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  1. Stormy nights

    Please do implement this. +1 Make it like 9:1. More on dry weather rather than rain.
  2. Judicial System

    A court system would be good, IF we have a good set of RP'ers in the Judiciary.
  3. Interactive Phone

    I agree.
  4. Character to be refunded: Maxwell Ferguson Date and time of incident: 5-21-2018 3:15:52PM (IG TIME AND DATE) Requested refund (what and how much): I just had my character total redone, with tattoos (Head, back, both arms, both legs) and new hair and everything. Approximately $15,000, because I was wanted by the cops. Description of incident resulting in loss: Now I lost it all upon logging in. I spent too much (since we have high economy here) and I approximately spent almost $15,000 on the tattoos and new hair and facial hairs. Evidence of loss: (BELOW) Comments: I don't know if this was a particular bugged. But I see other people who has the same tattoos everyday. I don't know how they keep it. This was taken yesterday after getting those tattoos and new hairs (green hair) and beard. This what happened after logging in today.
  5. Weapons Are Way Too Weak

    that’s what i’m trying to point in my suggestion. I think weapons are too weak in the server. Also, yes. The desync issues are totally a pain in the head. In their screen, you might be on the ground (especially in instances where you just exited a vehicle, or got rammed by their vehicle) but in your screen you weren’t rammed so, you keep on shooting but in their screen they won’t be taking any damages since you are on the ground on their screens. Desync issues must be fixed if they don’t want any reports/complaints in the future.
  6. Can you tell me why? I mean, man. This is for your server. If you want to enforce realism on it, we better start of with the proper usage of /me, and more realism such as performing actions when taking out weapons via /me. If a simple; /me takes out his cigarette from his pocket. or /me folds his arms across his chest are being utilize in performing minor actions, why don't we introduce something that is major and need for roleplays?
  7. That's why I said, if ever this would be implemented, I will be posting a guide. I will be teaching players on how to utilize keybinding with the use of a third party application if they dont want to type. It'll be safe and easy, and everyone can use it.
  8. Make the End of the Pier a NCZ

    Like an hourly robbery at broad daylight? Not giving a chance especially to new players to enjoy their stay in the server by working and earning?
  9. Make the End of the Pier a NCZ

    I agree on this. I’d hope all job places must be NCZ. However, same rules applies. If a person runs to NCZ during fight/conflict with other people, the rule of NCZ will not work on them.
  10. Faction Management Team

    Alright. I see. Thanks for the heads up. But hopefully, the administration team could come up with a team that could monitor the factions INITIALLY. Until further updates is done. I think most of the staff including the support staffs is currently on “general” tasks. Hopefully, initially, they could come up with a team - which is temporary for now for the sake of getting the factions monitored continously.
  11. Faction Management Team

