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  1. Appeal

    Hacking will not be tolerated on our server EVER. Denied/Closed.
  2. [SUGGESTION] Faction Vehicle Storage

    Okay say you have 25 people on at the PD where do these cars get stored?
  3. 8096_2942 - VDM

    Just to add, our personal cars were on the other side of this blockade we wanted them back.
  4. 8096_2942 - VDM

    Hey there, I would like to tell you my side to this report. Here are the rules Regarding VDM Please ensure you read them, my in character reason for running you over was 1. You had a gun pointed at me so i drove off. 2. You told me to get out as I'm a wanted suspect i did not want to get out. 3. As i was looking through my mirror i saw you jump over the barrier giving me a chance to try and get my vehicle back. As you a reporting a staff member this will have to be dealt with by a Senior+ @Toony @BallinByNature I also have the full recording of this if needed. Thanks
  5. [Report] 8835_5857

    @Himy_Atlake After reviewing the evidence you failed to show any fear with guns pointed at your self. Also @xeater You should always carry on the RP instead of saying let him go, this could lead to report baiting which we don't want. @Himy_Atlake I am going to suggest you read the Fear RP Rule again and make sure this does not happen again, You already have one warning added due to the Fear RP Rule. If you are caught breaking this rule again it will lead to more severe punishments. Thanks Solved/Locked
  6. [Report] 8835_5857

    @Himy_Atlake Want to give me your side of the story?
  7. [Report] 8835_5857

    Hi there, I cannot seem to find this guys forum account, could you inform him of this report, I would like to hear his side of the story Report will stay open for 24 hours. Thanks
  8. /radiolow /phonelow

    Does /low not work when you are on the phone? not tried it
  9. /radiolow /phonelow

    Whilst on the phone you can do this :- But there is nothing I can find for radio +1
  10. Metabolism system

    Hi all, I would like to suggest this, we need to have some sort of metabolism system, where players feel hungry and thirsty after a certain time. This would also bring more RP to the server and insight people to go to shops to buy food and water to keep them alive. This is taken from Rust i know its a survival game but i believe this would bring so much more to the server, people buying tacos and going to coffee shops ect. Let me know your thoughts on this! Thanks
  11. More fun activites

    @Spark A Food and water system would need to be in place for this, would be a great addition.
  12. More Vehicles

    This would go hand in hand with this.
  13. Stranger 5299_9176

    Hi, As i have no reply from the other party I'm going to be punishing them for Fear/Fail RP. Thank you for reporting. Resolved/Locked