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  1. I will repeat what I just said, since perhaps you're unable to properly read your own language. I was involved in that. I was one of the cops on duty at the time, aswell as being one of the cops that got VDM'd, as stated in the first post. Once more, we haven't played on our criminal characters since it's proven uninteresting. Once more, please act your age, thanks.
  2. You were not involved, please proceed to remain in your place. As a matter of fact, we haven't even fought for "our" turf, since we (as you should've realized by now) don't really care for crim RP the way it is now. I appreciate your time and your words, but they're unecessary. Refrain from commenting if you're not part of this. @b3paulius I was indeed involved. Please read everything I type, not only the parts that you want to read.
  3. If you're going to go ahead and quote something, read it properly. "ONE TIME". Either way, I was a part of this (Lang Langxu) and I can say this was the worst RP experience I've had (if you can even call it that), everyone went guns blazing, people got inside their cars to ram others, NLR was broken... overall just a mess. Everyone who isn't part of Narcos can confirm that most of them go around breaking the rules and some of them barely understand english, let alone /me or /do. I believe that alot of them are simply given answers to the quiz in order to join that little group, and the way things are now, with their lack of RP, it's impossible for the PD to properly engage with them in any sort of RP. Not entirely sure what could be done to prevent this whole ordeal but some staff attention towards them would definetly be appreciated.
  4. I have a specter for sale, fairly modded. Do you have a cell phone I can call?
  5. +1, police are already understaffed as is and having random new players doing that every other minute is just frustrating to deal with.
  6. "This can come in a form of having a weapon aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed instantly" I don't mean to butt in but I read the report and you can clearly see they are not being held at gun point, you're away from them and also using a gun that's suitable for close range situations. "If there is a valid reason to use a vehicle as a weapon, the vehicle may be used to hit the target only and may only hit the target one time." When he rammed you over he was in the right, considering you had just pointed a gun at him, whilst he was driving the car. I suggest just deleting this topic since it just makes you look bad.
  7. itsmatty


    yes there is. Check this out -
  8. I spoke to a staff member who said this would be fine, if this is not I will gladly return the possessions I still own or take part of his loans. When it comes to this being wrong, in a "moral" standpoint, it is 100% wrong and unethical, which I understand; when it comes to rule breaking, I got the money from his characters and bought the car off the low end market, never did I force him to give me anything. He simply trusted someone he shouldn't have otherwise. The only rule broken ( in my honest opinion) is the metagaming both parties took part of, which I sincerely apologize for as it was completely my bad.
  9. I'm looking for a Bati, doesn't necessarily have to be fully modded but there's a preference in it being the ladder.
  10. "If you come upon a shooting where someone is actively firing at a friend, you may use your one vehicle hit to stop the attack and flee." There was a firefight and I came and hit you before you could finish killing my friends and steal there items. - I wasn't actively shooting at anyone, as you can see in the video. After being shot at, you got inside your car and circled around to hit me, read the rules.
  11. If a player is actively shooting or aiming at you, getting into a vehicle and using this as a weapon would be unrealistic and therefore classed as VDM. I don't care if you're a Triad or not, just let the admins decide after hearing from both sides. Don't try to make biased opinions
  12. No, as a matter of fact the other player helped me out after I was downed, since he thought I would get revived (which didn't end up happening) he took my items so he could then return them to me. Unfortunately every other day I delete all my footage so as to not clog up my computer with (what I would think would be) unnecessary files.
  13. Player(s) being reported: Stranger 143_3855 (78) Date of rule breach: 10th of July 2018 Time of rule breach:Around 1:30AM (GMT +01) Your characters name:Matthew Valenz Other players involved: Shawn Garcia, Brad Taylor Specific rule broken: 5.3.6. A vehicle should never be used against a player on foot who has a firearm except for in the case that a gun is freshly drawn and driving forward over the shooter one time is the best means of a safe escape. If a player is actively shooting or aiming at you, getting into a vehicle and using this as a weapon would be unrealistic and therefore classed as VDM. If you come upon a shooting where someone is actively firing at a friend, you may use your one vehicle hit to stop the attack and flee. How did the player break the rule?: As seen in the video, my gun wasn't "freshly drawn" he had been in a gun fight with me before, he grabs his car and drives it around, after I finish off his mates, he drives towards me with the intent of running me over, I try gunning him down in the process but I believe that does not matter, seeing as even before I looked at him he was coming straight towards me. If you need me to show you the whole video, I'll gladly do it, but I believe this should suffice Evidence of rule breach:
  14. Not really, it's just as if he changed the name of his faction, that's all. He's still one of the leaders here.
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