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  1. Also how did I use VOIP in an OOC manner? Like I actually didn't I roleplayed everything though my mic, not once did I do an OOC in VOIP all I wanted was to be unhandcuffed? Do you have proof that I OOC in VOIP? Because frankly I don't remember ever doing that


  2. Wait, so you were watching me the whole time? While I was trying to get unhandcuffed from a bug? Really? Nice admin-ship really well done, I had called for admins for 40+mins in /report to help me with my OOC question yet None of you bothered to help with my bug, so instead of waiting on useless admins. Proven by you just watching me walk around being handcuffed for 40+ mins, I wanted to get back to actually playing the game and being able to do shit but instead was jailed? So that seems fair?