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  1. Alrighty. Just to be clear are you talking on behalf of Maze Bank West or all loan companies in general? Cheers Ben. S
  2. Looking to obtain a $300,000-$500,000 loan for a house. Open to discuss payments in person or over via phone texts. Please contact me at #5627972. TEXTS ONLY PLEASE Cheers Ben. S
  3. Hello, I am wondering if you would be interested in trading your truck for my Karin futo. It has a fully modified engine and it's suspension is also fully modified. You can contact me at #5627972 Thanks Ben
  4. +1 especially cause the trucks. Need more trucks!!
  5. TheToadSage


    Looking to sell custom Chino lowrider. Looking for $62,999. Trying to get it gone fast. Also open to trade for a custom minivan/sultan (OF COURSE ILL TAKE A RS but I'm targeting the stock sultan). Comes with half Turbo, hydraulics, custom paint job (purple livery), purple neon lights, xenon headlights, and a bobble head (cause you need a bobble head with hydraulics). Contact # 562-7972. Text only please. No lowball offers please. Thanks, Ben
  6. ..bump due to price adjustment..
  7. I thought so. when I have more money to spend I'll up the budget. Unfortunately all I have to my name is $50k (including selling my car, which I'd let go fast for $25k ) so I must hope that someone helps a brotha out. Thanks anyways for the info on real estate though!!
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