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  1. Character to be refunded: Charlie Haymitch Date and time of incident: 27.04.2019 09:27 AM UTC Requested refund (what and how much): Pump Shotgun with 99x Ammo and Assault Rifle with 15x Ammo Description of incident resulting in loss: I was emptying my house stashspot so I could relocate it somewhere else. Upon having dropped everything in it, the server crashed, resulting in losing the shotgun and the assault rifle. Although I did not lose the bags I had dropped, which is weird. Evidence of loss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kYnPjxSS_M Comments: I do have the full video of me coming back to the server aswell and discovering that I had lost all the stuff, but I can't post it since i showed my private social media in there. I can send the full video only privately to the kind person reviewing this. Thank you for your time!
  2. $155,000 for a maxed out long wheel base Baller LE with the license plate "LAMAR"
  3. I have not edited out anything from it. I am using Geforce Experience to record my gameplay and under the settings I have enabled Push To Talk which activates with 'N'. I informed my friend over the radio, which you can clearly see with the word 'Radio' going off in the video.
  4. Character to be refunded: Charlie Haymitch Date and time of incident: 03.03.2019 12:43 UTC Requested refund (what and how much): $52,000 Description of incident resulting in loss: I was browsing through the Heavyflow dealership for cars and wanted to View the vehicle "Minivan". Due to a small brainfart I accidently clicked on Buy, which resulted me buying a Minivan. That was nowhere near my intention and I would like to give that van back and receive the $52,000 i paid for it. Evidence of loss: Below the request. The only way I'm able to defend myself is you taking my word for not intending to buy that particular car. Comments: Have a fantastic day!
  5. Hello @Archaeah and @CallumMontie , thank you for the report. I was performing my faction duties as a taxi driver at DCC office when all of a sudden i saw my super car gone from our parking lot. I managed to locate it quickly and rushed to get it back. Upon arrival I saw these guys picklocking my vehicle. I aimed my weapon towards the person reporting me to signal him that I want them to stop what they're currently doing. I had no intention of shooting, but for my POV, as seen in the evidence, he aimed his weapon directly at me. Hence the reason I opened fire, for the sake of saving my life. Although after reviewing the footage provided by the reporting party, it seems like he actually didn't even aim at me. My evidence, on the other hand, proves different, as it is clearly seen in the video that the game showed me that he aimed a gun right at me. At the time I did not have KOS on this person. I was simply trying to protect my assets. I'd like to clarify, that I did not open fire on this man for assotiation of stealing my car, but because of him aiming a gun at me. Evidence:
  6. If you're going to add another way to drain people of their money, maybe it would be a good idea to give in on the taxes by reducing them?
  7. Good luck trying to find anyone selling a super Under 3mil!
  8. Could've gotten a house like that for 1,5mil about 4 months ago.
  9. This beautiful and modern house will surely serve you good as living headquarters. Get a glimpse at the young and strong university students play baseball or do gymnastics while relaxing in the well heated jacuzzi. The house has a very compatible garage, you can just about fit 4 of your vehicles in it. Imagine flexing on other people with that house aswell as the cars in the garage, eh? You won't be disappointed by this house in any matter. Come and pay the house a visit at Picture Perfect Drive 2 and make your dreams come true! The price of the house is $3,500,000.
  10. Basically he proceeded to perform OOC insults to me a couple more times, then disappeared for a while. After some minutes pass, he comes back and drives off with my taxi. I didn't get him driving away on record though. This is the last of the evidence I posess:
  11. Ah, I don't have the moment he shot me while I was down to "end my suffering", but I do have it on tape where he shot me to an unconsious state. You can see clearly in the first video that I was shot down. After shooting me down, he looted me and afterwards finished me off completely. Do you agree? @Sl1vaka
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