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  1. The roleplay of this server is going down and down by time Gangsters doesnt have more stuff to do than random robbing and drug labs raiding I have everything i want in this game and i just feel empty, i tried so much stuff All I do s driving my car looking around buying new cars that the server release and thats it Funny -At the end of the day you will always get robbed and log off So driving my car just for fun is also very risky because it would get stolen and chopped, i would lose all of my stuff too and ready to recycle When I see new players I help them because it is the most fun experience I get from the server right now There are so much problems we all see but nobdy cares
  2. A simple job that we deliver food/drugs/goods/anything using personal car, for example the start of the job is taking the delivery item and driving it to random (good and far) directions. As long as the delivery is far you get more cash, the cash is going to pocket not salary like in real life it would be around $1000 - $1500 per run depends on how far is it but it should be far, and also paying for gas Simple Job - We all want to use our personal cars and somehow make legal money or just drive it for fun of it instead of joining a faction that requires to be in charge of stuff * There is almost nothing to do in the server for rich people and also gangsters/bored people, hard to get in rp situations and also driving is pretty fun in gta alot of players would love driving in their personal car and getting money as we also do it for fun when there is nothing to do * It would bring more drivers on the road and more rp for cops * Also paying for fuel which is good for the economy * A simple job for simple people * Every run should be 10 minutes at least I see lots of players that don't do anything in this game they just jump into every rp situations and they try to rob everyone, what about the legal rp that doesnt require to join any faction, what about players that their english is very poor, this job fits to everyone i don't see any reason not to accomplish this idea i would like to hear what you guys think of this idea
  3. we are almost in 2020 still suffering from snow
  4. -1 cops will not get caution when they drive fast when no one see and also cops off duty there are roads around the world that doesn't have speed limit because the traffic allowing you can't reffer roleplay to everything in this game, at all we should have fun playing and cars are like %70 of this game you can't just ruin everyone's driving experience because you think it would be more realistic this is a game driving 70 on a clean traffic long and big road is pointless i would even drive over the limit in real life most of situations traffic status and road length is allowing to drive over the limit yes most new players are suffering of too much tickets cringe idea
  5. Hey man sorry to hear that, but look at the brigh side.. This is a game, I lost millions too and nothing is wrong, sometimes we fall and sometimes we get up you dont need to be upset this is the part of the game You need to thank god that you face such problems, crying over losing items in a video game You know what is worse? Failing exam or exams at university, when you fail you need to start all the way again, waste your time and money, man up and dont cry :)))
  6. its not practical if you ask me, it takes so much time just for a simple action CK is just starting a new character behind all the explanations and should be a simple action to do you can say most criminals want to avoid charges or take care of them but there is nothing to do with charges, no lawyers and no judicial system the only option is ck i would love to take care of them rp'ly but there is no way.
  7. I've been asking around and heared, they are working on new CK system that would not be available soon I always see people that CK'ed their character, they say approval from an admin is required. The only option to CK right now I guess is paying real money for another character which is sad
  8. Issue Being Reported: I would like to CK my alt acc and start new life. I tried asking and no one answers so I decided to make this thread instead of wasting time asking around. I have a charge in this character from 2018 that got my LSPD app rejected, so I would like to reset character's record by CK. I heared name changing would not reset record so I need a solution please help. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): 12/11/2019 Your characters name: Gabriel Freeman Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: No need, I would like to CK the mentioned character.
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