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  1. +1 Would be nice to place a crate in my 20 volume 4 seater sultan
  2. +1 i called 911 to release my car the cop that responded to my call told me he should arrest me for "harrasing" and never call 911 to release impounded
  3. I would give an example - When someone is very close to me and I press M to talk over radio so the radio would be able to record what they say depends on range it needs to be very close. Radio would record in the radious of 2-3 meters I see people at bank talking over radio and at the same time 3-4 other people having a conversation very close to each other, so I thought about this idea It would improve communication roleplay - a gang member kidnapped a cop and they want to talk over cops freq instead of telling him what to write of /R the cop only need to press M and let them talk and everyone in the freq would hear they would be able to recognize voice and communicate quicker, copying words over /R can take long - in vehicle when pressing M and someone in the passenger talks over N they would hear that on the radio, it would be nice to let people in the car talk over radio while driving nice feature for cars, good for making plans over M so everyone can hear or just a group conversation easier to communicate
  4. Whoever sells a fully modified one sms me at #3398256 or email Ron#[email protected]
  5. Location is nice depend on what you look for, I can't lose that much money
  6. Bought it for 180k :( Would sell it for 180k
  7. I got a fully modified special license plate "SKYLINE" on the car. Contact number is #3398256 or email Ron#[email protected]
  8. Apartment very close to Los Santos Bank, pool included the place around feels pretty luxury and nice. House is currently listed for 261k **attatches photos** ((https://imgur.com/a/laq8Vdc)) Contact - Phone number #3398256 and email Ron#[email protected]
  9. DrinkPoint General Store is located on the Highway next to High End Market offers good Alcohol Drinks, Food, Good Music and other stuff for cheap prices! (( Speaker keeps getting removed becaucse server restarts )) Very chill location out of Los Santos, good parking space and nice view to the ocean, the best offer is Water only for $170! The blip of DrinkPoint is located north of High End Market as Green Point on the GPS. **attatches photos** (( https://imgur.com/a/J6xwqpR for some reason can't insert images ))
  10. Nice person to trade supers, never got scammed -Drake Ryan
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