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  1. Jail sentence

    -1 Kinda defeats the whole purpose of jail, you can AFK though as long as you're not in solitary.
  2. Home owner incentive

    I feel like there needs to be more incentive to buy a house rather than just somewhere to park your car. I think its unrealistic that half the town are living out of their cars, but it would’nt be cool to punish those who don’t have a home. So instead I propose a small tax write-off for those who own atleast one home and for those who rent. peace
  3. [Sold] House 2 garage, Mirror park

    I dont get it, is this property sold or not? if not I bid $100,000
  4. Landlord System

  5. Grizzly Real Estate - Active Listings Catalogue

    Updated 6/12/2018 9.44 PM UTC
  6. Real estate business.

    Hey. I'd like to make a suggestion to implement scripted, player owned, real estate businesses. what follows are two suggestions for real estate businesses. 1. At the moment, as I hope none have missed, I'm currently running a real estate business ICly, wich is alot of fun, and also very profitable. BUT with only having 3 house slots it leads to some difficult prioritizing. So my first suggestion is simply; Implement a scripted real estate business, who can own more houses. So the business gets lets say 15-20 slots for properties, to not make this unnecesarily overpowered the houses owned by the business could be "locked", as in they can not be used for living in or to store any vehicles. The houses would then get unlocked upon either selling it, or finding a tenant to rent it. (wich entails a scripted rental system) 2. A second feature I'd like to see is a way for these real estate businesses to also work as real estate developers. Alot of people are currently asking for more houses to be placed on the map, but rather than having admins/devs go around placing new houses for players to buy, I suggest a development mechanic for real estate businesses. What this would mean is that a real estate business would be able to place houses(at RP appropriate locations) to be developed. Let's say I want to "build" a 4 car garage house as a real estate business owner. I'd have to first find a location that suits it (Huge houses), then pay a set fee to build it, and then wait a number of OOC days for the construction to finish, this way we keep this feature from becoming too overpowered aswell. Let me know what you think or If you need me to clarify something. PEACE!
  7. Grizzly Real Estate - NOW HIRING!

    We're now hiring ONE additional realtor. If you think you've got what it takes to work at the best real estate business in the city, then apply! Send me a short email (( Send me a PM on the forums )) where you answer these simple questions: 1. Name and Age 2. Prior work experience 3. Why YOU? I hope to see many applications! More information will be given at the interview.
  8. Listings Catalogue What follows is a list of all of our active listings. 1 Car Garage houses - 2 Car Garage houses - 3 Car Garage houses 4 Car Garage houses -
  9. Grizzly Real Estate property for sale! Realtor: Bear Baldwin - 5199707 Car spaces: 3 Location: Mirror Park Price: $410,000 (Post your bids in the ad) SOLD @ $350,000 Pictures:
  10. [Sold] House 2 garage, Mirror park

  11. No...? A COUNTER offer meaning thats what I’d be willing to drop the price to, since he came in with an absolutely ridiculous and frankly hostile bid I simply thought I’d respond in the same fashion.
  12. Hello and thank you for your offer. I'm going to submit a counter offer at $298.999 Signed Bear Baldwin CEO & Founder, Grizzly Real Estate
  13. Remember: The price is always negotiable, just post your bids!