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  1. Bear Baldwin


    "Imma keep it Bear, hence the solid $4m offer, it's the only one I need" Guess the Reaper you sold me for $1.7m makes up for it 😂
  2. This is basically an addon to the thread started by Flucifial; Home refurbishment & improvement It's been suggested many times for the house interiors to be replaced, in particular for the 3 car garage houses in the city. A fun way to do this would be to give players the oppurtunity to pay for refurbishments, this would also work as a GREAT money sink. So to clarify, the player would be able to refurbish their house for a cost, and through that change the interior to something more desireable. This should work in a way where players can choose from a list of interiors suitable for the specific house size. Would probably need a forum thread detailing the look of each choice, as I imagine getting images ingame might be way to much clutter. RageMP lists a number of available interiors on their website that could be suitable, for example: 4 Car garage houses "Modern" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_01_b Vector3: new Vector3(-774.0126, 342.0428, 196.6864); "Moody" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_02_b Vector3: new Vector3(-774.1382, 342.0316, 196.6864); "Vibrant" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_03_b Vector3: new Vector3(-774.0223, 342.1718, 196.6863); "Sharp" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_04_b Vector3: new Vector3(-773.8976, 342.1525, 196.6863); "Monochrome" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_05_b Vector3: new Vector3(-774.0675, 342.0773, 196.6864); "Seductive" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_06_b Vector3: new Vector3(-773.9552, 341.9892, 196.6862); "Regal" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_07_b Vector3: new Vector3(-774.0109, 342.0965, 196.6863); "Aqua" - IPL: apa_v_mp_h_08_b Vector3: new Vector3(-774.0349, 342.0296, 196.6862); 3 Car garage houses "3655 Wild Oats Drive" - new Vector3(-169.286, 486.4938, 137.4436); (For example) "Eclipse towers, apt 3" - new Vector3(-773.407, 341.766, 211.397); 2 Car garage houses "Medium end apartment" - new Vector3(347.2686, -999.2955, -99.19622); Just to give a few examples. I'm not sure exactly how many different home interiors there is available in the game or if this is even feasible, but feels like it should be, even if we don't get a ton of different choices, atleast some choices would be nice.
  3. To clarify once and for all about the LSPD teamspeak server; YES, we have a teamspeak, HOWEVER it is mostly used for OOC communication apart from THREE different channels called "Tactical channels" (TAC1, TAC2 & TAC3). These are used as an IC medium during situations where we need to communicate in a quick and easy way such as pursuits or hostage sitations or w/e. This is used as an IC communication radio and we are therefore REQUIRED to speak over ingame VOIP when we use it to make it fair for anyone who'd be in our near vicinity ingame as its RPed as a secondary radio channel. We use this BECAUSE there's no easy way to quickly change between ingame radio frequencies, and we can't use our normal radio frequency for tactical situations because it is being used for general patrol communications, and it would become extremely cluttered. YES this is a privilige that's been given to the PD and to keep our TAC channels IC at all times is strictly enforced by both admins and regular members of PD, aswell as the strict enforcement of keeping our OOC channels OOC, making sure there's no metagaming occuring. Hope this clears it up.
  4. This is taking too long, bid withdrawn.
  5. I mean vehicle imports (what the dealership owners pay) range from 4k to 750k for a single vehicle...
  6. I like it, but speaking as a fuel station owner, this would kill the trucker job completely, There's simply not enough fuel being imported to keep a trucker busy for more than a few minutes each day - And if they're to get paid ALL the money from the stations import, they'd make more than the whole of PD, LSEMS, LSC, Bayview and DCC faction owners COMBINED make in an hour for those few minutes. I can imagine the same goes for the vehicle dealerships.
  7. I mean, what's stopping you from organizing this right now?
  8. Bear Baldwin


    Hahaha welcome to real life Sweden everybody. But for real, this is BS.
  9. So this suggestion might be hard for some people to read, but before you do, understand I'm not trying to bash anyone or attack any of our current factions! This suggestion is all about increasing the level of roleplay on the server; First, we need to get rid of ALL criminal factions as they stand right now and implement a system where we have a set number of slots for gangs, lets say maybe 6-8. In order to claim ownership of one of those slots, An application should have to be posted on the forums by someone who's respected in the community and have a pretty much clean disciplinary record. They should also have to submit a list of atleast 10 founding members who are also ALL known for their good RP and clean admin record. It's then up to these 10 + the owner of the "Faction slot" to make sure they only recruit members who are here for the RP experience, and to TEACH any new players they decide to recruit the ways. To make sure the owners of a faction slot do their job and enforce a high level of RP within their gang, we should implement a three strike system where if members of the faction commit serious breaches against the server rules - THE WHOLE FACTION gets a strike, and after three strikes they would risk losing the slot. A system like this, where a gang and all the benefits that comes with it are actually hard to obtain and requires a good level of RP to keep. Would in my opinion greatly improve this server as it stands now. Now people jump from gang to gang - creating new ones at will, and there's no real requirement for the leaders to make sure their members follow the rules since they don't stand to lose anything if their members gets punished for breaking rules. This will change the recruitment from "Anyone who can aim and shoot a gun, and listens to our orders" to "We need to find the best roleplayers Eclipse has to offer, and get them to join our gang" Tell me what you think!
  10. As you can see from the video the MP5 was equipped before I got in the vehicle alas it’s equipped when I step out, I did not fire the first shot, and once they start shooting, what am I supposed to do other than to shoot back? By then I’m fucked either way. And yes, I’m superman.
  11. Alright, thanks for explaining your side of things. I don't really have anything more to add, so up to admins now.
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