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  1. Wow very cool Karen! 👍
  2. Please watch this video(not made by me) to have some insight into some of the activities to be expected: Aztecas is spanish for Aztecs, an ancient civilisation of the Mexican people, we believe we have descended from them and as their descendants we carry their souls with us. Little is known about Varrios Los Aztecas before their affiliations with Carl Johnson and the Grove Street Families, but some founding fathers have written statements stating the gang was started in the 40's, and members from there have continued the tradition of non-narcotic business. The founding members have also stated a no-face tattoo rule, as to not swoop down to the level of rival gangs such as the Marabunta Grande. During the time of their affiliations of the Grove Street Families, Cesar Vialpando, the leader at the time spent many hours with Carl Johnson due to his relationship with his sister, Kendi. They had grown closer due to proximity and the separate gangs grew less violent. This was a peaceful time until the Vagos had taken all the Azteca's turf and influence killing most members and sending the other underground. Having gone underground for a large amount of time, the gang needed a kickstart. Former member of the Aztecas under the rule of Cesar Vialpando, Chico Everett assumed leadership of the street gang. The gang has had slow starts and constant battles to go forward. Aztecas looks brightly forward hoping to go forward with success. Varrios Los Aztecas are originally known for anti-narcotic business and this tradition is kept. Gun Dealing Aztecas plan to hold and sell heavy weaponry. Street Violence Aztecas plan to defend their turf and hit their enemies with whatever it takes. Low Riding From time to time the Aztecas get together and flip the hydraulics. Street Racing The Aztecas love to show off their rides and the best way is to race. To gain and secure turf. To increase business in the local gun trade. To gain significant allies. All members will be expected to hold an excellent standard of RP. Remember to have fun. Prioritise your real life over the faction, we are all doing this for fun and you shouldn't have to spend ridiculous hours in-game. All punishments by staff must be explained to the leader of the faction by the perpetrator.
  3. I agree, thats why I added we should add the 190z which is a classic car, you can also state some of the cars you want 😉
  4. Hey Guys, I've come into a common occurrence when I have been spending my time on the server. There is a small choice in the sports class. I know what some of you are saying, "there are 39 sports cars available". This is true, however, the majority of cars in this class are not used, only the top speedy ones are chosen, what I am trying to do is add more to this class so that it isn't just about speed, but a bit of style, but also broadening out the choices of the top speedy cars. These are just a personal few of mine, if you have any other cars you want added, please add them down in the replies: Sports Jester Classic The Jester Classic is based on the Toyota Supra, it is a nice speedy car, with nice customisations such as liveries and body kits. I think it would be a nice counteraction to the elegy retro seeming they are both similar in origins. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Jester_Classic Pariah The Pariah is based off the Aston Martin Vanquish and is an extremely fast sports car. This is a good addition as it rivals the speeds of the Jester Classic, Seven 70 and other high tier sports cars in GTA. It would add some nice competition in racing of the sports class. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Pariah Sports Classic 190z The 190z is based on the Datsun 240z, a personal favourite of mine, both in and out of game. This car has different customisation based on the chosen style. It slightly slower but has a great aesthetic. https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/190z
  5. Hey Sir, I know this does seem extremely unlikely, but I guess the when the keys were held down, when I was revived It kept doing it? Believe me, I'm as staggered as you. As I said, I was waiting for a mate and i was in that location because we were going to do some deals, drugs and such and did not want to be located by cops. If there is any other information you would like me to add about perhaps water bottle shapes and keyboards, please feel free to contact me on my discord, which I can forward you. Kind regards, Cammus.
  6. Account name: Cammus Character name(s): Rafe Hikoshi Admin who issued punishment: MusketDeezNuts Date of punishment: 9/12/18 Punishment received: 72 Hour Ban Reason given for punishment: Macro(Major) Offence 1 Your explanation of what happened: I went to a mountain to wait for a mate(due to timezones he hops on later than me), couldn't be bothered waiting any longer so I decided to watch some 99. So I left my game open, just expected to afk, then disconnect. I fell asleep downstairs so I couldn't even come back into my computer room to check that I have in fact disconnected. Woke up in the morning, water bottle fell on keyboard. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I'm not even sure if the water bottle had anything to do with it, I'm assuming it caused me to move or somewhat, I had no idea this was happening. I'm really trying to not break anymore rules, but this, I wasn't even awake when it happened, and I'm not even sure if this is what caused the ban. Post any evidence or further details: I know this might seem a stretch, but really, I am telling the truth, but all in all, it's your decision.
  7. Why are you making this report a week later? Is this a scheme to make sure to we don't have any proof, why would we keep footage from a week ago, the expectation to keep footage from events from more than 2 days ago is completely unreasonable. Nobody has enough disk space to record hundreds of hours of footage to provide evidence for this situation where we would have no clue we would be reported for something you may have just assumed we have done and not warn for the report. The fact that this report was put out this late should make it obsolete.
  8. Account name: Cammus Character name(s):Rafe Hikoshi Admin who issued punishment: Bakmeel Date of punishment: 4/10/2018 Punishment received: 72 Hour Ban Reason given for punishment: Deathmatch Offence #2 Your explanation of what happened: I was punished for firing at these people for no reason. The video showed a comet retro and Contendor pulling up to a drug lab and being shot ate, however this was not our first encounter. This comet retro pulled up at us making drugs down at another drug lab closer to Paul's farm and robbed us(without killing us). A contendor, with the same colour killed one of our members and before killing him, he radioed us and told us that it was a white contendor. After that, that member went out of town, and we were going to avenge him somehow. So we were at the drug lab shown in the video, one of our members spotted the cars which we knew were the ones that harmed our gang earlier. We hunkered down behind the van and revenge killed them, fair and square. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My appeal should be accepted as I believe, what we were doing were right. We revenge killed them after they robbed us. The video does not show the full amount of interactions we have had and I'm not sure if this was on purpose to try and get us punished by not showing our full interaction, I don't know. But I do know that what we were doing was right by RP. 7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player: • If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone. Which is what happened to us. One robbed us earlier, and one killed one of our allies. From this I believe what I have down is just and legal to the rule book. Post any evidence or further details: N/A
  9. Thanks bro! We will try our best, just trying to make this fun for everyone.
  10. Sorry my response sounded kinda pretentious I did not in any circumstance try to like brag or anything just trying to clarify to you ;). Yeah we chose a mid-tier class gang which allows you to carry out the kinda stuff we do. I'll chuck it here for you so you don't have to search for it: "Activities (dealing drugs/weapons, kidnapping, protection racket, personal security, mercenary work etc.)"
  11. Ok so I'll break this down section by section. We operate many styles but this is mainly due to the history section. We were first introduced as a social cleansing faction, we slowly turned to different sources of income due to hardships (including the contract killing, drugs etc.). Due to our military prowess, we were able to operate security and escorts which we were previously dealing in. Our cars vary from mostly mid tier and then one high tier car, which the boss drives around along with it being used as an escort car. Most of the reasoning behind our many differentiation is based in our history which is quite extensive.
  12. Thanks my guy! Wish you luck on your endeavours as well.
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