobs, specifically farming, and fishing. EDIT: I don't know why a lot of players are against the suggestion of making the job areas greenzone. But most of those players who are negating the suggestion are the ones who are rich already in game. Perhaps they are scoring off from people who are trying to be decent enough to get money. Also, if you will not make the job areas greenzoned, you will lose a lot of new players, and you will hear complaints every single day. Help the new players and those decent players to have peace in what they are doing. EDIT2: Here is the topic on the suggestion Funny thing is even staff members are negating it. They do not want new player to have a great time playing in the game. So fucking sad. Goodluck on the player base!
  7. Vehicle Name: Tropos Royale Top Speed: 198 Mileage: 187km Condition: Great Condition Color: Army Green Price: $300,000 Contact for more details! (Drop by a commend below)
  8. HighJack

    Lower the price of clothings

    Really? I just don't get the point of it though. Why invest so much in clothing where in reality you can just buy them for lesser prices.
  9. Suggestion: Lower the price of clothings Reason: 'cause it's too damn high. I mean, seriously. Those prices even on the most ugliest, hobo shirt you can see, it costs around 500-1000 dollars. I don't know the reason why they are too high and the economy is so low. To be honest one cycle of job e.g farming, is equals to 6 clothings only. Reason for suggesting this: I think lowering it could actually help players to enjoy their fashion and looks in game without needing to pay A LOT. PS: Yeah, most people who will negate this are those who have like 7 digits on their bank account. I mean come on, there's no point of putting those prices too high. Please balance it according to the economy of the server currently. (1 hour playtime is only 1,500 or something so balance is there.)
  10. HighJack

    MASSIVE Robbing at Fishing Pier and Farms

    +1, until all players learn how to RP properly. Make it a place of safe for the people who are actually working to have a peaceful environment. I just arrived there with a good car, and suddenly people started jumping on me and asking me to put my hands up and shit. Take note this is infront of I think 10-20 people. And there are 3 people robbing other players. I am like, the fuck is this shit? How non-RP is this? No fear RP? Man that doesn't make any sense to be honest.
  11. HighJack

    Making a map with marked NCZ

    This will be good. +1
  12. HighJack

    True Brown Maharlikans

    God damn. You’re filipino bro? Same here. Anyways, your thread will need some work. Hoping for a great set of RP in your gang. Goodluck!
  13. HighJack

    Reconnect to the server command

    Yeah this would be awesome. But I think that future lies with RageMP itself. But we’ll see if they can implement one.