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  1. Dubsta 6x6

  2. Racing Career

    Total Bankers supports Los Santos get in contact with Total Bankers! (Discord Headedblock#0352

    Total Bankers (Contract) I, [NAME] ask for a loan at Total Bankers of [How much money] and I will pay back within [How many days]. And I agree that failure to pay will result in a seizure of my assets, a [What you going to buy]. [Day/Month/year] (( by signing this contract you oocly agree to hand over the financial company ownership your agreed asset(s) if you don't pay back the loans.))
  4. [FOR SALE] Some vehicles

    So I am selling some vehicles because I bought new one and I don't use them. I got a Custom Tornado for sale I got a Buffalo for sale fully upgraded and custom license plate I got a warrener for sale PM me your prices or else contact me
  5. Poor handling of my case

    First thing you cant steal a taxi if the person crashed as thats fail rp and you broke the rule. If someone crashes you need to wait so I suggest giving this guy some extra punishment for that! I will support my drivers always! What would you do if we steal your car while you crash? Taxis have dashcam and its approved by PD and show us a proof of you removing the memory card then we will accept it!
  6. Total Bankers - Finance company for sale

    So I am selling my finance company because I don't have a lot of time for that and need to focus more on my job. If anyone is intersted in the company pm me or tell me the price you would like to offer.
  7. Government Faction

    I had alreday suggested that and its a no till we shift to RAGE or until GTMP has a better desync
  8. You are the best dealer in the world and everythign can be bought from you

  9. You are the salami I use in my bread for breakfast :)

  10. You are sexy and I know it!

  11. CAR RENTAL Contract

    I Alba Bus will be givign my car 9f fully upgraded to Maxmilian Kverk for 250k dollars. He will return the car 9f once I pay him 250k dollars back. He is not allowed to sell the car and will return it in the same condition as taken. Failure to follow the terms and condition there will be a lesser amount he will be getting. If you agree to this please sign below. @mupp3t33r
  12. TV's in the houses and portable radios

    not possible I guess due to copyright or something and too much work