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  1. It's Baggerrrr

  2. Please Bring Back /Die

    What happens when you die IRL? you wait 5 mins yeah?
  3. [SUGGESTION] Add Petrol Pumps to Bayview

    -1 there is already a lot of fuel stations around. If your going to do it then you need pumps at LSC also.
  4. Bodies Remain After Death

    That would be Fail RP, they will get punished for that
  5. Bodies Remain After Death

    AFK script is being removed.
  6. Insurance Money.

    Maybe you could choose the two cars you want to insure, for the moment you can only have two vehicles out of mors, maybe make it a think once you get them out of mors they can be the only cars you drive until the new day has begun?
  7. Insurance Money.

    +1. For example pay a certain amount per day for each car
  8. revert UI changes

    Its only the clothes ones i don't really like, the rest of them are good.
  9. Less prison time

    Well out of my 7 hour sentence i have thrown 50000 dice. Jail times are good BUT there needs to be more stuff to do, Prison breaks ect
  10. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    If its a small crime like parking speeding ect, yeah we don't mind. IF you are going to jail for 10 hours or what ever the new time limit is you should not get a fine as well its like this : - Double punishment for something
  11. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Some people may have worked hard for the cars they have and decided to go criminal
  12. More Roleplay

  13. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Well Negative balance it is, but yeah needs to be removed. PD members will say no cause they want to "Win"
  14. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    What happens if we don't have money? and i never once saw this on the server suggestions, or any of the community updates what @Spark deals with.
  15. [REMOVE] Auto fines.

    Please expand a little more, also as a Moderator i expect you to be a lot more professional on the forums.