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  1. We started fleeing as soon as the doors opened, not when you said "off the" otherwise we would have heard the rest of your "demands". You're calling it a desperate attempt at OOC revenge about the metagaming claim but you aren't defending yourself when it comes to the deathmatching claim. I have nothing else to add until I am required to do so. Charles
  2. Myself (Charles) and David both fled when the car doors opened perfectly in sync, not when the demands were given or when we was held at gunpoint. You're demands were clearly invalid as we could only hear "get off" in the evidence as we had already started driving away as you got out the vehicle. Essentially you just got out the vehicle and opened fire on us. If I was either of you in this scenario I would have instead returned to my vehicle and began to chase, your vehicle would have been perfectly capable of keeping up. As for the suspected metagaming as you both got out at the exact same time, and the fact that you couldn't save POV because "you only record the last 5 minutes" despite the situation happening within the 5 minutes, it seems a bit suspicious that you can't provide any video evidence even after we told you to save POV immediately after.
  3. If you're looking to sell your schlagen gt fast and easy give me a call on 280-5500
  4. Charles here, Why did you shoot at the reporting player? I was informed that the reporting player had taken guns from the pier, and was known to have multiple firearms on his person or in his vehicle, so we lured him to the vinewood sign out of public eye in an attempt to take the guns off him, he started to drive away so me and ID 221 both shot at the reporting player, as he wasn't willing to comply with demands, as you can see he saw that we had guns and if he was willing to comply, he would have stopped and waited. Do you have any video evidence to backup the claims above for the previous robbery during the day? I don't have any previous evidence of the robbery, however the attack was motivated by the fact the reporter had multiple firearms (which was witnessed by someone on the pier who got taken to hospital who witnessed the reported steal the firearms, which in my opinion seems like a valid reason for robbery, if the reporter didn't have firearms, it would have been as easy as letting him go, however he did in fact have 3 pistols in his vehicle. I apologise for the way it looks from the provided evidence and I will be willing to compensate for anything lost. Thanks, Charles
  5. Charles Charlson here, As you can see from the footage, the reporter sees 2 men with guns, and also once again when he looks back, he is in close range so still under FearRP and shouldn't be able to drive away as he would be fearing for his life, as for the NLR side of things, we could have just had intel of ID 35 that you had guns in your car, giving us (imo) a valid reason to lure you away from any public eye and attempt to steal them guns. Waiting to hear any admin response before replying further.
  6. Buying gauntlet hellfire. Send offers to 2805500
  7. I agree that their should be a separate rule for IC transferring without prior permission as opposed to RWT. Many people can be unaware that they can't transfer between "cousins" and believe that if there's an IC reason to do so, then they will carry out the transfer. I think it's an extremely hard punishment to permanently ban someone over this without issuing a warning. The extremity of the punishment for unauthorised asset transferring could be dependant on how much was transferred. I fully support a decision to make the two offences into two separate punishments. Charlson / PGtips
  8. Charles Charlson here, As seen in the footage, I wasn't aiming any sort of weapon at the victim, I saw the commotion outside of the bank and thought it would be funny to run around and check what was happening. I started saying knees and hands up because I had originally thought that the victim was friends/joking with the offending party. I also never took anything off the victim, so I am not sure how I robbed him. I apologise for the misunderstanding and further apologise for getting involved in this situation. I will make sure that it doesn't happen again. on behalf of myself, I am willing to compensate for whatever was lost during this incident. - Charles
  9. PGtips

    199 VDM

    @MrSilky It was my crew that was getting attacked.
  10. PGtips

    199 VDM

    You can quite clearly see the dust from my tyres as I would have used the handbrake and then started sliding. And why don't you show this attempt where I aim to hit you? If I wanted to hit you I could have because you was in an open location. I simply avoided hitting you because its VDM and i tried to park up on the hill.
  11. PGtips

    199 VDM

    i was trying to stop up on the hill (I didnt think it would be appropriate RP seeing as its a sports car but the person reporting me did it so I assumed it was okay) and obviously because its a sports car, it didnt get much traction. I tried to handbrake turn to stop and get out however that didnt go to plan and my car just started sliding. You can see that my car kept sliding down the hill after i apparently VDM. I admit the nonRP for driving up in a sports car but no intentional VDM took place.
  12. I (Charles Charlson) apologise for the incident. I assumed I was able to protect myself after we started getting shot at for no reason it seemed, I was merely trying to defend myself and I apologise for the VDM. I am willing to compensate for whatever is lost and will fully re-read the rules. Charles
  13. PGtips


    Is the house still available?
  14. Charles Charlson here, I was called to the house shortly after Clyde and Ciaran were inside to assist with the robbery. I happily followed command and assisted the robbery as I didn't see any reason the robbery would be against the rules. House invasions can happen and are common. As mentioned by the others, I would also be happy to compensate what was taken if we was in the wrong. It seems like a very vague rule was broken if so and more clarification would be appreciated.
  15. By not allowing other people to comment it leaves a fairly biased judgement on the topic from other staff defending you. If its seen in the eyes of people that aren't staff it gives a much better range of opinions and means the staff member that abused (allegedly) is punished fairly.
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