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  1. I remember back on the good ol' chatforums for text-based roleplay we had a pretty simple way of dealing with these kinds of issues. Player A wants outcome A. Player B wants outcome B. Neither side wants to give in. How do we solve that problem? Coin toss. Each side rolls a dice and whoever gets highest gets to decide. The preferred option is of course that you both find an agreeable solution but if it doesnt happen I wouldn't mind leaving it up to a cointoss.
  2. 1 Month of inactivity at max when it comes to owning a business. You have a responsibility to the community to keep things stocked and keep things flowing, if you're unable to do that you lose the rights.
  3. Excellent idea. +1 I hope staff implement it ASAP.
  4. I think this post is a great example of just how fragile you three really are. The fact that you openly state you have no idea why people dislike you, begging people to give you criticism, only to dismiss it by insisting that there is no evidence of it, or that you are within the rules is clear of this. I think everyone in this community is aware that the rules, as they are right now are not made to enforce a good level of RP, but rather to prevent this from turning into full on GTA:O, over the course of your time here, you've gotten very good at staying within the rules, but ontop of that, also very good at using those rules to your advantage. You openly use and defend your use of the NCZ's, using them as a way to taunt other gangs and people without immediate punishment for it. You openly drive the fastest expensive japanese sports bikes, but act like "Hood Rats" in your style of dress and talk, wouldn't it make more sense if you drove lowriders? You purposefully start hostilities with others, and fight them by skirting the poorly written rules and defending it by hiding behind a piece of tarp with "Roleplay" written on it in bold red. The fact that you then make this post, seemingly honest and open to criticism, but then absolutely refuse to acknowledge that anything you do is wrong just goes to show that this post was not made for criticism. This post was made to bait responses and wave around your E-Peen and show just how good you've gotten at abusing a rulebook that looks like swiss cheese. If you legitimately care about what people think of you, maybe actually listen to what they are saying, their opinion of you is not going to change if you can't get it through your thick skulls that they don't like you, because of the shit you do. Sure, go ahead and hide your minimalistic RP behind that tarp, go ahead and call it "Roleplay." I refuse to acknowledge it as roleplay because it isn't, its a fucking excuse for you and your friends to have your fun at the expense of others. Incase you've gotten this far, and I've somehow managed to convince you, (although I doubt it) here is a small guide on how to tackle criticism and actually get something out of it.
  5. Considering the implementation of even more inventory items, I think owning a home to store your spare clothes is already an attractive trait.
  6. Hello everyone, just a few suggestions here on how to implement bodyarmor. Low Threat Ballistic Vest These can be purchased at gunstores the same way pistols can be purchased, they are low cost but also provide only a little bit of protection. (You can decide, but I believe 10% to 25% is a good gauge for Low-Threat.) Additionally, since turf owners are able to order in various amounts of illegal equipment such as High Caliber Rifles it wouldn't be too unrealistic to consider them ordering in a full protective vest. If the concept of giving criminals access to a full armorbar scares you, I'd be perfectly happy with 50% or 75% as well, any protective vest at this point would be great for civillians and criminals alike, after all LS is a dangerous place, and everyone should be able to protect themselves. Speaking of armor, placing a debuff on people with Full Armor would be alright with me too, equipment is heavy, and if possible reducing sprintspeed by a certain amount while wearing body-armor would be great.
  7. @exdi Im sure it would be greatly appreciated if perhaps you gave some insight as to why you think this. Is it because of the way the price of a stock is decided? Ideally if you gave some "Feedback" maybe you can help shape what your vision of a stockmarket is.
  8. Would be cool if the call also displayed the general location the call was made from. I.E Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores, Richmond Glen, Los Santos Airport and so on.
  9. I've personally seen a group of angry bikers storm a hospital to fuck up someone they despised, yes I have seen that. And banks? Judging from the news broadcasts I've seen it does tend to happen, maybe not as often as roadside robberies but I'd justify it. As for the DMV, that specific zone refers to the DMV Parking lot, which at the moment doesnt really protect players, just their cars. Yes, I stand by what I said earlier.
  10. I have no issue with the NCZ at PD, that one obviously makes sense. But all the rest of them? MD, DMV, Bank etc. I dont agree with those. @nateX
  11. Im generally against NCZ's as a whole, as they provide a baby-sitting zone for people to sit and pat themselves on the back in.
  12. Remember there was an inactive gang who owned Centre back a few months, all I had to do to get permission to take the turf was screenshot the entire roster of the gang as inactive and that was good enough to get permission to take it. Edit: Should probably add that I also attempted to contact the leader of said gang, and got no reply, so yeah, if you can prove they are inactive I think you'll be able to convince staff to neutralize the turf just fine.
  13. *volunteers for judiciary service* Aye ba good idea. +1 Could do with some work though.
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