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  1. [DISCORD BAN] Badger

    Account name: Badger Character name: n/a Reason of Punishment: No Idea Administrator: No Idea Why should this appeal be accepted? I am banned on discord for no reason that I'm aware of, I think it was because i said the "code" was broke. Someone didn't like it and decided to ban myself. It should be accepted as I have not broke any discord rules at all. Thanks.
  2. Please Bring Back /Die

    What happens when you die IRL? you wait 5 mins yeah?
  3. [SUGGESTION] Add Petrol Pumps to Bayview

    -1 there is already a lot of fuel stations around. If your going to do it then you need pumps at LSC also.
  4. revert UI changes

    Its only the clothes ones i don't really like, the rest of them are good.
  5. Less prison time

    Well out of my 7 hour sentence i have thrown 50000 dice. Jail times are good BUT there needs to be more stuff to do, Prison breaks ect
  6. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    If its a small crime like parking speeding ect, yeah we don't mind. IF you are going to jail for 10 hours or what ever the new time limit is you should not get a fine as well its like this : - Double punishment for something
  7. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Some people may have worked hard for the cars they have and decided to go criminal
  8. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Well Negative balance it is, but yeah needs to be removed. PD members will say no cause they want to "Win"
  9. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    What happens if we don't have money? and i never once saw this on the server suggestions, or any of the community updates what @Spark deals with.
  10. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Please expand a little more, also as a Moderator i expect you to be a lot more professional on the forums.
  11. Added automatic payment of tickets when being jailed for criminal charges (not regular tickets only misdemeanor/felony ones) This needs to be removed, hard enough for criminals to earn money as it is. It will Destroy the Criminal life.
  12. [SUGGESTION] Voice Over Teamspeak

    PD already have it, why not let other factions use it?
  13. Demetrious Sanchez VDM

    Your player name: Mike Lost Player you are reporting: Demetrious Sanchez Rule broken: VDM Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Was RPing with the Lost family for a good hour or two before this Happened, was at the PD jumped over a wall and he decided to Run me over and kill me, also Quoting "oops" as you can see in the video. The last interaction i had with him was yesterday evening when he shot me and i died. As this player reported me yesterday i only think its fair that an Admin deals with this and not myself. Time and date: 23:20 BST 04/09/17 Evidence:
  14. Mike Lost VDM

    Okay, well like i said and invalid confirmed i was mocked by a few of you down at bayview. I have said all i need to say, let @masony decide whats going to happen. Thanks