    Suggestion #1: Faction Management Team and proper regulation of factions and illegal weapon distribution. Official and Unofficial factions. Explanation: There should be a faction management team to regulate the factions in the server. Every faction must start off first as an UNOFFICIAL faction. Which means they must prove their worth to be an OFFICIAL FACTION and this is the only time they will have warehouse privilages in ordering illegal weapons. To be an OFFICIAL faction, they must show an activity in the game as well as in their forum thread ((posting screenshots of RP)). They must also be a good role model to the community in order to increase the RP level of the server. Which means there's no rule breaking in their faction/members. If there are, it should be justifiable/minimal. The Faction Management Team must monitor these factions. If they are active, properly following the server and faction rules. If a particular faction is rule breaking, or their members are breaking the rules of the server, they should get demerits by the Faction Management Team and if ever received 3 or 5 demerits (depends on you), their faction shall be subjected to shutdown. (Or whatever the faction management has decided). More rules shall be implemented if this will be approved. Reason for suggesting: This will greatly improve the server’s reputation in terms of roleplaying and factions. Through all the RP servers I’ve been through these past 5 years (from SAMP to here). I’ve learned enough that factions greatly influence the server’s RP and reputation of the server. We might aswell get more players to come. Others: I know most people would disagree on the official and unofficial rule, but I know this will be effective in terms of regulation of exclusive weapons in game. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Suggestion #4: Removing turfs of those INACTIVE factions or closing of Inactive factions after notifications. Explanation: There's a lot of faction in the server, and most of posted thread in the forum are I suppose INACTIVE. Their thread isn't being updated, no screenshot of role plays to show their activity, and I think most of them - I cannot see in game. The rule is if a faction is inactive for 1-2 weeks, or a month - the leader must be notified if they are still active. If still not, then that's the time the faction management team must close the faction, and remove their privileges such as turfs and warehouses. Reason for suggesting: Honestly, there's a lot of TURFS which are controlled by INACTIVE faction in the server. Which I think is dumb, considering there's a lot of faction which are more active than them. Other: This shall help in regulating the faction, proper monitoring. We consider these factions (including LSPD) as role models of the community. So, if they are inactive, bad RP'ers, and whatsoever, how do you think other player would act in game? This is subject for further discussion if you would like. I am also open to more ideas if this is approve by the Head of Administrators/Founders. I have so much experience from my past few years of Roleplaying and I think I can contribute to few rules/implementations and other things that needs improvement which is for the betterment of the server.
  12. SUGGESTION #1: Enforce a new rule regarding taking out of guns/weapons for RP improvement. Explanation: Before taking out any forms of weapons or guns, a player must do a /me taking out their weapon. This will increase the server’s RP usage of /me’s and /do’s. Example: Handguns/Small weapons: Basic: /me grabs his Heavy Pistol from his waistband. Detailed: /me flexes his right hand towards his back part, withdrawing his pistol from it - turning the safety to OFF. Big Weapons: /do I would be wearing a huge bag slinged across my chest. <— this would indicate the objects other people can’t see in their screens that you are RP having that object. /me unslings his bag from his chest and opens it. /me takes out an AK47 from the bag and cocks the gun. Reason for suggesting: I literally can count the number of people who uses the proper RP interactions. Also, this will avoid on what we call "ASS PULL" where you are withdrawing weapons out of nowhere, and it just appear in your hand. Which is NON-RP. So, to remove this "ASSPULL", one must use the proper /me in order to take their weapons out. Others: I won’t blame people if they are lazy enough to do /me’s and /do’s. But regarding weapons, punching people - it must require the proper usage of these commands. If this is approved I will make a server guide on proper usages at New Player Guide section _________________________________ Suggestion #2: Usage of /me and /do’s before or during fights/brawls/punches. Explanation: I see alot of people during fights, they just click their mouse and punches each other without the proper roleplay. It feels like i’m not in an RP server. My suggestion is that, people MUST properly use /me’s and /do’s before/during and after fighting if it's an RP fight. Then, if they wanted to do a SCRIPT FIGHT (( punching each other by clicking their mouse )) they must ask a permission to the other player if they will agree or decline and continue with RP fight. Example: Basic: Stranger 187: /me attempts to punch the man in the face with full force /do: Will I succeed? Stranger 69: /do Succeed. Stranger 69: gets hit in the face and falls back a few steps, then he would attempt to punch back the man in his abdomen. /do: will I succeed? Stranger 187: /do you will succeed. Advanced: Stranger 187: /me clenches his fist and delivers it to the man infront of him. Stranger 187: /do will my punch connect? Stranger 69: /do yes and I will fall down to the ground. FOR BRAWL: Stranger 187: runs towards the Stranger 69, throwing punches. Stranger 187: /do Brawl will start? Stranger 69: /do Brawl will start after getting punched. SCRIPT FIGHT WILL START MEANS YOU CAN START PUNCHING EACH OTHER WITH THE USE OF YOUR MOUSE. NOT ALLOWED/POWERGAMING: Stranger 187: /me punches the guy real hard and makes him knock out to the ground. <-- Example of a powergaming by forcing someone into RP. (Then he started punching the guy, and forces him to get knocked out) Reason for suggesting: This will greatly improve RP especially GANG FIGHTS/GROUP FIGHTS. Powergaming rule will be strictly observed if this suggestion is implemented. Which means that you are not to force ROLEPLAY to another person. How to avoid this? By letting the other party respond to anything they will do to you with the use of /do. If the person violates it, basically that person will be punished. Other: This could be improved whether how the server and community sees it. I am open for suggestions if you have any.
  13. Paintball Area!

    -1 Just nope. Your idea of it is like bringing a DM server to an RP server, but just making it look RP. I think you should just head to a DM server with your buddies if you are bored. They should either decrease the economy or increase job payouts so people wouldn’t be working too much.
  14. Explanation of /me's and /do's

    Implementation of roleplay quizzes should be done when the community is large already, or there’s too much non-RP or small knowledge about RPing. Besides, foundation to RPing is a must. I slightly agree on this.