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  1. Bear Baldwin

    LSPD vehicles update

    1. Cruisers are not tuned, can barely reach 200km/h when going down hill, otherwise max is 180-190km/h 2. We already have the ATD, and two different High speed units (zentorno & 811) + bati, wich require special certification to use. They’re also not to be used for patrol, meaning that if we get into a pursuit where one is needed someone with the certification needs to go back to PD and get one before joining the pursuit, by wich time the suspect is usually already long gone. 3. When we get in pursuits with supers/sports its usually dumb luck or mistakes from the driver wich allow us to catch them, mostly we don’t have either a helicopter unit or any high speed units available and we’re fucked.
  2. Bear Baldwin

    Bear Baldwin ($8,000)

    Character to be refunded: Bear Baldwin Date and time of incident: 2018/08/03 - 05:30 PM UTC Requested refund (what and how much): Vehicle recovery from Mors - $8,000 Description of incident resulting in loss: Someone stole my reaper from the PD parking lot and chopped it. Evidence of loss: http://imgbox.com/vlKZdsQC http://imgbox.com/ZYQXxTEw Comments:
  3. +1 absolutely needed!
  4. Bear Baldwin

    Hello From Canada!

    Hey Gonzo! Welcome to eclipse RP! I love the excitement and the plans you have, good luck and have fun!
  5. My apologies for the late answer, your bid is definately something we could've worked with however; We have decided to pull this listing from the market until further notice, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Bear Baldwin CEO Grizzly Real Estate
  6. Would be awesome if there's a way to add the distance from current position when emergency calls come in to PD and MD. This would help us better prioritize what unit should answer what call, as it is right now we're very often to late when responding and I feel this would help with that. Doesn't have to be a dynamic thing that updates as you move, but just another line to the call "Distance: 1.4miles" that answer how far away our unit was when the call came in to give us some sort of idea.
  7. First: You have no Idea what I bought it for Second: This is none of your business so I’d suggest you stay out of it. Third: If you can find a house like this for 275k, please Tell me, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. ”You don’t know how to negotiate” says the guy coming in at 110k below ask with an absolutely ridiculous, hostile bid. ”Hey lets grossly undercut the price, thats a great way to start a negotiation” With you coming in at 240k I can’t even counter. your bid makes me think you were never a ”potential customer” to begin with, but fine. I wish you the best of luck in your house hunting, hopefully you’ll find something more in your range.
  8. Can't let this one go for $240,000, but I've seen some other ads here that are more suited for poor people, might wanna try there. If you wanna come up with a more reasonable bid, you're welcome back.
  9. Bear Baldwin

    [SOLD] Specter Custom fully modded

    Wow, much reason to answer. Such insight. So big intellect. Very car market expert.
  10. Bear Baldwin

    [Suggestion] Player Home Map Markers

    Im not arguing with that.
  11. Bear Baldwin

    [Suggestion] Player Home Map Markers

    Already a command for this; /showhouses
  12. Bear Baldwin

    [Buying] House with 3 car garage 300k $

    Two of our listings that I think might fit your needs. If you’re interested contact me at the number listed in the ads above!
  13. Bear Baldwin

    supers back, More businesses, Upgraded houses.

    Implementing extra taxes for the rich sounds like communism to me.
  14. Bear Baldwin

    supers back, More businesses, Upgraded houses.

    Is that socialism I hear? This ain’t North Korea son. as to the suggestion it has a +1 from me.