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  1. Albatrosgaminng


    What's the cars plate?
  2. Albatrosgaminng

    Mookie Stewart Loan

    Maze Bank opening soon: Maze Bank
  3. Albatrosgaminng

    [Auction] Maxed Rapid GT Classic

    not worth mate.
  4. Albatrosgaminng

    Government Faction {HOTEL}

    True, there are other faction suggestion which will be used better than a hotel.
  5. Albatrosgaminng

    Alba Bus - Ban Appeal

    Account name: albatrosgaminng Character name(s): Alba_Bus Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature Date of punishment: 01/Jul/2018 Reason given for punishment: Complicit in OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches Your explanation of what happened: So I was banned for ``Complicit in OOC cyber attacks, failure to report rule breaches`. In the following appeal I will explain what happened. The events that lead to my ban were as a result of myself being a member of "the Minorities" discord. This discord is a community discord consisting of around 150 members. Some of these members are members of ECRP. Unfortunately, some of which have previously have initiated or participated in conducting cyber attacks against the server. During my time within the discord group there was no meaningful discussion around the attacks that they committed, but on rare occasion, they jested about the times they did. As these individuals are permanently banned I did not see the harm in the jokes they made (as after being permanently banned they can cause no real harm). In hindsight, this behaviour is reprehensible and I regret being a party to such discussions greatly. Then I was told by Ballin that I was banned for making a joke about DDos. Ballin knows what I told and I understand why you banned me. Still I wasn't involved in any OOC Cyber attacks. I understand that I shouldn't have joked about it as it's a serious issue and I hadn't realized about it yet. I have understood why this is a big issue after ballin explained to me what these banned memebers did to the community and I would want to appolize for that. Why should your appeal be accepted?: As told I know I made a huge mistake, joking about DDos and I have learnt my lesson now. I also have nothing to do with DDos and I really appolize for it. I talked to Ballin when I got banned and he explained to me and thank you for taking the time Ballin and I really miss all of you guys and want to get back in. ECRP was a family and I really miss it. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me on discord or here. Lovely Regards, Alba Bus (Agent47) [[some of the text are copied from eriksens post as I mean to tell the same thing. It's just the Minorites discord explanation...]]
  6. Albatrosgaminng

    [CLOSED] Something around 300k, show me yours beauties boys n' girls

    Carbonizzare fully upgraded
  7. Albatrosgaminng

    Trading fully modified surano

    Trade for a house but you need to put some more cash on it
  8. Albatrosgaminng

    **Wanted** Property for less than 50l

    I have one at paleto bay.
  9. Albatrosgaminng

    [SOLD] Home with two car garage in Mirror park

  10. Albatrosgaminng

    [SOLD] Maxed Specter - 265k

    I have a Kuruma
  11. Albatrosgaminng

    Alba Bus (Asset Osiris)

    was refund of 600k +. The osiris costs stock 600k
  12. Albatrosgaminng

    Looking for a loan

    maze Bank always there for you www.maze-bank.net/loan
  13. Albatrosgaminng

    [Selling] Obey 9F Cabrio ((Audi R8 Spyder))

    Still available?
  14. Albatrosgaminng

    [SELLING] 2 vehicles space house in Mirror Park $112,000

    60k is my offer
  15. Albatrosgaminng

    [Auction] [Car] FMJ, fully maxed

    Alba Bus 100k